Fister, Dirks named Gold Glove finalists

Rawlings has released its list of three finalists at each position for the Gold Glove awards. The Tigers have two — one probably expected, one probably not.

Doug Fister joins Blue Jays hurlers Mark Buehrle and R.A. Dickey as the Gold Glove finalists at pitcher. Buehrle has dominated this award, winning four in a row (2009-2011 AL, 2012 NL), but his defensive stats took a little bit of a dip this season (TWO errors!!!) on the artificial surface in Toronto. Fister had an errorless season with an AL-best 2.29 Range Factor, and he turned five double plays — tied for most among AL pitchers with Justin Verlander and Lucas Harrell.

In past years, those defensive stats would be relatively meaningless, since the Gold Gloves have been decided exclusively on voting from managers and coaches. This summer, however, Rawlings and SABR announced a Defensive Index statistic derived from Defensive Runs Saved, Ultimate Zone Rating and Runs Effectively Defended, which was sent to managers and coaches as a statistical resource guide to go with the ballots. Of course, there’s no guarantee how much they’ll take stats into account.

The plan, according to Rawlings and SABR, is to also have the SABR Defensive Index complement the judgement by the managers and coaches. The SDI will account for 30 total votes — or approximately 25 percent — of the Rawlings Gold Glove Award selection process, and will be added to the votes from the managers and coaches.

The other Tigers Gold Glove finalist is left fielder Andy Dirks — yes, Dirks. He finished second in Ultimate Zone Rating among AL left fielders with enough innings to qualify (though the leader, Texas’ David Murphy, isn’t among the finalists) and led the group in Range Factor (putouts plus assists per game). He had seven outfield assists and two errors.

The finalists in left include Kansas City’s Alex Gordon, who has won back-to-back Gold Gloves, and Oakland’s Yoenis Cespedes. Gordon had another very good year, and he would seem to be a favorite here.

Among those Tigers who didn’t get consideration this year were shortstop Jose Iglesias, center fielder Austin Jackson and right fielder Torii Hunter. Iglesias, though he certainly had some defensive gems after becoming the Tigers’ everyday shortstop in August, made just 67 starts at short this season. Jackson faced a statistically strong group of AL center fielders and didn’t make the cut statistically (neither did Mike Trout). Hunter tied for the AL lead in assists among right fielders but didn’t rank high on other statistical levels.

The Gold Glove winners will be announced Tuesday night at 8pm ET on ESPN2.


I think Dirks could be a star if he get ready for the fastball instead of sitting on the junk.

andy, you dirtbag! well done!

fister takes defense very seriously: he will stop the ball with his head if he has too.

Fister absolutely deserves this over the other two finalists. How do we get his campaign started??

Normal raw stats are not ideal for evaluating a hitting coach IMO. Frustration with LMc has a lot more to do with situational hitting. Things like seeing our hitters not be able to get a ground ball to to the right side, a sac fly, the runner in from 3rd with less than 2 out, swinging at the 1st pitch after your own guy just got off the mound after a stressful inning, team wide impotent slumps etc.
I agree it is difficult to judge the job of a hiting coach. The bigger question here is if he has the ability to be a good manager. Gotta trust DD on this one. If he isn’t selected as manager there’s a damn good chance he won’t be the hitting instructor anyway.

A big leaguer should already know how to do these things before they become one. I see very few players these days that are proficient at these lost arts.

I agree Rich……..they hit and sometimes its timely and sometimes its not. But I suppose that is true of most big league teams.

And yet JL often used Kelly for defensive purposes in LF!

I think Andy made a bad throw once and was immediately slotted below Kelly on the defensive depth chart.

Who would be your 1st choice for LF? Cespedis, Gordon, Dirks or Kelly?

Mister Fister is superb at fielding his position. The second coming of Kenny Rogers. Surprised Iggy isn’t in there, but maybe next year. Quite frankly, am shocked Andy is a gold-glover. He’s good, but I never thought he was that good. Congrats to both of them.

candidates, just to clarify.

Be great to see him win the award. Maybe he would have some trade value then. For some reason nobody seemed interested in him even after hitting .322 the year before.
Relistically, he will be kept unless somehow the kid Collins surprises in ST. We just don’t have a good record with LHB OFers. We definitely could use an everyday guy that plays all around good ball.

