Gibson won’t be leaving Arizona for Tigers

Scratch Kirk Gibson’s name off the Tigers’ potential search list. The former Tigers outfielder and coach turned Diamondbacks manager is apparently staying in Arizona, according to’s Steve Gilbert and the Arizona Republic’s Nick Piecoro.

There has been no inquiry from the Tigers for permission to speak with Gibson. Diamondbacks team president Derrick Hall indicated to Piecoro he was not inclined to grant it, since it’s a parallel move in title. Then Hall apparently talked to Gibson about the job:

Hall, Towers and Gibson are taking part this week at the D-backs’ annual executive retreat, and when he heard the news about Leyland, Hall said he asked Gibson if he was interested in the Tigers’ job.

“He said this is where he wants to be,” Hall said. “And this is where we want him to be. So there’s no reason to even talk about it.”’s Danny Knobler first suggested Monday that Gibson was a possible candidate. However, there are two important factors to consider. First, the Tigers have a star-laden, veteran, power-oriented team, almost the opposite of the gritty club Gibson has molded in Arizona. Second, Gibson and Diamondbacks coach Alan Trammell were part of the Tigers staff that Dave Dombrowski let go after the 2005 season.

Dombrowski, meanwhile, indicated at Leyland’s retirement press conference that he isn’t looking at current managers.

“I really can’t speak with anybody from another organization. That’s tampering,” Dombrowski said. “But it’s a situation where anybody that’s with another organization that’s managing, they’re not under consideration, because that’s where they are.”


Why is it that overweight 1st basemen get incredibly lucrative but team unfriendly contracts?
Fielder, Howard, Pujols.
What are GMs thinking?
Fielders is one of the worst in baseball. Sure some will say he’s only 28 but he has the body of someone 48. His hitting and fielding problems (won’t even talk about base-running) will only get worse, and rapidly. His presence on the team is not something I can put a finger on but the fact he is making more dough than Miguel Cabrera seems a trifle stupid. If I’m Victor Martinez I’m looking at this situation and wondering how fair that seems to him too.
I sincerely hope that our next manager is not influenced by the silly consecutive game streak.
DD got a little too carried away with the look of the “Paper” Tigers last off season.. He has some work to do this one..
It won’t be easy to fix that pen. I think he is going to need to replace Infante who is quite likely to be a commodity after the Yankees re-sign Cano.
Perez is likely to be the guy but I don’t see him hitting even .250.

I don’t think this is impossible as some people think and that is to trade Prince even though you have to eat part of the contract (35 million or so) and reroute the money toward a OF like Choo or Beltran. I think there is a 50/50 chance that Perez is our 2B. He does have better range than Omar and is faster. DD wants a faster club. Put VMart at 1B and have rotational DH that way if they make to the WS you don’t have a full-time DH playing the field.

I kinda think the Tigers are going to go for legendary Lloyd. At least that would mean we get a new hitting coach!

I don’t know if Gibson would be the right manager for the Tigers even though I think his team would play hard which the Tigers need to do. I am hoping they bring in a manager that level-headed and don’t take a lot of risk or play the odds or manager by feel. The Tigers are too good and just let them play and have the pieces fall where they may.

In 2005 , The Tigers signed Magglio. He played 85 games. He had to play 82 for his vesting option of 5 years. He was shutdown after he felt discomfort and the option had vested. Guillen was as usual was injured. And Polanco came midseason and the closer was Farnsworst. The rotation Aces: Mike Maroth and Bonderman. Trammell had no chance
Leyland received a pretty improved team,full seasons of Magglio , Guillen with a career season and Polanco. And a rotation with Kenny Rogers and Justin Verlander with a Zumaya, Rodney, and Roller Coster ,but effective, Todd Jones secure combination for 7,8,9. Still, he had a bad second half and relinquished the first place the last week. And Sean casey replaced Dimitri Young.
2007, he allowed Sheffield to play RF and Polanco ran into him ending the season for the Tigers
2008, the Murderer´s row. 300 hitter from 1 to 9 with the addition of Miguel. Good enough to last place thanks to the demolition job of the pitching staff by ChucK Hernadez.
2009. 4 games to go, 3 ahead. Only team in history that failed to clinch. 9th worst collapse in MLB history. One single game and the Minnesota’s surge was just a great failed effort. He rested Polaco( he had plenty in the winter) and started Figaro.
2010, a transition year
2011 to 2013. Miguel gave the Tigers three consecutive MVP season. He deserved the award over Hamilton and Verlander. Plus one of the top 10 seasons in history for a pitcher in 2011 from Verlander.
0 World Series.In the Central is no big deal to go to the DS
JL fans like to bragg about how he tamed Barry Bond. Well, after Bonds left Pittsburgh, JL collected four losing seasons. Then Lamont added 4 more and McClendon 4 and 9/10
As Weaver said, “Bad ballplayers make good managers, not the other way around. All I can do is help them be as good as they are.”. He had extremely good players, no ring.
In 1981 , Gates Brown was fired by Leones del Caracas. He was replaced by Jim Leyland who left for Xmas. Chico Carrasquel replaced him and won the Venezuelan league and repeated the next with the same players they couldnt handle ( Tony Armas, Andres Galaraga , Bo Diaz and Dave Stewart).

I wont miss him (unless they hire Legendary Lloyd or Lamont)

Roger Craig was successful with the Giants, Jeff Jones for manager?
“Dave Dombrowski says he isn’t looking for culture change with #Tigers. Will that impact his managerial hire?”

