Like rest of Tigers coaches, McClendon waiting

Tom Brookens and Gene Lamont said it yesterday, and Lloyd McClendon repeated it today. Like the rest of the Tigers coaches, McClendon is in limbo, under contract with the Tigers until the end of the month but unsure what will happen beyond that.

McClendon has not heard anything from the Tigers about the managerial opening, but he’d obviously be interested.

“Oh, I think you’d be a fool not to be,” he said.

McClendon was one of three coaches — Lamont and Rafael Belliard are the others — to work with Jim Leyland for all eight seasons in Detroit. He came here coming off a 4 1/2-year stint managing in Pittsburgh that ended late in the 2005 season, and Leyland brought him back looking to keep him involved in the game — first as the bullpen coach in 2006, then as hitting coach for the other seven seasons.

He already had learned a lot playing for Leyland for five seasons, then coaching under Gene Lamont for four more. Coaching for Leyland has strengthened that base, which he hopes to turn into a second chance at managing.

“It’s been a pleasure,” McClendon said. “Obviously when you have an opportunity to work with one of the best in the game, you’d be a fool not to learn something. That has certainly been very beneficial to me. My aspirations are hopefully to manage again, but at the same time you have to be your own man.”

Much of what he has learned sounds like what Leyland has preached, though it’s coming from a different voice.

“I think I already had it,” McClendon said, “but it certainly confirmed my convictions as far as how you go about your business, preparation, knowing your opponents, using that to your advantage, knowing your players, knowing their capabilities, what they’re capable of doing and what they’re not capable of doing, and above all your leadership skills.”

The biggest thing, he said, is to be yourself. Another point sounded familiar: “Be smart enough to stay out of the players’ way.”

Leyland has said more than once over the years that he’d like to see McClendon get another chance to manage somewhere, and he said it again on a local radio station Monday to put in a good word for him and Lamont. When contacted Monday, Lamont made it clear he’d like to manage again, but sounded less than confident he’d get a chance in this case.

If and when the Tigers look in-house at candidates to fill the job, the 54-year-old McClendon is expected to be the strongest candidate, combining previous managerial experience, hands-on work with the current roster and a relatively young age (younger than Lamont or Brookens). There will be questions about the struggles of the offense, as there should, but there will also be a look at hitters he has helped progress.

“I have not heard anything as of yet,” he said.

Like the rest of the coaches, McClendon said he had his suspicions as the season went on that Leyland could retire at the end. Interestingly, though, he said he was hoping an energized Leyland might change his mind once the Tigers returned to the playoffs.

“Obviously there were times during the season where I thought he had enough,” McClendon said, “but I thought he was energized for the playoffs. I was always kind of hoping he’d come back.”



Where can I submit my application? Is there an ’employment opportunity’ section on the Tigers website?


Gene LaMont, No, No. McClendon, No, No. If we have a chance for Joe Maddon, Tampa Bay or Bob Melvin, Oakland, A’s go for it.

when you say chance, i say “who ya gunna trade”. Cuz he (they) won’t be free. Smyly? Nick C + low level prospect? No thanks.

Maddon and Melvin both have contracts, so…

When I asked the question about Hunter the same thought occurred to me Rich, before I’d even finished asking it. You didn’t disappoint:-)
Ellsbury sounds good Dan. But why would he want to leave Boston assuming they’re happy with him? I’m assuming he’s happy there. Questions of durability? More money? I’d hope loyalty would trump money.
I wouldn’t trade a player for Madden either Evan. Would a manager want to come to a team under those circumstances anyway?

true never thought about the managers perspective on that.
To be fair I feel DD has cashed alot of prospects out for quality MLB starters. His job is getting harder every year. I think Dan’s approach of getting young quality FA’s is going to be DD’s way out of this mess if there is one.

starters as in 25 man roster impact players, not starting pitchers per se

What about Mattingly? That sure was a bizarre press conference yesterday.

I see McClendon getting the job with a 2 or 3 year contract. This team is win-now and bringing in fresh blood to manage would not make much sense. I think the key is Jeff Jones, he is so very important. Make him the manager? Will he stick around if Lloyd is hired? We are built to win now, and the core players here are probably not leaving anytime soon (except maybe Scherzer).

