Game 6 lineups: Tigers at Red Sox

More Boston 007

Alex Avila is in the starting lineup, which was really the one question lingering about the Tabbies’ starting nine tonight.

“I just left the trainers room. … He’s ready to go,” Jim Leyland said in the interview room Saturday afternoon. “He feels good. I don’t think that’ll be any kind of drawback.”

TIGERS (career/series numbers against Buchholz)

  1. Torii Hunter, RF (4-for-27, 4 walks, 6 K’s / 0-for-3, 2 K’s)
  2. Miguel Cabrera, 3B (6-for-24, HR, 3 walks, 4 K’s / 1-for-3, HR, K)
  3. Prince Fielder, 1B (2-for-9, walk, 3 K’s / 1-for-3, 2B, 2 K’s)
  4. Victor Martinez, DH (2-for-8 / 2-for-2, 2 2B, HBP)
  5. Jhonny Peralta, LF (6-for-20, 4 K’s / 1-for-3)
  6. Alex Avila, C (5-for-11, HR, 3 walks, K / 2-for-3, HR)
  7. Omar Infante, 2B (3-for-11, walk, K / 1-for-3)
  8. Austin Jackson, CF (5-for-22, HR, 2 walks, 4 K’s / 0-for-3)
  9. Jose Iglesias, SS

P: Max Scherzer

RED SOX (career/series numbers against Scherzer)

  1. Jacoby Ellsbury, CF (5-for-11, HR, 4 walks, K / 0-for-2, walk)
  2. Shane Victorino, RF (3-for-12, 4 K’s / 1-for-2, HBP)
  3. Dustin Pedroia, 2B (5-for-20, 2 HR, 4 K’s / 1-for-3, 2B, 2 K’s)
  4. David Ortiz, DH (7-for-17, 3 HR, 4 walks, 4 K’s / 0-for-2, walk, 2 K’s)
  5. Mike Napoli, 1B (1-for-13, walk, 5 K’s)
  6. Jarrod Saltalamacchia, C (5-for-15, HR, 4 K’s / 0-for-3)
  7. Jonny Gomes, LF (2-for-9, 5 K’s / 0-for-3, 3 K’s)
  8. Stephen Drew, SS (2-for-13, walk, 5 K’s / 0-for-2, K)
  9. Xander Bogaerts, 3B

P: Clay Buchholz


Late innings; Tigers ahead by 1 or 2; men get on base, do you turn to Porcello or Fister for the ground ball?
I know who I turn to.

Fister than Porcello than PRAY

Do I dare predict a breakout game for Prince? Guess I just did. It has been so frustrating to watch him the last two series!! How wonderful it would be if tonight that frustration turns to rejoicing! It’s ok to dream right?

Every baseball instinct bone in my body says we’re going to lose this game and it won’t be close.
The fun part is when those instincts are proven wrong.

They will win today. The gods of baseball love Scherzer.
It will come to Verlander who will get his chance to full redemption .And he better perform as usual because fans would forgive Scherzer but never Verlander if things go wrong today or tomorrow

lots of anxiety over here. no more baseball until april sounds terrible.

The “good thing” about having to win two in a row in Fenway with our backs to the wall with Max and Verlander going back to back is that it sure makes for great drama and the stuff of legend. Can we score enough to ride their arms to the WS?

It will help if we can get Fielder going for sure. I don’t think it to be very probable though.
I’d be happy with getting Omar going again too.

We need to hit as a team. That’s how we win. It’s not just Fielder. Now that Alex set the lineup the Skipper better focus on the pitching. Go Tigers!!!!!!

Watching the pre-game show and I think if fox shows that Ortiz grand slam again I’ll scream. They’ve only showed it 5 million times over the last 7 days. Argh.

We had good pitching and good hitting at the beging of the season. Than we didn’t. Now we will for the last 2 games. Big night for Prince. They will go out there tonight and just have fun and relax.

Here we go!

