Ausmus to manage, Lamont bench coach

As we wait for the press conference at Comerica Park, here’s what we know so far:

  • Brad Ausmus will be introduced as the 38th manager in Tigers history today. Though Ausmus was originally thought to be flying in today, word is he was in Detroit earlier this weekend to finish up the deal.
  • Gene Lamont will be retained as the bench coach. Ausmus and Lamont are close friends dating back to Lamont’s days in Jimy Williams’ staff in Houston, and Lamont gives Ausmus an experienced voice on the bench to help the transition.
  • No word yet on the other coaches, but Jeff Jones appears likely to remain as the pitching coach. He’s from Michigan, he has the trust of the front office, and he provides continuity for a pitching staff that had the best rotation in the American League this past season. Just as important, he has kept most of the Tigers’ critical arms off the surgical table despite three extended postseason runs.

Still waiting to hear about the rest of the coaching staff. Word is Lloyd McClendon is still talking with the Mariners about their managerial position. If he doesn’t get the Seattle job, somebody would have to get a read on what the level of comfort is for a former managerial candidate being on the staff of the guy who won the job.

Stay tuned.


I think Ausmus will be a good manager with Lamont sitting in the background and helping Brad. Jones will have to work with a new bullpen. I hope Brad teaches the pitchers and everyone else how to bunt and when to bunt. Let Jackson bunt more and steal more not only Iggy. If they decide to keep Johnny and Ormar happens to leave. Put him at 2nd base and leave Iggy at shortstop. I hope Fielder goes more to the oppsite field if they keep giving it to him same with all the other players.

Jones must be kept.
Toby Harrah becomes the hitting coach?

Or he will ask someone of his former teammates to join him?

You can feel the energy coming off him.

Someone said Brad could be great or make a mess of things. ? Did you see his press conference? This is one smart dude. No more easy steals of 2nd base. Go Tigers 2014!

Barry Larkin didn’t appear to be on anyone’s radar. The things you learn watching these things.

that was a shocker. I’m thinking the Boston guy was the 6th candidate they didn’t ask for an interview.

The media people seemed kind of shy at first like they didn’t know what to ask. Towards the end, they got warmed up.

Truth be told, I usually like to ask my questions in the post-press conference sessions with smaller groups. It’s a little less formal, off camera, and sometimes you can get better answers that way.

I like him, and I’m excited for the new fresh perspective. Can’t wait for spring.

I was impressed with Ausmus at the press conference. There’s no reason to be anything but positive going into next season, and I’m certainly not to going try to fry him before he’s even managed one game in Detroit. I also like the idea of a young, possible long term, manager.

Welcome back Mr. Ausmus!!! See you played in a World Series in 2005. We been there twice since then in 06 and 12. Really thought we would get to the WS this past season , too. Just ran out of gas the last six weeks. Team goal is to do the things necessary to get back to the WS this year!!! Are you ready to lead us??

All right!!!

In 2000 Brad Ausmus started 140 games at catcher for us, hit .266, stole over ten bases, and threw out 47% of the basestealers. Can his catching experience help Alex Avila?? Absolutely!!! Now Alex will not be stealing ten bases but we have three or four players who could next season and probably should have this past season. Go Tigers!!!

I asked Ausmus near the end how much he’d be leaning on his current catcher. He indicated it would be a lot, and he gave Avila a lot of credit for his ability to work with pitchers and call a game. It’ll be an interesting aspect to follow.

One of the greatest mistakes that fans make, IMO, is grading catchers by their batting stats, or even defensively by their caught stealing percentage- because that’s what is available in numbers and quantifiable. But the single most important job of any player on a team is the catcher’s ability to call a game and keep the pitcher in a rhythm. We hear that this is Avila’s strength and that’s good. Ausmus will be great for Alex, for base running, for working with pitchers, etc. The more I read about him, the more I like this hire.

Only twice played more than 140 games in a season as catcher. 4 times more than 130.
Played 1B, 2b and 3B too.

No qualifying offers, no Jhonny

NY Post. Yankees looking at Infante to replace Cano( if needed)

manager can only play the cards he’s dealt. Ausmus has a pretty good hand with this Tiger team. this is not a team built for small ball offense. some offseason changes by the GM could increase the offensive versatility of the team. Ausmus can’t force it by having the current hitters try to hit n run, steal, bunt when they don’t have the skill set to execute those plays consistently.

best question of the pressor was from Wojo. i suspect all the media wanted to ask it, but it took awhile to come out.

