Tigers put names to places on winter caravan

Jose Iglesias fielded just about everything in sight down the stretch at shortstop for the Tigers last season. On Friday, he’ll be trying to field orders at National Coney Island in Warren.

The Tigers released their winter caravan schedule last week, but didn’t have names listed for most of the stops. Those are out now, so if you’re planning on making a stop or two, you’ll know who you’re running down.

Among the highlights is Friday morning’s visit to National Coney Island on Van Dyke in Warren, where Iglesias and Torii Hunter will serve as celebrity waiters. Hunter proved pretty fast as handling orders at the counter at Dunkin Donuts last year.

On Thursday, Hunter and his good buddy Joe Nathan will climb into a driving simulator for the AAA Employee Safe Driving Rally. That stop won’t be open to the public, but it should be interesting nonetheless.

This year will be a little different from past caravans in that a lot of players are headed on the West Bus to Grand Rapids and Holland. Among them are Max Scherzer, Rick Porcello, Drew Smyly, Austin Jackson, Joba Chamberlain, Al Alburquerque, Andy Dirks, Bruce Rondon, Don Kelly and Bryan Holaday.

Miguel Cabrera will be staying in town, as will Hunter, Iglesias and Nathan (obviously), Victor Martinez, Anibal Sanchez, Ian Krol and manager Brad Ausmus.

One prominent name not listed on the winter caravan roster is Justin Verlander, who had surgery earlier this month. No roster has been released for TigerFest yet, but it sounds like his travel is limited at this point while recovering from surgery, so it appears unlikely he’ll be there.

Here’s a list of the public stops along with players on the trip …


Thursday, 5 p.m. — Tigers Kids Rally at Ford Community and Performing Arts Center in Dearborn (tickets required)

  • Alex Avila, Miguel Cabrera, Daniel Fields, Jose Iglesias, Ian Krol, Kyle Lobstein, Evan Reed and Anibal Sanchez

Thursday, 4-6 p.m. — Photos at Hockeytown Authentics (photos in exchange for canned food donation to Salvation Army of Metro Detroit)

  • Victor Martinez, Omar Vizuqel

Thursday, 6-7:30 p.m. — Toledo Mud Hens Helping Hens Charity Dinner at Fifth Third Field (tickets on sale at mudhens.com)

  • Torii Hunter, Brad Ausmus

Friday, 11-11:45 a.m. — Celebrity waiters at National Coney Island

  • Torii Hunter, Jose Iglesias

Friday, 3-4 p.m. — North American International Auto Show

  • Alex Avila, Rajai Davis, Daniel Fields, Ian Krol, Kyle Lobstein, Victor Martinez, Joe Nathan, Evan Reed, Anibal Sanchez, Rod Allen

Friday, 3:15-3:45 p.m. — Tigers tour Michigan United and 555 Gallery in Detroit

  • Miguel Cabrera, Omar Vizquel


Thursday, 5:45-9 p.m. — West Michigan Whitecaps Winter Banquet (tickets required)

  • Dave Dombrowski, Al Alburquerque, Mick Billmeyer, Nick Castellanos, Joba Chamberlain, Dave Clark, Darnell Coles, Andy Dirks, Bryan Holaday, Austin Jackson, Jeff Jones, Wally Joyner, Don Kelly, Steve Lombardozzi, Matt Martin, Justin Miller, Hernan Perez, Rick Porcello, Luke Putkonen, Bruce Rondon, Max Scherzer, Drew Smyly, Dan Dickerson

Friday, 10-10:45 a.m. — Hudsonville Creamery and Ice Cream Company tour (tickets required — sold out)

  • Dave Dombrowski, Al Alburquerque, Mick Billmeyer, Nick Castellanos, Joba Chamberlain, Dave Clark, Darnell Coles, Andy Dirks, Bryan Holaday, Austin Jackson, Jeff Jones, Wally Joyner, Don Kelly, Steve Lombardozzi, Matt Martin, Justin Miller, Hernan Perez, Rick Porcello, Luke Putkonen, Bruce Rondon, Max Scherzer, Drew Smyly, Dan Dickerson


I have been a Tiger fan my whole life, I’m 51 years old & was born in Jackson MI. & moved to newtown CT in 1965. Yes that newtown were last year there was a terrible tragic shooting, & I was previously a custodian at the school from 1999-2003. Anyway I love the tigers & have got my girlfriend of 12 years a tiger fan also. Go Tigers!!!

