Scherzer: “This is the place I want to be”

The Tigers had a slew of players available at Comerica Park this afternoon for an hour-long media session to lead off their winter caravan, but from the moment the doors opened, Max Scherzer was the headliner. He did not disappoint. Actually, judging by his willingness to discuss his contract situation, he might have surprised a little.

“We’ve had conversations,” he said. “The biggest thing was hammering out 2014 and getting the arb case settled. That was important for me to have that secured. …

“Honestly, this is the place I want to be. I’m comfortable here. I love being part of the Tigers. So hopefully we can get something done before Spring Training, otherwise I’m confident after the season we can completely resolve this.”

Those rank as the most upbeat quotes from either side on the chances at a contract extension. Tigers president/general manager Dave Dombrowski has maintained that they want to keep Scherzer, but has left it at that. Scherzer’s agent, Scott Boras, has acknowledged Scherzer’s interest in staying in Detroit but has otherwise kept quiet, perhaps uncharacteristically so.

Scherzer decided coming in that he was going to be up-front about his situation, at least until he starts pitching again.

“I don’t have anything pressing,” Scherzer said. “Nothing’s pending or anything, but I’m sure conversations will pick up, and that’s something the front office and Scott will discuss at great length.”

They’ll discuss it in the few weeks leading up to Spring Training, and maybe as camp unfolds. Once the season begins, however, Scherzer doesn’t want to talk about a new deal, either with the Tigers or the press.

“Absolutely not,” Scherzer said. “That would be too much of a distraction to be sitting here thinking about that. If it doesn’t get done soon, then I’m more than comfortable playing 2014 on a one-year deal.”

Another strong season in 2014 could propel Scherzer into position as the top free agent in next winter’s market. He doesn’t need reminding of the ramifications. The former business economics student at the University of Missouri has served as the Tigers’ union representative, so he knows what each new standard-setting contract means for players and teams alike.

When asked his reaction to Clayton Kershaw’s record-setting contract, Scherzer laughed. But he also acknowledged the impact for others, including him.

“He’s on such a different planet, how good he is,” Scherzer said. “He’s in a different realm. I think that was a good thing for all of Major League Baseball.”

He also wasn’t going to deny the enticement of free agency, being able to choose where to play and let the market play out.

“That’s every player’s strategy. I mean, every player wants to be a free agent,” Scherzer said. “But at the same time, you realize we’ve got a good thing here in Detroit. We’ve got a great team, great teammates, so much talent and a chance to win it all. So for me, this is a place where I want to be.

“Going forward, I’m hopeful we can come to some terms on what we can do in the future. But if it doesn’t happen in the near term, I’m sure we can get this done in the offseason.”


When CC was a FA, there were rumors about him being ready to leave money on the table rejecting the best offer, the Yankees. But the Union left being known their strong disapproval for non monetary rewards. And he is a leader of the union
So, as the song goes, parole , parole. If he really wanted to be there, he would have a different agent or would have already signed like Weaver did.

Last year, Scherzer was the last burner in his way to a “legendary season”( link right side). Was that a factor? Does the place in a rotation really count? Who will pitch the Opening Day? IMO, Verlander if healthy

“He’s doing great,” Dombrowski said. “I’m not concerned for him being out an extended period. If he misses any time of the season, it would only be a very short time period. I’m not ready to say that he will. But he’s doing very well.”

we all know JV takes seriously ST. without ST i expect him to have a crappy May and June. just being realist here!

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Wait til you see Drew Smyly! I’ve been following the Caravan all day today on twitter and Mlive. I didn’t even recognize Drew at first. Miggy looks great and slimmed down. Alex looks heavier. Lots of pictures on on twitter links. Look they are enjoying themselves. There’s a big picture of Max on the front page of my newspaper.

Really don’t get it with Smiley. most of his wins last year came after he failed to hold a lead, and between him and Alburquerque they are the ones who walked the bases loaded for Boston’s big blast. Position to position minimal improvement . and the problem is still middle relief. Nathan can’t save games that the middle relievers lose.
Go Max maybe you’ll get to pitch eight or nine every time.

but we have joba and kroll now! (sarcastically)

Smyly is a better starter than reliever, without a doubt. Thought he did well as a reliever last year but looked better as a starter before the Sanchez trade in 12. I look forward to seeing him pitch every 5th day next year, he is solid. And pitching against other teams #5, he should get plenty of run support.

