So, about that Jose Veras option

It was actually $4 million, not $3.25 million, according to Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports. The difference is an escalating bonus clause based on games finished. Veras finished 45 games during the regular season — 38 when he was the Astros closer, then seven more working in more of a setup role for the Tigers. Two of the latter were save chances. Another was an extra-inning loss to the Yankees in August that ended when Brett Gardner homered off of him. The last was his eighth inning of the series opener at Miami, when the Tigers were still trying for the second seed in the AL postseason.

Though some second-guessing might follow for games he finished, let’s be clear: It wasn’t a $750,000 decision. The escalating clause means the bonus likely accumulated in increments for every five games finished after a certain point. So the difference in Veras’ option if he finished 44 games instead of 45 would’ve been smaller.

A $4 million option, especially for a setup reliever, looks a lot different than a $3.25 million option. Does that mean it was the difference in the Tigers’ decision? That part isn’t clear right now, and might not be until Dave Dombrowski talks about the offseason goals.


is it was 17% of Prince’s contract, not 14%. makes sense.

scratch that “is”.
i wonder when ole’ dave is going to enlighten us anyhow…..reckon not til afterwards

Wow! Jose Veras and Darin Downs. Maybe Phil Coke yet to go. Sure looks like they will need a lot of other bullpen arms.

With all due respect for Benoit, we do need someone that has the opposition saying, “Oh @#$%@#, we have to face xxxxxxx now in the 9th”.
As good as JB was, he does not strike fear into the opposition that Kimbrel, Holland, Uehara, Jansen, Nathan do.

The Tigers have to improve their late innings game. Obviously this is accomplished with a strong bullpen. It also is accomplished by having a strong bench.
Kelly, Santiago, 2E and Pena were NOT a strong bench. Saw an article on Don Kelly sticking around. Great guy, versatile etc etc. but I hope not. We need a guy like a Torii Hunter on the bench. Not necessarily Torii but that calibre of player to provide pop of the bench and good bench strength to offset injuries.
Speaking of Torii, it was great to have him here but he is on the wrong side of a steep hill. We are going to see more miscues in the field, not less. A gold glove reputation is great but we need to see the ball in his glove more often and more accurate throws

That caliber of guy isn’t a bench guy….

It’s not often a guy remains a regular until the day he retires.
Power and defense on your bench is a must to take it all the way.
To count on Torii Hunter to do what he has done the last 2 years is a mistake IMO.
Not saying he shouldn’t be there but he shouldn’t be there 150 games either.

Prince shouldn’t in there more than 150-155….guy gets all wore out by the Post Season. He’s made it to the post season 5 times….and has a .620 OPS…

can VMart play 40 games at catcher this year – including all NL games? who cares if it blows his knees out he won’t be here in 2015

That is a little mean-spirited, and out of place here.

fair enough..let me rephrase. Hey maybe we can allow vmart to catch 40 or so games this season, i’m sure he’d like to get more time in the field. might as well get the best of him before he moves on.

we can sign a legit catcher then – hopefully the alex experiment will be behind us this time next year.

Jason’s got a big story to write!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brad Ausmus to replace Jim Leyland
Updated: November 3, 2013, 1:09 AM ET news services
The Detroit Tigers will hire Brad Ausmus to replace Jim Leyland as the team’s manager, according to multiple reports.

Ausmus, 44, will travel to Detroit on Sunday to finalize the deal.

The move was first reported by SportsRadio 610 in Houston.

Ausmus, a former major league catcher, has served as special assistant in the San Diego Padres’ front office since 2010. He has never served as a manager or a coach at the big league level, but did manage the Israeli national team that failed to qualify for the World Baseball Classic in 2012.

Ausmus played for four teams in his career, which spanned from 1993-2010. He played for the Tigers for part of the 1996 season, and again from 1999-2000.

Detroit general manager Dave Dombrowski had confirmed that Ausmus interviewed for the position on Monday. Los Angeles Dodgers third-base coach Tim Wallach and Tigers hitting coach Lloyd McClendon also interviewed for the position.

The Tigers needed a new manager after Leyland stepped down following the team’s loss to the Boston Red Sox in the AL Championship Series last month.

Information from The Associated Press was used in this report.


Hunter batted over .300 had over 80 rbi’s he is an everyday player. By the way didn’t he only play in about 145 or so games? Bench guys are usually fringe players who can either handle a glove or hit for a little power off the bench. Not a guy who still bats over 300 and hits 17 homers and knocks in over 80 rbi’s.

Brad Ausmus huh? I hope this means Jones is still on staff, and Llyod is not the hitting coach.

Matt Dery of Detroit Sports 105.1 is reporting Gene Lamont will remain in the Tigers’ dugout as Ausmus’ bench coach.

I like the choice
Im still mad because he was denied the GG with Detroit with IRod winning it while playing half season.
Trading him for Cedeño remains among the worsts in my book

Young manager. No experience in managing. You could have the same coaching staff. Unless some of them get jobs elsewhere. Lloyd to Seattle??

It was mentioned yesterday in another blog so I checked: Tuiasosopo had better DRS and UZR as OF than Don Kelly.( Kelly been better as LF by DRS but behind by UZR/150)
And Im still convinced of the doubtful about the quality of defensive stats but it is telling …

Many people seem to extrapolate the performances of the past to the future.
Hunter will be another year ollder at a stage in a players career where a year means a lot more than it does to a 25 year old. He was great but he is unlikely to hit .300 and 80 ribbies again..
What happens when you project offense for players some times? Avila, Boesch, Sheffield, Jones, Young, Ordonez etc.

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