Fielder on trade: I thought it would be good for everybody

Prince Fielder talked with Dallas media tonight on a conference call, where he was asked why he accepted the trade that sent him out of Detroit and to the Rangers. His response sounded like somebody who was ready for a fresh start.

“Obviously it’s another great team,” Fielder said. “I don’t think it’s a bad thing. Obviously I thought it would be good for everybody. I want everybody to be happy.”

Fielder did not express hard feelings toward Detroit.

“I understand baseball is a business,” Fielder said. “It was all good. We didn’t win the World Series…it happens. It was good. I enjoyed it. I’ll miss the fans and miss my teammates but I’m happy to start new in Texas.”

On this past season and what happened, Fielder said, “Whatever I did last year, I’ll do the opposite this year. It was cool. The season went fine. It is what it is. You can’t take it back. We went to the playoffs. We didn’t go as far as we wanted to go but everybody is still alive.”


well to be fair, Eat’em Up Tigers guy isn’t alive – was kinda hopin’ to win it for him – but I get what you’re sayin’ Prince.

Prince just shouldn’t say anything.

All the best to Fielder. Winning the WS this season would completely change the dynamic of this off-season. I do hope it works out for all parties, but I don’t want to see Texas in the ALCS next season.

Good to see Jordan Lennerton stick. Very good to see him playing in PR this winter. At this point he is doing very well for Leones de Ponce where 2 of his 3 homers so far have come off LHP.

is that the league that andy dirks did well in a year or two back?

Dirks played in the DR.

I wish Prince well. A fresh start might be best for him. But, he might want to check himself before he comments to the media (as part of his fresh start). Freeing up cash was the way to go, happy DD could pull it off.
Is it February yet????

as a 2nd generation pro, Fielder’s perspective on the game may be different than most.
i suppose when a person’s work has big compensation, high visibility, and prestige (‘dream job’), observers want to see that person have some passion for success. when that passion is not visible or verbalized, observers can become critics.
If Fielder had performed better in the postseason, his quotes probably would be dismissed as fatigue after a long season. instead, they are just more fodder for his critics.

Usually I like my ballplayer’s goals for the postseason to be a bit higher than “everyone make it out alive.”

Alison Krauss song: “You say it best when you say nothing at all”

Has anyone heard a quote from Miguel, Victor or Torii about the trade??

cabby has been tweeting fairly actively. Those tweets of text and pictures shows a man very sad about losing his friend, Prince.

He didn’t lose his friend. They all came out of it alive, remember?
Joking aside, Woody’s assessment above is a good one.

I agree with woody as well.

Burke Badenhop is now a Red Sox

Does he give up more bad hop singles than most pitchers???

He was a Tiger. He was traded for Miguel Cabrera

He could be added to Prince Fielder ,Grant Balfour and Homer Bailey as ironic baseball names

David Murphy is now with the Cleveland Indians. He pounds our staff more often than not. Jason Vargas is now with the KC Royals. Can we expect to see him five or six times this year.?? The fact he beat us twice two years ago may have entered into their decision. The AL Central will be a true dogfight in 2014. Playoffs???? Don’t even talk about them until we get there.

Norah, who lives in seattle, said last year, when Vargas was mentioned as trade target, that he is not that good. His number were powered by the park and were bad away.
The Tigers were defeated by every LH in MLB ,and some inn AAA too, that year.

i mentioned that a few days ago— he has .920OPS in 141abs

At least when Brandon Inge talked and angered everyone, it was centered around wanting to win and wanting to be a Tiger

Those were the days.

If we keep Miggy at 3B for next year, what about going after Konerko? GIve him a 1yr deal? Morales?

Depth chart update. Dirks DH, Martinez 1B, Castellanos LF. You know the rest. Hey this will change often between now and March 31st, But it might also show the desires of Miguel and VMart right now.

