ALCS Game 3 lineup: Tigers vs. Red Sox

As Jim Leyland announced yesterday, Andy Dirks is back in left field. He’s batting ninth today only because he likes Alex Avila batting more towards the seventh spot the way he’s swinging. Remember, Dirks hit 6th or 7th for a good portion of the season.

As for why Dirks wouldn’t bat higher, Leyland indicated he’s not going to change the top of the order. He liked some of the swings he saw from Austin Jackson in Game 2, and he’s not moving Torii Hunter out of the two spot.

TIGERS (career numbers off John Lackey)

  1. Austin Jackson, CF (3-for-8, 3 K’s)
  2. Torii Hunter, RF (13-for-56, 2 HR, 3 walks)
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 3B (4-for-12, HR, walk, 3 K’s)
  4. Prince Fielder, 1B (4-for-9)
  5. Victor Martinez, DH (11-for-29, 4 walks, 3 K’s)
  6. Jhonny Peralta, SS (11-for-31, 8 K’s)
  7. Alex Avila, C (0-for-7, 2 walks, 3 K’s)
  8. Omar Infante, 2B (3-for-14, walk, 6 K’s)
  9. Andy Dirks, LF (2-for-5, walk)

P: Justin Verlander


  1. Jacoby Ellsbury, CF
  2. Shane Victorino, RF
  3. Dustin Pedroia, 2B
  4. David Ortiz, DH
  5. Mike Napoli, 1B
  6. Jarrod Saltalamacchia, C
  7. Jonny Gomes, LF
  8. Stephen Drew, SS
  9. Will Middlebrooks, 3B

P: John Lackey


Reasonable lineup.

I hope you are thinking the same after Lackey’s first 4 pitches.

well me too!!

Thing is dan, you switch Omar and AJ and then you have AJ stranding Alex and Jhonny, and omar hitting with nobody on base.

Peter Gammons writes several Red Sox players are complaining about Jhonny Peralta. You know, I just wish the Tigers would just beat them and shut them up I’ve never seen a team whine so much.

Thanks for the heads up. I’ll be sure not to read it. Who needs that hypocritical nonsense?

good. let them spend their time focusing on that.

I suppose they’d like to give up their World Series rings since they were won with steroid infested teams. Besides Peralta’s supposed infraction happened a year or two ago…not this year.

The thing we better not see is Jhonny batting against Ryan Dempster in a blowout situation. I don’t trust him.

I hate to say this but tori could of caught that slam. He ran to far and had to reach back for it. Had he not over ran it he would of caught that ball easily. He even admitted after the game that he lost the ball in the lights for a second. Dont get me wrong im not dogging him at all. I know he did everything he could to get that ball and i have a ton of respect for him. Im just saying imagine how awesome that would of been.

he was taking interesting routes all game IMO

I think ARod has some other issues that a lot of major leaguers aren’t happy with. A mistake is simply that, but a lifestyle and ‘I’m the best and I can do anything I want to” attitude is quite another.

You’re right. That would have likely been a World Series catch. He gave his body up for it.

I think today’s game is really really important. Get them today boys!!!!

Wow!!!! He did it. 162 regular season games. Five games in ALDS. Now the third game of the ALCS. Absolutely his bes lineup of the year!!!! .Unfortunately four of them are in a slump and Andy was froze out of the lineup for the last week. Just use it two games in a row. Gooooooo Tigers!!!!!!!!!!!

The PROFOUNDJim Leyland: ““Some people might say lead him off. I’m not going to do that.”
Then Leyland alluded to leadoff man Austin Jackson and his high volume of strikeouts in this postseason. “That is what it is,” Leyland said. “He’s our guy up top.”
I like the WEEPY Jim Leyland better.

That phrase is such an excuse maker. Very few things in life are because “it is what it is.”
It’s like saying “it is what it is” regarding the water damage in a house when the owner didn’t repair the roof.

holy cow fellas – should JL just say “hey we’re not going to take the risk of ‘trying new approaches to the lineup’ because we think the chances AJ rounds back into form are better or have a better payoff”? The assumptions that Omar will hit the same no matter where he is in the lineup is nearly as silly as JL being stubborn. For illustrative purposes, 2013-Omar hits .837OPS batting 7th, .755OPS batting leadoff.

