Arbitration updates: Dirks, Porcello, Jackson, Scherzer, Alburquerque sign

The Tigers were talking all the way up to and past the 1 p.m. deadline for arbitration-eligible teams and players to exchange numbers. Before that, they were able to get three of their six cases out of the way, and they’ve reached two more deals after that.

  • The biggest case, Max Scherzer, has agreed to terms on a one-year deal worth $15,525,000. That’s huge for the Tigers, who didn’t agree to terms with Scherzer last year until early February, just before a scheduled hearing.
  • First-time arbitration eligible outfielder Andy Dirks agreed to terms on a $1.625 million deal for 2014. That’s right around the $1.7 million estimate MLB Trade Rumors had posted earlier this offseason.
  • Right-hander Rick Porcello, eligible for the third time, agreed to an $8.5 million contract. MLB Trade Rumors had estimated him around $7.7 million. He made $5.1 million last year.
  • Outfielder Austin Jackson agreed to terms on a one-year deal worth $6 million.
  • Reliever Al Alburquerque agreed to terms on a one-year deal worth $837,500. That’s a bump from the $700,000 projection MLB Trade Rumors had on him earlier this offseason.

That leaves catcher Alex Avila, who exchanged arbitration figures with the Tigers later Friday. Avila filed for $5.35 million, while the Tigers countered at $3.75 million. If the two sides can’t agree before hearings in February, an arbitrator will decide between one or the other. The Tigers haven’t gone to an arbitration hearing since Dave Dombrowski took over as president and GM in 2002.


both AJ and Porcello did better than MLBTR predicted huh? AJ was predicted at $5.3 million no?

i sure hope alex doesn’t exceed 3.7!

With the exception of Scherzer it must be awesome to be down or mediocre and get a big giant raise. That’s his stupid the salaries in baseball have gotten. Suck sure you can have a raise……

Before free agency, the club could LOWER the player’s salary. Which employer does that nowadays?

You also don’t get a raise and in Porcello’s case what 3 million? And for that matter there are people right or wrong who are losing pay or benefits as part of their pay. Baseball players sign a contract to play for x amount of dollars per year and get paid that no matter how much or how well they play. Get raises after signed contacts no matter how well or how often they play. It truley believe contracts should be more incentive laden. For instance of his 8.5 mill it should have some sort of base pay like 5 mil and the rest for markers like number of starts …for wins ….or whatever. Owners have all the risk the player gets whatever no matter what.

Depending on what kind of season Max has, I’m not entirely convinced Detroit can’t sign him long term next winter.

Taking this 15.5 as a starting point, I mean.

Max is a great guy. He’s been an exciting pitcher. But he has outgrown Detroit. I see little chance that he will not take advantage of the “Perfect Storm” that he is in the middle of.

The most sensible arbitration range reported at MLBTR is: Jason Heyward filed at $5.5MM while the Braves countered at $5.2MM, tweets Mark Bowman of
Only 300k difference. Compared to the rest of the filings it looks paltry yet how many voters in the last election make a paltry 300k a year?
The wacky world of baseball just gets wackier.

Someone please tell me why they let Bryan Pena go?

His defense was not good.

Spelled it wrong…..sorry, Brayan.

he played his way out of detroit. we have a starting catcher. 😦

OMG DUDE Alex filed at 5.35MM!! What the!? Is he insane – dude had a .455OPS vs lefties this year!

Not only the OPS, subpar in every defensive aspect.He is overvaluing the trust Verlander and Scherzer have in him

0.6 WAR equal 3.6 MM in the current market

Read about the Tigers “missing” on Kershaw. That would have been sweet.
The $$$$$ numbers we hear every day are depressing to me. But then you hear stuff like this:
Clayton Kershaw would have been a very nice person to have seen wearing the Olde English “D”.

They missed on Kershaw, Lincecum and Scherzer. And the rushed Miller to the Bigs. Of course, Kershaw would have gone to the Marlins for Miguel

good point re: Kershaw->Marlins

has nothing to do with arbitration, but i thought it was interesting that the terms of Ausmus’ contract were never disclosed. i believe someone asked the question at the press conference but it got essentially a ‘no comment’ type of reply.
i don’t have any problem with players getting what the market allows. my personal contribution to their salaries could be counted in pennies.

Detroit rarely goes to arbitration with their players. Good to see Max taken care of, though. As well as he pitched last season, I doubt he will see the same success this season. I still think he’ll pitch very well, just that last season was so amazing. I think they have a chance of keeping him, though, and as usual a lot will have to do with how the Tigers perform in the post-season.

for those griping about out of control salaries…baseball players get the lowest percentage of revenue out of all of the major professional sports. The capped leagues have a specific percentage in their CBA. Last year it was 42% for baseball players. NFL players get 55 percent of national media revenue, 45 percent of NFL Ventures revenue, and 40 percent of local club revenue and NBA is 49-50%. MLB revenue is booming right now because of new TV deals and the salaries are reflecting that. I just hope these TV deals don’t start crashing before the Tigers deal with Fox Sports Detroit expires in 2017. A huge deal will allow them to keep spending on big time players. …..

