How Robinson Cano’s deal affects Tigers

No, the Tigers were never going to sign Robinson Cano. They never had a meeting with Cano, despite the speculative story that came out a couple weeks ago. They hadn’t even been talking with Cano’s agents, centered around Brodie Van Wagenen and Jay-Z, on the phone since the offseason got rolling. They weren’t going to take on that contract.

With that part out of the way, Cano’s reported 10-year, $240 million deal to go to Seattle is about to have ripple effects in Detroit with what the Tigers are trying to do.

For one, it throws the Yankees headfirst into the remaining free-agent market with money to spend and needs to fill. It’s not just about replacing Cano at second base, but filling his spot in the middle of the order. They can fill the void with some of the remaining outfielders on the market, with Carlos Beltran and Shin-Soo Choo around the top of the list.

Speculation already had New York among the top targets for Beltran, and a potential suitor for Choo. The Yankees can now go in with no shortage of money to offer. If they want to price teams out of the market and leverage their financial flexibility to get who they want, they can. If they want to move the market to the point where teams like the Tigers worry whether they’re adding another megacontract, they can.

That’s the immediate impact. The bigger impact might be down the road whenever the Tigers enter talks on a contract extension for Miguel Cabrera, the potentially the next guy that could move the market. If a 31-year-old Cano can match Albert Pujols for the largest contract signed by a baseball player not named Alex Rodriguez, what can Cabrera — six months younger and a two-time MVP, playing a position with more longevity — command? How will Cabrera age through his 30s? And can the Tigers create enough flexibility to afford Cabrera and Max Scherzer? That’s how the market works — the latest megadeal often sets the standard for the next one.

So to recap: Even with the flexibility gained by shedding Prince Fielder’s contract and saving money in the rotation by trading Doug Fister, keeping the core of this team together is not going to be easy. And with the Tigers and Yankees now potentially looking for the same help, trying to upgrade for a World Series run now just got tougher. It might be a crazy week at the Winter Meetings after all, at least on the latter.


When is enough money enough? I just wonder how big these contracts can get before it gets to be too much. I read this on twitter today somebody asked Pedroia about Cano’s new contract and basically if he felt like he got undervalued by his team. He said are you kidding I’m (expletive) rich. His contract is 8 yrs ..110 million. It’s hard to see how Cano thinks he is worth $130 million more. Pedroia wanted to be a Red Sox and for security was willing to sign an extension for clearly less than what he could of gotten on the open market. But even though Pedroia is still extremely wealthy it’s refreshing to see someone say this is enough I love the town and the team..instead of the money grubbing of Robinson Cano among others.

So………if I’m getting paid $40 per hour and you’re getting $25 for the same job, you wouldn’t accept a raise because I’m overpaid?

It’s not a matter of whether Cano THINKS he’s worth $130 million more than Pedroia, or even whether most teams do. It’s whether another team offers him that. And the Mariners did.

Since we are rebuilding the Twins, how about span?As long as we dont send Scherzer to the Nats for him

I mentioned Span the other day after the Fister trade. That would have been a better deal, but maybe Washington didn’t want to play that. Who the heck knows?

Since they added McLouth , things could be different now.

Can we trade Lombardozzi, Reed and Ramon Cabrera for Denard Span? Lombardozzi doesn’t do anything for this team Don and Hernan can’t do.

Cano is 19th career among 2B in history
Pedroia 29th

Robinson Cano is one of 5 active hitters with at least 600 XBH in his 1st 9 seasons. The other 4? Ask @ESPNStatsInfo

The others, Pujols, Texeira, Cabrera, Holliday .
Yes, he is worth more than Pedroia

How about trading for Denard Span? Per, Span is available, especially now that Nats have signed McLouth.

Whatever….. I was trying to compliment Pedroia for being loyal to his team and the fans. And regardless what you think I find that refreshing? And since my season tickets have gone up $10 per seat over the last few years please don’t say it’s not my money because in the scheme of things it is……….I won’t apologize for thinking the money has gotten out of control. Scott Feldman a career 4.64 era pitcher got 3 years and 30 million it’s out of control.

Remember when Pudge got that “huge” $40 million contract to come to Detroit. That was a watershed moment in Tiger history. The organization had to flash some cash. Oh, the excitement that was created with that signing!

god bless Pudge

Cano’s Seattle contract is obscene just Like A-Rod’s and Prince’s.

I think “The Lords of the Realm, The Real History of Baseball” should be mandatory reading before any commenting about out of control contracts. Once you read that and circle around back to this Cano contract read this excellent piece by Jonah Keri,

Jeff Todd has some good numbers on the free agent spending this year. Seems to me the TV bonus money is partially the cause.

