Danny Worth designated for assignment

Danny Worth spent several years waiting in the wings for a utility infield role with the Tigers, blocked by veteran Ramon Santiago. With Santiago’s contract up, 2014 was going to be Worth’s best and last chance. Instead, Worth’s opportunity is likely going to have to come someplace else.

With the Tigers needing a spot on the 40-man roster for Joba Chamberlain, they designated Worth’s contract for assignment on Friday. Detroit has 10 days to outright, trade or release him, and teams will get two days to put in a waiver claim on him.

The move completes a nightmare year for Worth, which began with him making his best case yet for the utility infield role. He was the final cut of camp, losing out to Santiago for the job, then added injury to his troubles when he injured his heel lunging at first base on a ground ball at Triple-A Toledo.

Worth made it back after more than a month out, but never regained his standing. Hernan Perez got the opportunity to fill in at second base when Omar Infante went on the disabled list in early July, and Worth didn’t make it back to Detroit until September. He played in just three games as a fill-in before a separated shoulder ended his season.

Worth might have had a chance to fit into the roster picture for 2014 in a utility role had Perez taken over the starting job at second base. The two big trades, though, brought over two crushing blows to Worth’s standing: Ian Kinsler arrived from Texas to take over at second base, and Steve Lombardozzi came over from Washington with the capability to play second base and some shortstop.

From that point on, Worth’s days were numbered. In some ways, he might be better off having the outright come now instead of at the end of Spring Training.

The 28-year-old Worth is a .242 (53-for-219) lifetime hitter in the Majors with 10 doubles, two home runs and 14 RBIs. His strength is his defense, notably at shortstop but effectively all over the infield thanks to a strong arm and relatively sure glove.


Good evening to my second family. After a long journey that began on March 25, I am about to close the last chapter. Tuesday morning, my spleen was removed at UVA’s Transplant Center, and today, I am resting in my own bed. My platelets are already 158,000, and my surgeon is very confident of my complete recovery. Over the past nine months, I have thoroughly enjoyed your blogs. I hope to be back full time very soon. I just don’t know about all these changes on our beloved team. Merry Christmas to all!


Welcome home, Merry Christmas, and a Very Happy New Year to you,
which hopefully offers a fresh beginning and much promise.

hell yes, Greg!!
I like the Joba signing – I still think we should sign another arm for the pen. DD should have learned by now a bullpen full of question marks isn’t the way to go about this business.

Great news Greg……

DFA for Danny. Bet he was dreading that call. Didn’t Danny also have a separated shoulder? I think he kept on playing. Here’s hoping Danny finds a team.
So many times, Greg, I have wondered if you were still around! All those hospitalizations were a little concerning. Great to have you back and please, tell us 3 good things you like about our “new” team.

Stay strong, Greg. We’re planning on attending the Tigers-Nationals exhibition game on March 29 at Nats Park. Perhaps you and your lovely wife can join us?

Best of luck, Greg. Have a great Christmas and New Year’s.
I agree with Evan’s assessment about a bullpen full of question marks. I believe there are still too many. Coke? Rondon? Joba? the new lefty from the Nats? This is why I have been asking about Benoit. Too much money? Something else we don’t know?

If I’m not mistaken, he’s seeking closer money = $$$$$$$$$$.

When I think of our current bullpen, I hear Vin Scully’s voice saying “Talk about a roll of the dice, this is it.”

yea. I’d like to see 2 ‘low-risk high-upside’ types signed or 1 ‘i cant trust him’ type. I would consider Dotel or Bonderman as 1 of the two ‘low-risk high upside’ arms.
You can either cover your butt by collecting lots of question marks (assuming some pan out) or paying the proven arms. BOS and SF showed the former can get you a WS if you have other things going well (e.g. offense, starting pitching).

correction: 1 ‘i can trust him’ type.
phil coke would fall into the ‘i can’t trust him’ type….then again, so was rodney at one point.

looks like the phillies are at their payroll ceiling, and with the nationals and braves already better teams. Heck they might fall behind the mets. I don’t want to be the phillies any time soon.

$165MM? That is a pretty high ceilling

that’s the point: they are at the ceiling and they aren’t doing well – because of poor planning and/or luck. That is why putting together a WS caliber team is only half the battle.

A pretty bad contract for a too big 1B (at least he can play 1b), an extension for a very good pitcher who lacks run support but ened being too much money becasuse of the former. Plus the unfortunate injury of the best pitcher in the last 10 years. Too much money for a great core but lack of supporting cast . It looks familiar but for the WS trophy and the injury


Greg, glad to see you already recovered

Great to hear from you Greg. We blog about if the team is better or worse. We talk about the crazy contracts. My brother-in-law is back in the hospital with seizures from his cancerous brain tumor. He is a huge Tigers fan.

That is wonderful news Greg! God bless you. I had noticed that at some point this past season you’d stopped commenting, and I was thinking about where you were so to speak. You must be a walking miracle and an inspiration to your family and friends. Some people are given an added measure of grace in this life, but it rarely comes without trials and pain. No need to tell you that. The gift is that you are now an encouragement to others going through similar trials. A pretty cool gift. Look forward to your insightful, and always positive comments.

2014 will be an interesting but one with mixed emotions year for me. Always wanted a more athletic team but am really bumming over the loss of Doug Fister. He was my favorite starting pitcher. (all stats etc aside) Teams can only benefit from having a class player like him. I think you need to hang on to players like Doug. Can’t always get what you want………

Six degrees of separation. Alex Cabrera, Ramon´s father, just tied the venezuelan HR record, 20 by Bo Diaz, , surpassing Cecil Fielder who had 19 and was walked from then on.

Good to hear your doing well Greg.
Danny will probably catch on with another team.

Great news Greg. Have a wonderful holiday season with your family. Looking forward to seeing Greg’s 3 Things during the 2014 season.

Go Tigers.

— Bob

I just got a sick feeling, that Benoit might close for the Indians.

Another snowy day and thinking about ex Tigers. Peralta’s contact with St. Louis and Infante’s contract with Kansas City. Benoit could be next on my mind.

After a slow start and being traded , Hernan Perez here:.304/.345 /.342/.672

I think he will start the season in AAA.
El T what are they saying about Ramon Cabrera down there? Isn’t he hitting even better than Perez (but for Leones del Caracas)?

