McClendon will interview for Mariners job next week

Lloyd McClendon has been in line for the Tigers managerial job the past several years. He is now a candidate for the Seattle Mariners managerial opening for the second time in three years.

McClendon will interview for the M’s job next week. He confirmed the reports, including from MLB Network’s Jon Paul Morosi, via text message.

McClendon reportedly finished runner-up to Wedge for the Seattle job after the 2010 season. Wedge went 213-273 in three seasons with the M’s before parting ways about a month ago. For the M’s to want to interview McClendon again is a pretty good sign of how he interviewed last time.

Last time around, McClendon was one of at least five candidates with prior experience managing in the big leagues to interview for the job. So far this time around, the M’s have taken the opposite approach, interviewing two bench coaches — Oakland’s Chip Hale and San Diego’s Rick Renteria — with no prior Major League managing experience. Whether that works to McClendon’s advantage remains to be seen.

What happens from here, of course, has a lot to do with what happens in Detroit, where McClendon is one of two candidates to interview for the Tigers job. Dave Dombrowski has wasted little time talking with candidates, which should bode well for him reaching a relatively quick conclusion on his choice to succeed Jim Leyland. If, however, the M’s wrap up their search and offer McClendon their job while the Tigers are still interviewing, he’d have a decision to make.

The Tigers’ winning ways are a huge factor in Detroit’s favor. So is the fact that Dombrowski has job security, while Seattle GM Jack Zduriencik is reportedly heading into the final year of his contract.

This might not be the only time the Tigers and Mariners talk to the same candidate.’s Mariners beat writer, Greg Johns, reported earlier this week that the M’s are believed to have interest in Brad Ausmus, another potential first-time manager who’s drawing a lot of interest this fall.


a huge factor in Detroit’s favor? Or against for those that dont see McClendon as the best fit.
Or Seattle is just fulfilling the formalities?
Anyway, until the end of the WS wont be official announcements.

off topic: do we pick up Jose Veras’ 3.25M team option for 2014? I say yes.

It’s a fairly reasonable club option at $3.25 million, and the Tigers don’t have much depth, so I would guess yes.

The Tigrs will but should they?

Not unless they can find someone younger and better.
OMG, Jim Joyce made the correct call in the WS. But can’t do it in a perfect game.

Non tender.
Sign and trade. Check
Non tender and get a better deal with him
Veras?. keep him . He could be a trade chip if needed and they dont have anyone to replace him as stated above.
He had a couple of good season in his career before.

i think this offseason might be the biggest for DD in recent years. Not in terms of headlines but how is he going to a) keep our chances of a WS in 2014, while b) rebuilding the farm system and c) getting the team faster and playing more small ball.
in regards to some of the likely decisions:
Dotel, Benoit, Peralta, Santiago either shouldn’t our will find better fit somewhere else. good luck fellas i’ll stand and cheer for you when you when i see you next.
Omar: this entirely is a “Mr. I found some extra money” thing. I’ve love him to come back if we can.
Arb guys:
Max, Rick, Doug, Jackson, Dirks, Alburquerque will probably all be back. I don’t know how big their raises will be.
Don and Coke: sorry (albeit one could non-tender and try to re-sign him to a minor-league deal) and hell no, respectively.
Alex: I’d love to see the club move past Alex and politely allow him to be a FA. It won’t happen, he’ll be back for one more year of classic Alex. The next coach will play him as much as JL did – it’ll blow our minds.
Pena: I’d love to see him stay but I want him used more, and he deserves it so did Laird.
I wonder if the starting pitcher DD trades will rebuild the farm or the pen?

Never trade a starter for a reliever.
A more affordable starter and a position player

we need relieverS tho – so 1 starter for 2 relievers?

Still overpaying
Relievers can be had for an AA prospect. Or signed off waivers. There are plenty as FA. No less then half dozen well qualified LH are there to sign. Scott Downs would be my choice.The one mentioned by Dan is good too.
And the closer? Boston defeated us with their 7 inning man as closer. They lost one as FA and, one failed and the other was injured.
SF defeated us with their third closer of the year.

interesting. then trade for position player prospects

The main question is resign Benoit? Keep him as closer? back to setup and add a closer? Nathan and Rodney will( could be for Nathan) be FA but looking for Soriano like payday

if our mindset is consistent from last offseason: paying big bucks for a closer when we “have one” in rondon…….seems a no-go for benoit.

Then Veras would be Plan B

i have no problem with that! benoit will be making at least double Veras next year.

IF DD can find another home for Prince Fielder he will be worth his wieght in gold (Prince’s weight even).
That would be a brilliant transaction. Some say it can’t be done–I say it can and almost needs to be. Prince has many shortcomings on the ball field but I think his presence in the clubhouse may not be the best either. Totally my opinion and nothing to base it on.
Colorado needs a 1st baseman. Prince could hit 60 homers there.

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