Notes from spring training arrival

Joker Marchant Stadium

No polar vortex here. Though northern parts of Florida have had it rough this winter, the legitimately chilly temperatures supposedly haven’t gotten close to Lakeland yet. Sunny skies greeted the week on Monday, with temperatures in the mid-70s. The early arrivals here are much the same as in past years. Justin Verlander is already here, having an offseason home nearby. Rick Porcello has been working out and throwing. Drew Smyly made the trip early from his offseason home in Dallas, where a harsh winter wasn’t exactly friendly to workouts. Verlander tweeted a photo of himself and Smyly at an Orlando Magic game over the weekend. Anibal Sanchez has been around to throw and work out.

Phil Coke is here, and has been for a while. His family made the trip with him, including his wife and newborn baby (their second, born in Florida around the week of the winter caravan and TigerFest). Look for more on Phil Coke and his rebound attempt this week as we get closer to the first official workout Friday.

Duane Below has been here and throwing. That’s no surprise, since he was regularly one of the first to migrate during previous offseasons.

Max Scherzer supposedly hadn’t arrived yet as of Monday morning, but was supposedly due in shortly. He has an interesting spring ahead: His breakout 2013 season came after a relatively light spring to take it easy on his shoulder, but he said during the winter caravan that he planned on ramping up his routine again this spring to previous levels.

Add in catcher Alex Avila and pitching coach Jeff Jones, who arrived over the weekend, and the Tigers already have a sizable group. Realistically, reporting day is a formality for a lot of these guys. The surprise is when position players come on this early, which apparently Miguel Cabrera has done. The Lakeland Flying Tigers tweeted a photo of Cabrera working out on the field at Joker Marchant Stadium around mid-afternoon Monday.

Cabrera has been reporting to camp earlier and earlier in recent years, starting with his move to third base a couple seasons ago. Still, for him to make it in well before even some pitchers is pretty impressive.

The new manager, Brad Ausmus, will also be an early arrival. He’s due in tomorrow, though he isn’t scheduled to address the media until Wednesday. His main coaches, Jones and Wally Joyner, are already here, and they’ll have meetings to go over the game plan for camp.


i feel like “rebound” is misleading. Phil’s numbers have steadily declined over his career – to the point of being below MLB caliber. Any inning that he pitches that he does not do well – should be his last. If Ausmus wants the fans on his side he’d better use Coke very sparingly and with a very short leash.

Emilio Bonifacio hit .296 and stole 40 bases a couple of years ago. Plays OF and IF.
With Lombardozzi here there is little fit for him but he would be more useful than Don Kelly.

Kelly has a reputation as a great teammate and Bonifacio rep is no the greatest. I think for a 25th man on the roster, you need someone to stay ready and not complain.

Bonifacio could be a FA soon for the minimum wage since KC would pay the rest of 3.5 MM. No need for a trade as wrongly stated somewhere

No congrats needed but my 2nd son was born on Sunday. Reporting a little early for camp but that’s OK. I named him after Schoolboy Rowe: Lynwood is his first name (Lywood James Oswald is his full name). So if you’re counting, I have a battery now: 1 named after a Tiger catcher (leyland) and another named after a Tiger pitcher (lynwood).

Congrats Evan – sounds like we have another Tiger fan in the world!!

Congrats are definitely necessary!!!

Congratulation, expecting him to be left handed.

Nate Robertson still has suitors!

Congrats Evan. Seven more and you will have a team. 🙂
— Bob

This is so exciting to see pictures of the guys starting to work out!

IF that doesn’t call for a congrats, I don’t know what does – congrats Evan. I love the names.

Love the name choice Evan. I had two boys, both were high school all stars, and the older one played college baseball. I know you’ll enjoy playing catch with these future Tigers. That’s what makes baseball such a special game.


thanks ya’ll!! Other parents tell me the 2.5 y.o. already has quite an arm on him. Truly, family and baseball are a tailor made double play.

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