302 .327 .469 .793 are his numbers and his swing looks pretty good. His work at home is not that bad but still needs more polishing
They were teammates until dec 8th. Perez was traded because Caracas has a surplus of infielders
But the one making waves here is his 42 YO father who tied the venezuelan HR record like he did in Japan too.

yea that’s what you said – crazy!

Indians to sign lefty John Axford. Seems he will be the closer.

If he’s a lefty, you have a news flash. Hey have you listened to any of those games??

oops lol yea not a lefty.
anyone else think it’s nuts peralta got a bigger contract than omar? ridiculous!

SS that hit are more valuable than 2B. We will miss Peralta more than we know, but he was not going to get that kind of money from us.

Marte and Danny both cleared waivers and are being sent to AAA

I’m a little surprised he cleared waivers with his versitality. Whether or not he hits well, most teams like having a player like him on their roster.

DD has changed the team. That is for sure. The question is, is it enough?
He is annointing Rondon as setup. Last year it was the il-fated decision to annoint him as closer. I guess he gets some improvement with that decision.
Catellanos is announced as our 3rd baseman—unlike Sizemore a number of years ago, Nick has at least played a big league ball game.
He did not go out and get a trustworth LHP for the pen—yes I know about Krol but Coka Krola is not likely to be the guys that we need to dominate. DD missed on the bullpen again.
I think he has missed on Dirks again too. We needed a proven all around LFer. We got two unproven ones.
Hope and dream.
I hope there are still changes to be made.

The Left-fielder is not going to make or break the season. Besides a high priced free agent, I like giving a healthy Dirks 400 at bats for a bounce back year. The top four starters staying healthy and pitching to their expectations are the key to the season. Hopefully, this off season sets the team up to extend Max and Miggy.

I disagree with the importance of a left-felder. This has been a trouble spot for a very long time in Detroit. The piece-meal left/right, defense/speed approach could actually work but more power was really needed after the departure of Prince in the middle of the lineup. Hoping and dreaming that Castellanos or Hunter provides that is not a solid enough solution.
I like Dirks and I like Rajai but I like only one of them as the 4th OFer behind 3 studs.

Two years ago our primary left fielder, Dirks, hit over .300 and right field was the problem. It is impossible to have all stars at every position. Not many power bats available this off season who can play a decent left field.

It’s difficult to judge this particular team. There has been a sea change in its makeup, along with a new manager (that’s huge) and coaching staff.
From our perspective, the best thing about the 2014 Tigers may be that, as we watch, we probably won’t experience that nagging feeling from 2012-13. You know the one. It’s that little voice in your head that says “What’s wrong with these guys? They should be better than this.”
I think it will be fun and very interesting.

Oh Greg, you just brought tears to my eyes, I am so happy to hear your news. I have not been on the site much the last month so am thrilled I looked today and saw your post as I rarely go back and look at older posts. Praying for better and better for you every day.

I think we’re going to see a better Andy than last year. We know he is a plus defender – and his mental part of the game is improving. We know he does the little things like break up double plays. I think you see him take advantage of the small ball and baserunning coaching. Each year he gets more PAs than the last. His power game should/could be much better than last year. He has been maturing on his plate discipline with higher BB% each year as well.
Andy deserves another shot at being a full time starter or at least holding down 1/2 of a platoon. In 2012 he had a .322/.370/.487 slash line (a 132 wRC+) and yes he was getting lucky but in 2013 he was unlucky and same in 2011 (according to BABIP).
Interestingly on the offensive side of the coin…. DD got rid of 2 players who played beyond their career numbers (Omar and Jhonny) and decided to stay with those who had down years last year (VMART, Dirks, Alex).

Good point about Omar and Peralta. You can’t expect the production that they gave again and certainly having to pay them more.
Kinsler will be lightning rod but he gives it his all and you can feel him doing it. Iglesias will make us forget Peralta and I would bet he will out hit Jhonny too. Iglesias might be s pretty solid .280 kinda guy.
DD can’t stop now. We need more power. We need it in left field or at least on the bench. The rotation simply cannot duplicate what it did last year, especially with Fister gone. Too much to expect and how do you make that up?
By hitting, by putting a few balls over the wall to complement the increase in team speed. That’s how. Dombrowski……you still have work to do. Don’t sit back in that Lazy Boy waiting for Selig to bid farewell.

Veras got a 4MM 1 year deal with the cubs

I see an upgraded version of the 2011 team before the Fister trade.
beter defense, more speed .
Very good but short of great rotation, Smyly is better than Porcello but the latter is not as good as Fister.
I dont buy the small ball meme. “Pitching, fundamentals and three runs HR games ” win games , most of the time. Speed ,allowing them to take third on singles ( the leader for a season in 2011 did that around 30 times ) ,will help them score more runs at CoPa. They still have 81 games on the road.
I would like to see another , a proven one, LHP and a power hitter. Maybe Dirks is the answer for that, in his first season while battling with Boesch he showed power.
The current trend in bullpen management is easy, throw there as many expandable arms as possible. The Tigers had a lot of arms, using the arms in the pen , instead of allowing them to rust for weeks ( Pauley, Below, Smyly, Veras) to allow the veterans ( Coke, Coke, Valverde in the end) serving batting practice playing ,will improve the BP

Welcome back Duane Below, signed a minor league contract with the Tigers with an invite to Spring Training. Always liked him, and think he could step up for some spot starts in the big leagues if needed. Gotta keep the ball down.

Has there been any reported interest in Ramon Santiago?

Good point ElTigre, the bullben was mismanaged. Saturday is the first day of winter and we already have 15 inches of snow!

Benoit going to pitch for one of my favorite NL teams: padres! Choo turned down the yankees seven-year, $140MM deal. And Ibanez signing with the angels for one-year, $2.75MM guaranteed. poooop – i wanted Ibanez!

Ibanez would have been a pretty nice weapon on the bench.

nice to have some old man strength on the bench (who can hit both RHP and LHP). However, I must admit, his defense is abhorrent.

For third consecutive time, Miguel Cabrera elected professional Athlete of the Year in Venezuela

Anibal ended third

Ruffin DFA

Benoit to SD, 15.5M for 2 years. I think that is about right, he was very good for the Tigs. Are set-up men worth 7+?

The Fister trade, the Mariners had a choice between Chance Ruffin and Drew Smyly as the player to be named later. They chose wrong.

seems that Ruffin will be given another chance somewhere.

