Scherzer’s market value: 7 years, $196 million?

Those are the numbers floated out by Jim Bowden of MLB Network Radio and ESPN in his latest piece Monday (ESPN Insider subscription required). That fits with reports earlier this offseason that Scherzer and agent Scott Boras were seeking contract terms matching or surpassing what Justin Verlander agreed to last spring.

It’s a huge commitment, but it’s not hard to see Scherzer getting that on the open market next winter. Bowden, however, thinks the Tigers could at least come close enough to keep him. Scherzer and Boston’s Jon Lester are Bowden’s two picks for pending free-agent starters most likely to sign new contracts by Opening Day.

 Even though Scherzer is represented by Scott Boras, who prefers to take his clients to free agency, it appears Scherzer prefers to remain loyal to the Tigers — if they’re willing to pay him close to his market value of seven years, $196 million.

Tigers President Dave Dombrowski has a long history of doing deals with Boras, and the moves Dombrowski has made this offseason to reduce payroll give him enough room to get this deal done.

Verlander signed last spring for seven years and $180 million guaranteed, with a $22 million vesting option for 2020 that would be guaranteed if he finishes in the top five in 2019 Cy Young voting. If you count the option, then Verlander had the first $200 million contract for a pitcher, but Clayton Kershaw was the first to get $200 million guaranteed.

Both Team Boras and the Tigers are keeping pretty quiet on the Scherzer front these days. Dave Dombrowski is scheduled to have one more media session later this week before heading to Lakeland.


ERA’s in the AL (i.e. the last 4 seasons): 3.50, 4.43, 3.74, 2.90…..I’d let someone else pay him like he is going to have a sub 3.00 ERA for the next 7 years.

i’d simply rather pay cabby like he is going to perform for the next 7 years. With the Scherzer money i’d rather it be distributed smartly to fill needs. Patrick OKennedy over at BYB pointed out next year “Raises due: Verlander 8M, Sanchez 1M, Nathan 1M, Avila 1.25 (assuming they pick up his option or it vests). That’s 11.25M total increases”

imo, he’s gonna get paid for what MLB front offices think he’ll be able to accomplish in future, not what he did a few seasons ago. what he did last season, could be a fluke, an outlier, but i’m guessing most teams think he’s ‘figured it out’ and is going to have a run of all star seasons, barring injury. market conditions for Scherzer are ‘favorable,’ particularly when looking at what guys like Vargas and Feldman are getting.

from watching or listening to every game he’s pitched in him since he came here – I feel if it were my job to make the call, Scherzer either accepts a 90MM 5-year hometown discount contract, or he can go pitch somewhere else.

I love Max and would like him to be around for a while but the contract he is supposedly asking for us excessive (which I feel us true of most mlb contracts I know) but he’s got to prove to me that he can do it for more than 2 year. Lots of guys have had one good year.

The true ,Im not watching the Caribbean Series. But newsworthy fact:after being defeated by Mexico, Venezuela and Dominican republic, Cuba is already out of contention. 0-3 so far against well built teams and in playing form

Not mathematically eliminated but with chance close to zero

enjoyable! hahaha

great link!!

“Scherzer is the big name, and probably also the most likely to get an extension”

As much as I like Max, that salary just seems outrageous. More proof that baseball needs a cap, and a basement, or MLB is in for some big trouble in the coming years. That amount would catch maybe three quality players that can help the team win.

what big trouble are you referring to? gross competitive imbalance? or something else?

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