Cabrera’s injury: Groin strain/tear, surgery possible

Now the Tigers can reveal how much of an injury Miguel Cabrera was playing through — or injuries. He has two, Dave Dombrowski said. One of them was pretty severe.

“He has a groin [injury], they say grade two, grade three, which means there’s some tearing of fibers in that area,” Dombrowski said. “It was not going to heal with rest, we were assured of that.”

An examination by Dr. William Meyers, a specialist in Philadelphia, led to the diagnosis. The Tigers had Cabrera fly in to see Dr. Meyers before the start of the postseason. He’s expected to visit again shortly to evaluate whether surgery is required.

If Cabrera does have surgery, Dombrowski said, he’s expected to be fully recovered in time for next Spring Training.

Cabrera actually had two different injuries down the stretch. The first was an abdominal strain that began bothering him around the end of June. He played through that and showed no signs of being limited, other than some limitations in his mobility.

“When he had the abdominal strain, he played the month of August and was Player of the Month, even though it continued to restrict him,” Dombrowski said.

The groin strain was a separate injury, and it happened down the stretch.

“He hurt his groin against the White Sox when he slid into second base,” Dombrowski said. “The abdominal strain became healed and then the groin became a problem.”

Though Dombrowski didn’t give a specific date, the description points towards Sept. 21, when Cabrera tried to stretch a single off the right-field fence into a double. His old teammate, Avisail Garcia, threw him out at second.

Even before that, though, Cabrera was becoming increasingly limited, and the debate over Cabrera would be better off resting for a couple weeks was picking up momentum. When the question came up, team officials consistently said they were told he could not make the injury worse.

What Dombrowski said Monday was that they knew rest wouldn’t make it better, unless they shut him down for the season.

“If somebody would have said to us, put him on the DL for a couple weeks and he’ll be better, we would have put him on the DL,” Dombrowski said.


When it comes to injury/Miguel Cabrera/Post Season/DL—I take everything I hear with several grains of salt.

???????? So not only are you a baseball manager expert you are now a doctor and trainer.

So, fans were right. There was surgery in the future.

but they were wrong in insisting that rest would help….it wouldn’t have.

“What Dombrowski said Monday was that they knew rest wouldn’t make it better, unless they shut him down for the season.” So shutting down him could have been the best option in the long term. Could have him avoided surgery? I dont know , just a thought

What right do you have to an opinion?
I guess about the same right as mine eh?
My comment was simply that it was in the vested interests of Miguel and/or the club to play through the injury. What we heard in the media may not have been in the best interests of us.
Dr. Dan

paging Dr. Dan, paging Dr. Dan.

I hope we don’t go the free agent route this off-season. With the exception of maybe Boone Logan or Eric O’Flaherty to grab a decent lefty for the bullpen, it’s too costly and too risky.

Scott Downs, Gonzalez, Lopez and Perez are available. All were mentioned as trade deadline targets to replace Coke.

Dan, But they didn’t lie, they didn’t underplay it they said all along it would not make it worse playing through it. No lying no grains of salt that is what they said all along. So I don’t get your point.

i feel like it did get worse or at least moved from flexor to groin, no?

I think they are all considerably older than Logan or O’Flaherty.
With age comes more history and respect but also a riskier contract. Personally I like Logan. He’s got a good arm. can hold runners on. Strikes out rate almost 4 X BB
Playing in NY might have hardened up a bit more too. His salary may not be too onerous but he’ll be more costly than Coke for sure.

A guy I’d like to see them take a chance on is Neftali Feliz. Showed great promise and then had to have Tommy John surgery. As we have seen recently, many of these relievers actually come back throwing stronger after TJ surgery.
He’s not a free agent and won’t be for a couple of years so maybe DD could swing a trade.

My point is that Miggy may in fact have benefitted from a rest when he first went down. We’ll never know. I always thought that it was not a good idea to play him when he was about 50%. They can claim that rest wouldn’t have helped but what would you say if your franchise player insisted on playing?
I give Miggy lots of credit for playing hurt. I just don’t think it was wise.
It’s only an opinion.

I’m speculating there were probably some mixed feelings about him playing hobbled in spite of what the talking heads say. Selfish, imo. But, that’s just my opinion.

And you definitely wouldn’t have made the playoffs.

I think we’re talking about two separate injuries, BUT………if it’s the play I’m thinking of, Miggy was thrown out because he was hobbled by the first injury. He should have had an easy double.

It is like the Strasburg situation but with a real injury instead of a possible future one.

Tom Brookens was supposed to be the heir apparent. I wonder if they’ll pick him. What about Sandy Alomar? Probably not enough experience.

Relatively Inexperienced managers will battle for the WS . 2 and a half year and 2 years were enough to take them to the WS for Farrell and Matheny

The Pennsylvania Poker!? Who said that he might be the heir? Didn’t he lead the ‘Caps to a title a lil while back? Hey remember when Masterson got away with a balk, and first-base umpire Paul Emmel tossed both Leyland and Brookens?

Brookens can’t even manage 3rd base let alone a whole team….sorry Brookens I still like ya just nor ready.

What year did Brookens become a coach with the Tigers?? Does anyone remember in 2012 when he spent a couple days with Mr. Leyland on the bench??? He played on our last World Series winner and certainly deserves to be interviewed for the job.

“He felt that he wasn’t going to be shut down,” Dombrowski said. “We gave him the guarantee, as Dr. Myers did, that he wouldn’t be shut down under any circumstances because he didn’t want to be shut down.”

Time to eat 40 MM and put him back at first.

Brooken’s could tie us over for another year if there is a manager we wanted in the last year of his contract. Like a backup plan if we can’t land a decent manager this year.

Just the way he was treated at 3rd base tells me he might not be the right person unless you want players running roughshod over the manager. I think he was kinda disrespected. We don’t need that.

from BYB:
“Myers is a “the world’s leading sports hernia doctor.”

Dr. Kathy’s diagnosis way back in July or August as I recall.

when you can’t lift your left leg to run, something is seriously wrong.

That’s a good point Kathy. (The disrespect comment)

August when you wanted him sitting
.356 avg
1.162 ops
17 runs
11 hr
31 RBI
13 bb

And they would not of made the playoffs….guaranteed. It is what it is. The organization got the advice of experts and they followed the advice. And remember he missed several games in end of July and beginning of August.

In response to the issue of respect for the new manager. Do players respect new coaches in general? What about the guy in BOS – he seems to do OK. What about Wedge, he’s never won poop but 1 AL central title – is that enough? [I don’t want wedge] For that matter does player accomplishments do the trick (e.g. gibby)? i’m just curious and not being sarcastic

any thoughts to whether Jim Price is back in the booth in ’14?

this screams internal :Dombrowski says he has no intentions of “chang[ing] the culture”

damn emotocons

Nobody wants Miggy sitting. We want him healthy. no point hashing over yesterday’s breakfast but the club did play well when Miggy was sitting. That in itself was very important. I think the collective mentality on the team tends to think everything will be OK if Miggy is in. Perhaps sub-conciously they lose a bit of their edge.
I don’t know. I do know that he will remain healthier as a 1st baseman longer than at 3rd.

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