About that Robinson Cano rumor

The rumor began circulating on Twitter Thursday evening from someone who cited his brother who was an air traffic controller that Robinson Cano and his well-known agent, Jay-Z, had just landed in Canton.

By Friday morning, the rumor had been circulated enough that fans were tweeting he was still in town meeting with Tigers personnel.

By Friday evening, the buzz drew a speculative report in the Detroit News, centering around a charter jet owned by a private aircraft rental service that had taken off from Teterboro Airport in New Jersey and landed at Willow Run Airport in Ypsilanti Friday morning, just after 8:30. The flight stuck around until 2pm, when it took off back for Teterboro. Because it’s a private jet, there was no identifying who was on the flight, which keeps the intrigue going.

By late Friday night, it drew a question and response from Tigers president/general manager Dave Dombrowski, who has a policy of not talking about specific free agents from other teams but told MLive.com, “We plan on having Ian Kinsler as our second baseman next year.”

It became quite a rumor, but there are some serious holes.

First, the rumor originated Thursday evening with the talk of Jay-Z and Cano landing in the area. Jay-Z was spotted shortly after that … in Oklahoma City. He was with his wife, Beyonce, courtside for the Clippers-Thunder game to watch his top sports client, Kevin Durant. Here’s Jay-Z at the game celebrating a fan hitting a half-court shot.

Second, I checked with a source late Friday morning when the rumors were building, and it was business as usual at Tigers offices. If Cano was in Detroit, the answer went, he wasn’t with them. It doesn’t mean Cano couldn’t have arrived after that for a quick meeting on short or no notice, but that seems like a lot for an early-morning charter jet to a city for spontaneous talks. And if he was on that aforementioned jet at Willow Run, which took off for Teterboro just after 2pm, it would have made for a real quick trip. The airport is about 10 miles further west of Detroit than Metro Airport.

But there’s a third, more fundamental problem here: For Robinson Cano, a secret visit makes no sense.

By all accounts, Cano is looking for a standard-setting contract as the top free agent on the market, but the question — especially in New York — is whether there’s enough of a market to drive up the price. If Cano is getting on a plane and visiting a team, what’s the point of keeping it a secret? It serves his purposes more to get it out as much as possible, especially in New York media. When Jay-Z and agent Brodie Van Wagenen had dinner with the Mets earlier in the week, it was reported all over, with Mets personnel even commenting on it. Even if nobody wants to comment, a public sighting somewhere in town — eating lunch, getting into a car, getting off of a charter jet at Metro, anything — serves the purpose. A leak in New York does the same. A secondhand tweet does not.

There are free agents who have pulled this off to their advantage. Carl Pavano flew to Detroit to visit the Tigers when he was a free agent after the 2004 season, and his agent, Scott Shapiro, made it part of a multi-city tour to visit several teams.

Bottom line, it was a rumor that made for a fun Friday, but it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.


Seems like Cano would be VERY high-priced. Can either he or Kinsler play 3rd base? I think Cabrera should move to 1st base. He’s been great at 3rd but after 2 years, I think the extra defensive requirements may have caught or will catch up to him and they cannot allow an injury that would affect his offensive abilities. Do it. He can even be spelled occasionally by switching with V-Mart.

That does sound like fun for you, Jason, and the other media. Investigative reporting!
Actually, Cano was jamming with me in my basement yesterday. That dude can play a mean marimba.

More about Fielder

“For Robinson Cano, a secret visit makes no sense” unless you are using DD who is known for his stealth trades

I would absolutely freak out.

Okay, that is actually the first time I’ve watched the video of that post-game 6 interview. It comes across very differently than it did in print. Prince mentioned his kids and the rest of the questions and answers seem to revolve around how he handles that aspect. He answered honestly, IMO. I didn’t think it was all that bad.
Of course, answering questions honestly can land a person in hot water. That’s why we get so many practiced sound bite type answers these days.

I thought his comments were fine….took no offense and were blown way out of proportion.
How could Cano be with you he was with me here in Royal Oak helping me put out my Christmas lights outside.

Peralta and STL close to a deal, Yankess sign McCann

Ya, I saw that. Jhonny going to St. Louis. Maybe he’ll win a WS ring.
It wasn’t what Prince said, but what he didn’t say, IMO. I guess the players don’t feel like us when they lose the ALCS or the World Series….absolutely crushed and disappointed. .

