McClendon interviewed for managerial job

The Tigers have started the interview process for their managerial position. Hitting coach Lloyd McClendon interviewed for the job on Thursday.

Tigers president/general manager Dave Dombrowski confirmed the interview, first reported by ESPN’s Jerry Crasnick. Dombrowski also confirmed that McClendon is the first interview for the opening.

McClendon is also reportedly a potential candidate in Seattle, where he was a finalist for the Mariners opening the last time around before they hired Eric Wedge.


Please…. No….. DD this would be the WORST decision you have made in the history of the Detroit Tigers.

My problem with it is, will it be the same philosophy as JL or does LM have his own ideas probably subdued while a coach under JL?

I think it is the same general direction, with the understanding they are not blowing up the roster so want to continuity. Remember, McClendon will probably be able to keep Jeff Jones. It will be far from the worst decision made. But it will probably come with a very short rope.

i thought Huff was the worst decision…..or was it washburn?

i know it wasn’t signing Prance – Mr. I did that!

Remind me again who we gave up for Huff and Washburn? Huff won a World Series the next year, he was a good pick up, just poorly used because Inge insisted on playing hurt. Washburn was hurt.

Just by virtue of his younger age, Mac wouldn’t be nearly as set in his ways as Jim was. Appointing him (or any of the coaching staff) manager would provide continuity while giving us a look at how the same outfit would run under a different skipper. I find that more intriguing than an entirely new regime.
Of course, I’m hearing some fans use the word “fail” when it comes to the club. They’ve played in three ALC series in a row, winning one of them. I hardly see that as a failure. The team goal, as once stated by Dombrowski, was to get into the postseason and play deep into it, every year. If you do that, you’ll eventually win it all.

Between Jim, Gene and Lloyd, they managed the Pirates for about 20 years. Might as well “you can put on the board” . But, I’m not saying Yes, Yes. It’s the easy way out, imo.

4 winning season-15 losing season ,combined

Hard to evaluate a Pittsburgh manager, since this year was the first winning season since JL.

Removing current coaching staff from the mix, who do we want among the realistic candidates out there?

We don’t know the candidates. Just speculation.

Where’s Casey Stengel when you need him eh?

Oddly enough, one can draw many comparisons between Casey and Leyland.

Kathy, I hear ya’. Not exciting. i heard something about not wanting to “change the culture”.

Personally I think the culture needs changing. The staid, status quo is great for veteran ball players and squeaking into (and we squeaked) the post season.
Vibrant, creative teams with energy are the ones that take it all.

There is no perfect manager or even really good options this year. I do like Francona. I like Melvin. Failing that I think we need someone who understands what we’ve got. I’m not wild about Lloyd but I have a feeling he’s accepted by the players.. i also think he is likely smart enough to have recognized the errors that Leyland made having first hand exposure to them.. i think he is going to the guy, like it or not.

The big story this year will not be the manager. It will be the general manager.
He’s got to do something about Fielder. Trade him or teach him how to DH. Playing him at 1st is just an exercise in mediocrity at best and futility at worst.
I think the guy is a negative influence myself. Can’t see how his presence in the clubhouse can be a good thing.

Oh, the guys probably like him just fine. They’re comfortable with him. I’d love to have a breathe of fresh air if there is someone out there. Of course, it would be risky.

my reply was in reference to Lloyd, not Prince. idk, can Lloyd motivate these guys to eat healthy and stay in shape?

Plus, I don’t want to see the same coaches except for maybe the pitching coach.

Casey probably smoked Camels or Pall Malls.

Lance Parrish?
Rusty Kuntz?
Dave Bergman?
Jack Morris?
Hey if we can’t have Gibby how about Rozzie?

Would any of these guys be on a Brooken’s led coaching staff??

If this was 2010, I would go with Ausmus. But hey have one last shot at the trophy.
Im has been used to the idea of McClendon since last year.
I liked Brookens as player but he has underperformed as coach. iI players run thru him … Miguel had no chance of stopping without injury so maybe it was just an accident but we dont know

Third base coaches are the only coach who you can see it when the screw it up. Brookens was the blogs golden boy until he became the 3rd base coach. Miggy has gone through the stop sign of the coaches several times. Hitting and pitching coaches can spot problems and.make suggestions, but the player has to execute. Unless your on the inside, you cannot evaluate how good of a manager a coach will be.

I like the Brookens option . But wondering about the whole will they respect him ?issue. Like everyone one else trying to guess who will be the chosen one. Just for fun.
You cant evaluate the clubhouse issue but their strategy , if they had previous experience is there for all to see.

I smell a rat. A chain smoking rat. I don’t know if you caught it but during the presser when Leyland said he wasn’t going to have a say in his successor, his trousers burst into flames. I think this was set up in September.

Well, they’ve had plenty of time to think about it. I want our next manager to take us to the World Series and win it. That’s what I want. In 7 years we’ve had plenty of fun but it’s been 30 years since we’ve won a World Series. That’s a long time. Nobody remembers who came in second.

Just announced, Miguel Cabrera won for the 4th time the Luis Aparicio Award as Venezuelan player of the Year

Ground ball by Molina to Pedroia on a “drawn-in infield”. Holiday scapmpered home. Interesting—wonder how the Prince would have handled that one?

I’m watching it,but it still upsets me that we aren’t there. Game 2 was a crime.

We should probably not read anything into his being the first interviewed–they’ll probably interview many others before making their choice.

OK OK OK….if you give an internal guy the Manager position……..then you give him a 1, 2, or 3 yr deal?

Completely agree. I would think 2 years with a club option for the 3rd

I’m sure it won’t be a determining factor, but I think DD will get input from Miggy and JV, get a feel for how the team would view one candidate or the other. Especially when it comes to Brookens and Mac. I don’t think that there are too many high-end managers out there looking for work, so hiring internalling may be short term until someone else becomes available and interested.

The only positive I can find with LM becoming Manager is that he will no longer be the Hitting Coach. Let’s face it, he was a bust as the Hitting Coach, that is why they brought in Toby Harrah as the Assistant Hitting Coach.

LM as a hitting coach can be debated it isn’t always as cut n dry as one would like tho

Was Llyod really that miserable as a hitting coach…and to judge him by getting a second hitting coach is ridiculous. Several teams are employing 2 these days. Too much work for one person.

Tigers ranks in hitting stats.

Average- 1st
RBI- 2nd
SO- 3rd fewest
BA RISP-14th

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