Perhaps Prince was trying to put a positive spin on it by NOT admitting the team let the fans down as well as themselves. An emotional vacuum. It is what it is, everybody’s still alive, that’s baseball. I was depressed for 2 weeks.

i’m not going to lie i’m still crushed about this season.

when prince didn’t get an RBI in the postseason this year – I was more than crushed about this season. I was mortified at the thought of Tigers with no Miggy and only Prince. I’m slowly coming to the realization that I enjoy watching Miggy as much as I enjoy watching the tigers.

So we need to get Miguel signed to a new deal. Right??

I wonder if Cano was really in Detroit today.

…i hope not…

Not looking like Beltran is coming back to STL….just got bourjos [sic]. My only reserve with the tigers signing him are a) I think he might try to get 4 years, b) With Dirks as the OF backup…who could play CF in a pinch? His name would rhyme with Ron Smelly.

Dirks was a finalist for the Gold Glove and he has played CF . No need to play Kelly who ,anyway ,will remain in the team

I liked Prince. I’m gonna miss him. I would assume that most of us who have hearts, I think everyone here, will miss him as well. I don’t hold him responsible for the team’s offensive let down in the ALDS and ALCS. Wasn’t like he was the only guy not hitting. But I still maintain he was a defensive liability. And as Dan clearly pointed out, his presence on the roster impeded any flexibility both on the field and contractoraly. I would have been OK with him as the DH but we already have VM. Something had to give. For all that money his contract was very bad. He had 36 doubles, 25 HR and 106 RBI in 624 AB in 2013. That’s a lot of ABs. Is 1 RBI per 6 AB good? It’s not a rhetorical question. I’m thinking it’s not bad but it’s not great either.
I’m happy, more like relieved, with the trade but would have preferred a top prospect and then resigning Omar. I know, Texas needed to dump some money too. And I like Kinsler, so that’s OK. Omar was one of my quiet favorites. Almost invisible for a second baseman. But I liked his style as a player.
Only took me 5 decades, but I’m slowly figuring out that baseball is a business. Probably always was even before FA. Couldn’t fathom that as a kid…. just as well. But FA with all it’s gaudy contracts, still represents freedom for players in a free market system and I’m all for that for sure. Gotta take the bad (greed) with the good. The contracts just need to become more realistic/shorter. Maybe that will all work itself out or maybe contracts will continue on the sharp upward curve and it’ll continue to cost fans more.
The irony in this trade might just be that the huge contract Prince signed ended up being the very reason he had to leave Detroit. Business. I still like the Prince and wish him well.

The trade also open up the possibility that VMart will be resigned after this year.

Good point. At this point, I don’t know why Victor would want to go elsewhere so that’s a real possibility.

Dorn: 314 .407 .549 .956 in 102 AB 5 HR and 19 RBI. He was off the roster for two weeks
Perez, 7 for 33. Had 3 hit in one game,swinging well that day but it was all. I did not saw his AB last night but he went 0 for 4 1 BB. he played 2b last night. He was playing SS

Casper Wells was a LHP in another life. Signed by Cubs.6 teams in 3 years

.126/.186/.147 line last year too – OOF

This is a salary dump pure and simple by Detroit. While Kinsler may fill a need for you guys. Texas just got Fielder for 7 years with 76 million added to our payroll. That is 10.85 million a year for Fielder. Kinsler pops out too much, makes difficult fielding plays, but the routine ones go through his legs. He gets picked off at first base far too often. Thanks Detroit, Fielder if he stays healthy is going to hit between 45 to 55 HR’s and drive in over 100 + runs down here. See you in the playoffs with a poed Prince hitting against you. We also have some good looking gold digger women down here to occupy his mind and pump up his self esteeem

Kinsler may get dealt to another team to get rid of his 62 million off your books.

Still think regardless of the Prince salary dump you are paying a Kinsler 16 mil this year he had similar numbers to infante this year, not including steal and infante only made 4 mil. Kinsler contract is crappy too unless he regains some of his form from a fee years ago,

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