I guess everybody reacts differently. All I felt after game six was that this season is over and we do it again next year.
Game 163 did bother me, because we missed the playoffs entirely and had choked.

I just ended reading ” The Glory of Their Times: the Story of the Early Days of Baseball Told by the Men Who Played It ” and this called my attention because I keep hearing they are professional and they dont care about like us:
“I guess technically we still could have won the pennant. There were still a couple of games left to the season. But that home run took all the fight out of us. It broke our heart.”
Paul Waner talking around 1963 about how they lost the pennant in 1938 to the Cubs. A HR in the 9th when the game could have ended in a tie (darkness) and with the Pirates in the WS

“The homer in the gloaming” that HR by Gabby Hartnett was called. Can you imagine that kind of writing today? How many people even know what the gloaming is?

That was another thing that called my attention, talking about playing in a town:
“if you lost a game by making an error in the ninth inning or so…you grip and hit the road, cause they´d never let you forget it”
They were arguing 50 year later about who was to blame for the three runners on the same base( and you think the Yankees having two runners out at home in the same play was bad). Snodgrass refusing to take the blame for the loss of the WS ( another player failed before). Explaining the Merkl´s mistake or the pebble single in the 1925 WS. But most of theml agree about something:the fans and the press had it wrong.It was someone else fault or the team´s fault but usually not theirs
They kept saying baseball is different today (1965) but their discussion resemble those we have here.

good fishing at the gloaming

Peralta owes the Tigers. Had they offered a qualifying offer, he does not get that kind of money

Dodgers- Joe Smith 15/3. Those savings will disappear building the bullpen

Halos-Joe Smith.

It wouldn’t surprise at all if the Tigers sign Cano DD is very good at staying under the radar when it comes to deals. As far as “shooting down rumors” all I’ve heard reported is DD saying Ian Kinsler will be playing Second Base for the Tigers next year, what he didn’t say was if Cano would be part of the team!

I can’t see Cano be very willing to play another position.

Peralta should count his lucky stars.

Either I am nuts or everyone who wants Cano here in Detroit is extremely short sighted and know Cano. For starters, Cano has a very similar attitude to Prince. He can give up on plays he doesn’t show a lot of passion for success. And second, he is going to command a very Fielderesq type of contract. If DD signs him I will be extremely disappointed in management.

…don’t know Cano

Cano is not what we we need. He seems to me to have developed a pretty big NY ego.
We need a power hitting LHB LFer. It’s pretty simple. Beltran will do for two. No more.
Shin Soo Choo would be perfect. Should convert easily to left.

how many years would you give him, max?

choo that is

15.75/3 for a setup. Smith
How much for a closer?

Compare to Benoit in 2010??

Three. Or two and an option.

if DD can sign him for 3 – great; if Choo needs 5 – I hope he walks away.

Peralta 52/4

I hope Dombrowski scraps the idea of a piecemeal left-fielder or a converted one. In the LF expanse at Comerica we need a stalwart outfielder that can hit (from the left side preferably), run down fly balls and hit with power in the middle of the lineup.
Choo, Rasmus and Venables would all work for me. Choo does it all and he seems to like to hit at Comerica. Rasmus is surprisingly very powerful. Runs well (in the field), Venables has speed some pop is cheap. He is on the verge of stardom.
The Jacque Jones, Sheffield, Raburn, and yes, Dirks dreaming will not provide the impact we need from that position.

boesch too

Yes, though for some reason I tend to visualize him in right. I really liked the guy. When he was on he had such a sweet swing.
We do need LHP though this year. I hope DD isn’t hoping (and dreaming) that Alex will become that basher. I just don’t see his (Alex) temperament suited to that role or expectation.

BTW, Jordan Lennerton (that Crazy Canuck) is hitting .344 with 4 dingers in Puerto Rico.

It would help my nerves, if DD could go sign at least 1 bullpen piece in the next day or so — our pen according to the current depth chart – is the definition of inept.

Evan, I don’t think there is any way that DD will make the same mistake twice.
It’s a done deal. It’s a matter of when (and who) not if.
My best guess…………Nathan. Balfour will be cheaper and a bit younger.
Nathan is stingier. More controlled on the mound both in his arm and his head.
Easy to say but Nathan and Choo bring a championship to Motown.