Maybe we could see a real old time game where the teams are not afraid to have a starting pitcher throw a complete game. Where are the old timers that could throw at least 50 to 60 more pitches to the 110 of todays game. Where most managers want to puller the pitcher regardless of score ? I would say Leyland really blow game two for the Tigers. I have been a Tiger fan for 55 years so I have seen them all.

some of the pitch types thrown now are harder on the arm, pitchers used to pitch slower, the balls used to be darker in color and the time it took to travel from city to city was longer? just guessing tho.

We got so hung up in the strategy discussion that we did Torii a disservice by not talking more about his near catch. Ortiz said it hooked at the last second, and Torii himself said it went into the lights. Game result aside, I REALLY wish he had caught that. Considering the degree of difficulty and especially the circumstances, that would have been a catch for the ages. 1954 Willie Mays stuff. Can you imagine?

It would have been a “woke up the sleeping wife because I screamed so loud” catch.

absolutely it would have been

Near catch???? This is baseball. We are not playing horseshoes.

Well if we were…. maybe Prince would have caught that ball in the 9th

or alex would have caught that passed ball

I was obviously lauding the effort on the play.

It is a game of inches:

1″—-Smyly striking out Ellsbury
4″—Torii’s glove to the ball
24″ —top of fence to the ball
30″—Prince’s glove from Iggy’s throw
0″—-Prince’s glove from the foul pop
48″—-Prince’s wasitline

Such a low fence in right. Great effort Torii! The engine in my truck just blew up. I guess I should have paid attention to the light that said low oil level? Ha Ha. Go Tigers!

Do all of you know what “If dog rabbit.”. is short for?? It’s thirty minutes to game three. The P line has Justin Verlander for us Go Tigers!!!

It’s a movie, that’s all I know.

Interesting comments by Greg Zaun on Canadian SporsNet.
Questioned why did Coke not pitch against Ortiz. Said the excuse he hasn’t pitched in 3 weeks was weak. “If you can’t throw him in that situation then why is he on the roster”?
I don’t like Coke but his numbers against Ortiz are impressive. He was warmed up. Benoit likes to start the inning not come in the middle. I thought the same thing about Coke. Why is he on the roster?
Now another thing that Zaun said was Benoit’s pitch location. That he though Avila was not set up far enough outside.
I agree but would add that I personally think Avila absolutely needs to give his pitchers, (especially Benoit) a fixed target to shoot at. He flicks his glove and then drops it. If you watch Pena, he holds his glove as a target rock solid..
Not sure why a guy as smart as avila and as good a receiver as he is does not do this.

TigerGirl is at this game. Hopefully, she will be our good luck charm. Go Tigers!!!!1

Awful % by Omar leading off Evan. But still a tad better than .100 and >50% K rate.

fair enough. still there are assumptions (e.g. aj will continue at this pace) being made. is what it is.

Ant it ain’t what it ain’t.
Has been getting better wood on the ball. He can be a really good hitter when he gets into a streak.
JV really needs to keep his pitch count down and he got off to a really nice start in the 1st.

Give him a target Avila!

Already an inconsistent strike zone. Lackey got an inch or two off the plate with lefties…Justin is not getting that so far.

Well….not going to go postal yet but not really thrilled with the ball 4 pitch on Ortiz based on a few pitches Lackey got called strikes n the Fielder and VMart at bat???

And again here in the Saltilamacchia ab

Power outage at Comeica Park.


mr I pay the DTE bill this month?

radio broadcast all messed up!

What do you mean Evan?

since the power went out, there has been a LOT of static over the radio broadcast. can still hear but it’s pretty dominant

Oh boy!

They should just keep playing. We have good electricians in Detroit. I I know Illitch has been paying his bills.

I’m barely getting the radio feed.

Dan & Jim just using a microphone right now.

Can you imagine what Boston is saying about us now?

A bit chilly? What are the lights suppose to heat the field up?
Play ball. What’s 15 minutes during daylight?
I don’t get it

Five or six good swings in the first. We go 2 for 5. Not bad. Oops who didn’t pay the electric bill?? Damned accounting department!!!! That might be a flashback.

Ridiculous they can’t play through this! Keep it going boys.

Are you at the game, gk?

no answer.

No Kathy we didn’t go I’m watching from the comfort of my chair!

Too many of us too often have commented on how our starting pitchers need to be better supported by the hitters.

Yep…we agree on that.

Scary we are so out of sync offensively. Lackey throwing well, but we are looking really unprepared in the batters’ box.

Looked pretty good 1st inning, but left them stranded. Hope JV can maintain today.

