Surgery set/likely/pending/expected for Cabrera

This much we know: Miguel Cabrera is headed to visit Dr. William Meyers this week. Either surgery is already set, or he’s going to wait for the test results before deciding on surgery on his severe groin strain.

Cabrera indicated to reporters in the media room at Busch Stadium Sunday night that he isn’t sure whether he’ll need surgery: “I don’t know yet. I have to check with the doctor and see what he says, and we’ll go from there.”

However, Cabrera apparently indicated to ESPN’s Enrique Rojas that he’s going to have the surgery, reportedly Tuesday.

“I don’t know anything about the operation, I don’t want to know the details, I just hope it heals fast,” Cabrera told him. “I am trusting that the doctors can fix the problem. I have a lot left in me.”

Peter Gammons of MLB Network also reported that Cabrera will have surgery. The Tigers confirmed to various news outlets that he will have surgery.

Bottom line: Expect some news Tuesday or Wednesday that Cabrera opted for surgery.


Do all the armchair doctors come out now? 🙂

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yep! they will complain about them all, but very few will have the success JL had. I already miss him, as previously stated. Listening to vintage “JL pregame shows” on the DT radio network has help, however.

Oh, please……it comes with the territory. Some folks can’t have fun if they can’t complain. Not me, though!

How on earth do you get through news out of Washington DC with that attitude? 😉

“Pure Michigan” is bad enough:)

Ausmus interviewed by Tigers

“It went well” so Brad is in a 3-way tie with the first two applicants. I wonder if they have a tiebreaker system in place? Winner of interview 3 and 2 interview against interview 1?

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