Tigers add seven to 40-man roster

The Tigers used their open roster to add seven minor leaguers and protect them from next month’s Rule 5 draft. Futures Game rep and Triple-A all-star Jordan Lennerton is on the list, as is right-hander pitcher September signing Justin Miller. So are Toledo left-hander Kyle Lobstein (a Rule 5 Draft pick last year), Double-A Erie outfielder Daniel Fields and shortstop Eugenio Suarez, Class A Lakeland outfielder Steven Moya and Lakeland closer Jose Valdez.

No moves were made to take anybody off the 40-man roster, so it stands at 39 players. They left a spot open to add another player if something comes together in the coming days (an addition of a closer, perhaps?), but they’ll have to designate or release somebody if they add any more than that. The question over arbitration-eligible players, meanwhile, now shifts to the non-tender date two weeks from now.

Lennerton and Miller were kind of mysteries going in. Though Lennerton is an older player (he’ll turn 28 in February), he’s coming off an all-star season that drew notice. Because he’s a first baseman, he doesn’t have a role in Detroit unless somebody gets hurt, but he also isn’t easy to replace if another team were to take him in the Rule 5. And by the sounds of it, that was a strong possibility. The Tigers had talked about him enough in potential trade discussions that the chance to snag him for $50,000 might have been too tempting.

“I think they candidly gauged enough legitimate interest to put him on,” one AL talent evaluator said of Lennerton.

Miller is an interesting case. The Tigers signed him in September after the Rangers had released him coming off a season shortened by recovery from 2012 Tommy John surgery. His last full, healthy season was 2011, but it was outstanding, with a 9-1 record, 1.81 ERA and 13 saves at Double-A Frisco.

It would seem that the odds of a team using a Rule 5 pick on a pitcher who has pitched just 27 innings the past two years would be long. But teams are interested to take a chance on pitchers in that type of situation. The Tigers got Wil Ledezma a decade ago coming off an injury history in the minors.


Another quality bull pen lefty is off the market: Lopez gets a 3 year 13MM deal. DD had better get going!

i just heard that miguel said he hopes to sign an extension and that money is not a concern – only winning championship(s)!!!

Fielder for Kinsler. Heyman

Being discussed I mean

Cabrera was pretty good in 2011 with VMart protecting him. Back at first he will be healthy enough

I dont know about the Tigers but reliable sources in Venezuela have Odor playing IF for Texas next year. Andrus( opt out option after 4) or Kinsler should be traded if that is true

makes a ton of sense, TEX wants big bats and have too man middle infielders – we want a 2B in the short-term and in the long run to extend Cabby and play him at 1st.
Kinsler hitting still over .750OPS (Career .800OPS) with most of it in the getting on base category. He can come in and be your one of the best base stealers on this team, and has above average range. He makes 16MM now and next year, and 14MM in 2016 with a 12MM team option in ’17.
If management can get Miggy to extend through 2018 with a hometown discount – then you gotta give TEX whatever $$$$ they want you to eat for Prince.
The question is who do you think should play 3B now? And what will TEX do with Moreland….can he be the left handed bat with power off the bench (he’s started 32 MLB games in OF)?

From what I read, the deal is all but done. Things can be cancelled though, but a good way to rid themselves of Fielders’ salary. Should add money to get the closer they want, too. I’ll miss Infante at second base, though.

Sounds like it’s done. Anyone want to get Placido Polanco for 3B?

2MM 1 year deal?

here are your 3B FAs (age):
Yuniesky Betancourt (32)
Wilson Betemit (32)
Jamey Carroll (40)
Eric Chavez (36)
Luis Cruz (30)
Jerry Hairston Jr. (38)
Brandon Inge (37)
Brent Lillibridge (30)
Casey McGehee (31)
Placido Polanco (38)
Cody Ransom (38)
Mark Reynolds (30)
Chad Tracy (34)
Juan Uribe (34)
Ty Wigginton (36)
Kevin Youkilis (35)
Michael Young (37)

Hernan Perez can play 3b and also Castellanos

what about resigning Omar and putting Kinsler at 3B – does that make sense?

Or the other way around Kinsler has one game at 3B

Kevin Youk is also a FA….could work but the fans….

any guesses on who the player to be named later will be?

holy smokes

Holy smokes, that was fast. Not official, yet, until the Tigers announce it. I wish him well. No hate from me. He’s been through hell in Detroit and will relish that ballpark and manager.

i wish him all the luck in the world

Not Fister.
Somewhere in Canada, Lennerton is smiling.

Iglesias can play 3b too. And resign Jhonny

He’s an adequate replacement for infante…steals a few more bases but got caught a lot. But you are still losing 106 rbi’s with Fielder. and however many you are losing with Peralta. Losing a lot of power and rbi’s. Unless there is another move I don’t know.

Well now we have another reason for Lennerton to be on the forty man. Does he get a shot at first?? Miguel wanted to go to third base. Not sure he is ready to move back to first.

He’s going back to first.

forget what he wants – if he wants an extension he’s gotta take it easy IMO

Why are we looking for a thirdbaseman? Nick Castellanos will be it.
This is a good trade, a very good trade, on many different levels. It changes everything for the better.

the word is Nick plays a poor 3B – is why, no?
Oh and we sent 30MM over there with Prince. Does that go against our salary?

So the thing is Dirks needs a platoon partner, and Nick is PERF for that. I know ppl think Nick moved to 3rd because of Miggy but I’ve heard it was were he had a better shot of being an average defender, eventually.
We still need to make up the RBIs. So what about Johnny or Kevin Youk? Can Polanco cut it?

Placido isn’t going to give you anything close to 100. You need to make up 150 rbi’s that you are losing between Peralta (Iglesias) and Fielder.

Youk averages 98 RBIs a year…..jus sayin

OFFICIAL: The #Tigers have acquired Ian Kinsler from the Rangers in exchange for Prince Fielder and cash considerations.


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