Carlos Beltran? HE GONE. NY 3 year deal.

Yep, Beltran to the Yanks, and McLouth to the Nats. Running out of options, while Dirks and Kelly high-five each other.

McLouth wasn’t an upgrade anyway and Beltran would’ve been another DH type.

Anything for sale is worth what someone is willing to pay. All this talk about not producing as many runs as last year is not the point. Better defense, better bullpen. That is what wins games. Oh yeah, and clutch hitting. Go Tigers, 2014!

we’d better get to work on that bullpen then😉

I agree with you GK. I don’t think those kinds of salaries can be justified no matter how it is spun. Years ago I quit following baseball because of that very issue. Somehow Mike Maroth’s bid to lose 20 games got me reinterested (crazy eh?) and I got hooked again. Prince’s salary started to turn me off again and this year the activity is making me upset again. Sometimes even, daresay, a bit angry.
Obviously this stuff affects different people differently as it is a personal opinion.
The only way it seems to accept it is to understand an athlete’s favourite quote,
“It is what it is”.

I believe DD will end up trading Hernan Perez.

could Perez be shipped out for a decent MLB reliever?

Agree DB. Well stated and very succinct:-) Pitching, defense, speed, and timely hitting. To worry about lost RBI’s via Prince and Jhonny is needless worry. We always get caught up in the overrated statistics. Put a team on the field that will first shut down the other team’s offense. GK, I’m with you on your opening comment above.
The candy store is bout empty. Wah.(sound of baby bawling)…………… Just acquire another decent arm or 2 for the BP. There have to be some sleepers out there.

Exactly Dan. If the changes this team has made didn’t happen, mainly Prince being traded and a change in management, I don’t think I would have been able to invest as much time and emotion in 2014 as I did this past year. And in 2013, my interest was waning by the week. Part of that is age related but part of it is simply that I enjoy a fast paced game over watching over wieight men stretch doubles and triples into solid singles. Gets old, especially by the playoffs.

This is my last comment on the salaries, but what would you have organizations do with the excess money? There are other options I suppose such as keeping it for themselves, spreading it out for other players, reducing/and or giving away free tickets and prices, etc.. What would you folks who disagree with these humongous contracts do with the extra cash? When millions of fans stop coming to the games because the team stinks, how do you put the fans back in the seats?

Also, I agree the contracts are excessive and players in MLB are obliged to keep themselves in tip-top condition.

kathy has a point. The Marlins dont spend, they live on the money paid for the good team thanks to the MLB’s revenue-sharing system
The case has been made for minimum payrolls:
And what about Houston?

can I vote for lowering beer prices with the excess money? 0.48$ per ounce of beer..

This are the payrolls compared with other countries:
Soccer and NBA teams have a global audience so they get money from almost every corner in the world

And no baseball player among the top paid:
My father and me had an argument long time ago about which sport is most demanding, He said baseball, I said basketball.Soccer has changed a lot since then but still they play at most twice a week,but they are pretty well paid

luxury tax threshold is $189 million…for a team to stay just below that, they could have at most 9 $20 million/yr players ($180 million) and the other 16 players on roster would need to make league minimum which is about $0.5 million. could something approaching this be the future of MLB payroll structure?

MLB needs a salary cap to save the owners from themselves. Of course, the players union will (smartly) never allow it to happen.

If the Tigers can’t make some significant additional moves, I don’t see them making the WS this year. They have gotten significantly worse this offseason. At this point, even winning the central is a crapshoot.

I absolutely hate salary talk, i buy my season tiks and expect an exciting game and thats it. Im happy to go. Let dd do his job and i will do mine and watch some baseball.

Could the Tigers get Murphy?

Which Murphy you talking about?? Have you ever heard the Ballad about why Murphy was not at work today?/ El T, how many 20 mil players are there in MLB?? Has any team possibly gotten as much bang for the buck as the Tigers have??

Daniel Murphy. Mets. LHB. Play LF,1b and 2b was already mentioned as trade target before Infante. Supposedly could be on the trade block after Granderson signing. He was mentioned at MLBTR and most here read there too

Around 20 players making 20 MM /a year

as a kid, remember hearing the Ballad of Murphy on WJR. thanks for mentioning it!

the Dropkick Murphys are strongly aligned with Red Sox, don’t see them switching teams.

love MLBTR. Hey EL T another LHB that could be “interesting” could be Ichiro (who is now available for cheap). Yankees might give him up for little (e.g. a low to mid level prospect) since he’s owed 6.5MM next year (that’s his last year on contract) and batted a .262/.297/.342 slash last year. I look for him to bounce back from that as last year was his lowest BABIP of his career (.285). He still stole 20 bags and was good defensively. Spend that 5/6th of 1MM you would have given Don Kelly.
I think he’s Mr. I’s kinda guy anyhow….he’s a “star”.

