Did Tigers lineup shift make a difference?

It seems to depend on who you ask. Technically, everybody but Jose Iglesias was batting in a different spot in the order. The sequential order of most of the hitters, however, remained the same.

As players gave their opinion, you could tell those two facets drew different opinions.

It certainly felt different to Jackson, who got to watch seven batters’ worth of pitches from Jake Peavy before stepping to the plate.

“It felt a little different, just hitting down in the order and coming up after guys have already hit and getting a chance to see what he’s doing to guys,” Jackson said. “I think that it definitely helped to be able to get to see some of the pitches that he was throwing other guys and just have a game plan when you go up there.”

For Torii Hunter, the feeling was in reverse, only by a much smaller difference.

“It was a lot of fun, being at the top,” Torii Hunter said. “It kind of created havoc. You try to change the mindset of the players in the lineup, Miggy hitting second, Prince hitting third, Victor hitting fourth. It was a lot of fun. I think it settled us down and allowed us to do what we had to do.”

It was less of a difference for everybody else.

“The first inning, it was a little bit – I don’t know how to say,” Miguel Cabrera said. “But in the second inning, third inning, we made the adjustment and tried to do our job.”

That job did not change for him batting second compared to third.

“I’m not going to bunt. I’m not going to hit and run,” he said. “I was just trying to get a good pitch to hit and try to do my job.”

Said Alex Avila: “After the first inning, it doesn’t matter where anybody bats. Obviously because Skip changed it, people are going to ask about it, but it’s not really a big deal to us.”

Said new cleanup hitter Victor Martinez: “[Leyland’s] the boss. We still have to execute.”


I think it clearly made a difference. The walk to AJ was the ignition.
On another note.
-I hope we don’t see Rick Porcello pitch today.
-Can Benoit ‘get it back”? he gave up the hit in the 9th to lose the no-no. The big blow to Papi that lost the game and the edge. And he looked hittable last night. He’s no Uehara but he is better than we’ve seen this series.

Might see Porcello if rain becomes an issue.

And let’s keep Ellsbury sitting in the dugout.

I think getting Austin out of the top spot for now made a big difference. Only one guy, but that guy was the leadoff hitter.

It is raining in the SE MI region now, and will continue until about 7:30 or so. Then it’s suppose to slowly stop. So right now, I’d say 45% of game start delay and 10% of a stoppage once it has started. Well see how it all progresses.

who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?

Which old dog is that? LOL.

did i say dog i ment coot

This story is on the main site and also linked on the right column here, and is a real feel good story. I just wanted to say that I had the incredibly good fortune of having attended game 5 of the 1968 WS, my only WS game ever. Next time I’m in Detroit, I have to visit the Tiger Stadium site. Seems like I spent my entire youth there.

What a neat idea – I loved seeing that video. And Horton did not get the ball out of his glove very quickly either on that play. Isn’t it funny how dressed up everyone used to be when going to games?

Actually, dressing up was a WS thing then. And there were lines of limos outside the stadium, another thing you usually didn’t see. My “pavilion” ticket actually turned out to be the same bleacher section I’d occupied all season. And one dressed to the nines lady kept referring to how wonderful “Mr. Brock” was.

Move Vmart and JP hitting 3rd and 4th respectively and Fielder hitting 5th.

Good one Rich. My memories of that game 5 go like this. I raced out of my Anthro 101 lecture and went straight to a barber shop in the Michigan Union. I figured their TV was my best chance to catch some of the game. Honestly can’t remember if I saw that play as it happened. Do remember Mayo leaving Mickey in the game to bat. Also, Kaline’s flair to RC. Oh. we had a guest lecturer from Saint Louis U.who was a Cardinal fan!!!! When Northrup hit the GS in game 6 some of us walked out.

Hey when i went to UM I frequented a barber on state street near the michigan union – only because there is no barber in the union now.

Just a note regarding the new lineup…..was it a change that was that good or was it Peavy that missed the mark? We didn’t score one run after he left?

good points. I thought our familiarity with Peavy also played a significant role.

As usual, Tigers scoring early and then the bats go into sleep mode

Was hoping Leyland would play Pena tonight.

hoping? dreaming!

Avila on the bench is not necessarily a bad thing considering the lack of power there.

BUT, I udnerstand not upsetting the applecart theory too.

That was neat watching Willie’s throw again. I also found it very interesting how perfectly the cutoff and fake by Wert was executed.

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