1st inning….Miggy swung at 3 pitches well out of the strike zone. Argh!

My stomach is churning, OMG!

Anxiety is killing both Miguel and Prince
On the bright side, a lot of work for Buccholz

Except we don’t want their pen….

That’s the problem. And their closer is probably ready for another five-out appearance.

I see Buchholz’s strategy. He intends to bore us to death.
Miggy and Biggy striking out is base enough but the message it sends to the rest of the team and the antithesis of energy is brutal.

And all this with 3 outs

Yep sure looked like he swung..

As we say here, had he made contact, it was HR

Don’t expect any favours from the umps tonight.
Just sayin’
The bigger challenge will be for Max to not hang the slider. He hung it to pedroia and jacked his pitch count way up. he got away with another one to Napoli.
It’s working, but not all the time.

The 0-1 pitch to Alex was out of the strike zone, but McCarver said nothing about it when the graphic demonstrated it.

That’s real nice that the announcers can pick up Avila’s hurt knee resulting in a flawed swing.

3-0 pitch to Omar out of the strike zone and McCarver says nothing.

Believe me Dan I don’t expect favor from umpires…,I expect them to be incompetent.

1-0 pitch to Austin out of the strike zone.

Yes……McCarver and Buck are idiots.

Miguel’s second ab looked nearly as bad as the first…..not a good sign unless some of these other guys pick up the slack…as a say that Prince grounds out weakly again.

I don’t even want to dignify the term offense in our case.
Offensive, bloody offensive really.
Iggy gets on and Hunter swings at the 1st pitch. I know Miggy is hurting but to swing at bad pitches and not make contact is really deflating his team.
The umping here is very inconsistent. I think we are going to be complaining about this all night by the looks of things.
Buchholz is getting the outside pitch and Max is not.

Exactly, Buchholz getting calls and Max is not.

Ump has made it perfectly clear what his agenda is tonight…….bucholz getting all kinds of pitches called strikes and Scherzer getting screwed into the ground……I hate umpires.

Max has to throw strikes to Ellsbury. Cant get cute here

Throw him your rise ball Max!
Turning point in the game here. I hope Miggy doesn’t screw it up

Here is the game. Right here in the 3rd inning. And all because this idiot ump doesn’t not have a fair strike zone.
— Bob

That long delay is not good. Or they do it faster or dont do it at all

Scherzer is getting worked hard early, while Tiger hitters make easy outs. Not a good recipe.

I refuse to make any excuses for this team. Not on injuries, bad umps or anything else. That’s why I couldn’t stand Brandon Inge. He had one excuse after another, until it just made me sick. Everybody’s got an excuse. The only player who takes responsibility is Mister Fister “I didn’t do my job.”

54 pitches for Scherzer/50 for Buccholz still living on the rents of the first inning

Good teams take advantage of what just happened. We caught 3 breaks that inning. We could be “ovah” right now.
Have to let that work for you and stoke you up.
Turn it around and put the fear into the Sox.

Jhonny doesn’t have shirt buttoned up, gk.

Peralta looks terrible at the plate. I would much rather see Dirks in there. Miggy and Avila look like they can barely walk. Need some energy in there. This great new “lineup” ain’t gonna get it done today.

I don’t know ’bout Andy, but I have to agree about Jhonny. He has always gone through some short slumps.

Why would Hunter not take Ortiz’ fly ball?
This ump just gave Max one 6″ outside. He’s gonna be a factor.
Boston has co-operated with us this inning. Quick outs for Max/
Very worried that we won’t take advantage of opportunities or mistakes

He’s got his reasons.

I would worry if there were a runner on base and the 2b takes that

Looked safe

Waiting the replay

Station to station baseball even with Austin on base.

Now, that’s where I would have had Iggy bunt the runner up with Torii coming up.

