Scherzer open to contract extension

On the day Max Scherzer officially won the AL Cy Young award for his amazing 2013 season, he was prepared for the questions about 2014. With rumors building about the possibility of the Tigers trading Scherzer with a year left on his contract and potential free-agent stardom to follow, he didn’t want to take away from his celebration.

“The business side will take care of itself,” he said on his conference call with reporters. “My job is go out there and play baseball and pitch. All the business side tends to take care of itself, for the best.”

At the same time, he didn’t want to dodge the issue, either. And when asked about the possibility of contract talks with the Tigers this winter, he left the door open.

“I am open (to a new deal),” Scherzer said. “I love it here in Detroit. We’re capable of putting out a team that’s able to win every single year right now. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that? I’m here to win and win a World Series. I realize I’ve got a good situation here in Detroit. But it also takes two to dance. …

“I don’t have any [anxiety] to get anything done, but if something does get done, I’d be happy to do it.”

That meshes with remarks that his agent, Scott Boras, made with reporters at baseball’s GM Meetings earlier Wednesday.

“They know Max likes it there,” Boras told Jerry Crasnick of “We would have to sit down and talk about their plans for the future. But when you have a player who likes playing where he’s playing and an ownership that has been what Mike Ilitch has been in Detroit, it’s certainly something we would listen to.”


Some chatter about possible Fielder transaction. I can’t see it happening though there would be places a bat like his would fit in rather nicely.
The thing with Prince is what they need to do with him when he goes stone cold. It’s one thing to have a defensive liability, another thing to force your better 1st baseman to play 3rd, another thing to force your rookie 3B to play left, another thing to not use him at DH, another thing to have a contract that impacts the GMs ability to improve the team and quite another thing to play him when he is NOT hitting because of this ridiculous streak.
There is not another player on this team that brings so much negative to the table IMO.
They keep him and he likely will have a better year but for cripes sake, if we get t the playoffs and he isn’t contributing……….sit him. Hopefully the young innovative manager will not be handcuffed by the situation that JL willingly strapped himself to.

well put

Excellent points.

that is the same GM that put that contract together, right?? I screamed about Leyland not sitting him all year. He was fearful of pissing him off and to the detriment of the entire team, It’s evident that Fielder doesn’t care about the team as much as himself either, because if he had he would have set himself down,,,HE NEEDS TO GO NOW!

Man, are you a profit or just incredibly knowledgeable? Did you ever get it right. It’s like you were in the room or inside the mind of Dave D. In any case, well and succinctly put, and prophetic to boot. It ended up being the right move; or so it seems at the moment. More so the more I think about it. Time of course will tell.

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4 years 90 million?

Anibal Sanchez got a 5-year deal. It will take at least that many years for Scherzer.

Excellent explanation of the wrench in the gear box situation Dan. Couldn’t agree more. Is Cameron saying that the Tigers would have to eat 48 mil to move Prince in a trade? Could they afford to eat even more? It will cost them much more than that by keeping him, in terms of competing and team composition flexibility down the road. No disrespect to Prince. But he is a DH, a good hitter but a defensive liability, and is another glaring example of a terrible contract. Little too much emotion and not enough thinking went into that one. We already have a great DH in VM who can play first as well. Would like to see Cast at 3rd, Jose at SS, Omar or Perez at 2B, and Miguel at 1B. This is a young group but, good teams find ways of infusing youth while still competing.
Do not trade Fister. Would Max sign for 3 maybe 4 years? I’d hate to see RP go as well. 6 solid starters…….it’s a tough call. I don’t want to lose any of them.
I think Alex should start against RHP only and rest once in a while. Maybe start 100 games. No more. Not sure how much longer he can take the beating he does anyway.
Absolutely no to Chris Perez………and his little dog too. Sign Benoit, Nathan, and with a healthy Rondon maybe the BP is well on its way to being fixed.

“And his little dog too…” Love it!

Congrats to Max, easily the best AL pitcher I saw this year.

As Dan laid it out above, it’s nearly impossible for Prince to perform well enough to negate those negatives. Was that a double negative? Whatever, the positives will never overcome the negatives. Just a bad contract, as many knew at the time the deal was made. Now we try to put a dollar amount on it.

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Way to go Max! Amazing to have 2 Cy Young’s within a few years on our team

Here is the thing with Prince, all the analysis I see is through green glasses. Remember that contract was Mr. I. It is his team. Fielder is not a slick 1B, but on the defensive side, Miggy and VMart would not be that much of an upgrade defensively. Fielder protects Miggy, plain and simple, and if you trade Fielder and VMart walks after next year, who will protect the franchise????

all good points, regarding Prince. In particular, who will protect Miggy in 2015?
And in regards to Max, its not the money it’s the years – no way i’d give max more then 2-3 years. Go get that money from NY or LA, Max!

All I’m saying is if he stays but he doesn’t hit… don’t keep flogging a dead horse.
You put someone in who does better (hopefully).
Hitting below .200 with 1 HR and 3 RBIs in 24 playoff games for the Detroit Tigers
means you should be watching some games from the bench.
Prince is not a big money clutch guy. As I have said before, 1 grand slam in over 5600 plate appearances will attest to that as well as the vanishing acts in the post season.
Damn the iron man streak. We are not talking about Lou Gehrig here after all.

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