This is good stuff. Strangely enough, I hear very little complaining about the amount of money the clubs themselves haul in. Just as I hear very little complaining about a child actor in a sitcom who makes $17,000 per episode, said episode being filmed in five 10-hour days. Do the math.
We should all be in the sports/entertainment complex.

Baseball salaries are high. As are all other forms of entertainment. of course that doesn’t make it more palatable or more “right” in terms the inequity it represents.
The players themselves are no more wrong about the situation than the owners or agents or fans.
The part I don’t like is the part where the salary figures, the years of team control, the arbitration comparisons, Super Two status, etc are quantifying a sport that once had an honorable spirit that set it apart from others. It is no longer a “fabric” of our society. A game where everyone could relate to in its simplicity.
To me this is the worst time of the year. I would almost prefer hearing about
BABIP, DIERA, FIP, LIPS, PERA, UZR, wOBA and WAR than posting fees, bidding wars, and the unsightly dollar signs we see filling the baseball world right now.

I agree, Dan, but I’ll add the caveat that baseball owners of the past were not always the honorable sort.
By the way, you and I have GOT to take in a ballgame someday. Let me know if you’re ever near the east coast. My west coast visits would be at least a couple of years away.

Many had the character of robber baron to be be sure. But there always was a beauty and integrity in the game itself. Sounds like a review of “The Natural” eh?
I know, I do intend some day, soon, to go to a game at Comerica. Fenway Park is also on my list. Every year I think about Fantasy Camp but as I winter in Mexico it makes that a bit more complicated. Thanks, and I most certainly would.

cómo, a nuestro parecer, The moments that are speeding fast
cualquiere tiempo pasado We heed not, but the past,—the past,
fue mejor. More highly prize.

We want to believe otherwise but baseball is better today. The financial , the racial and even the game itself aspect was worse but we paid no attention to the man behind the curtain

“cómo, a nuestro parecer,
cualquiere tiempo pasado
fue mejor.”
” We heed not, but the past,—the past,
More highly prize.”

This has been talked about here on this BLOG for two years:
Perhaps they should tell Al that there is no forthcoming raise unless he “listens”, or euphemistically speaking, becmes more “coachable”.

Yeah, so is the catcher calling for the heater and Al is shaking him off, or yelling “Omaha” as Scherzer comically suggested? Is the catcher (and coach) taking enough charge?

Speaking of Alex, isn’t it ironic that Al Avila’s son is the final arbitration holdout and that the bids are so far apart?

This had BETTER be Alex’s last “chance” this year – if he can’t do it – they’d better find someone who can.

El Tigre, forgot to tell you last night that I really liked that saying about the past. Very true sentiment.
I don’t think the past was better, but I do think we could ALL do better with the present.

I read it over and over.

Avila is Verlander´s Tim McCarver so he could be fix for a while.

Let’s see if JV can rebound this year and then decide if Avila is worth keeping. I’m not certain I’d keep Avila unless we can trade for a great catcher.

“Cabrera, however, told that his surgery “repaired three muscles in my groin that connect to my abdomen.”

At the same time, Cabrera told Enrique Rojas of that “the doctor said he didn’t understand how I could have played with so much pain.”

Tigers trainer: Miggy ready; Verlander healing … via @FoxSports

He’s got JV, his dad and the fact that he came in #51 in BA in 2013 amongst people who had an AB as a catcher (111). #82 with a stolen base % at .830..which left 9 people in the league who caught at least time where someone tried to steal and wasn’t at 100% SB (i.e. after those 9 guys worse than alex everyone was 100% SB). He’d better step up or he is absolutely a soon-to-be Raburn-Inge type.
With that said I think he’ll be much better this year.

Tempus fugit. “Time flees”, but more commonly translated as “time flies”. It’s already Jan 20. Baseball will be here soon enough.

I like that El Tigre. The past does seem better. We have a tendency to remember more of the good in our past than the bad. I think we’d be miserable if this were not mostly true. When I was a kid, I remember that I loved baseball, I loved playing it, I loved listening to it on the radio, loved collecting baseball cards, studying stats, owning bragging rights when my team won. Whether players even got paid or not, or what they got paid was non existant in my thinking. I simply dreamed of being an major league player and the fame and love it would bring. It’s a tough idyllic standard by which to compare any of the realities of today’s game (and to be fair, probably yesterday’s game as well). The cost runs deeper than just the disproportionate amounts of money the owners, players, and cable companies will continue to reap at an ever expanding rate…….and there will be no stopping it…..but I digress, sigh.

Soon it will be Jan. 21. Welcome back Jason. Did you run in the Disney Marathon?

No need to answer my inquiry Jason. An impulsive question based on nothing other than I know you run.

Trade Avila if possible. Weak link. Can’t hit or throw out runners.

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