What do Downs, Downs, Thornton, Logan,Lopez, Perez, Howell, O’Flarherty, and Oliver have in common? They are all free agent LHP relievers who were unsigned by the Detroit Tigers for next year.
Apparently DD must feel Phil Coke is a better option.

i was just coming over here to voice my disgust. Dombroski is an idiot. If Mr. I lets him go into this year with the current bullpen then I won’t “feel bad for mr I” at the end of the season, like I have in the past. Joe Dummarsesq!

Think that Thorton signed.

Tigers think that Ian Kroll is a better LHP than those listed.

shakes head…..seriously Krol had nearly identical numbers to Downs. And the org let Downs slip away

Idol is younger and cheaper. Downs did fair well down the stretch with Atl.

Maybe this is Mr.D’s last roster to assemble, and he might not be married to the outcome 100 percent. Any comments Mr. Commissioner?


and then what happens to Rob Manfred who is running the day to day operations of the mlb already?

Nathan, Rondon, Joba ,Al2.Putkonen or Reed.
Not that bad.
Downs signed too, with CWS

Downs is being signed as we write, I mean

I dont see DD as Commissioner but Avila as GM? , yes.

DD works for the best owner in Baseball. Why would he want to work for all 30? Following Selig is not going to be easy.

I realize that these guys are signed. That was my point. They did not seem to be under consideration by Dombrowski. Some of them were over priced but others were reasonable. Some of them are lethal against LHB.
Even if DD thinks that Krol is better than them does he not need someone better than Coke? Is it too far fetched to have one in reserve for the time that Coke falters once again? Or if a miracle occurs what is wrong with 3 guys there with left arms sometimes?

I noticed that you said were unsigned and I agree with you since I liked the idea of Downs or even Flaherty

Darin downs: 3.42FIP, 56IP, 9.16K/9, 3.21BB/9, claimed off waivers
Scott downs: 3.95FIP, 713.1IP, 6.94K/9, 3.27BB/9, signed by CHI was a FA $3.75MM
Ian Krol: 4.69FIP, 27.1IP, 7.24K/9, 2.63BB/9, part of 2013 “Fister-hot garbage” trade
and replacing
2013 Drew Smyly: 2.31FIP, 76.0IP, 9.59K/9, 2.01BB/9.

all are career numbers (which seemed to fit near the 2012-2013 average for scott downs), except those are smyly’s 2013 numbers

Balfour’s physical revealed issues that “need to be resolved,” according to a source..

You mean other than his hyperoralocity?

yes, other than his hyperorality…

Duane Below? C’mon give me a hope and a dream. May as welll go after Bobby Seay.
The guy they should get is Furbush if they want to be serious about getting LHB out.

you can almost see JL having a smoke on the other side of the grain mill http://www.grimshaworigin.org/images/NorthAmerica/HopesAndDreamsCover1a.jpg

Good one Evan

And for background music, you can listen to Bruce Springsteen’s “Land of Hope and Dreams.” You get a roof raising “preach brother preach” type song to the congregation and a guiter lick that repeats itself ad infinitum. Consumer warning: this is the same song that got played to death too postseasons ago.

We guiter players don’t know how to spell guitar.

Or the use of two instead of too.

orioles: balfour hurt? sign rodney! problem: rodney wants 10 a year!

Oh the joys of self editing!! Can someone please start a crazy trade or scandal rumor so we have something to discuss?

What’s with all of the E. Santana talk re: Detroit? Anyone know if there’s anything behind that? I don’t see how that move would make sense considering the Fister giveaway.

Or Aerosmith, who did a nice version of same ol song and dance. Mr. Tiger, Happy 79th birthday! You are my hero!

Re: Santana. The draft pick attached makes it a crazy move. Otherwise.when he is good , is good

Since the last report, Hernan Perez has only one hit:272/.316/.315/.616

Ramón Cabrera:.290/.330/.439/.767

Choo to Texas for 7 yrs, $130 mil. I think we see where club revenues go. It’s to pay off the back end of long contracts.

I just saw that on the espn site and you beat me to the post. I like Choo but 7 years,130 million? NFW.

“Source: Choo and #Rangers shifted $5M from first year of seven-year $130M deal to 2016 and ’17, creating additional flexibility for ’14.” Rosenthal

When the Tigers will begin paying for Fielder….

Excellent observation.

Merry Christmas Jason. Can you give my mouse a Christmas present? The scroll button is getting worn out and a new topic would be fabulous. (Tongue in cheek)

Detroit has become a “small market team” again. I know Illitch gets lots of credit for his generous ways as an owner but, keeping things in perspective, he may need to open his wallet a little wider to compete.

This off season has been both promising and discouraging. Not too mention a bit bizarre in terms of determining if their is a particular direction the ship is sailing.

I should say “there”. Duh.

Jason Beck ‏@beckjason 16 Dec
@RaymondAtherton On vacation for a few weeks, but new stuff coming Monday.

Enjoy till then!

My heart sunk a little when I read about the Choo signing. In the past 8 years we could/should have won the WS 3 times but we couldn’t do it even 1 time. Now, I’m starting to wonder if we ever will (while I’m still breathing).

I count four. Two WS and two 6-game ALCS. 2011 against the Rangers featured some questionable decisions by the thirdbase coach. It’s a difficult goal to obtain.
However, all of it is better than being knocked out in the first round.

Ambivalence. On one hand it would have been a horrible idea to sign Choo. On the other………….he was going to get big $$$$ from someone and he would have solved our left field problem. All in all, I must say I think the right decision was made to not sign him, BUT, we still need a corner outfielder that can hit and that can run and can catch. Hunter is a good guy to have on the team but his skillset will be noticeably less next year. Dirks will get hurt and Davis and Kelly will be carrying the load in left with an older, slower Hunter in right. With a streaky Austin Jackson you can have an outfield that will not provide enough “oomph” at the plate.
I hope Dombrowski can swing a trade.

1903-1935: 32 years( Only 31 attempts)
1946-1968:22 years
1969-1984:15 years
1985-2013: 28 years ( 27 att) nearing the longest drought

Ausmus sometimes will go to the mound with an open mind about whether to remove the starting pitcher. “For sure that will happen, especially when you have a more veteran pitcher,” he said.

I am excited to see a new manager!

El Tigre. That’s hard to believe but true. How long have you been a Tigers fan?