Looked pretty ok in first inning….last few scary

Ver will have to be almost perfect. Tigers better get those bats heated up.

Lackey in my opinion is continuing to get a more favorable strike zone…let’s see if it continues.

Got that little monster Pedroia! He’s the straw that stirs that drink

andy dirky baby!

If Miggy hits against Lackey again this game he is going to take that high fastball over the wall in left.
This Lackey is a pretty intense fellow.

lacky matching verlander will cost us this game if we don’t GET ON THOSE BATS!!!

Hitters….look well pretty bad right now.

fielder is the worst. my gawd. no wonder milwaukee didn’t want him back

Damn shame.

Put that hit on Alex

Avila can’t catch a pop-up and Prince drops the ball.

If Fielder picks that he’s out.

A good 1b and was out

What is Prince doing, playing tennis. Nice backhand dude

Pretty poor defense by Fielder and Avila with that pop up? Think Alex got freaked out by the steps?

And Dirks showed why he is the best option in LF

I know that pop foul that Avila pulled up on was not in the air long but the Tiger bench never moved to help him…not even Belliard who was standing right there. Oh well, moot point now.

What the heck is Omar swinging at?

About 5 pitches well out if the strike zone……..then Dirks on the first pitch. Wasted opportunity #2

Omar is pull happy. He should have swung at that outside fastball. Where is the hitting coach?

Victorino tries to lean into that inside strike to make it look like a ball.

Don’t lose yur concentration against Pedey. He’s as dangerous as Papi

Great throw. Had he run , it was out

Nice job by JV. Thought for sure Pedroia would get him. Hit it right at Jhonny though. whew!
Does anybody else think AJ is due?

aj so due my gawd

needs a c section

Thought AJ was looking a little better the previous 2 games…well I guess that was an abiration?

Pretty damn disappointing effort by the hitters.

You dont change the horse… but the horse is dead

Tiger hitters making Lackey look like Sandy Koufax.

Right down the middle Justin put that ball…..put it on a tee for him. First real mistake in like 4 games.

Told my wife JV was screwing around with Napoli until 3-2 and said he is gonna sit on a fastball and do some damage.
Why do we know this stuff and JV doesn’t?
Lots of times over the years we have said this.
Very disappointing.
Still a great job by JV and realistically you should be able to give up a run and still win a game.
Kind of a stupid pitch to make though

I’m getting a headache.

First run allowed in a month and nothing to show for it

Leyland better not take JV out of the game…give him the 8th

I’d like to think that our guys can get a run or two to make this a game, but realistically the way they’ve looked today, and the Soxs pen I feel less hopeful.

I can understand throwing that fastball if he is humping it up at 98 or 99. But not in the range he was throwing. He was pitching with his heart and not his head there..

Yep looks grim…..

grim since that awful loss 2 nights ago. What’s the opposite of grim?


Peña will be FA and could sigh with a manager that respect him

JL, you have to PH for Avila. I know he “can run into one” but he won’t against this guy.
JL will not PR nor will he PH. He will go with the only way he knows how to.—-“It is what it is”
He will wait and hope & dream for something to happen in the 9th.
And that is very wishful thinking against Uehara.
Make it happen now.

It needed to happen in the first and whatever inning Peralta got the lead off double.

Yeah, that was a killer. A leadoff double and Avila getting his job done in getting him to 3rd.
My man Omar choked on that particular at bat. Swang at 3 bad pitches.
It will have to be the 8th.
Feel bad for JV but he is his own worst enemy sometimes.

The Tigers are just so lifeless. Maybe Game 2 just sucked the life out of us.

But for the starters , they never had life.

They had life up until the 8th inning Sunday night. Then they dropped one on us like game 163.

Farrell trying to find us a pitcher to hit!

1 and 3 and Miguel had one of his worst bats of the f’ year. Shit! I can’t believe he just did that. Jeez. Probably game.

Cabrera is anxious. He knows there gonna pitch him outside and he also knows that hes the offensive leader on this team. For that reason he wants to get that hit and pick up his team so bad that hes reaching for that ball thus having an ugly at bat.

Hes taking all the weight on his shoulders for the lack of offense on the team.

That is so un Miggy like.

No probably about
Fielder is dead meat.
Uehara will eat him up.
This game hurt worse than the last one.
What is wrong with our offense?
I know JL felt this was not a problem all year but we knew it was.

Feels like a hangover to me. Still haven’t recovered from the last game.

Well, it’s up to Prince.

