Cabrera undergoes core muscle repair surgery

That didn’t take long. Less than 48 hours after confirmation that Miguel Cabrera would need surgery, the Tigers announced that the AL MVP underwent successful core muscle repair surgery. Dr. William Meyers, the noted specialist in hernia surgery and other groin injuries, performed the procedure this morning in Philadelphia, where he is based.

The timetable calls for Cabrera to rehab for 6-8 weeks, which even at the conservative end should have him at full speed in time for the start of Spring Training.

The home page for Dr. Meyers says that core muscle injuries are often described as a sports hernia, which is technically not a hernia. There was a lot of speculation that Cabrera was playing through a sports hernia during September and into the postseason, based on his symptoms and how little mobility he had. Cabrera’s injury has been described as a Grade 2-3 groin strain, including tears of fiber, just short of a rupture. The press release is all that’s going to be said by the team about the injury, so we’ll have to leave it at that.


Take your time and heel properly. The Tigers need you back and at 100%. Good luck in your future.

good luck miggy! Hey JL is the gran Marshall at this years THX parade (word is)….wonder if he’ll change the float lineup at all….somehow find a way to get Don Kelly in there… the splits at least…..

Okay, let the Leyland jokes begin.
The parade stopped every block because he didn’t believe in momentum, as it was only as good as the next float.
Parades are only something for the fans and media to………….well, yes.
The parade will end at a @#%#^ bank.
What the heck is that float supposed to be? “What it is.”

Love it Rich, nice post.

People who diagnosed a sports hernia were technically correct. It’s a matter of terminology.

I’m just shocked!!!! 😉

Change the lineup(he doesn’t do that,does he?) Kelly is OK

miggy will be on the couch for the next few days for sure – hernia surgery sucks

could we trade Porcello for Peter Bourjos? Dirks and Castenellos play backup roles this year sounds good to me.

Yeah. If there’s one guy who could step in with no managing experience, it would be Ausmus.

if’s, but’s == candies, nuts ===> oh what a merry christmas

Good article. Jim Price always talks about the art of pitching, but as a catcher he should talk about the art of catching, there is more to the game than just showing up and playing ball. Catchers should get a bit more credit for the prep they put into the game. Thanks for sharing Evan!

Just returned from Grand Rapids and the colors are devine! Perfect weather for a World Series.


I liked the idea of Bourjos before Iglesias. There is a limit of Everetts for a team( and I liked Everett)
Trumbo in LF would be another story but he is not that good in the OF and 1B is taken

Aybar too is a good option among the mentioned at MLBtraderumors

how yaw feel ’bout Jose Dariel Abreu being signed? is his bat speed too slow or is he going to be the next el senor ryan howard?

will miggy get hurt next season play 3B as much as he does? (autocorrect keeps changing miggy to muggy)

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Brayan Pena announces on his Twitter feed that he will not be returning as the Tigers backup catcher next season.

but i don’t blame him. dude got disrespected this year!!

wish him luck certainly!!! great guy!

Do I ever agree with that. Pena did a helluva job. When Alex was hitting well below .200, Pena made some solid offensive contributions.

i think i’m going to keep score this offseason! count this decision as boneheaded.
DD boneheaded moves 1, DD slick moves 0

heck i wouldn’t have been this bummed out if they got rid of alex and kept brayan.

I wouldn’t characterize it as boneheaded. Brayan is a great guy that everyone likes a lot, including me. He also has a terrible throwing arm and there’s no way of judging his pitch calling from our living rooms. I would have been happy to keep him but I can’t say it’s a bad move not to. I’ll miss him, though.

fair enough fair enough, in regards to his arm though in 2013: 24% CS vs 17% CS…..guess who was better? And don’t forget the bat (switch hitter)…

This is a situation where the stats don’t override what I see with my own eyes.

fair enough – typically it’s a combination between the two (visual and statistical)

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