Since 1976, I became fully aware of the Tigers thanks to Fidrych. I was more a baseball fan until then.
Of course, i was 10 years old and someone like him call your attention. I was waiting his comeback for the next 5 or 6 years

Time to drop AJ in the batting order. Perhaps there is too much pressure there for him. He responded pretty well in the post season to JL’s decision to alleviate the responsibilities and focus as a leadoff man.
Kinsler would out perform AJ in that role (so would a platooned Davis), freeing AJ to find a more suitable spot that might encourage him to power up a bit more. Hunter will benefit from hitting ahead of Miggy more than others would. AJ might fit behind Avila or Dirks in the order. I presume Castellanos will slot in @ #5 behind VMart.
I feel very pleased about the Kinsler addition but this team needs some HR power.
Big opportunity for Daniel Fields to assert himself this spring. It would be a longshot to make the club but he needs to show he has the stuff.

I think if Field has a good year in AAA this year, he could be the CF in 15. If Max and Miggy sign extensions, Jackson maybe traded next winter.

My prediction is that you all will be surprised at the power this team will generate. Kinsler, 20 hr. Castellanos, 18 hr. Martinez, 21 hr. Hunter, 17 hr. Jackson, 14 hr. Cabrera, 39 hr. How many more do we need? Kathy, did you lose power? The whole town of Hastings has been without since Sunday. All of Barry county which is 80,000 and some will be in the dark until Saturday! ElTigre, they had large photos in frames at Costco and one was of the Bird with his big curly hair, a 3 piece suit, and a full length mink coat. I was lucky to see him pitch in person. Merry Christmas everyone!

Yes, I still have power, TG. I heard a loud boom the other night and thought it was an auto crash nearby, but didn’t hear sirens. Today, I find out my neighbors a block over have been without power since Sunday and that “loud boom” was a transformer blowing up a block away. Barry County got hit the worst, but I’m still very lucky it didn’t hit me. Most folks here in town won’t have power til Friday to Sunday. Ugh!
Not sure I have the “power” to believe the guys will hit that many homeruns ‘cept for Miggy. But, we surely will be needing to hit some double and triples. Go Tigers!!!

I don’t see those kinds of numbers materializing either. I think we will be in decent shape if everyone (except Iggy & Miggy) in the starting lineup can hit between 12 and 18 and reduce their strikeouts.

Merry Christmas everyone. Funny link, Rich.

Merry Christmas to my second family

Ahhh….ONE non-contentious day. We need that as much as the 364 other contentious days that we thrive on. I wish the Best day to all of us here today.

Thanks Rich. Merry Christmas everyone!

did Garcia sleep with Prince’s wife and Cabrera found out and beat him up? sure sounds like it. http://diamondhoggers.com/2013/12/20/a-rumor-ill-print-about-prince-fielders-wife-avasail-garcia-and-miguel-cabrera/

Dec 7:
“@MiguelCabrerahttps@AvisailGarcia: Chicharrón de cochino mode on@MiguelCabrera “jaja hermano buen provecho,estas a dieta arepita de chicharrón?
@MiguelCabrera @AvisailGarcia tremenda dieta mosca eso es esteroide venezolano

Avisail Garcia ‏@AvisailGarcia 7 Dec
@MiguelCabrera jajaja gracias hermano…si rumy hoy la rompo pero mañana la activo de nuevo jajaja ufff
@MiguelCabrera @AvisailGarcia y mas sabroso si el chicharrón es con pelo
@AvisailGarcia @MiguelCabrera saludos mis panas mosca con una muela y esos chicharrones en las arepas
Miguel Cabrera ‏@MiguelCabrera 7 Dec
@AvisailGarcia Bueno hermano activo en venezuela,nos vemos pronto si Dios quiere,un abrazo y la Bendición a tu bebe.”

Miguel and Avisail talking about arepas with pork rind , a popular dish in Venezuela and Miguel last word were blessing for Aviisail´s baby.
I guess he wont be that friendly for someone who risked his career.
The injury was the inevitable consequence of a bad contract.
For some reason, some blogs wants to excuse a potential bad trade since they are without both players now.Or excuse Fielder for his bad performance. If true,it was no excuse for Fielder ´s performance. He was equally bad during the previous postseason and during the postseason with the Brewers too
I dont know was Miguel would do, but the usual reaction to the alleged “fact” would be but probably would be to sayit is their business not mine. And there is a good chance that he would stand by his countryman not the foreigner.
And for sure, It is not a first in professional sports.

I agree with Dan it is not day for controversies so I just adding another perspective to this TMZ like rumors that has been around almost since the trade.
Merry Christmas.

I don’t even like trade rumors so this rumor should be taken out and shot. Quite the timing that this coincided with acquiring Iglesias whom we needed to replace Peralta. Besides, we saw Miggy aggravate his injury. It was on television. Enough.
I get my gifts tonight so I’m expecting another load of Tigers memorabilia. My office is beginning to look like a man cave.
Merry Christmas, everyone!

Srark:We interrupt ur gift giving to report #Tigers have signed ex-Yankee Kevin Russo to a minor-lg deal. No big-lg invite attached

Looking for a GREAT read during the Christmas Break? This article about Tom Seaver is wonderful and there are some really choice comments here about Justin Verlander and the Tigers/Red Sox ALCS. It’s LONG so don’t start reading unless you have a good 20-25 minutes of uninterrupted reading time because once you start you won’t be able to stop!!

In a storied Hall-of-Fame career as a pitcher, Tom Seaver was known for his work ethic and attention to detail. Now living in California and working in his own vineyards, Seaver and an old friend walk his fields and reminisce about their baseball past.


First, Merry Christmas to all my pals Second, the team always comes first. Now, on to reading the excellent article.

We are down to just fifty more days of the Hot Stove season. Time sure flies slooowly doesn’t it?? Best of luck to new manager Brad Ausmus. Perhaps we should read the book “Brave New World” to prepare us for the season. Here are a couple of facts on Mr. Leyland’s first season as the Pirate skipper. The team won 64 games for Jim and included a rookie named Barry Bonds who hit around .230 and stole over 30 bases. In fact, the team stole more than a hundred bases for Jim that year. Young managers are aggressive that way. In Detroit, we just finished our third straight AL Central title. Have the Indians or Twins ever won four in a row?? It doesn’t matter. This is MLB and the AL Central will be a dogfight this year. Any manager, any season, you have one goal. That is to play meaningful games in September. Brad beginning in ST just your plan your work and work your plan and you will do fine. Go Tigers!!!