Must not be paying Prince enough money.

Miggy sure ain’t no Papi.

Papi isn’t injured either.

Kinda hard to believe. our big guys just can’t come through.
Heartbreaking stuff.
Who would think miggy would be totally handled all day by fastballs?

way out of the strike zone.

I have a hard time getting too upset with Miggy but come on guys that’s your 21 and 23 million dollar hitters. It’s unacceptable.

If Miggy was right this is a different game, different series. Prince needs to be dropped in the lineup. That inning looks a lot different with VMart backing Cabby up, and Peralta backing Vmart up. Then maybe Avila/Prince. Take your pick.

Can you believe this?

Wat a difference a day (or two) makes.
Now Leyland is gonna bring in the Oritiz “specialist” with nobody on.
IMy prediciton today that Miggy would jump on a high fastball went badly but I fel pretty confident in predicting that JL will not win Manager of the Year

How can you possibly blame this on a Leyland tonight?

I guess Coke was good enough to pitch tonight, but not on Sunday night.

Hey guys. Have some faith. The game isnt over yet.

Wasn’t a freaking strike in fact that wasn’t closed…….thanks ump you’ve prettyi much shown all night that the Red Soxs were going to get a dmore favorable strike zone.

Avila gets a 1-1 fastball right down the middle and stands there looking at it.

No Andrew, I can’t.
It is what it is.

Miguel is injured.It is the first time in 32 postseason games with the Tigers he goes hitless.
The clean up could hit more than weak singles for those 214MM
The bullpen parade was uncalled for.
VMart could be injured . if so , back to the drawing board and be ready for 2014

If VMart isn’t injured he should be batting 4th tomorrow Prince 6th or 8th.

Said it the other night that loss was a momentum shifter………
Tonight 1st and 3 less than two outs twice and they have nothing to show for it not a sac fly not a grounder to the right side nothing. That’s pathetic. Not over yet obviously but I don’t know. Not feeling too good right now.

It was a killer.

The world changed when Benoit made that pitch.

So disappointing!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They looked down and out in the A’s series. Then Peralta went yard for 3 runs. Does he or someone else have it in them to bring life back to this team?

Am afraid I’ll be dead before the Tigers actually win a World Series.

I wonder what fellow Tiger fans think of the Iglesias trade now. Yes, DD is correct that the Tigers were going to ultimately need a shortstop at the end of the season. However, I hope this wasn’t a trade overly influenced by short-term needs. Even getting the shortstop, the Tigers failed to get home field advantage for either series. Peralta is back playing shortstop and the Tigers could have gotten a free-agent shortstop without giving up Garcia. I would love to have Garcia playing in this series. My judgment is the trade was a mistake, maybe a big mistake. I would be pleased told I am wrong about this. 🙂

He’s probably given up hope playing for this team. Boston absolutely loved him, except for the hitting. I don’t think Leland can manage players like him. Just my opinion, though.

As far as free agent SS’s, they are few and far between, which is why Mr D pursued Iggy. Peralta will be considered the top of the class in next year’s market and nobody would have thought that would be possible even a year ago.

Wow Kathy, I am thinking the same thing. Lol.

From 2-0 to 1-2 in 5 seconds

Anyone have a count on the shutouts during these playoffs???? I know we have not hit well but we have gotten many more hits than the Red Sox. Just very few clutch hits. So now we are down 1-2 in a seven game series. Do we have them right where we want them??? Better light a fire under them Torii, we know what the Skipper is lighting right now!!! Go Tigers!!!

Iggy will be the full time short stop next year….Johnny is getting most of the time simply because of his bat.

2 shutouts against -2 shutouts for us . 1-1 and .1 A´s and Bosox
1968, they were down 1-3

1-1 and 1-1

So for us it’s been four shutouts in eight games played. The Indians played one game and they were shutout. What about the other AL division series?? The entire NL playoffs??? Today JV struckout Salty three times. That man took some unbelievable hacks at JV. He swung as though he had orders to hit the ball to Ann Arbor. Not sure if that makes sense but you get the idea. The Red Sox did nothing but try to hit a home run all day. Probably telling you now that I am older than you when I say if Willie Mays did that back in the day. Don Drysdale would have put him flat on his backside.