I’d take Trammell back. This is a different group of players than he had to work with the first time around. I always thought JL beneficiary of those lean years Trammell put in when they had to start from rock bottom. To this day I think they unfairly released Alan prematurely. Just my opinion. But…JL getting them to the WS his fist season certainly speaks a lot for him. I will both miss him and look forward to the change. Other than Gibby, none of the other managers that have been mentioned here interest me, including Madden. He can stay in Tampa. Gardenhire, a no also. Lets get a little more creative.

I do agree Alan got a rot deal so my vote is for Tram.

JL was the beneficiary……..

While Chuck Hernandez was the pitching coach of a bad 2008 staff he was also the pitching coach of a 2006 which had the best era and went to the World Series. So which one was he the best or the worse? Why is it that nobody is ever willing to believe that it might not be the coach or the manager but an underachieving banged up staff that wouldn’t listen because their egos wouldn’t let them.

Almost every Tigers pitcher had some injury in 2007 and 2008. The bad planning of Verlander schedule in 2008 ST was on him . And he was replaced so the GM saw him at fault

The maligned Knapp was the coach when JV began his historic season

Or he was a scape goat…… coaches and managers always are. Heck for all I know Herdandez could of been the crappiest or best pitching coach ever. One year with the best pitching staff the next two one of the worst. If you or anyone is going to blame him for 2007-2008 you have to give him credit for 2006.

Also, “Where are you Andy Van slyke” did not return after the ’08 (?) season. Wasn’t invited back is the explanation I seem to recall.

The thing about Jim is that I nearly always knew what he was going to do, and usually also knew what he was going to say.
As with most things Leyland, this was both good and bad.

I kinda like the idea of Jeff Jones as manager. He sure does know how to handle the pitchers!

Lamont, Lloyd, both good choices. Gino is 67 so that would be short term. Unless the new manager comes with a wizard of a pitching coach, I’d like to keep Jeff Jones in that capacity.
Larry Parrish?
I know this all sounds like Leyland part II but it HAS worked.

I agree right now I like Jeff Jones as pitching coach…however it took him and Justin way too long to figure it out.

I’d take Jones over Lamont or Lloyd. What type of manager would be Hunter’s choice? Just wondering.

Himself! 🙂

There you go, finally a level headed, managerial suggestion!! Torii Hunter as player/manager!! When’s the last time the MLB had one of those?

Fun read from Lynn Henning. Of course, he names nearly every available (and some non-available) candidate except for Dan and I. 🙂

Funny….I read that too.

i wouldn’t be surprised if Jones, Lamont and Lloyd all had ideas of how to improve the club. A major question is how DD & Mr. I will change the club this offseason….if it is not a big change then I see the value in going internal like that. If it is a big change, then maybe external is the way to go.
DD has he work cut out for him this offseason that is for sure.

Well, since Mr. D seems to come up with lots of surprises, it wouldn’t surprise me if he did it again.

I would not be too wild about Sciosa. Seems to me has always had a lot of talent to work with too.

The only thing I know for sure is that I don’t know who it will be and that we will either be happy or complaining again next year.

What we really need is for Miggy to get fixed and then to lose 20 pounds. Carrying the extra weight does more than just slow a person down. It stresses the joints and it discourages proper conditioning.
I would like to see Miguel trim himself down and see it it benefits him even more. He loves to play the game. I think he would be a happier man legging out a triple once in while rather than waltzing into 2nd..
I have heard talk about Ellsbury and the Tigers. Right on. Not sure that would happen but you are talking about a premier player who plays with integrity and intensity.

Holden, are you new to this blog? Welcome, I do not remember seeing you on here until the last month. Very profound, happy or complaining. Yeah Rich, Larry Parrish sounds good. I also like the idea of Bruce Fields.

Sounds about like everyone on here.

if you are new Holden – then welcome!

wasnt Parrish 2005 Minor League Manager of the Year? That’s good…but what happened in Atlanta when he was hitting coach – the offense tanked!?

If an offense needs a hitting coach to keep it from tanking, it wasn’t much of an offense to begin with.

If mangers cant not be blamed for their failures then they can not expect the credit either.It cuts both ways.
Keep away from Baker, he would try to get complete games from Scherzer. And from Manuel too ,he badly mismanaged Johan Santana and KRod. People here feel he has something against venezuelans( right or wrong, and known by 6 Tigers) He has some opportunity , he was bench coach with JL

Yes they should but I never heard JL or any other manager get credit only the blame. It’s much easier to blame one guy than a guy for not hitting or pitching or fielding.

You never read Lynn Henning?

Who? :p

And a big heck no to Dusty Baker……

i second that

between Lloyd, Tom, Gene, Jeff and Larry…..which one would you choose? I don’t know enough about them….but I think I want Jeff to focus on the pitching and to get a new hitting coach. So that seems to point to promoting Lloyd. What say ya’ll?

Lamont if he’s up for another year. Of the five you mentioned, that one’s obvious.

I think we gotta go with the cool. calm and collected Pinella here.

Worst suggestion I heard was Ozzie Guillen.

Best suggestion I head was Donald Kelly.

could the organization just open up some type of virtual account that could determine the choice of the majority of “tiger nation” at any decision junction, whether it be lineups, bullpen, when to pull the starter, who to pinch hit, when to steal and when to lay down a bunt…

No trammel….JL DID A GREAT JOB TO TURN IT AROUND…….go all out on gibson………here you go….gibson….get ken Rogers for pitching coach……..then get a new hitting coach and base coach……outside chance tigers promote someone from farm system

Trammell was involved with the initial team that eventually did so well in 2006. I think Dombrowski fired Trammell way too soon. If he would have let him stay another two years, Trammell would now be the hero. I think they should bring Trammell and Gibson back. Dombrowski is the one that should be let go, he’s been spending high dollars for many years and there’s been little to show for the amount that has been spent by the organization.

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