Tigers interviewed Rick Renteria

Padres bench coach Rich Renteria officially joined the list of Tigers managerial candidates on Wednesday Thursday, interviewing with team president/general manager Dave Dombrowski on Thursday in California for the opportunity to replace the recently retired Jim Leyland.

Renteria, who couldn’t travel to Detroit due to recent hip surgery, didn’t come in as a household name, and he brought little recent history with Dombrowski, though the two worked together when Renteria managed in the Marlins farm system in the late 1990s. His extensive experience as a minor-league manager and big-league coach, however, is somewhat Leyland-like.

Renteria actually played for Leyland when he made his Major League debut for the Pirates in 1986, Leyland’s first year in Pittsburgh. Renteria, a former first-round pick, had a couple cups of coffee with the Mariners in the late 80s before playing the 1993 season with the expansion Marlins at age 31.

He found a place with the Marlins in his post-playing career, becoming the first former Florida player to manage in the organization. He was the Midwest League Manager of the Year for Kane County in 1999, moved up to Double-A Portland after that, then moved into the Padres farm 10 years ago as a Class A coach.

Renteria is the fourth person to interview for the job, joining Lloyd McClendon, Tim Wallach and Brad Ausmus. There’s a lot of speculation that the Tigers will interview Red Sox bench coach Torey Lovullo, who until now has been busy with the World Series.


So much for wanting managers with MLB experiince. Is LL the only one so far with that?


Red Sox Will Make Qualifying Offer to Ellsbury -mlbtraderumors says
so to get him will cost a draft pick ‘eh? costly!

The Tigers gave one for Valverde,Vmart and Fielder. If he can keep himself healthy and Youkilis was wrong, he is worth it.
But he is way outside of Tigers budget.

Making ( or trying to make) LM more palatable?

its working

If Tim Wallach is good enough for the Dodgers , he is a fit for the Tigers too. The dodgers are closer to the WS than the Tigers. Top of the rotation as good, better bullpen and more balanced offense. And their bet is higher.

Top rot is nearly as good relative to the NL hitters, but not this good and not against AL hitters

Greinke is a proven pitcher in the AL and Kershaw is ,
arguably , the best pitcher in MLB.

The Giants rotation had no problem shouting down the best offense in the AL.

The difference has been overblown. And the pitchers batting? Carlos zambrano and Marquis Grisson had better OPS than Raburn one year ago. Zambrano career OPS: 632/Kelly 634

My main point, they have a pretty good shot at the WS and a huge payroll and if Mattingly is replaced , Wallach is the first in line

i don’t disagree with you on either how good the dodgers are or who is next in line….however, then the question is whether i agree with dodger’s management decisions…..eh, not really sometimes

The logic I have been using regarding coke is this: Downs could do a similar job. WHELP, you can scratch that thought: The Astros issued a press release to announce that they have claimed left-hander Darin Downs off waivers from the Tigers. (mlbtraderumors.com)

HOLY COW: The Tigers have declined the club option on relief pitcher Jose Veras. The Detroit bullpen is getting a serious makeover this offseason (Detroit Sports Nation)
WOW this suggests some SERIOUS changes happening.

2E GONE! claimed off waivers by Arizona!

So the 4th prospect is gone for nothing
With Dotel gone too.

Downs gone means Coke remains

not sure what you meant by the 4th prospect, but with Dotel, Downs, Veras and Smyly leaving the pen…..WOW DD has a lot of work to do.
Declining the Veras option: boneheaded decision number 2!

Danry Vazquez was the 4th prospect for the Tigers( 16th for Houston)
Smyly ? not yet unless a starter is traded
We still have Reeds and Putkonen. The Tigers have always been high on the latter.

Seems logical but not something to be happy about.
Veras gone was a surprise. I didn’t think much of him. Did not ever really dominate. His failure in the Series indelibly stamped him as persona non grata in many fans’ eyes. I think he would have had a tough time here in Motown. He may not be gone yet though as there is that quiet period in play here.

Go look at the depth chart. We are down to nineteen players. Coke not on it, too.

After Benoit gave the GS to Ortiz, the series was lost. The GS against Veras was just the merciful end to the miseries of the season.
He was so so,just a gray piece of the 8th inning.
I wont mention him among the causes the causes of the loss

Is Melvin Mercedes a cheaper Veras? or a healthier Rondon?
Drew VerHagen.
Kenny Faulk has 10 SO/9 but also 6 BB/9. He is LH

Are they getting in position to offer Benoit 14 million for one year??

Hope not , 14.1 MM were enough to get the two best years of Valverde´s career..

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