Confirmed: Tigers interview Tim Wallach

All indications at this point are that Lloyd McClendon is the only in-house candidate for the Tigers managerial post (Gene Lamont and Tom Brookens haven’t been contacted about the job). So if the Tigers are talking with more managerial candidates, they’re most likely coming from outside the organization. There’s no shortage of those, but who first?

Tim Wallach, perhaps?

That was followed by this report.

Jonah Keri is a baseball analyst for ESPN and Grantland who has written extensively about the Montreal Expos. Bill Shaikin covers the Dodgers for the Los Angeles Times.

The reports were confirmed by Wallach, who returned home to California Friday evening after interviewing for the job Friday afternoon.

Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports mentioned Wallach a couple days ago as a potential option, in part based on his history with Tigers president/general manager Dave Dombrowski. Wallach spent more than a decade as the third baseman in Montreal, including the years when Dombrowski was the Expos general manager.

More important, Wallach was a minor-league manager (Triple-A Albuquerque 2009-2010) and then a third-base coach for Don Mattingly with the Dodgers for the last three seasons. There have been reports that Wallach was in line to become the Dodgers’ interim manager if Mattingly was fired when rumors were flying early in the season.


Dave Matinez who played for the Expos has been a mentioned too. I could be wrong, but DD acquired him in his first ever trade as GM.

Tigers players eligible for arbitration:
Max Scherzer, $6.725 million
Rick Porcello, $5.1 million
Doug Fister, $4 million
Austin Jackson, $3.5 million
Alex Avila, $2.95 million
Phil Coke, $1.85 million
Don Kelly, $900,000
Andy Dirks, $505,000
Al Alburquerque, $500,000

They are going to want Dirks to work out for them. He’s cheap. Same with AlAl.
Can’t see Kelly or Coke making the roster. There has to be room for minor league promotions. You can’t have minor leaguers all willing to be a Max St Pierre.
The club needs to join the movement to eradicate Coke in North America.
Kelly is highly unlikely to make the squad. Just does not hit enough, getting older and, let’s face it, his chances went out the window with JL’s retirement.
There is talk of trading Scherzer. or Porcello. As much as I like Fister he may be the guy to go. Porcello is 5 whole years younger than Doug. He is getting better and is willing to learn. There is no telling how long Fister will be able to be effective.

Interesting 3rd party perspective:
(This is what other baseball people think)

Shin Shoo Choo would be a little less expensive than Ellstbury and without the suspicious injury

Porcello , 4.50 ERA career

Very interesting, Dan. Thanks for the link.

I like Choo. On my fantasy team many times. Check out his obp. Over .400

Fooey on Chooey I say. Too old, defense lacks, caught stealing too often — will want $$ you know — lead league in HBP i think. Dude made 7.5M last year-he’s getting 10M+ this year!!
Can we stop doing business with Boras the Snake, please!?!?

4 errors this year, below average range factor, etc…. Heck him and a 2014 Torii would give us a below average OF defensively.

“But Mattingly is correct that lame-duck managers are subject to additional scrutiny, both from players and the media. To deny that is to deny reality.”
But JL was one for 3 years.

New manager…….Ausmus or Guillen……..I really believe Ozzie would do a great job….Yes, he has a big mouth, but he LOVES his players & he’s WON a World Series……Cabrera & just about everybody in the clubhouse would love him, too!!!!

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