Iggy, AJ, Kinsler, Perez an Ichiro….hey maybe we could have an above average speed club

Murphy last year:286/.319/.415/.733.

well the question is what can the Tigers give the Mets. Ichiro wouldn’t cost anything….maybe they’d like Don Kelly? He’d look good in pinstripes.

do the Tigers shift Cabrera to 3B and put Martinez at 1B for interleague play? if Castellanos isn’t ready, which is more likely: move Cabrera back to 3B, use Kelly as the everyday 3B, or some other option?

or italian don kelly. Hey didn’t Avila play a little 3B a few years back?

We will find out the second week of the season against the LAD and Padres. V-Mart needs to play at least three of those five games. Two at first and one at catcher??
So Miguel gets two games at third?? Early season dilemma for our manager for sure.

Significantly worse? I agree to disagree. We lost Fister and I am sad about that. We got a stud closer. We got rid of a big contract. I like the new 2nd baseman. We have more speed and better defense. As fans on this blog, do you think we will win the Central?

as it stands today….of course it’s worse….bullpen somehow got worse, batting decreased (which as you noted may be partially offset by speed and defense), rotation slight downgrade…..

i trust DD will send some help to the ‘pen and to the offense before the season is over

I doubt it, if for no other reason than you just don’t win the division every single year. Too many variables at this point anyway. The club is still weakened due to the Fister trade.

Right side, link to Beck post:
They could add ” either a solid regular or a right-handed hitter to mix in with Andy Dirks.”.
They still could trade Porcello if offered a young arm
About Perez:
“The Tigers think highly of him, and with Kinsler’s long-term future at second base uncertain, it’s difficult to see a trade.”
A RH platoon hitter?Jeff Baker? sorry, jk

Davis? Francoeur?

Gardner? the solid regular?

Francoeur is done, saw him last year in DC when the Giants were in town. He couldn’t foul off a fastball, let alone hit one.

jk noted, but it’s also one of the variables. How does Jeff Baker or Aubrey Huff do if we’d had a different manager at the time?

Jeff Baker is a serial murderer of left handed pitching. Forget the 30 ABs he squandered in 2012 – he’s a legit option to platoon with Dirks. Davis is another good option. Good point also, Rich. Better.

{“The Tigers think highly of him, and with Kinsler’s long-term future at second base uncertain, it’s difficult to see a trade.”}
this seems like a contradiction. Isn’t perez expected to be MLB ready in 2014 or 2015? Another reason why this team is built weird – expect a trade to fix things.

They wont trade Perez because him would be the next 2B with Kinsler moved to another position, 3b? 1b? DH? or traded

Perez may have more value as trade bait.. Devon Travis is progressing very quickly and may be a very exciting ball player. I really see some possibilities with the Blue Jays.
Glad to see Granderson, Beltran, Ellsbury (sigh), Grandy and McLouth off the table.

How many years did Atlanta win their division? Doesn’t Nathan make our bullpen better?

he makes it better, but not that much better than Benoit.
Krol is a major downgrade from symly
Veras, while he wasn’t there long, got a 0.3 WAR.

I think coke has gotten worse over the past year too. al al…well that slider isn’t going to make his arm better.

Who knows how Smyly would have been again in the pen? He started to slip. Looked almost resigned to a role he wasn’t thrilled with.
Never saw anything to be excited about with Veras. Predictable and tipped his pitches. Glad he was a rental.
Putkonen may be on the verge. AlAl needs to pitch smarter and really has to get the fastball working.
Rondon may set up but I think if we had Benoit doing that he (BR) would be dynamite in the 7th.
DD needs(ed) to acquire a solid late inning LH arm. I hope he learns to get this right. Last year was a constant reminder of how delicate a 2 run lead can be.

“Sources: #Rangers willing to move Andrus even after trading Kinsler, but only for big return. Would go Profar at SS, Odor at 2B. BUT…”
In Venezuela, Odor is seen as a lock to play in the Bigs this year making one e of Andrus or Profar available

“Yankees, Nationals, Padres involved in lefty relief market to varying degrees.”
So DD is waiting for prices to go down in January?

Crosby as reliever? Gimmee a break. He walks over 5 guys per 9 IP

Detroit Free Press:Dombrowski acknowledges Dirks played this season with a lingering knee injury sustained in spring training.

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