Dombrowski on another big move: “I’d be surprised”

One of the regular TigerFest appointments for those of us on the Tigers beat is Dave Dombrowski’s session on the stage. Sometimes he’ll answer a question from fans with more insight than expected. There weren’t any massive revelations this year, but he provided some insight to the rest of the offseason when asked about Nelson Cruz.

Dombrowski didn’t address Cruz by name, but he indicated that the team is pretty well set.

“I would be surprised if we made any major moves,” Dombrowski said.

That would seem to rule out Cruz, whose status would require the Tigers to give up their first-round pick to sign him. It does not rule out the Tigers from doing a minor deal or two for reinforcements.

“Perhaps for depth purposes, you might pick somebody up,” Dombrowski said.

Most likely, Dombrowski added, such a signing would be a minor-league contract with a Spring Training invite. They’d rather not shuffle their 40-man roster at this point.

The Tigers were linked to Luis Ayala in one report earlier this week. They had some interest in him two years ago as well, before they signed Octavio Dotel. Dombrowski said they’d have interest in Dotel when he’s ready, but he hasn’t resumed pitching yet.


Dan, I think Mr. I wanted Prince. I like the team we have. The “moves” can be never ending. 8 inches of snow with the 35 mph winds making 3-4 foot drifts in my driveway. Not really how I wanted to spend the 1st 4 hours of my Saturday. Oh well, one day closer to Spring!

Prince seemed like a good idea at first. Mr I probably remembered him hanging around the park when Cecil was a Tiger and thought he would be a big draw. Just seemed like either the AL or Comerica weren’t well-suited for Prince as well as Milwaukee and the NL. He might explode with HR in Texas’ shoebox.

I don’t see any reason to sign Nelson Cruz and don’t know why his name is even brought up. Guess I’m not on the fence with that one. 🙂
I’m happy with the position players on the roster for now. Again, it’s the bullpen that will be an issue. Seems like we do this every year. Too many question marks among the relievers.

I have to agree. I have no idea what the fascination has been with Cruz. I for one really believe we’re going to see a very solid season from Dirks and be VERY happy with our left field production!

Meant to say veey happy with our LF platoon situation!!

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