Tigers interview Ausmus for managerial job

Brad Ausmus has neither managed nor coached in the big leagues in three seasons since his 18-year playing career ended. On Monday, he was at Comerica Park talking about why his first shot should be managing the three-time American League Central champions, a team that had to debate whether falling two wins shy of the World Series constituted a disappointing season.

The fact that the Tigers were listening says a lot about how highly Ausmus is considered among potential managers.

The Tigers made Ausmus the third candidate to interview for their managerial opening on Monday, starting a new week to their search for Jim Leyland’s successor with a new-style candidate. The team interviewed Ausmus after receiving permission from the San Diego Padres, where Ausmus works as a special assistant in baseball operations.

“I enjoyed meeting and discussing the Tigers with Dave and his staff,” Ausmus replied in a text message. “I felt like it went well.”


conversely, the fact that the Tigers were listening to someone this unqualified says a lot about how few possible MLB managers are out there.
and what is going on with this video on the side of my screen. it’s disgusting! Who the hell are those terrible people in the video?

What are they selling in the video, Evan?

seemed to be some celebrity focused piece

now it seems gone. maybe i was imagining it. seemed unreal.

We can take the conspiracy theory road and say that is what they want us to think, so we take Legendary LLoyd easier.

Weaver , Durocher, Sparky were once inexperienced.
Sparky was fired in Venezuela just before becoming the Reds manager . He began 1-8 a 70 games season. Two years later he was in the WS
One of my favorites Tigers rivals, Dick Howser made the postseason in his first , real, season as manager
Martinez, Renteria, Wallach , Dusty Baker( yes, he an arm breaker but he did the postseason once and again and he is JL 2 ) are good options.
My favorite: Ausmus

I’m not ruling out Ausmus myself. Some people just have “it.”

i’m no judge of managerial qualifications anyhow. i look forward to complaining about whomever it is and assuming JL would have done it my way :p

Derrick Goold:
“Beltran moves to middle of order … Robinson to No. 2 … All to create a different look that protects hitters Boston is avoiding.” So , not all lineups are etched on stone

we’ll c how it turns out, no?

A move can be good even if doesnt get the result,the other team is playing too. At least he is trying.

Farrell made one voluntary change last night and he won the game. He is now 2-2 instead of 1-3 going against Wainwright

Two games affected by the changes in the lineup. Gomes entered for Victorino but not second like JL would do .Nava up to second
Then Ross, the voluntary change also a factor in the game
Changes can be good even if little to avoid “showing panic”
There is ( are) still game( s) to play

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