Hernán Pérez having a perfect night 3 for 3 / BB

reaction from a couple of MLB players to the Peralta FA signing:
“It pays to cheat… Thanks, owners, for encouraging PED use,” Brad Ziegler
“Apparently getting suspended for PED’s means you get a raise. What’s stopping anyone from doing it? #weneedtomakeachange,” David Aardsma

Jhonny paid for his crime and did the time, Why are some so upset? Players better make up their minds about the length of the suspensions and/or a cut in pay. Geez!

Couldn’t agree more Kathy…….if you don’t like the rule change it or stop bitching. Also got on my nerves that he only called out Peralta and not Marlon Byrd.

Now the Yankees are talking about catching up with Cano. Oh, he was in Detroit alright, because no one has denied it. Probably just to get some rumors going.

*YAWN* Another day goes by and we have 2 pitchers in the bullpen. Coke couldn’t hold onto his job if he played in Houston. Putkonen, Alvarez, Ortega and Reed are all AAA caliber guys who should come up if/when needed. Smyly is a starter – forcing him in the pen is absurd. Rondon has proven little, and ALAL walks like 6 and half guys a game.
forget the closer – we don’t a pen – at all – at this point!

…don’t HAVE a pen…

Appears that a Brian Wilson signing may be imminent. If Benoit stayed as setup man that would be a strong start on a pen.

Not my choice but a step in the right direction anyway. We do need a solid lefty in that pen.
I don’t see Porcello not being traded. Smyly is still a big if, not a lock down starter just yet.
Benoit is needed if the Tigers find a closer. Rondon waiting in the wings is a good thing.
In the post Leyland era, things are looking quite different as far as the mentality of constructing a team goes.

on one hand a starter shouldn’t be traded for relievers, and on the other hand you probably shouldn’t use a starter as a reliever

unless its in the playoffs

Chad Durbin has retired (06-07 tiger #52)

Interesting…..Prince posted a picture on a Twitter with his boys and wife in Texas for the press conference. And now I just saw a interview he did on MLB channel where he spoke of his wife and boys? I’m glad he worked it out but I thought he got divorced?

Maybe she didn’t like living in Detroit.

The divorce wasn’t finalized. I saw one picture of the family with her in it and the rest by himself and/or the boys. Still wears the wedding ring, however. Maybe they’re trying to work it out.

Prince was overpaid and he begins his new life poking a finger into Tigers fan eye: his new number 84,
I´m even more satisfied with the trade now
The divorce was just an excuse. Last season was a glimpse of the future. Players with his body type get old fast

Well, he was also born in ’84. The fans have been screaming it’s been 30 years since the Tigers have won a WS and that’s a fact. Someone had a picture of the divorce papers printed online during the summer and Prince was definitely ticked off. It wasn’t pretty. He and his wife have been friends since they were teens, so I hope they got back together.

Prince is ~1 month older than myself.

I agree about the overpaid part, ElTigere.

Prince played youth baseball with a good friend of mine. He also played with Chris Getz (the infielder). My friend said Prince dominated the league.

I am over being let down by Prince. As he would agree, it is what it is. I do like the haircut though. I guess we might never know the truth behind his choice of number 84. Maybe it’s better that way.

I’m so eager to see what the team will look like when they come up from Lakeland. I know it’s too early, but….Go Tigers!!!

Okay, Prince said the 84 was because it was his birth year and he was starting over. Not sure he even knows or cares that it’s the last year Detroit won a WS.
This is TMZ stuff. And I’m cranky today.

El Tigre—do you know if Rondon is hurt again? I see he has pitched 1 inning in the Ven. Liga, and that was a month and half ago? I could be misinterpreting the stats though.

He is resting until dec the first.He has not pitched and wont pitch in Venezuela
There are 3 Rondón pitching in Venezuela. One of them, Danny for Bruce´s team in Venezuela.

The webpage is wrong:Oct 12 ZUL? . They played against La Guaira that day and the only Tiger pitching was Ortega.
And in 2012 there was no game that day for Magallanes

Gracias colega

Your welcome

Wonder where Omar will end up?

maybe new york!

Might not be best for Omar. NY is tough on some players.

Wilson throws 75% SLIDERS. Big red flag for Mr. Beard. He is more backwards than AlAl. Can any of you get back to 2010 and see if he threw a greater % of fastballs?? My ranking right now remains Nathan, Benoit, Balfour, Wilson.

you guess it — FA was his main pitch in 2010….but don’t take my word for it http://www.fangraphs.com/pitchfx.aspx?playerid=6485&position=P

FA being fastball

evan so was not there when I posted the link. Sorry.