That play is not easy for Infante. Much easier for the RF who has some depth perception

Exactly and would be a problem with a runner on since Hunter would have the momentum unlike Infante

Again, the Sox are helping Max with quick outs.
I just might throw the laptop at the flat screen if Miggy and Biggy have crappy at bats again

Those guys hit our mistakes.
We don.t

Again Bogarts was struck out instead he got a double……Iassona and his agenda just cost the tigers. I’d like to say shocked but I’m not. Umpire made it pretty clear early on.

Torii showed his age on that throw. It almost didn’t make it to the plate on the roll.
That should have an out at home

Gotta hand it to Farrell for giving the kid a chance to play.
Max threw the ball over the middle of the plate twice after 2 out
Those are huge mistake pitches

Their best opportunity is this

A gift walk. Let’s make them pay.

the 3 run HR is set

so is the triple play

A gift….? Those pitches nowhere near the strike zone.

Ya i lost count on how many pitches out of the zone that were called strikes for the red sox.


VICTOR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
— Bob

I fricking love you victor! You are the man! Great job tigers! Lets keep it going with our other hottest hitter coming up.

And finally a clutch hit.
I know JL might be tempted to PH Andy here. W would not do it

He wants to win


It was the worst running ever

And good for Jhonny

Fileder had to go to home to prevent the DP

Not going back to 3B

That is a complete joke. Are you freaking kidding me? What a waste. Fielder is a complete tool.
— Bob

Oh Prince!!!!

Unbelievable. How many ways can this non-baseball player hurt this team?

Pathetic beyond belief.

Pylon…..takes a nice walk ….then runs himself into an out….why is he worth 23 million a year?

That was probably one of the dumbest base running plays ive ever seen. Smh!

And the game is close, why he takes out Peralta?

Who put himself in scoring position

Absurd move by Leyland. Overmanaging again.

Ridiculous to take out Peralta for pinch runner. Stupid move by Leyland.

I had just said to my son during the pitching change that Prince had to make sure he could make it if he was going to run a ground ball. Unbelievable. Then Leyland removes Peralta, and thus his bat, from the game. Prince and Leyland: Detroit’s one-two punch.

Yeah, like the one-two punch of Laurel and Hardy.

For a professional athlete to care so little about his physique and appearance says much about Fielder. He is obviously completely unmotivated to work on a dietary and exercise program that would change his physical condition. Disgusting.

Torii talks about that all the time. “You’re body is your investment.”

Torri obviously takes pride in his 38-year-old body.

Dan & Jim don’t know what to say.

They should just give Fielder away. He just let Boston back in the game

Fielder is lazy and lackadaisical.

Game 2 – Bottom of the 8th.
Game 6 – Top of the 6th.
Two half innings that will live in Tigers infamy if we lose this series.
— Bob

If we lose, he’ll never be forgiven for that gaff on top of everything else.

Ok not now

Walk Ortiz

If your gonna call a wide strike zone call it for both teams. Asshole umpire!

More excellent ball/strike calls in this ab to Pedroia…..freaking umpire honestly.

Ooh would pheralta have made that catch? I think he would of.

I don’t Probably one-hop.

So maybe jim leyland did know what he was doing taking pheralta out for kelly.

Do not throw Napol hi gas
We are playing like we expect to lose

Light a candle for Max.

Awesome wild pitch…….

Wow !!!! Max Effort.
— Bob

Unless Max dies in the top of the 7th he better be back out there!

Peralta does not catch that ball by Ortiz. We knew he would come in for defense and with another potential run in scoring position Leyland did the right thing
JP is not hitting as keenly as he started out. I like the move

If Tigers fail to hold lead, the crucial play in pivotal game might be Prince Fielder tagged out — just as in 2012 WS at plate.

I have to admit that I don’t think Peralta makes that catch on Ortiz.

Awesome job by sherzer. Unless he has a really quick 7th it doesnt look like hes gonna go more than 7 tonight. Lets hope our bullpen comes to play tonight. I miss rondon.

Well kudos to leyland then for bringing in kelly knowing the top of the order was coming up.