My expectation is that most of the staff would stick around if the Tigers stayed in-house for a manager. Jones is the one coach who lives here year round, so it’s a natural fit for him to stay.

…and hire Larry Parrish or Bull Durham as the hitting coach.

isn’t there an assistant hitting coach too? Could he become full-time hitting coach and we hire a new hitting assistant?

From all accounts, it is a bit odd Bull Durham isn’t a MLB hitting coach. He is extremely well-respected.
Seems a natural if Lloyd gets promoted.

his name alone commands respect

I think there are some reasons he hasn’t gotten a shot at an MLB job yet.

I think the whole Larry Parrish thing is interesting. I can’t recall why he left the Hens a few years back – of his own accord, they let him go, etc? Then I think he went elsewhere for a few years and showed up last year in the Tiger organization and is named the new head coach at the end of the season. Is that a coincidence that Leyland told Dave about that same time he was leaving? I am not sure Parrish is ready for the bigs but do think it is all very interesting. I am glad we have something to focus on now that our season is over. Just had to buy lunch for a friend who is a Sox fan, I lost that bet…

Jim told Dave Sept 7th, my birthday. Not sure if it was before the game or after, but I went back and read game comments for that day and said “loss is not in my vocabulary.” We lost, btw.
My son says he thinks Don Mattingly would be good. He’s been trained in the “Yankee Way,” in his words.

he’ll at least know how to handle the big egos

I thought Larry went to ATL as a batting coach and failed miserably – er at least the offense went cold once he took over.

No Mattingly for me.

If anyone had asked me which WS matchup I’d LEAST like to see, it would be Red Sox-Cardinals. I’ll pass. The good news is I’m not forced to listen to McCarver for a week. I had enough of him for that six week long ALCS. It was six weeks, right….?

Cardinals in four, by the way.

We do not want anyone trained by JL: to manage. We need some one that is willing to run and bunt who will let a pitcher go the distance (only one complete game in 2013). Someone who is not a spectator in the dug out.

If you want to run and bunt you need a different team not different managers. The team is not built like that.

Larry Parrish already managed the Tigers , he began as bench coach for Buddy Bell

Ellsbury he is made for CoPa but:
1. He is expensive, Fielder like expensive since his agent is Boras.
2.He was injured and played thru because Boras wanted him to play
3.Last year , he was injured and Youkilis accused him of dragging his feet during recovery. Youkilis was traded after that. Was him saving his body and now keeping his value high?
He could be the missing piece but no way the Tigers can afford him

Don’t think they need Ellsbury, they need Jackson to improve. Ellsbury is too expensive.

very expensive and old. I wanna see us sign no FA over the age of 32 this offseason.

Don Mattingly debuted in 1982 after the Yankees were defeated by the Dodgers
The Yankees were defeated in the ALDS in 1995. Mattingly retired. The Yankess won 4 WS in 5 years.
I dont believe in jinxes but as we say here,”I dont believe in witches but they fly, they fly” The man is a walking jinx

Well, I’m going to watch the WS.

Almost zero interest in watching this World Series,……..

How about just for the umping ?

Your 4 and done might be in jeopardy Rich. Bos 5-Cards 0. I’ll watch with minimal interest. Beltran out with possible injury after “catching” and robbing HR from Ortiz and hitting RF wall. Coincidence.
No to Mattingly. Jason made the correct point. I’m OK with in house promotion. An improved bull pen and a little more speed/defense is what this club really needs. And a healthy Miguel.

That HR rob was a thing of beauty.. A catch that will be shown forever.

Cardinals in five.

I shut if off after 8-0.. And then came the ” it should have been us, we coulda beat them” thoughts .
‘I see Danny Knobler is talking up McClendon. That’s not good news to me.

Up there at the top, Mike inquired about an application for manager. I have found one. Be sure to read this very carefully.