What’s the deal with the slider becoming the dominant pitch anyhow? I mean – I thought the Splitter was the “hard pitch” on the arm – are sliders also ‘arm breakers’?

I have been asking the same question since Alburquerque came to the Tigers. The slider was the pitch of choice for flame-throwers . I did not now how bad it is supposed to be for the arm
True about the splitter or split fingers fastball, Morris used it . Scott was taught to use it by Roger Craig and they were on the top for years. He also taught it to the Giants until they discovered that it damages the elbow and Giants pitchers were asked not to use it again.

Big gamble on Wilson. Huge actually. I like Nathan most. I think Benoit would benefit again from setting up.
You just don’t want your closer walking too many hitters. Nathan doesn’t.

Heyman reports Cruz seeking a 4Y contract worth $75MM.

Thanks E and El T. The more sliders he throws the more V he loses on the FA. Baseball is a business. BW just looks risky.

…listening to the 5/2 game right now… GO RICKY!

Well my friends, I went out of the country for a week and all sorts of action took place. I still have not read everything, my wifi connection at the hotel was decent but reading stuff on my phone was not fun so this weekend I’ll catch up on the details behind the headlines – but whew! I spent a week helping on a Habitat for Humanity build in El Salvador, where soccer is all the rage, but my group of American’s had the Fielder trade as water cooler fodder for a few days. I like Prince, but man he is just so laid back, as someone said, he is better not really saying much at all. Yes, in reality what he said is true – this is just a game, and no better realization for me than my trip and seeing some living conditions that make my life look ridiculously posh, much less the life of a big leaguer, but still Prince has to remember he is paid for his work. I get paid for my work. If I don’t perform I don’t get many 2nd chances.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you on this blog – and looking forward to 2014 and curious to see what happens next!

Good work on the Habitat for Humanity build, Tiger Girl, and nice post.
Happy Thanksgiving.

What about Infante at third…looks like the Yanks are interested in him as a backup on the left side so he must be capable – slide Miggy back over to 1st…still wouldn’t mind seeing Grandy patrolling left field either

adding both would be quite a payroll increase, no? could you still extend Miggy?

Danny Dorn back in the USA
.313 .408 .563 .970 6 HR 22 RBI 112 AB
He is 29 so he wont be a regular in MLB

Miggy reportedly says he’d like to play firstbase. This guy is a jewel. They should see to it that he retires in Detroit no matter the cost.

does he have a preference for leadoff? closer?

Players who won four WS championships and did not play with the Yankees must be a very short list. Jack Morris did it. Did either Koufax or Drysdale pitch on the 55 Dodger team?? Could Cardinal players in the 40s have done it? Did any of the As of the 70s catch one later?? Or how about the list of players who won WS titles with three different teams??? Bet that is a short list. Jack was a winner who also figured out how to get on the big stage. Probably not real media friendly back in the day.

Koufax was with the ’55 Dodgers, his first season. I think Drysdale was a year later, but not sure.
A’s players: Reggie Jackson, right? Five WS wins with Oakland and NY.

Lonnie Smith played for Aguilas del Zulia.
Infamously slipped rounding 3b in a WS
Check his postseason record:5 pennants and 3 WS.
Having him in the roster was the key to reach the WS and winning it.
Tito Landrum tried to tie him

How many WS winners??

3 times :1980, 1982 and 1985

Aguilas del Zulia was the only team where his magic did not work

Here’s his “official Todd Jones release: “The HOF is for greatness…No one w the nickname `Roller Coaster’ should ever be considered.

Cabrera: “Ya yo le dije a los Tigres que quería jugar en primera”
I already told the Tigers that I would like to play 1B

of course he told them – they didn’t tell they world for the same reason you don’t show your cards in poker. i guess everyone knows we need a 3B or LF now – if they didn’t already

Tigers recently reached out to Beltran’s agent
To be fair, if DD puts Beltran in LF the tigers should be considered favorites. Lineup would give anyone the goosebumps: IK, TH, MC, VM, CB, AJ, AA, NC, JI

Miguel Cabrera willing to play 1B (In spanish,Im going to work. I will translate it later):


( Mild NSFW images in the page)

You actually “work” el Tigre? With all the stuff you provide on this blog, when in the world do you time to work?