Dan I said the same thing tonight about Peralta and his hitting Soxs are starting to handle him. Not hitting ball as well.
More great base running by tigers!

Jackson gets picked off. Geez!!!!!!!!!

Surprise by Torii.

Ooh it looked like jackson might of made it back just in time. Cmon cabby!

Very, very close, but I did think he was out.

Miggy has to get real here.
Lay off the high fastballs.
I sure hope we don’t have to review prince’s base running (contradiction in terms)
over an over now. That would mean we were to have lost.
{laying very poor baseball

Has Miggy been setting Tazawa up for this at bat? Come on Miggy. Don’t be over anxious.
— Bob

That’s why you want a good SS.

Nope. Once again, he swung at the pitcher’s pitch.
— Bob

Oh geez. Tough break but great play by Drew. Here we go. This is the inning. Let’s hope the ump comes to his senses and Max doesn’t overthrow.
We’re getting dangerously close to our bullpen with this pitch count.
Can our team please regroup and play some baseball now?

Cmon sherzer! Final 15 pitches. Make it count

I just called a home run by Gomes—told my wife this is a gig game guy. Glad I was wrong.
Drew is due and we should be very worried.

Sherzers getting tired. Thank you green monster!

Base running gaffs…….

Sherzers going on pure adrenaline right now.

Hopefully its enough to get through this inning

That was an effing strike. This is horse apples.
— Bob

Smyly in

And that was strike

How many times is that fricking umpire screwed over Max tonight?? Sorry for my language but he’s an asshole!

Why does a rookie with 44 regular season at bats get the close pitches? And that was not even close. Ridiculous. Iasonoga. Another umpire to add to my hate list.
— Bob

Wtf! Thats b.s. umpire sucks! Calling strikes balls for us and calling balls strikes for boston. Ridiculous!

Well the ump didn’t come to his senses. I have never been one to be to critical of umps but this one needs to be reviewed. Every ump in basebll give Max Scherzer a K there against a rookie. Every one.
Leyland now factors into the game. I don’t think Smyly is read for this and even if he gets Ellsbury you darn well JL will overmanage and bring in Veras

Smyly did the job

We knew this was going to happen the moment Prince went brain dead.

Another error. Didn’t need that.

He tried to hurry. Falling apart at the seams. We probably weren’t going to turn two on Ellsbury. He just needed to take the one out. Now we are in a real mess.
Smyly out? Why JL? Who is going to pitch to Ortiz? You still have to make 7 outs.
— Bob

I am so tired of the Leyland overmanaging.

You can’t make this stuff up. Iglesias dropping a ball right into his mitt?
They are playing like they know they are going to lose.

Well between an idiot for a homeplate umpire, two base running gaffs and a sure handed short stop screwing up it doesn’t feel good right now.

Ortiz won’t matter. The game will over for all intents and purposes before he come up

Have a nice off seaon everyone. Why take out Smyly you stupid SOC? On an 0-2 pitch. What a joke.
Fire JL.
— Bob

It is not over yet but they are making reservation to SL

You can’t make this stuff up.
Veras is as dense as Alburquerque. 3 straight curve balls. Nice serve
What a bullpen.
And what an over-manager.
Truth is this is not a championship calibre team.
It ain’t what it ain’t

Too many mistakes to go around.

Jim Leyland overmanaging and mismanaging again. Once again, he should have just left Smyly in. Get rid of Leyland please.

Keep over managing JL. You gotta keep up the illusion that you know what the hell you are doing.
— Bob

Why won’t those asshole announcers talk about the strike three to Bogaerts?

They’ve played this whole series like they didn’t really believe they would win it.
Lots of areas of concern for next year.
Not looking forward to 162 consecutive games from Prince.
It will be like an ongoing insult to the fans’ intelligence.
Not saying he’s responsible. Just an unsolvable problem.
Iassogna must be as happy as the fans.