In 1975, unlike the rest of Venezuela but for my father and me, I was rooting for Boston and against the Red Machine. Due to the presence of David Concepción eventually captain of the team, venezuelan press followed the Reds very closely . A sportscaster mentioned that Seaver used to read Shakespeare in the dugout.
About the Scherzer or Benoit question:

That is why old timer and great players make bad managers

Pitch counts:
“Tanaka threw 160 pitches in a complete-game loss in Game 6 of the Japan Series ”

Again it reminds me that Leyland was not that good handling a bullpen!

Tigers attendance was 3.1 Mil vs 3.3 for the Yanks and the Rangers. They outdrew Boston, Philadelphia, the Mets and the Angels.
Tigers revenue is right up there with the Dodgers and the Angels.
Yet, we all have this image of Illitch as being a unique owner who spends his own money because of this being a low market team?
The other teams are the ones getting the free agents. (Except for Nathan—that was a good move and much appreciated.

Not sure what the word is on Ramon Cabrera’s defense but his bat looks impressive. Could he beat out Holaday?

The dominican league is stronger than the venezuelan but still 70 points above for Ramon are something.
He has been behind home for 35 games so he does to qualify for the batting title,he would be 15th behind his father,but 300 is 300 in any league.
He was DH in the Minors during the last season

I have posted before the numbers of Tigers players in Venezuela. This is the smallest sample you can use but this two players came to Maracaibo just before reaching MLB:
Darin Mastroiani in Venezuela:255/.369/.363/.720 The following year:250/.328/.350.
The next season in Venezuela:253./377/.333/.703. Injured at MLB season:185/.229/.215
Evan Gattis:303/.368/.595/.963 16 HR in a pretty pitcher friendly stadium. Next season in MLB:.243/291/.480/.771 21 HR

Speaking of catchers—–Avila is the key to our season if they don’t find a big bat in an outfield spot. We need LH power and Avila will be called upon to readjust his thinking that catchers don’t have to hit as well as they catch.

absolutely Alex needs to bat with his 2009 and 2011 power! his babip of 305 last season should be higher in 2014 anyhow. Alex is crucial this year – and if he can’t get it done I want him replaced ASAP.

Baseball in Venezuela:

“Omar Vizquel, one of Venezuela’s best contributions to the big leagues. The former Cleveland Indians shortstop helped manage the Leones this season to prepare for his debut as an infield coach with the Detroit Tigers.”
Not accurate, he helped as infield coach for Caracas as part of his training to take over as manager next year.

Happy New Year
May 2014 bring the WS ring to Detroit

Two short months until my trip to Florida, and I hear there are going to be some baseball teams down there.
Happy New Year to all.
No impaired driving!

Can’t wait ’til Tigerfest on January 25th. Already there has been a photo on twitter of Vizquel and Nich C working out in Florida.
OMG, it’s so cold here in MI. Watched “Fever Pitch” for the first time last night and got tears in my eyes. Miss baseball so much!!!!!!!

Happy New Year to all Tiger fans around the world! Go Tigers!!!!!!!!!!

The best year ever to all.
If DD doesn’t go after Oliver Perez he is being neglligent.
I know he has a high walk rate but he strikes out a ton of LHB and I bet Jeff Jones could “fix” him.

He didn’t fix Coke. Maybe the new BP coach can do it.

and, Joba. God help our BP.

Something that is “fixated” by nature, can’t be “fixed”.
Perez has talent.

Happy New Year to my Tiger friends. Hard to get excited with all the snow today, but now we are on the upslope to the new season and I can start getting antsy. My nephew told me the rumor about Fielder/Garcia/Cabrera – had heard earlier about the affair rumor but not about the potential fight and ensuing injury. We likely won’t know for sure but sometimes soap operas come to life. Just looking forward to a new year and a new season, just curious how the new team will be!

The Whitecaps facility is on fire this morning. Looks pretty bad.

Looks like at least half of it was destroyed. Can’t see how it can be fixed in three months.

Anybody know if Danny Worth has been designated for assignment.

He cleared waivers and was assigned to Toledo.

Sarcasm alert

Good question on Worth. I think Jason posted something about that a month or so ago. Might be worth scrolling back to see what he wrote then.

That’s a long way to scroll though GT!!

Saw the 5/3rds stadium myself just before driving back to VT. I’m sure it will be rebuilt even better, any reasons why the fire started yet?

Dierkes suggesting “The Tigers, Indians, and Orioles are among the teams that have shown interest in right-handed reliever Luis Ayala this offseason”

He has been available before and the Tigers ignored him. Great GB/FB especially with the improved defense

Bleachers removed from comerica park! All bleachers except for a few rows at the very back have been replaced by box seats which cost double what bleachers do. Starting to dislike copa and its schemes to make more cash.

i see the market picking back up today. COME ON DD GET ANOTHER ARM FOR THE PEN!

Drove by Fifth Third Friday afternoon on the way up north to Traverse City. It is not as bad as it looks on TV. The Whitecaps will be ready on opening day. We got back to Caledonia Sunday afternoon to 10 inches of snow in our driveway. I am ready for opening day. Hey Shark, I loved sitting in the bleachers in right center! With the wind chill outside let’s talk about the hot stove! Go Tigers!

Good to hear,DB, but the pictures look awful. The fire rekindled the next day, also. All the offices, vendor stands and locker rooms were completely destroyed.
I’m looking at a foot of snow and 0 degrees. Wind chills way below 0. Hot stove? What hot stove. I’m dying for spring traiing to start.

Stove’s hot but nothin’ cooking.
There are several days each year when I’m glad I no longer live in Michigan, and today is one of them. Although we’re getting down near zero tonight ourselves.

Ausmus, Dickerson talked to Caputo tonight on 97.1. Dickerson thinks batting Jackson 2 and Hunter 5 makes more sense to him. Blessyouboys has a writeup.

And i agree with Dan. By Steamer, Oliver and Zips….all projections for AJ and Hunter point to Hunter having more power. We’ve all said it, Hunter is getting slower. But he’s crafty too – so maybe some of that crafy-ness can help take the pressure off the 6-8 guys…..

(more power in 2014, that is)

Jackson May swing and miss too much for a number two hitter. I would start the year hitting AJ 6th or 7th.

that is a concern – yes, agreed.
Is there anyone besides Hunter or Jackson, then, that you’d want to bat 2nd? Dirks?