My day begins at 5 am and runs until 1130 pm.
I do research during the afternoons and once in a while to refresh my mind I come here as a distraction.
Beside that, my workplace has been even more conflictive than usual this last two years. So it has been closed, occupied or we were on strike most part of the time.
My line of work has an advantage, at least for me, I can do it in anyplace,while waiting for my daughter at the school or watching the game or even while writing here.

I’d stay away from Beltran simply due to financial implications.

hah – i’d stay away from Choo for the number of years he would demand

I think they are both too costly (both would mean a draft pick too) but if I HAD to choose one it would be Choo. He can run and he gets on base a lot.
I think the Tigers will stick with Andy. read some stuff about needing a RHB power bat for LF. I don’t quite get that since the only LHB we have in our lineup would be Dirks and Avila. I really think we need a power LHB more. Yes, I know we just gave one up but realistically there was not much chance for Fielder to have a good season after the taste he left in everybody’s mouth last year. Not too mention how he crippled the lineup with player inefficiency and flexibility.

choo would have had the 2nd largest WAR in2013 amongst our positional players

He ( Miguel Cabrera) spend his time with the press and in rehabilitation. His mind has been invaded by thoughts about the Tigers
“There were some calls to the team by some players and we were able to recommend ( Vizquel) trying to make him part of Detroit” said Cabrera.

“He is a great teacher, I will try to learn from one of the best gloves in the Big Leagues, we hope to be able to listen him and learn from his wisdom” said Cabrera with asmiel that vanished when Fielder was mentioned.
“It is a loss for the team but is not oneself who makes the calls, we did not expect it”,
“Fielder is a good friend and the friendship will remain, is it hard to see player that way and I wish him the best of lucks with Texas, but we have Kinsler a player with good tools, and we will try to make things the right way”
Fielders exit means the “creole” ( people born in the country, TN)will be back to first base..
“I told them that i can play first base, I want to play, they are waiting to make a decision” …
There is only one goal , go until the end of October “ This year we failed to win the WS championship even if we played to win”

We need to upgrade the bullpen, we need a closer and I hope Bruce Rondon could do well”

thanks El Tigre!!

after looking at Beltran’s fangraph page….i think i might be fine without beltran. seems his defense is weak and he is another station to station guy. And lose a pick, eh i’m good.

you’ll see he isn’t particularly clutch with the bat either

beltran is projected (steamer) to be a 1.8WAR in 2014 – choo 3.2.

I think a trade is an idea. I, for one, would not mind Colby Rasmus on this team. He would be great in LF and can fill in very nicely in CF. We do need a power LHB bat, a good baserunner, and solid defender. Torii is not getting younger (contrary to public opinion) and will need more time off.
I still like Andy Dirks on this ball club.

Agree,both Elsbury and Beltran have issues. One with too many injuries and keeping himself for FA and the other a contract player.
Choo? he cant hit LHP. But he seems to be the best choice

I think a trade is coming but won’t even try to guess what Dombrowski will do or who he will get. There is a definite trend here towards athleticism, though. I’m good with that.

Nothing like a one point loss to Ohio State to get me talking baseball. 🙂

Watched that game (UM OSU) from cloud 9 today! Those boys played inspired! Good to be a wolverine, today (UM beat OSU in hockey on friday night).

Cano is asking for 28 million per year for 9 years. The Yankees are 80 million off. Or the agents are 80 million from reality. Cano must be related to Spreewell. How can you support your family on only 22 million per year?

If Fielder got 214 and Hamilton with his issues and Howard who is just better than Fielder got huge contracts, Cano deserves what he is asking.
He must make all the money he can,he will retire at 40 and he will need to keep that money working for half a century after retirement.

For sure, pujols at the time of the contract, deserved the money he signed for. cano is below Pujols ´ past level

I generally agree with just about everything that you opine El T. But not on deserving that much money. He could give every resident of San Pedro de Macoris $500 and still come away with more than $100 million bucks.
Nobody needs that kind of money to “take care of” their family. Let’s not forget these players ALSO haver very nice pensions.