I know the manager has a word on his personnel but still find puzzling the doubts about Jones ( specially for his work to preserve the health of the staff as I mentioned a couple of weeks ago). Unless they are blaming him for the bullpen failures.

and chance Ausmus grows a white mustache – to easy the transition?

Thought the headline would have been “Tigers Acquire Ausmus from Padres.” You could have used your text from the Smith era.

This is all very interesting, but am glad the question of who is off the table now. I loved him as a player so am excited about what he will bring as a manager – only time will tell. But being the girl that I am, gotta say I have my new (old) Tiger crush.

next order of buisness: turn a starter into a 2nd basemen

With the large number of experienced closers in the FA market this offseason, plus Dombrowski’s interest in acquiring one, does Dave’s lack of bullpen moves last offseason make more sense now?

true. although, he was using the “we have our closer in Rondon” card last offseason😉

Not in my opinion Rich. I think DD was a victim of HOPE & DREAM last year and the mistake was all on him. DD, unlike JL, is not a slow learner. He’ll correct this problem this year, I’m sure. It was an issue that affected the W/L record all season long.
Rondon may well be an answer but we all were shown very clearly last year that that is not enough.

Dotel, Coke, Valverde, Rondon, Villarreal….The Hope and Dream quintet

More , deceit and denial.
Dotel got injured in as consequence of WBC
Coke was injured since 2012 and said nothing. He was never MLB material. When your only credential for a contract, beside being a breathing LH, is to have better numbers than Alvarez….
Valverde lost it in 2012, there was no reason to even try him. But he SO the side against Canada junior team.
Rondon ? he was coming from 70 plus innings( 50 something in the minors, 19 in Venezuela). He logged 56 more this year. That is a pretty good workload for a reliever not to mention a young arm throwing sliders.
Villareal? Boston think they can fix him, Im sceptic about that

albq was walking people left and right for half the season in toledo too. hah. that pen was all smoke. if we had gotten really lucky 1 or 2 of those guys doesn’t stink in 2013. Heck we got lucky that smyly (and benoit) did so well or we would have been hurt’n for real

MLBTR team already have their projections for Tigers in arbitration.
Since , DD usually pay a little more, Porcello could reach the 8 MM I expected.
The bit about Scherzer is interesting. they think an extension offer has to be at least 161 /7 plus an opt out clause after 3. I really doubt he would use that clause.30 YO with a violent delivery, the Tigers would be in good position if he opted out before his decline.
They noticed something that has been ignored by everyone but Jason, Jackson agent is Boras. Everybody discounts he will be extended .Not so fast

they have some interesting trade chips this offseason. Porcello’s pricetag is beginning to exceed his performance. also wondering if organization is beginning to sour on Jackson after another disappointing postseason performance from him.

I could see AJ along with someone else for another CF leadoff man – not dissimilar from the CG trade. IMO Scherzer should go – the chances of him maintaining this success (in 2014) are low IMO. Trade him for positional player. Pick up BPen arms in the FA market.
DD can’t sacrifice any more of the future – championships and major bad eras are both org. killers……

just thinking alound, AJ + either Dirks or Alvarez could fetch a mlb ready youngster CF + a utility guy + mlb ready bull pen arm

The post also mention what for me must be among the priorities, extending Fister. He is two years apart from FA, so the time to lock him is now. A contract similar to Sanchez ´s: 90/5. He is mentioned in every talk about a trade, but he will be a top starters well beyond the time of JV and MS retirement.He is a pitcher.
Not mentioned instead is MC. The time to extend him is now too, His benchmark is Pujols but if Cano gets his 300 MM… Cano plays a premium defensive position but Miguel is the best hitter in the game
I dont think Scherzer is just a rental like Henning says since he will mean a draft pick plus one year of a Cy Young winner but he wont command the full farm either

We have stars. In fact, we have a galaxy of stars. Cabrera, Verlander, Fielder, Scherzer, Sanchez. Last year Torii Hunter, a star in his own right, wanted to join us. Could that happen again this offseason?? Sure it can.

Any FA’s in particular you’d like to see come to detroit, DOK? You want another GO of Fernando?

Best chance to come to Detroit. Joe Nathan.

then make it happen DOK!