I hope Brad experiments in ST with different guys leading off. Maybe we’ve got someone who will thrive in that position.

Little samples:
81 AB from the second spot :272/.344/.395/.740
106 AB as lead-off:311/.330/.425/.755
A bigger( a little) sample, of 135 AB, 6th, 237/.338/.348/.686

This small sample seems to indicate a hitter who takes good ABs at the top of the order to set up the RBI guys and perhaps tries to do too much when hitting lower as the RBI guy himself. You think?

12 RBI as lead-off, 6 batting second and 15 as 6th
But 16 and 14 in high/low leverage situations ( assuming he had more high leverage situations as 6th hitter)

I’d prefer starting with Jackson low in the order too, as Mark said. He may drive in some runs down there and he can relax.

in leyland logic: he can steal more bases not batting in front of Miguel, as well.

Good comments. I like the one about Dirks batting 2nd and concentrating on being a number two hitter. Ausmus knows.

Maybe the new coaching team will teach AJ how to bunt–both for hits and sacs.
Dirks could be a productive #2 hitter. Davis could slide on in there as well.
One thing for sure, Avila has to accept the challenge of becoming an offensive threat with the loss of Fielder. (The best trade of the year so far.) Addition by subtraction–not sure how DD pulled that one off.

Who the hell cast a HOF vote for Jacque freakin’ Jones?

And Tram gets but 20% of the vote. Absurd.

What do Al Kaline, Willie Horton and Jim Leyland all have in common? All have the same pos. title within the org. now. Congrats Skip! http://www.detroitsports1051.com/lead/2014/01/08/jim-leyland-hof-voting-fielder-life-after-coaching

skip agrees with our thoughts: Austin, Avila, Dirks are all big keys for 2014 success the way this team is built.

jim also hints the org is going to try to resign scherzer.

at 29:14

10 years ago today the tigers made a trade that I always look back and laugh about this time of year. haha….stupid mariners!

Just saw something on Hot Stove regarding Scherzer….he wants 30 mil and 8 years. U love you Max but you might be thinking a little too or way too much of yourself.

You know Boras wants an arm and a leg. I’ll be shocked if the Tigers sign him.

the interesting thing is that the conversation shouldn’t even be had at this time. Max has had a great great season and a half. If he does it again he’s worth a lot, if he doesn’t maintain this level of performance he’ll be getting considerably less. I honestly don’t think he can maintain it. Either way I think this should be Max’s last year as a Tiger.

just like gymnastics and relationships — it’s all about the dismount in baseball too. Let the yanks give him the moon and regret it.

I think that agents like Boras do their clients a disservice by taking extreme positions in contract negotiations. Players should not be encouraged to hold out or to behave in ways that are not constructive.
Having said that, if what we are hearing about Max’s demands is accurate, let’s keep in mind that it’s simply a place to start. DD is smart enough and experienced enough to know that. He also knows that Max wants to stay in Detroit and that, while the potential is there, Max does not have the track record to justify a stratospheric contract. This will be a process and it will require patience. Again, if the story is even close to correct, we can take some comfort in knowing that the process has started.

Boras is good for Boras like Octagon is good for Octagon . Every agent is good for herself. Sometimes is good for the player too
Boras does get a premium for his best clients ( Like ARod or CC or most of them,Andrus ´camp did not like the extension).but his techniques damages his good but not great players ( there was a study about that two or three years ago) like Fielder, Swisher or Valverde or players with issues like IRod or Magglio.
Boras record could be worse but the Tigers and the Nationals bailed him out once and again / Fielder´s best offer was 180/9) . But only him, Boras, I mean. Does anyone really think Irod wanted to play for the Tigers coming form 119 L or even after the experimental surgery, Detroit was Magglio´s first option. Not to mention Damon´s wife. Sometimes it works, Werth got an excessive quantity of money and plays for a winner .
Some players want more than money, non monetary rewards and fired him like Rogers and Sheffield.
Regarding Scherzer, his numbers are very similar to Sanchez. He is his real benchmark.
If he wanted to play for Detroit he would do what Weaver did and sing a team friendly extension. But I doubt that, he hired Boras knowing how Boras operates. Nobody forced him to hire Boras
Of course , losing Scherzer will make the Fister trade even worse. And that gives leverage to Scherzer, a bad season for Porcello or Smyly and 300 MM would be on the table.

Just saw a tweet JV had “core muscle surgery” this morning.

They sure do keep things quiet nowadays. Justin had surgery this morning for a “core” injury he sustained in December while working out. Sounds similar to what Miguel’s injury was, but I’m just speculating.

From all indications, the injury happened in late December. It would appear the clock was running on the surgery and rehab time.
I think this injury didn’t exist among ballplayers of the past. Kids these days……

scary re: JV…….if 1-2 pieces of that rotation get injury bitten……pretty sure that “bullpen” DD has assembled is going to fold like a cheap picnic table. everyone is going to go from “hoping and dreaming” about a deep playoff run to “no playoffs”. n We aren’t a deep team – we’ll need a bit of luck this year if we’re to accomplish the goal of winning it all.

Too much golf? Lol

OK, have we ever gone this long without a new thread?

Possibly a few years ago. Jason had core muscle surgery and has been rehabbing. Most of the club and media sustained the injury when Big Papi hit the slam off Benoit. That was a tough punch to the gut.
I think he’s on vacation. It is the offseason after all.

I know I had more than one hemorrhoid removed, after that slam

Laughed so hard, I might have sustained a core muscle injury!!!
Remember when Leland announced to the world that Carlos couldn’t play because of a serious case of hemorrhoids and how he was in agony. Guess we’re supposed to forget those kinds of things, but I’ll never forget it. Ha!

Will we some changes from Porcello this year? Last year he dropped the slider, improved his curve and this “arsenal” considerably.
The one thing I wonder about him is his 4 seam fastball. Why? When it is thrown at the same velocity as his sinker why not work on a 2 seam fastball that gives just a little more separation and movement?

Martin Luther King Jr.
“If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.”

Perhaps the sinker is too much like a 2 seamer for him?

The 2 seamer is his sinker at 88 to 91. His 4 seamer hit 95 on occasion last year. In High School it has been report that he regularly hit 95.

