Scherzer: I realize I’ve got a good thing going

Two days after Max Scherzer said on his Cy Young Award conference call that he’s open to a contract extension with the Tigers, both Scherzer and agent Scott Boras went into a little more detail Friday on MLB Network Radio with Jim Bowden. Long answer short, Scherzer understands why the Tigers would consider trading him if they can’t re-sign him, he’s open to re-signing, but they haven’t had any talks yet.

“When you’ve been traded before in your career, you get the business side of the game,” Scherzer said, “and you also get the payroll obligations that we have in Detroit. I get it. I get there’s an element where there’s a possibility where it would make sense for Detroit to trade me. But at the same time, I don’t want to be traded. I’ve got a great thing going in Detroit. We have a great team. I hope they don’t mess with it. I want to be a Detroit Tiger and hopefully get back to the playoffs and try to do the ultimate goal and win something for the city of Detroit.”

On talks with Boras and the Tigers about an extension, Scherzer said, “We’ve talked about it, an extension, just that we’re open to it. No actual dialogue has been talked or anything like that. I realize I got a good thing going here in Detroit. We’ve got a great team. We’ve got great guys around, I’ve got great teammates around me. And then we’ve got Miguel Cabrera. I mean, who would want to leave and actually want to face that guy? (laughs)  For me, I like Detroit. It’s just gonna see how the business game works out and whether or not we go down that path.”

Boras, for his part, characterized the trade rumors as due diligence on Dave Dombrowski’s part.

“Dave is over there managing the crown jewels there. and I’m sure he’ll invite a number of people to come in and look at all of his diamonds,” Boras said. “But in the end. I don’t think Dave is in the business of anything other than what Mr. Ilitch’s goal is, and that is to win a world championship. And I’m sure it is Dave’s goal.

“It is very understandable, as you know, that when a great young player, one of the best pitchers in the game, is on a one-year contract and will be a free agent, these discussions are always had, whether they are public or not. And the reason they are had is that it is good due diligence on the part of any general manager to know what teams are willing to do, because it allows you then to know, if you want to make any other trades of any of your other players, who really is available from them. So, to me, it is a way to invite discussion on who is available on other teams so that you really know what you could do if you didn’t want to trade Max and you may want to trade others.”

Boras represents several other Tigers players, notably Austin Jackson and Prince Fielder, but Scherzer is the one Boras client among the starting pitchers. Rick Porcello’s original contract out of the draft was negotiated by Boras, though Porcello is currently represented by Jim Murray.


How much money do you need? This is the first great year for Max. Why not a 2 year extension with a huge incentive clause to resign? If you want to stay a Tiger then put your money where your mouth is. In the city of Detroit. There are not many Al Kaline’s left in this world.

Of course, this argument.

didn’t roy oswalt give the phillies a discount a few years back?

Weaver a Boras client gave one to the A´s


Verlander gave the Tigers 6 solid seasons before signing his big contract including the ,arguably, the best season ever for a Tiger ( Newhouser did it during the last year of the War and before Jackie Robinson) and a top 10 ever in MLB. Two Cy Young caliber seasons with 200 plus IP every year( but for his rookie season)

Scherzer 29 YO ( Sanchez 29 YO) ERA 3.67 (3.55) G 174 (174) CG 0 (8) SHO 0(6 including a no hit) IP 1019.0 (1051.0) H/9 8.2 (8.6)HR/9 .8 (0.8) BB/9 2.4 ( 3.2) SO/9 10.1 (8.0) SO/BB 4.29 (2.50) ERA plus: 116 (117)
True,one and a half good seasons .

Why trade Scherzer makes sense:
For the record,I think the best option is to keep him. But Verlander, Fister, Sanchez could be the new Smoltz, Maddux, Glavine.

Smyly is the Glavine in Detroit!!!

