Cabrera: Nothing happening yet on new contract

Miguel Cabrera has been in Lakeland all week, having reported early to get settled in and get in some early work. He also has been moving around without restriction after recovering from core muscle surgery. What he has not been doing is worrying about his next contract.

When asked if he has talked with his agents about a contract extension, Cabrera said there hasn’t been anything going on. He also said, though, that he isn’t worried about it right now. With two years left on his deal, he said, they have time. At some point, there will be more urgency than this, but not now.

The fact that Cabrera doesn’t seem overly concerned isn’t a bad thing for the Tigers, who have another contract situation they’re trying to handle with Max Scherzer entering his contract year. That doesn’t change the task trying to re-sign Cabrera, the back-to-back American League MVP and three-time reigning AL batting champion who turns 31 years old in April.


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I’d sign cabby and let max go if he doesn’t want to play for a discount. We already have a couple pitchers of Max’s caliber….and nobody is at Cabby’s level.

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can Tiger fans thank Mike Ilitch enough? there will be a $80 million difference between Tigers’ and Indians’ payrolls this season. Subtract Kinsler, Verlander, Cabrera, Martinez, and Nathan from the payroll…replace them with guys making the major league minimum…that’s the real life difference between what the Detroit and Cleveland owners have spent on their teams.

Jason is doing an interview on MLB Network right now. He says there’s a “different vibe” with Ausmus. Not heavy handed, however. Mostly talking about the pitchers, the injuries, etc.

Knocking some 30 years of crustiness off the manager will definitely create a different vibe. It’s a new season, no more re-run episodes.

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