With “deserving” meaning compared to previous contracts. He has better chance , not a great one anyway, of outperform the above mentioned players

deserve: to do something or have or show qualities worthy of (reward or punishment). In my opinion, just because Fielder and Hamilton were mistakenly given too much money, doesn’t have anything to do with Cano’s worth. What Cano has done in the past is a good guideline to estimating his expected worth in the future. Doesn’t guarentee anything tho! Making all the money you can will certainly get you a lot of money. Will it get you success (e.g. rings), a good family and happiness? Debatable.
I hope omar goes to NY and leaves Cano without a team desiring to pay him his ransom. More progressively I think no player should be allowed to make more than 10% of the luxury tax threshold (178MM in 2013).

Do either of these LHB OF FAs interest tiger fans? Kelly Johnson or Tyler Colvin

Not as necessarily the RBI fix….but a LHB who can play OF….think of it as a 2E replacement

and while we’re on the subject, Grady Sizemore and Juan Pierre are both LHB OFs who might be high-upside low risk kinda guys. The former *can* hit for power, the later *can* steal you 25 bags

Just wanted to comment on how ridiculous and unrealistic this money this money has become. GK, I agree with you on this subject. I commented that the money paid to Fielder did not come out of our pockets. I go to 2 games a year and watch as many as I can on TV because I pay for cable and all the games are televised. I enjoy watching the players do their best. Do you think Cano is one of the all time greats? Dick McAuliffe went a whole season with out grounding into a double play! He is my favorite second baseman.

So then, where do you want all the money rolling into MLB coffers to go? It’s not going back into our pockets and that’s a fact. You want the owners to keep it? Owners like Ted Lerner who wants to put a $300 million dollar retractable roof on Nats Park at taxpayer’s expense?

has the cost of a ticket gone up at the same rate as inflation? same with the dog, the beer and the nuts?

You hit a nerve Rich. The thought of anyone with that kind of money expecting taxpayers to give him their money. Not much different than getting mugged..

Dick McAuliffe one of my favorite second baseman too DB. Didn’t remember that fact. His wide open stance must have given him a good jump out of the box. Wonder what kind of chump change Dick got in his highest paid year? Even factoring inflation, I bet he still didn’t make more than 6 figures. Regarding Cano, would getting 1/4 billion for 9 years make him the greatest player in the history of baseball? Why, I guess it must. Mystery solved.

I think 28 million is well beyond any hot dog/ ticket inflation. So maybe that should make us feel good.

TV will pay $52 MM/ season to each team until 2012. That money comes from us subscribers of cable and satellite TV. Plus every person buying products advertised in TV during the games or in this page is paying too for the expenses of the teams.
Also memorabilia help pay the bills. Salaries are only part of the expenses
Revenue: 245 MM
Gate. 95 MM 38.8% plus 8MM for parking
Concessions. 19MM
Sponsorships: 21MM ( I guess Tigers T-shirts and those jerseys spotted by Beck are accounted as part of this item)
Media. 85 MM
Lost 1MM
Revenue: 245 – payroll:149.05 : 95.5 MM go for GM, manager and coaches, maintenance, taxes.

In the end, they are making that money( mostly) because people is willing to pay. Nobody is forced to go to the stadium but you cant avoid buying the products advertised and with the subscription you pay (Non)MTV and all those reality TV shows ( sometimes those shows are subsidizing FilmsandArts or Turner classics)

On a side note, the best second man I have ever saw playing is Ryan Sandberg when he was filling for Manny Trillo with Zulia. And the best I have watched beside him: Morgan and Whitaker

The Yankees signing Cano is double edged sword. Anything bad for the Yankees is good for us, but his contract will be the benchmark for Miguel. Expect a 210/7 contract making him a Tiger until he is 37 like Verlander could be if the option is triggered.
His numbers so far resemble those of Hank Aaron and Frank Robinson. He could retire today and would have a shot to the HoF

Today is a big day for Donny Kelly Baby. Willie Bloomquist would have been a serious upgrade but it looks like he is gone now. http://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2013/12/mariners-close-to-deal-with-willie-bloomquist.html

I loved Dick McAuliffe too. Remember though that he hit lead off with Ray Oyler and the pitcher in front of him every time except the first inning. Still, a full season with no DP’s is more than remarkable. How many RBI’s did he have that year (1968)? I can’t look up those stats very efficiently. If he had a bunch, then he batted with men on base enough to make that stat even more remarkable.

Since Kinsler is a little injury prone, they need Perez as backup. Holaday cant hit either. So they need a real bench .Dirks as now will see a lot of playing time. Time to get someone who can hit off the bench more than 222/652

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