Im speechless. We need a bullpen and we need cabby back at 1st so we can shore up this infield defense and im not sure leyland is the right guy to lead us to the promised land. I wish the yankees would take fielder off our hands.

Veras is a joke. Rondon will help, but we need another arm in the pen. Trading Garcia was a mistake.

McGruber makes the idiot mistake of bringing up the great at bat by Bogaerts as if he really earned the walk when in reality it was a K. Nice point Timmy. Nice call ump. Bring on reviews.

Iassogna from Bridgeport, CT. Do the math. What a crock of shit.

Wow, great observation.

Fielder to DH, Miguel at 1B and try to find playing time for Victor or trade him

Fielder won’t do DH They will have to move him or we are stuck. This was our opportunity and we blew it………AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It sucks because were stuck with fielder. Victor is all heart and fielder is just a slob. But if were gonna shore up the infield the only way to do it is put cabby back at 1st and find a good 3rd baseman. So the only place for fielder to go is dh but id rather have victor. Its just stupid. Were stuck. But i really firmly believe that bullpwn help and infield defense is all we need to take the next step.

The ump was a travesty but we would have found some other way to lose. I have no doubt about that.

I agree, Dan. But still that was ridiculous.

McCarver is now making more sense with his analysis of the overrated pitch count.

Our Tigers could still win. I’m not giving up, yet. If it comes down to the last out, over and out. Catch up with you tomorrow. Heartbreak Hotel.

Why weren’t the Wolf’s behind the plate in Detroit?

Iglesias made the play and the missed call was a footnote


That was a strike any day of the damn week.

it was a strike but then they failed the DP

Dan & Jim were sick about the Bogaerts call. Strike all the way, every day.

Horrible umps.

OK, I’m shutting it off. Won’t watch Boston celebrate. Can’t just blame Iggy. Big mistakes in every game. Terrible baserunning and fundamentals.

Only that play. The series was over when Benoit threw a change up to Ortiz

Team failure.

This blows. What a stupid series. Im so dissapointed. The messed up part is we outplayed them most of this series. Catch you all next year. Iassogna. F*** YOU!.

Back to the drawing board

The series was over as soon as Smokey managed scared in the 8th inning of Game 2. After that, the team played scared the rest of the series. I will never forgive JL for the 8th inning of Game 2.
— Bob

Irony is El Tigre, Victor got hurt, forcing an ill advised ridiculous signing. And now, how do you find playing time for Victor if PF becomes DH? Game over. They rode their SP as far as they could. HP umpire could not make the proper call when he was tested on that 3rd strike to Bogaerts.

There is no place for that many DH in the team

Yes tigers made mistakes tonight …..but iassogna made sure of a loss didn’t he. I hate umpires.

The Tigers handed the Red Sox that series on a silver platter. The only thing they did well was have good starting pitching, which is really the only thing this team has. A very disappointing performance.
On umpire Dan Iassogna: if a homeplate umpire set out to turn a game in one team’s favor, he would have behaved exactly as this man did tonight. In all my life, I never ever considered an umpire would deliberately throw a game, but the calls he made were so………strategic. It may not be what it is, but it’s certainly what it looked like.
All in all, it was a very good example of why I much prefer the regular season over this postseason circus. This was not fun at any time, save game 4 of the ALDS.
Post mortems to come……….whenever.

ElTigre. I totally agree with you. That GS by Ortiz changed everything.
Max probably can’t believe his eyes. Two well pitched games and two late inning grand slams off the “support staff”.
JL comes in does the same things with Smyly and Veras. Can this man never think out of the box?
Yes there was the lineup change but it was pretty obviouslhe had to do something given the media and fan pressure.
The guy does not manage his bullpen well. He needs an overpowering closer having a career year or he he is lost.

Rich I have to say you are spot on. It was almost blatant.
We have the technology to call balls and strikes. Wouldn’t it be nice to use it?
Fixing the problem any other way is just not going to work. When there wren’t many teams in the majors umps were far fewer. You could get the cream of the crop. Now you just get a crop.