Krol will have some pressure to perform. Coke can be expected, at best, to be inconsistent.

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For all the belly aching about middle relievers, who has the best middle relief? Who is your ideal middle releiver? Mine is Sanchez/Verlander/Scherzer/Porcello pitching into the 7th.

I anticipate this season being more interesting than the last two and perhaps more fun because of that. The old script was becoming just that, old.
I always say a baseball season is like a good novel, and this one could be a real page turner.

Good morning everyone. Six weeks out from surgery, platelets still holding, cancer in remission, and I truly am blessed to be a part of Beck’s Blog. It’s the classiest act in town. I’m about 93.6792 back to normal; I used Money Ball Stats to get to my rating.
I haven’t commented on the off season, and I just wanted to make a couple of observations as we move toward the new season. It’s amazing that the transfer of two guys off of the roster, ie Fister and Fielder, have caused a true domino effect on our in coming roster. I did oppose the Fister deal; he will be a top notch National league pitcher in my opinion. That deal freeed up money, brought in a potentially good Lefty Starter, gave us some extra speed from the bench(Lombardozi)sp, and supposedly gives us another top pitching prospect for the future. It also assured Santiago and Worth that their Tiger careers were essentially over. With the Lefty BP guy thrown in, we hope that he gives the same performance as Drewboo did last year. I’m not sold on this part of the deal yet.
I hated to see Fielder go, but it was certainly his time. This deal really shook the tree. Not only did we free up a ton of money, we suddenly are perceived as an above average defensive baseball team. Prince leaves, and Rick Porcello smiles so much, it swallows his head. Miguel says, I’ll miss my buddy, but I just added 3-4 more years to my baseball legs. Nick Castellano says that Brooks Robinson has nothing on him. Austin Jackson thinks to himself that he no longer has to worry about leading off the game with a K, and he might do better having guys in front of him. Kinsler adds speed, defense, and some HR punch.
So two deals have drastically changed the face and the game plan for the 2014 season. As Rich said above, it will be a very interesting season. Looking forward to the upcoming season.


good comments – wonderful news about your health.

Greg – good to hear from you, we need you healthy for Spring Training!!!

Greg, glad to hear about your health!

The Tigers need another bat(power) and a solid middle reliever. I believeDD still has a move in him. I won’t be surprised at anyone being traded.

Could be traded: Porcello, Scherzer, Jackson,Castellanos,Avila,Dirks, McCann,any minor league pitcher (long shot) Kinsler, . Targets: Stanton,Marlins, Chase Headley,Gardner to name a few.

Awesome post Greg! Glad you are feeling better

Pat Caputo serving up some real softies for DD and AA Q&A session at TigerFest. Is there some rule against asking legit questions? Examples: Where do they expect the power to come from against RHP? Are they concerned about the lack of bats on the bench? Do they expect alex to go a whole season without going to the DL? How dot they feel about the bullpen after Nathan and Rondon?

“steve lombardozzi is a quality guy who will help this team” said DD….. my retort: “what does he do that don kelly does not do?”

For starters he switch hits, plays second base very well, and has hit over .260 the past two seasons, In 2012 Steve led off for the division winning Nats for 58 games and hit .273 in those games. But how does he transition to the AL?? He needs to get some PT at SS during ST.

sure sounds like DD expects Joba be a big contributor he mentioned coke like coke was a sure bet too. *big sigh*

I’ve never been to one of these TigerFests, but I would guess it’s a time for optimism over a new season. Not sure the “tough” questions are appropriate for this scenario?

I’ve been listening to all the interviews with Dan Dickerson and Pat Caputo (97.1 the ticket) at TigerFest. Smyly, Ausmus, Lamont, Lombardozzi, Castellanos, Kroll, and there were more. The guys are also meeting with fans on Skype. Lots of fun and optimism. The tickets sold out in 25 minutes.

and, Mr. D, of course.

DD can (and in a sense—can’t) be trusted when being interviewed by media. At a point a couple of years ago he had excluded Prince any kind of “fit” then promptly signed him.
I hope he is giving the media an end around right now because this team would benefit greatly with another prominent signing. (Not Cruz)

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