Dodgers . Saint Louis one a piece aganist each other

DOK, I was thinking that JL is probably in the club house giving the boys a pep talk.
Something like:
“Hey the series is what it is supposed to be. They’ve won two games that we could have and we won one. It is what it is. I’m not changing anything. Remember they have no momentum. Momentum is tomorrow’s pitcher. BTW, Fister, do you think you might keep the runs down to none tomorrow son? I’m a little disappointed with JV giving up another run this post-season.
And I know you guys are down and all, and that this is a pretty quiet clubhouse right now but don’t worry about that cause there is no such thing as chemistry. It’s a long season, and a long series. We’ll just keep doing what we’re doing till it works. There’s lot of time. Now you may have been hearing a lot about in-game strategy. I understand that. I will say my hands were tied that game. I thought about PRing for Jackson when he actually got on base there in the 8th, you know for someone that can steal a base and might have scored on a lousy single. I almost thought of Jackson doing it himself but, but, that’s not his game and he’s got a lot of other things to worry about right now. Besides I pretty much much figured Fielder would hit a 3 run homer. I do have a request to make of our offense though. Would it be possible not to take any fastballs down the middle when you find yourselves struggling?”

Got a good laugh from your words, Dan. Just got back from wandering around the grocery store to get this game out of my head and now I can laugh.
TigerGirl, we haven’t heard from your experience tonight at the park. Sure would like to hear what you thought of the game.

So dang disappointed.

After game 2 I wasn’t expecting too much in game 3 even though the announcers seemed to think Verlander was a lock to tie the series. If they had done all their homework they would have noticed that the Tigers don’t support Ver with any runs. Doesn’t matter how well he pitches. I’m not surprised we’re down 1-2. It would have been a pleasant surprise had we won. This one was a lot easier to take than game 2. I’m still optimistic our Tigers can win. Have to be or why watch.
Tigerfan4 life, I said as much after game 2 regarding Torii’s near catch. He overran a hooking line drive probably hit right at him. It was catchable but difficult catch. That’s what made it so heartbreaking. And as I said Torii is my favorite Tiger player. Man, Victor is an extremely close second though. He and Jhonny are about the only position players I see to this point who have any championship focus. Next game is extremely important. Fister just might be ready for one of his solid games. It will still take more than 0 runs to win according to the rules of mlb.
Still like the Iglesias trade. He won’t be a Cal Ripkin but he won’t be a Ray Oyler either. He’ll be fun to watch.
Must be JL wants to avoid any appearance of panic so I will assume he will run the same lineup out there tomorrow, because if you try the same thing enough times, the laws of probability say that, given enough time, it will work. Lets see what we amateurs can come up with. I like the idea of dropping Prince to at least 6th, behind Victor and Jhonny. That’s a no brainer, it sets up a left/right, right, left. How about Torii leading off? There are no other legit lead off hitters; Austin by default or Omar who I’d rather see batting second or 7th behind a dropped Prince. It needs to be demonstrated to Prince that he is not the defacto cleanup guy. Why does that have to be?
El Tigre, I’ve been enjoying your comments. You’ve kind of been an anchor here.

Thanks you

Funny Dan. That’s a good one.

Ray Oyler was also fun to watch. When he finished up I figured no one would ever be able to play short like that in Detroit. The we got Eddie Brinkman. Eddie seemed like Rogers Hornsby next to Oyler. Not sure he ever hit much above .220 though!
Those were the days. I’ve always been partial to shortstops. Used to like Chico Fernandez and Cesar Guitterez too!

I once traded a Mickey Mantle MVP card, along with one Yogi Berra in order to acquire a Chico Fernandez card. Supply and demand, man, supply and demand………….

Wish I could have found you. Chico was a duplicate many times over. I burned ten Pancho Herraras

We used our over abundant supply of Red Schoendist cards as fiery sacrifices. Wasn’t even worth putting in the bike spokes.

Not sure but I think Mr. Leyland had it written in his contract that he could make one lineup change each game. Since I said this has been the lineup I wanted on 4/1. I am all in for us to use it again. Have fun I’m sure an entry level employee reads this blog.

I think went 7 for 7 one game. So why play Dirks? Why not Iggy at short? Where’s Waldo (Lloyd)?

7 for 7 as in Cesar.

Didn’t Earl Wilson (P) pinch hit for Ray Oyler one time?🙂 I know he’d pinch hit for other pitchers….Might have been static in the old Phillips radio.

The run into one theory worked there.

I remember listening to that game!

I was at a game when the Earl of Wilson had a pinch hit walkoff homer.

That was in 1966, so no Ray Oyler in that one.

