Add Brad Ausmus, Rick Renteria to Tigers managerial list

The Tigers have reportedly received permission from the Padres to interview two of their employees for the managerial job. One, Brad Ausmus, has been expected for a while. Another, Rick Renteria, was not, though he probably should have been.

Both are in line to interview with the Tigers this week in Detroit, Jon Heyman of reported Sunday night.

Ausmus, a special assistant in the Padres front office, has been a hot name in this search since the day the job opened up. He has neither managed nor coached in the big leagues. His only managerial experience at the pro level was Team Israel in the most recent World Baseball Classic. But his 18-year career behind the plate — three of those seasons in Detroit — and his Dartmouth education are seen as a foundation. Those who know him from his playing and post-playing careers rave about his people skills.

“Great mind for the game,” one AL official said, “and an ability to communicate in layman, PHD, management terms. … Low-energy look but a fierce competitor, humorous but tough, all lends to an ability to find everyone’s button that needs to be pushed.”

Ausmus, who will turn 45 next April, goes against Dombrowski’s remarks last week about previous managerial experience being a plus, but others have suggested an experienced bench coach could help him make up for it. Still, he’d be coming into a win-now job where an adjustment year is not really an option.

Renteria, who will turn 52 in December, has been on the Padres coaching staff the past six seasons, the last three of them as Bud Black’s bench coach. He, too, managed in the WBC, leading Mexico. He also managed for five years in the Padres farm system, and four in the Marlins organization while Dave Dombrowski was the general manager there. Renteria has drawn a lot of buzz for the Cubs managerial opening, and he interviewed for the Mariners job last week.

Add Ausmus and Renteria to Lloyd McClendon and Tim Wallach, both of whom interviewed last week, and the Tigers are up to four candidates for Jim Leyland’s old gig. Of those four, McClendon is the only one who has managed in the Majors before.


in DD we trust. on a side note, a PhD? I know he went to Dartmouth, but what was the degree in?

gosh, i hope it wasn’t in chemistry – as we all know that doesn’t exist in baseball.

He is bachelor in Government.
Ausmus for Cedeño, one of the worst trades ever in my book

Ausmus doesn’t have a PhD. I think the inference was that he can communicate well with the PhD crowd as well as the layman crowd.

Is Tom Brookins even being considered? I always thought he would at least be in the conversation for next Tiger Mgr.

Beck, oct 25.
“Just checked with Brookens again today. He hasn’t heard from Tigers about the job. Doesn’t sound like he’s a candidate.”
Something about not wanting resentment if a current coach is named the manager over the others

i thought it was a respect thing? got kinda hoed out at 3b coach. not my logic but others.

ausmus i wouldn’t think would have much more respect, no?

Miguel had no way to stop due to the injury so it was not disrespect.

yes i know about that instance, but there were others with no excuse. Hey i didn’t start the “no not brookens the guys don’t respect him” logic I am just saying it has been mentioned. The team has some very big stars —- I agree that the next manager must either be respected. I think Mac will be fine in this area, but will Asmus?

Sorry, in fact ,I asked the same question when he was mentioned as candidate.

The opposite reasoning of the Strasburg shutdown. If we did not agree then we must agree now

To my way of thinking, the men in that clubhouse will respect the new manager, whoever he is. I think they’re that kind of people. Dave didn’t bring a bunch of troublemakers to Detroit. As the season goes along, it will be up to that manager to lose the respect he was given in the beginning. All he has to do is his job and that won’t happen.
That stuff about respecting a thirdbase coach is silly internet comment stuff.
I haven’t seen any bad candidates get interviewed yet, and don’t expect to. That would leave out Ozzie, obviously.

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