Dontrelle Willis just signed a minor league deal with the giants.
I have a son due in about 1 month from now. I am naming him Lynwood (after the tiger’s pitcher). I pray that he is left handed (my 1st son is right handed).

I guess you are aware that you can teach him to bat LH. And maybe even throw LH.
Many LH were taught to be RH.

naw that blew my mind El T – very cool very cool!!

Congrats Evan! My son writes and eats left handed but has thrown a ball since he could hold one with his right hand and hits right, keep trying to get him to switch over to lefty though

Last night I was checking how AJ did against AL Central teams. While doing that I discovered that he was 0 for 19 off Chris Sale last year., That is not a small sample.
One possibility we have this year is we could put Lombo in left and Davis in center against Sale and just give AJ a night off. He also had his worst season against lefties

Career vs RHP:291/.349 /.428/.777
vs LHP:246/.332/.385/.717

makes sense until you look at Italian don kelly’s (IDK) numbers against lefties.
career vs lefties .249/.273/.314/.586
I understand trying to time the time you give him time off to be against LHP but I know his defense doesn’t care about L/R splits.

anyone else seen this Rajai Davis HR robbery (where he scales the wall)? http://www.uproxx.com/sports/2012/08/rajai-davis-amazing-catch-video-toronto-blue-jays/

As Jim Price would say: WOW

Evan, Don is probably a .215 career hitter against lefties. 2013 was his best year and he hit .229 against them. His career average overall is .229.

no no no not don kelly – Italian don kelly – aka lombardozzi….he’s a .249 career guy off lefties. thus why it doesn’t make sense to sit AJ to get him in there

Sorry Evan. Did not understand your nickname for Lombo.

ARod suspended 162 games for Biogenesis

does that mean the yankee’s have 25MM more at their disposal for 2014? Reynolds or Young will likely be signed and they can throw more cash at Tanaka now…

Yes and a little less against Luxury tax

trolling detroit stats pages noticed something interesting. in 2013 during the RS, our top ISO (isolated power) guys were Cabby, Prince, 2E, Torii and then Peralta (in that order). Cabby might have better ISO in 2014 – but Prince, 2E and Peralta are gone and Torii is older.
This 2014 team isn’t going to “not live and die by the long ball” they will at times miss the lack of power. We’re talking about some kind of a 20% reduction in that category. Is it too much to assume our small ball game is going to make up for this reduction?

yanks to sign scotty sizemore? interesting move.

Fielder brWar 1.7 Kinsler 4.7 . No problem there
Peralta´s bat will be missed , his glove? not so much.
2E: 0.7 . Don Kelly -0.7 ( so much for the shadow MVP). 2E´s bat a little when compared with DK. His italian counterpart -.5 not much better as utility guy.
Davis 1.8
They can compensate for the lack of power. Davis will be a great addition at CoPa

those 0.7 and -0.7 are base running war?

Baseball Reference WAR to distinguish from Fangraphs WAR

AH good call

This 2014 team isn’t going to “not live and die by the long ball” is quite a sentence but anyway, I don’t see as where numbers like that matter. The key is scoring enough runs to win the game that day. Padding offensive stats against a starter who’s struggling on that particular day is something this team has excelled at but they failed in late inning situations. I think it’s a 90 win offense but the key is pitching.

Wins will come from the defense and not only the “smaller ball”. There is still power on this club.
Avila, VMart, are capable of 15 dingers. As is Kinsler, AJ, Hunter and Dirks, actually.
The key word is capable.
A whole year of Iggy at short will be good. Miggy better than Biggy at 1st and Castellanos will have more range than Miggy. Kinsler is better up the middle than Omar was.
Still hoping for a miracle in LF.

I don’t proof read these comments often – and the lack of an editing option is mind-blowing.
But what I am hearing is: defense + base running will make up for power lost. 90 wins is possible I agree. So is 70 with a couple key injuries. Brad has his work cut out for him if 92 is a must to make the playoffs (92 was needed in 2013).

When in the world is Jason off vacation in order to make a new post? Seriously going crazy waiting for baseball to start up North even though I live in Central America and can play and watch my son play all year around in the land of eternal Spring!!

Hasn’t made a public tweet for about a month either.

Where in Guatemala do you live GuateTiger if you don’t mind my asking? And you don’t have to answer. Mountains or coastal rainforest? Big difference in climate. And I may be naively guessing that you live in Guatemala in the first place. I was in the Quetzeltanango (sp) area on a medical mission a few years back.

Guatemala City, thanks for asking Marty. Quetzaltenango (Xela) is beautiful but much colder than here in the Capital.

very groovy either way!

All right. It’s time for a distraction to help us while away the time until Feb 14 (1st P/C work out).
I’d like to check on everyone’s favorite baseball movies, as I assemble my pre-Spring training “what to watch list”. My top 8 include:
Bull Durham
The Natural
Eight Men Out
For the Love of the Game (very underrated and off most radar screens)
Field of Dreams
Trouble with Curve
The Major League series (just for fun)
Little Big League

All have either or both realistic basebal action and baseball stories/strategy. Does anyone else have sugestions?

Field of Dreams
Bull Durham
Major League
Bad News Bears
Mr. 3000
A League of Our Own

Fever Pitch

It Happens Every Spring with Ray Milland. An oldie but goody. Always a sucker for that film as a kid. The guy that played the catcher, Munk, was great.

Don’t expect too much ‘realistic’ baseball action!!!

The Rookie.

The Rookie has some nice shots of Rangers Park and is based on a true story. For Love of the Game is worth it just to hear Vin Scully call the game and they get the time of day correct for a 4 PM start. Most baseball movies don’t get the lighting right. You’re right, very underrated.
Check out Moneyball and it appears they’re playing under a garage light. The director WANTED that. ???

mr. 3000 was a great movie. psych.

base-ketball count?

That is the one about a hitter who had 3000 but lost the 3000th after a score change?

yes. a bad comedy.

The Pride of the Yankees.
The second one is a low budget biopic of Satchell Page made in the fifties
Field of Dreams.
The Babe Ruth Story
I have read both The Natural and Moneyball but I have not watched the movies in full .

Sugar does a decent job showing the “real story” of what happens at Dominican baseball camps where young Dominicans hang all their options for a new life through trying to get signed. It is a very sordid but true story of what happens to Latino kids trying to get a shot. Not a feel good family fun piece but very well done.