Kathy, do you have any particular concerns about McClendon? My only reservation with him is that it is not really an exciting “change”, that he would be a status quo replacement.
I’m not sure how negative that is. The players know him and vice-versa. That in itself is important, especially if most relate well to him. He may not be Brad Ausmus young but he is young enough to perhaps have a different approach than his predecessor.
I have had my questions regarding some of the hitting problems on the team. Truthfully, I don’t know how much of that can be attributed (blamed) on him.
The main question for me would be his understanding of the pen and his reliance on Jeff Jones. I think Jones should be given more latitude and in-game input when it gets to late inning changes. I have a feeling JL was the guy making hard and fast pitching change decisions and that Jones likely cringed a bit when they were being implemented. Obviously the bullpen has to be shored up.
the other thing is the stressing of fundamentals, and a return to playing strategic baseball in the early innings. JL was fixated on the big guys swinging away, whether or not they were slumping or not. i.e Jackson should be ordered to bunt and steal.
He seems to be the type of player that needs the pressure to be minimized. Telling him what he HAS TO DO will aid in that.Jackson leaves a lot of base hits
I am sounding like Lloyd will presumptively be the manager. I actually think he will unless they pull an absolute stunner out of their back pocket.

Alburquerquese!!!! That’s funny

And will Lloyd instruct guys like Avila and Fielder to slap bunt a few down the 3rd base line if the defense puts that ridiculous shift on? We played right into several teams’ hands by hitting into the shift instead of around it.

If you are telling Fielder to bunt, you should be fired.

interesting piece
“Bovada, a Las Vegas oddsmaker, listed Parrish’s odds at becoming the next Tigers’ manager at 8-to-1, tied with former Cleveland Indians manager Manny Acta.”

Yeah–I guess you shouldn’t take a gift for the good of the team when you have no ability to yard the ball.

if the lack of ability is acknowledged then i hope he isn’t batting behind miggy.

They do ask for Facebook password to check for drunken sailor photos.
No managing experience? has been done before . Just a couple of times with success.
They think Tigers fans are hard?Ja, they would love New York. And they are really young if they don know about Steinbrenner firing a WS winner manager not once but twice.

The shift? Avila yes, he could slap the ball. Burt Fielder has to go over it. It takes avg but that does not matter, the shift takes away power

Everybody knows , then why no one ask to check the foreign substance use by Buccholz and now Lester?
Beltran injured as usual. The Tigers were mentioned in relation to him during the RH LF search .Good luck they kept searching, he is always injured.

Scherzer? keep him. There is only one more chance. If money is an issue, trade Porcello, too expensive for a 5th starter with a 4.50 ERA ( the 50 W are plain luck).

In 2015, they could call one more prospect of the many drafted in recent years to replace Scherzer
Verlander, Fister, Sanchez, Smyly is pretty good rotation anyway.

Keeping Porcello over Fister? not in a million years.

out of curiosity, what would you expect in return for senor porcello?

Salary relief to keep budget under control.
I mentioned it because in the webpage linked they want to trade Fister.

The consensus is that one starter will be traded. Since Verlander and Sanchez are signed long term it leaves, the arbitration eligible last year Scherzer, Or the ones under control for two more years. One with extremely good numbers the other so so.. Fister making 4 MM, Porcello 5.5. Both expecting raise that could get them near 7 MM . Fister with the lower salary

On second though, a little less than the Tigers gave for Fister

So a little bit less than: outfielder Casper Wells, pitcher Charlie Furbush, third baseman Francisco Martinez and closer Chance Ruffin.

As they where perceived then. They all were expected to be above average..Furbush has been better than our LH relievers and Ruffins is still a promise. He wont get them a Will Myers for sure.
But they need to find the money to pay for Scherzer without going broke. If they keep him all the starters , Infante is gone and Perez will play 2B. Maybe, trading a starter wont be enough and Perez will be the 2b anyway

Beltran would be another redundant DH with a punitive salary. There is need to find another outfielder though. Torii is a great guy but he is not a great outfielder anymore. Too many missed plays, bad throws, poor routes, slow jumps and ‘cute’ plays. He can be touted as a gold glove in RF but the truth is he has lead legs too. I think it is time to realize his limitations and pretend they don’t exist. I think he should not be playing as much as he did this year.
Wouldn’t mind a guy like Rajai Davis to help us out for year to help out. Be good to have LHB out there but we do need some speed.

Just got home, Dan. Regarding McClendon, he just doesn’t excite me. I see the players playing the same way they have for the past 7 years. Good, but not good enough.

Are players going to want to come to Detroit and play for Lloyd McClendon?

are there any available coaches that will draw interest from FAs?

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