Im aware that Glavine is LH. My point was a solid rock trio like an
upgraded version of Morris, Petry Wilcox then

I’m not familiar with the author, but he lost me when he suggested signing Stephen Drew to strengthen the SS position.

Weird, that we were typing that at almost the exact same time.🙂
— Bob

It happens…..

The article was interesting until the 3rd last paragraph when he said the Tigers could sign a better defensive shortstop like Drew. Ah duh. Is he not aware that they have Jose Iglesias. After that comment, the author loses all credibility.
— Bob

There have been a ton of reasons put forth why they should or should not trade Scherzer. I’m more intrigued by what Detroit would want in return, established talent or prospects? I find that a much more interesting question.

Probably a combo of both. But I don’t think they will get market value with Max being a rental. I doubt Boras/Max will talk extension with a new team which makes Max’s value to another team weaken. We are better off to ride this out for this year and try to win now. I just don’t see them getting enough back in return.
— Bob

that is true, rich. I am nervous about our farm system and don’t want to go back to the 2003 tigers, at any cost.
Very interesting read in regards to the impact the pitching KOs and poor defense had on the season:

Yes, what would we get for Max. ElTigre, my point exactly, Max does not have the resume’.

I wrote that piece that left out Iglesias and have made a note (I was writing way too early this morning and I don’t have an editor as a just for fun writer). I don’t know how I missed that, but putting one of Iglesias or Drew at 2B could be a better defensive option than re-signing Infante. It would drastically improve the infield defense…except at third, but I guess Tigers fans will live with that bad, right? About $14 million for a guy who can log 200 innings and K over 200 will look like a bargain once you look back at the deals that Lincecum, Santana, Nolasco, and other lesser names receive or have received this winter. I think they’re better off doing a two-year, $35 million deal, which gives a bigger raise than what Scherzer is likely to get in arbitration, while giving similar value to Lincecum (a more decorated starter, though he has struggled the last couple of seasons) without a nine-figure deal, while dealing Porcello or Fister to free up some extra cash. If they can’t re-sign him (and with Boras most players wait to cash in via free agency), then they should at least kick the tires, and the deal that the Mets got for Dickey, as I mentioned in my piece, would be a nice package to build with.
Bob…I shouldn’t have credibility, I don’t get paid for this🙂 Thanks for reading/finding what you did enjoy before I lost you!

That’s cool, bro. It’s easy for us to comment but not so easy to run your own blog. I’ve talked myself out of it everytime I considered doing one.
Your premise is valid, IMO. I also fully expect to see Max in Lakeland in the spring.

It’s not too challenging, but it can be hard to hold your tongue over undeserved criticisms, especially when it’s such a simple mistake. I cover everything from prospects, to finances, and every team, and if I forget to mention one player when I could tell you nearly every 25-man roster on my best day and that’s a big deal…very frustrating. If you’d ever like to write something on my blog, I’m totally open to guest columns without a long-term commitment. Feel free to get in touch with me.

My apologies. I may have been harsh. It is east to forget that when one criticizes something online, that there is a human being on the other side. I apologize if you felt disrespected. Like I said, the article was interesting. I just “knee jerked” at the shortstop comment.
— Bob

First order of business should be to get Miguel signed for 2016 thru 2022. That needs to be done in the next month. Verlander’s first long term deal was before the 2010 season and was for 80 mill over five years. He had pitched four years for us and had not won the Cy Young yet. Since he signed that first deal he did better the next four seasons with us.And he was rewarded with another deal. Now Max has pitched four years for us plus a year in Arizona and has won the Cy Award . After Miguel is signed perhaps we get Max for 90 mill over five years with an option for a sixth. Yes, Maxwell is a keeper.

As great as Miguel is I think that would be another bad contract.
Miggy has earned Free Agency. Let him get there and spin the wheel.

“Depending on where dollar figures fall, DET’s preference among available closers may well be Brian Wilson,coming off his strong ’13 showing.”
Valverde II

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