Forgot about The Rookie. I even own that one.
I don’t like Moneyball. It’s overrated, IMO.
All other recommendations look interesting.

We led MLB in singles last season!!!!!! Why do people think we are swinging for the fences all the time??? We had FIVE people hit over .300. Unfortunately none of them were burners on the bases!!

we were no. 4 in the MLB in xtra base hits too with 491 also, so it’s not like we didn’t hit. our pen sucked, our base running was a handicap and our defense wasn’t efficient at turning batted balls into outs. Pen still sucks – but we might have fixed the other two. how much the hitting decreases is the x factor for me.

We are fortunate to have DD but he does make mistakes. Our pen is far better off this year going in with Nathan defining roles as opposed to last year when an inexperienced Rondon was appointed as closer. Absurd. Every one else will fall in line behind Joe. DD made the same presumption a couple of years ago with Sizemore. He’s a bit of a gambler and that is OK to a degree.
There is nothing wrong with picking up a good lefty for the pen. There is nothing wrong with picking up a quality corner outfielder (after all, Torii needs replacing after this year too). He has failed to do this thus far.
Krol MAY work out but Coke in you pen signals a weakness IMHO.
DD can’t relax just yet—–there is still work to do.

Thanks GuateTiger. I landed in your airport as I recall. Climbed the volcano outside of Antigua while I was there. Very cool to see flowing lava. It poured on us on the way down……rain that is….not lava:-)

All baseball movies are at least good by their very nature. I think “The Natural” is my favorite. There was a “supernatural” (pun intended) theme running through the entire movie. The lighting was very cool if not realistic. It was filmed in Buffalo, at least some of the ball park scenes. Is there a more handsome couple than Robert Redford and Glenn (sp) Close? Always been a big fan of Redford. “Jeremiah Johnson” easily one of my all time favorites. I had questions about the meaning behind the lady in black, the silver bullet etc. Why did she try to kill Roy Hobbs? What was the motive? And then commit suicide? Was there a connection between her and Ruth? It had every cliche, every stereotype you could imagine. But it still totally entertained.The ending was over the top and I loved it. Maybe the best scene was when he finally came out of the slump/spell he was in/under when he smashed the clock with what looked like a 600 foot HR after Glenn willed him to succeed….and then the music….. Yeah, that’s my favorite baseball movie. “The Sandlot” was another one. “some guy named Baby Ruth”. Heck, they’re all good. What was the movie where Jimmy Stewart played the pitcher who lost one of his legs in, I think, a farming accident? And he went on to pitch in a real MLB game.

So the Tigers led in singles, were probably right up there in HRs, but I bet they were practically dead last in doubles. I never saw so many long singles….ever. Station to station base running like I never want to see again. There might be less HRs this season but there should be more doubles….and first to third running.

Yes DD is a gambler Dan. I was just thinking about that. This time we get the prospects and give away the established player. Trading Fister was a huge gamble. I am still bummed about that one. I hope he has a great year for the Nationals, not for spite but just because I liked him so much as a player. He was very close to my favorite. Top 3 or so. But given 6 potential starters, realistically something had to give. Smyly a LHP and Porcello always having been a Tiger and still young. Tough decision.

“The Rookie” was a very good one Rich.

7th in HRs and 8th in doubles. We led MLB in batting average and total hits. We must trust that DD got the best bounty by trading Fister.

Baseball has been “bery bery good to me”: Co-written by Bud Selig and Alex Rodriguez.
Which one do you dislike more?

alex i guess. tough call. i dislike the yankees and hope they have to pay him tho.

Not this year. They are off the hook and waiting for a mistake to get rid of him

That would be like having your cake and eating it too Evan. Nice concept though. Poetic Justice………How did we ever get to this point? No need to answer.

“Jim Leyland tells @MLBNetwork he didn’t suspect Verlander injury: “I saw no signs of that. I don’t think that was bothering him at all.”
??? Supposedly, he injured himself in december , working out….

Dirks and Cabrera played thru injury and the team knew it. So, it is not wrong always but the Tigers have had , in recent years,a growing number of players with undisclosed severe injuries. Injuries only recognized once the player is benched or DFA:the young and willing Bondo but also the veteran Jones.Villareal,Al2, Coke and Dotel.And now Verlander?

No one picked Bad News Bears with Walter Matheau and Jodi Foster? My favorite is The Natural.

Tatum O’neal not Foster

“No one picked Bad News Bears”? Scroll up, DB. I did and the Walter Matheau version is the only one I acknowledge.

“Joaquin Benoit on signing with SD: ‘Final decision was between the Padres and Indians, it was fun being the guy teams were interested in'”
– don’t fool yourself JB, both those teams will be lucky to make the playoffs.

Had a very interesting afternoon during my son’s baseball practice today. Halfway through the practice, I look up and Carlos Zambrano steps around behind the third base dugout and starts throwing a softball to another guys down the third baseline. He threw about 20 minutes working up to throwing some serious heat. It started getting dark so the kids went over to talk with him and he was great. Let them take some pictures and was very cordial and welcoming. Not everyday a major leaguer just shows up at your kids practice and just starts playing catch.

How fun for them.

that’s crazy awesome dude!

GuatTiger – I visited both Guatemala City and Xela 2 years ago when I did a Habitat for Humanity Build way up in the mountains of Concepción Chiquirichapa. It is a small world! On to my baseball movies – I think my favorite is For Love of the Game – it helps he is a Tiger but man I love that movie and will stop and watch it whenever I see it on. Sandlot is up there too – my kids watch it all the time and I am starting to memorize it.

Awesome, well if you ever get back to Guatemala you know now where and how to catch Tigers games in between building projects!!

It was wrong to keep him around . Ausmus is the new manger and deserves to do his work without advices from the former manager

new manager

it was probably just as wrong to give a person who has never been a head coach before such a job.

I thought the same thing, ElTigre. I want to hear and see interviews with Brad, not Jim.

Charlie Manuel pretty much just did the same thing – he’s now assistant to the GM.

Nice chat there with Jim. Always nice to hear him talk when it’s not a postgame presser. Those could be rough.
Good point about Lamont. Unless I’m mistaken, Gino always organized ST for the Tigers.

very interesting! 50 runs!? hot damn!

Kathy and Mayo, thanks for the movie update. Kathy, did you get the wind and snow last night? One day closer to Spring!

Lucked out, DB. Windy last night, about 2 inches of fresh snow today.

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