Tigers listening on Scherzer, Porcello interest

From the day the Tigers introduced manager Brad Ausmus and team president/general manager Dave Dombrowski talked about his pitching staff in terms of six starters, not five, you figured this was coming.

“We have some pieces we need to fit together,” Dombrowski said last week, unprompted. “I mean, we do have six starters at this point. People are aware of that, with [former fifth starter turned reliever Drew] Smyly being available to start.”

Once front office members gather for MLB’s General Managers Meetings, it usually becomes apparent how things like that get solved. That came Monday from CBSSports.com’s Jon Heyman, who reported that the Tigers have told teams they’re open to listening to trade offers for Max Scherzer or Rick Porcello.

The Tigers listening on prominent players is nothing new. Dombrowski has said for years he’ll listen on most any player on the roster. The only players who have been labeled untouchable in that regard over the years are Justin Verlander and Miguel Cabrera. It would not be a shock for the Tigers to listen to offers on Doug Fister, either.

That being said, the GM meetings are the same spot where rumors picked up about Curtis Granderson and Edwin Jackson being available for trade four years ago. Both were dealt a month later at the Winter Meetings in a deal that brought a youth infusion and helped open up some payroll space for other moves that offseason, such as Jose Valverde’s signing and the season of Johnny Damon.

Scherzer and Porcello are in vastly different situations. While Scherzer will head into his contract year as likely the reigning Cy Young award winner and potentially the top free agent on the market next winter, his high-strikeout form refined for consistency, Porcello has two years left ahead of free agency and a vast amount of room for growth at age 24.

Just what the Tigers can draw for either is the question that will mark the difference between listening and acting. Any team that entertains the idea of trading for Scherzer has to determine its chances for re-signing him when free agency is just a year away. On the flip side, trading him this offseason would allow the acquiring team to get a compensatory draft pick if he does sign elsewhere in a year.

The Tigers had six starters this past spring and were widely believed to be open to trading Porcello, but never drew the kind of interest that would spark serious talks. That was before a refined curveball and more consistent fastball command meant a big step forward in Porcello’s development, from a jump in his strikeout rate to a drop in his batting average allowed. His 3.53 Fielding Independent Pitching was easily the best of his five-year career.

If the Tigers can address some immediate needs, such as bullpen or middle infield, and help add some young talent, it might take them beyond the listening stage.


If they trade Scherzer they are saying they are not not trying to win it all. Fact is getting rid of the probable cy winner your going to weaken your pitching staff your team and your chances.

in my opinion you build a team that can get you to the WS, and you win it sometimes. At the same time, you manage your organization so that you don’t go more than a year without making a 163 or wild card game, at least.
I get the feeling it is time to move forward by stepping back. Probably a starter has to go and we don’t resign the 3 big FAs (omar, jhonny and beniot). Javier Lopez, Joe Smith will likely be the big pen acquisitions. IMO

of course there will have to be 2-3 more FAs signed besides them, but I just don’t see any of the BIG NAMES being signed. No balfour no nathan.

These rumors will not go away but DD is the very best at trading. Now if can improve his draft picks and watch his extensions he gives to players.

Sources: Mutual interest has developed already between Tigers and free agent closer Joe Nathan. Nathan has Detroit high on his wish list.
Those 8 M saved if Porcello is traded could help pay him.
The 4 M saved with Veras could pay for Downs or Gonzalez .

well nathan is good but at 10M a year? at 40 that 10 will be a big risk!

why not see if benoit will come back for that money!?

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