Hey let’s hear it for our vastly improved defense!!! Our Tigers made 23 fewer errors than our 2012 team. Seventy-six errors this season. Has any Tiger team had fewer???. Positions with the most improvement??? Just happens to be 1B, P, and LF. Must agree with many of you that Prince looked horrible in 2012 on defense. But he really was much better this year. That is Doug Fister’s Gold Glove Award. If either of those guys get it, it’s an ERROR. Glad Andy gets the recognition.

hahah @ error

Fielder has no range. Poor judgement, bad reactions and is not adept at picking balls out of the dirt.

well at least he has a large surface area – thus preventing the ball from getting by him. what i am trying to say is he’d make a good goalie?

Except in the 9th inning of Game 2. How he did not keep Iggy’s throw from getting by him is beyond me. He wouldn’t make a good goalie either. You do have to move to be goalie.🙂
— Bob

How about a pulling guard?

i think that fits

Nope. He wont get around the centre (Canadian spelling for my Canadian friend🙂 ) fast enough.
Your other assessment is correct: One dimensional that is only half of that One. And at times, not even that. He has the body of a beer league softball player.
— Bob

Prince is a one-dimensional ball player that is actually half dimensional.

i understand the 1 dimension, but what is the half dimension? Power only? Lack of base running ability?

“The Tigers have two — one probably expected, one probably not…” I mentioned it during the season when we were arguing about Kelly or Dirks in the lineup,he was top 3 in DRS and top 3 in UZR/150

BA? According to Hennings, Dirks never recovered from the injured rib. According to Andy himself, it was his fault for not following advices about his swing.
His second half number were better but still below 2012

6th in DRS. Was 3rd most of the season

Fielder was second to last in DRS and last in UZR/150. E are not a good measure of defense. You need to reach the ball before an E. Like Iglesias in that 9 inning. That ball goes far from Peralta and no E for him.

And the Tigers were the 25 th worst team in defense by DRS

Torii Hunter had a great season, but it’s ridiculous to mention him as a potential Gold Glove candidate. On many occasions he looked his age and then some as he tried to corral balls that were ricocheting around in right.

Not to mention airmailing the cut-off man and taking bad routes and not only at CoPa

And I like the way he plays but the mind is ready, the body is saying, no mas

si es verdad

Power only? That is the dimension that is missing actually. Three times this year (and twice at very inopportune times) Fielder’s power to the pull field simply vanished.
This is a guy who if he is not hitting 40 homers a year, his value becomes questionable.

fair enough – makes sense. He’s supposed to be a power guy – he wasn’t this year – so what is he now? reminds me of adam dunn last year.

just because he is “prince” doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be able to bat him 8th if he is batting like crapola.

If he is still on the team, DH and bat 6th. Half dimensional; now there’s a concept you can wrap your brain around:-)

His power did vanish. He gets a lot of credit for being an RBI machine but if you get that many ABs and hit behind Cabrera you should be getting a ton of RBIs.

A home run hitter who doesn’t hit home runs.
A .300 hitter who hits ..200
A LOOGY who doesn’t get LHB out.
A manager who says there is no such thing as chemistry.
A LH starting pitcher who throws third of an inning a week
A leadoff hitter who steals 8 bases.

One way of looking at the above half-dimensions is if you ADD them up you have 3D!!

That one really jumped out at me. 3D…………..

Why does a hitting coach get the credit if you have good hitters? A good manager (teacher) brings out the talent on a team. A good hitting coach teaches mediocre hitters to hit. Am I missing something? Most of my family are teachers. I told you my Uncle coached the 1973 Yuma Arizona baseball team to a state championship! He was not a baseball player but an excellent teacher! Go Tigers, 2014!

I don’t see big league manager as a teacher. He manages people who should have already been taught.

Jason tweeted:
“Just checked with Brookens again today. He hasn’t heard from Tigers about the job. Doesn’t sound like he’s a candidate”

They would take Lamont before Brookens, I’m sure. Brookens is not a quinessential Leyland guy.

Some random home run facts. Prince Fielder hit twenty-five homers for the Detroit Tigers this season. His 25 dingers would have made him the leading home run hitter for the Cleveland team, the KC team, and the Minnesota team. Hey those are all division rivals. You know what this combination of Cabrera and Fielder gives us an advantage over most teams. The only team this season with a better duo was the Orioles. Of course, maybe Prince wishes he was back in the NL. Over there he could have been the leading homer hitter on SEVEN teams. Homers were in short supply around MLB in 2013. Two players hit over forty homers this season. That’s it.


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