Welcome Scott!

Thursday temp – high of 13 degrees!
Friday – high of 19 degrees!
Saturday – high of 26 degrees….warming up!

Dress warm, guys! Go Tigers!

Tiger fans all over!!!!
Read Henning’s article today. no way on this blue planet does a 44 year old rookie manager bat a veteran All Star 39 year old Torii Hunter 8th. Henning must be “tripping”.
I do think it is time to drop Hunter in the lineup but more likely to 5th or 6th.
The new lineup will suggests a change in philosophy so I expect to see guys who can run filling out the two top slots. Kinsler, Davis, Dirks and maybe AJ.
AJ has some power to draw from. A new role for him is a fresh and reasonable idea. We all saw how he responded in the playofffs.
In my mind we have a very RHB heavy lineup. And that’s fine if they can do the job
Avila is critical this year. Absolutely critical and and BS about him not having to hit because of his defensive position it negligent if from management, an excuse if from him and stupid if from the fans. He has to become an offensive threat.
Davis should be given every opportunity to win the LF job. A platoon system could work but we cant’ succeed with a .260 hitter with little production and average speed getting the bulk of playing time. On the flip side, maybe Dirks can win the job. Either way, I think a platoon is less than ideal.
I bet you dollars to donuts, Jordan Lennerton will become a factor this year when the injury bug bites. Perhaps even Daniel Fields.
DD failed to get a power LHB for our OF and a reliable late inning LHP for the pen.
I emphasize the word “failed”.

agreed on all points

I took part in a small go around with Henning on Twitter today. I suggested the veteran Hunter to start the season in the 5 hole with Avila 8th. Lynn is going by 2nd half OPS and age in choosing Alex over Torii. We did agree that Jackson can become a more dangerous hitter lower in the lineup. It’s all just hot stove lineup discussion anyway, a way to fill part of a very cold and nasty day, even down here. Actually, I’m wondering if Avila can even finish the season.
In the bullpen, they’ve basically swapped Benoit for Nathan and added Kroll. That remains a rather shocking situation at this point in the offseason. They may be counting on Cory Knebel for something?

Alex “.455 OPS vs. LHP in 2013” Avila to bat 5th? That is bat sh*t insane.

I think they are counting on Rondon and Albburquerque…which could be a mistake. I agree Dan I haven’t been thrilled with many of DD’s decisions this offseason. I shocks me how many of the national pundents are all over the a Tigers. I just don’t see it. Hope I’m wrong. I almost gave up my season tickets, not that I wouldn’t have still gone to nearly as many games. However I could go when I wanted and not when it’s 45* or raining, ya know what I mean?

Is Ian Kinsler not participating in Tigerfest? How come?

He’s afraid of getting cold.

I’d be more comfortable in 2014 with Darin Downs than Ian Kroll. Coke has literally been worse every year so i’d take 2013 Coke over 2014 Coke. Rondon should be better.

Tanaka is going to be a yankee 7 years 155MM

does he even throw 90MPH+ ?

“Kinsler and relief pitcher Phil Coke had prior commitments” Iott

for, Tigerfest? Prior commitments? BS!

Dombrowski won one and lost one today. He was smart enough not to go after Tanaka but missed the boat on yet another leftfy for the pen (O’Flaherty).

to be fair this team needs a legit pen arm for 70-80 innings…..O’Flaherty won’t be back on a mound again until July…

Villareal , DFA

Villarreal is out of options is the catch. has he played winter ball?

No, he did not play this year.

Kalamazoo left out again, that’s BS. Why have the Tiger’s ignored us again?

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