Boston retooled in one season and turned it completely around. We should do the same. This team will not win next year either. It is built to be a winning team but not to be the best. There is not enough fire. Not enough speed. Not enough defense. Not enough discipline. Not enough BP. Not enough grit. The way I see it Boston is the better team. The irony is, they didn’t steal it from us, we failed to steal it from them starting with Game 2.

Curious, what did dan & jim say about the pitching changes?

Having said that, in this particular game the umpire decided the outcome. Max could have continued pitching and under much less stress. Yes Jose booted that ball but it wouldn’t have had the impact it did if the ump would have called Bogaerts out.
Our SP has to be the best or close to it. But much work to be done with the rest of the team.

And they actually gave us a lot of chances on missed opportunities today.
Even at 2-1 it felt like we were behind. Why is that?
Because we could see it on the faces of the Tigers we love.
Not sure perez is ready. Castellanos will be OK-but we need, as Marty says, more speed. much more speed..

Just trade Fielder, whatever it costs, trade him.

Can’t say I don’t disagree about Fielder but how do you replace those 109 rbi’s.

Agree Dan. Someone said it perfectly. It may have been you. Prince Fielder remaining at first base blocks a lot of possibilities and directions the Tigers could go. He could hit 40 HRs and 125 rbi and I think the team still wouldn’t get to the WS. This year did not have the same feel as last year. Maybe I’m just getting too old.

GK you probably can’t. But I don’t think you necessarily have to if you can improve defense and speed at that position. I guess it comes down to preferences and what your philosophy of the game is. No question Prince can hit. I just don’t think we can win with him. I want to be clear though, our team didn’t lose just because of Prince. It was a team effort with the ump pitching in.

One scenario where you could keep Prince and maximize his value would be to make him the DH. You could sign Victor and make him the first baseman. Still haven’t addressed the lack of speed problem but at least defense is improved at that position.

Lots of problems:
The bullpen, media knows it, fans know it, and the opposition knows it. You have to have more than arms out there.
The bench, if you want to have an excellent team (and that is what it takes to go all the way) you have to have bench players that shouldn’t be bench players.
Team speed. Too many runners left on for a team that lead in hitting.
A leadoff hitter/base stealing threat.
Somebody to replace Torii. He is not going to get better out there next year. He is not going to hit as well either. Time breaks all things down. Be nice on the bench though.
I think we are stuck with the (Clown) Prince and the manager. That will in itself put a lot more pressure on the other components of the team to perform better to compensate.
This is a team that needs energy. From their manager too.
We also need our GM to have a better off season the last one.

Cant wait to see what moves detroit makes this offseason. We need bullpen help but i honestly dont think its as bad as it seems. It just got used the wrong way. I think rondon is ready to step into the closer role. Veras is a decent pitcher but ge never should of thrown 3 straight curveballs over the plate in the exact same spot like that. As soon as he pitched that 3rd curveball and i seen that It was a curveball i thought oh crap hes gonna drill it and then boom gone. Anybody know what the free agent market for bullpen pitchers looks like this year?

Not sure but I hope Veras, Coke, Downs, Putkonen, Reed, Dotel and Bonderman are on it

Me too. We need a real bullpen and not a bunch of has beens and young inexperienced guys that arent very good. We need sure things and power arms in the pen. I really didnt think veras was that bad he just threw the exact same pitch 3 times in a row in the exact same spot. Hell quinten berry would of hit that pitch out. But i would say build around smyly and rondon and benoit and i guess keep alal. He actually pitched pretty good this postseason. I guess that would leave only 3 spots. I dont know. Those guys really dont sound bad but thats who cost us a couple games. They were just really not managed well.

Jim leyland stepping down as tigers manager. Holy crap. Although i bet he got fired and there letting him save face. Its time for a change. Change is good. I cant wait for this offseason.

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