I dont think so, there is no money for that. It is time to make a bold choice.
Miguel has been injured since moving to 3b.
One of the DH ought to go:
a) Trade Vmart at his high and move Miguel back to 1B If Fielder doesnt want to DH?Unless there is preposterous clause banning it., he must be the DH.
b)Trade Miguel before his career is in jeopardy and try to win the WS with Mister April as 1B
c) Eat 48 MM and trade him to Boston to replace Napoli. No NL team will want him ever
d) None of the above is the wrong answer

I don’t think you get rid of Max. He went to the minors and come back strong. I also do not like long contracts for pitchers. Give him a bunch of money for 3 years. Too early to give up on Austin. Brad will make him more aggressive on the base paths. You can’t steal if you don’t try. 1. AJ, 2. Torii, 3. Miggy, 4. Victor, 5. Omar, 6. Prince, 7. Andy or Nick, 8. Alex, 9. Iggy, 10. Brad, 11. DD’s new bullpen pieces. Go Tigers, 2014!

Assuming no change at DH, 1B or 3rd base next year, why not work Victor at 3rd base to let Miggy DH a bit more. He came up as a shortstop and he has the arm for it. I do not think they want him catching.

Choo could be a potential signing. Playing left this coming year and going to right the next when Hunter’s contract is up. His contract will be less than Ellsbury. Signing Cano is crazy fan talk. If, NIck C is this year’s Rondon, they will not add anything in outfield and go with Nick with Dirks as the 4th outfielder.

I would like to have Nathan and Beniot for two years.

albeit signing all three: choo, nathan and benoit, is also crazy fan talk

I was not saying I want Choo. I had read someone predicting him signing with the Tigers and I can see a fit. His contract demands will probably be higher than I would go. I do think they will sign two relievers.

Tim Dierkes Projected Arbitration Salaries For 2014:
Max Scherzer 13.6M
Rick Porcello 7.7M
Doug Fister 6.9M
Austin Jackson 5.3M
Alex Avila 3.7M
Phil Coke 2.1M
Andy Dirks 1.7M
Don Kelly Tigers 0.9M
Al Alburquerque 0.7M

McClendon got Mariners job.

Well, Lloyd will either help them or make them worse than they are.

Or they stay the same. Let’s cover all the possibilities. People read these comments to learn………

The wall are already nearer, that will help

Good news keep coming: Jones is coming back

That is good news

with Lloyd relieved of batting coach, and jones coming back…..DD’s first good decision of the offseason! score: Good Move 1, BoneHeaded 2

The jones decision was that of Ausmus….not DD I believe. DD is pretty old school and wouldn’t force a coach on somebody. Boy the way you all talk about the managers and the coaches around here you’d think the team sucked.

So if DD hired Ausmus and Ausmus brought in his own coaches I would have not liked the move – that’s what I ment by the Ausmus DD move getting my approval.
And in regards to management, coaches, etc… I think if you look at it in terms of potential realized…we do suck. With the names and abilities we have at the plate….holy cow did we not get it done. That’s why Lloyd had to go. Our starting pitching – I admit – is nearly over achieving – thus why Jones must stay. Bullpen was DD’s fault or just bad luck depending on how you see things.

I like the work done by Jones.I think it would be good idea if he followed the steps of Matheny, Farrell and Black.
The hot/cold offense need to be addressed

i mean gosh look at the way some of these teams approach the plate against our amazing pitchers…..and then look at how our “stacked” lineup looks against mediocre pitching. Is it scouting? Is it egos? Is it the hitting coach? Don’t know? Then the answer is the coach. I consider the ability to get rid of Lloyd one of the good things about JL retiring.

I was just trying to be profound. Congrats to Lloyd and I think he will bring a spark to the Mariners. I like what Leyland did for the Tigers but as of September 7th he knew he was done. I agree the bullpen was not great but JL did not handle it. Let’s see, you are ahead 5-1 and you bring in 4 different pitchers? The pitchers did not do their job either. Great news on Jones staying. I like him. I like him a lot. C’mon Dan, who will be the hitting coach?

what are the likely options for hitting coach anyhow?

Leon Durham

Lamont back pedaled. He said Jones was coming back, then said Ausmus is talking to him

One final thing Even there are a lot of teams with a lot of talent that don’t get it done. Nationals, Dodgers, Giamts, Cards, Braves…….etc. runs are down throughout the league.

replace cards with angels and i’m in full agreement. doesn’t mean you shouldn’t fire coaches who were unable to inspire….particularly if it is a re-occurring problem like it has been here.

Would Brad Ausmus bring in Craig Biggio or Jeff Bagwell to be part of the staff??

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