DB, I’d be fine with Iggy at short and Jhonny in LF, at least in Comerica. Especially given that Fister is on the mound tomorrow. Rich, I would have gladly made that trade with you. I had multiple Chico Fernandez cards. I had so many I put them on my spokes.

We were deprived as children. We had to create our own cards with crayons.

Wonder if that could be researched? Could be one of those “invented memories”.

I remember that game Rich!…I think. What year?

1966. Against Baltimore, second game after the AS game. I was sitting in LF lower deck, and Earl hit it about 15 feet to my left. 13 innings. Don Wert tied it in the 9th with a single to score Gates Brown. Bill Monbouquette (remember him?) got the win with 4 perfect innings of relief.

Stick people cards. Rich that is so sad. You could have cut some off the back of cereal boxes you know. Stay on the dashed lines or they were worthless in trade.

That’s how I got started eating Raisin Bran. I can still see that Jim Gentile card.

You have a sharp memory Rich. I’m trying to remember what I had for supper.

I truly was raisin bran Rich. You got that right.

Postseason is fun, but I prefer regular season. There’s nothing quite like a Tuesday night game in June with the shadows cutting across the infield as the Tigers prepare to play the Chicagosotaland City Twindian Royal Sox.

“It” truly was Raisin Bran. I was not. Jim Gentile with the rosy cheeks? 1st base Baltimore.

Agree. Baseball is for summer and youth, and, of course, memories.

This has been therapeutic………..for me anyway. Let’s hope for better tomorrow.

Anyone know of a person needing some high number 1959 Topps?? Close to two hundred cards in really good condition. Only big name Hank Aaron.

Were those cereal cards Kellogg’s or Post????

tough game. baseball that is.

I’ve really enjoyed keeping up with everybody’s comments over the past couple of months. Still fighting the platelet problem, but have been able to see all the games through the miracle of IPad and MLB. It’s hard to believe that I first went in the hospital during spring training, and I’ll be watching tomorrow night’s game as an Outpatient from a hospital room. I have to get another dose of drugs; it takes about four hours. Not complaining, but I’ve gotten a little better, while our beloved Tigers seem to have regressed with the bat. It was nauseating all summer long to hear Rod talk about the best hitting team in baseball. That statement really bit him hard, especially in September. Good pitching will generally take you to the big dance, but you got to score two if you give up just one. The pressure on the SP’s is ridiculous.
JV has been lights out in the past 6 weeks, but hasn’t much to show for it, except to reinforce how good he really is. In reality, we might not go back to Fenway; Fister might be lights out, or out of gas. Sanchez might give up one run and lose. The hitting problem has become systemic. We get nothing from 1,4,9, and very little from 2,7, 8. 3, 5, 6 ain’t going to cut it,especially when 3 is still not where he could and should be. Add in the no speed factor of 3,4,5,6, and your’e a DP away from killing a possible three run inning. I have bled Tiger Royal Blue for 54 years, but I am not optimistic about this one. Some one convince me that I am wrong.

good to hear from you greg! don’t know if i can talk you out of it but, sure seems like we’re due for some hitting. And I wouldn’t be surprised if the tigers have seen Peavy more than the Sox have seen Doug.

To to hear from you Greg…….

If we’d kept our cards we wouldn’t be Rich! (pun intended)
Darn. It would be nice if we didn’t have to be nostalgic to have good Tiger memories today.

Be well Greg. I have buddy here who had platelet problems. Hit him hard for about 6 or 7 months. He’s back to playing ball with us again. And getting stronger all the time. I’m sure you will too.

If it’s of any encouragement, the Tigers are in no way overmatched by Boston. It’s just a matter of the big hit somewhere.
If the Cardinals win tomorrow, THEY will be the ones that have to wait a week for the WS to begin.

All of a sudden the media is starting to notice things. Drew (notso) Sharp and Lynn Leyland (I mean Henning) have chosen to poster boy Austin Jackson. Too many scapegoats and poor play to blame one guy but we here have been pointing this out for quite some time. Hoping that somehow JL would recognize a problem and try to do something, anything, about it.
I don’t see it happening, but if the Tigers win tomorrow, they will have half a chance. Otherwise, they have no chance.
The fears a lot of Tigers fans formulated during the regular season have evidenced themselves in flashing neon this post season.
I can think of a few suggestions for next year.

The articles about Austin really tick me off. Both newspapers featuring Austin Jackson. As far as I’m concerned, those articles ought to reek of Jim Leland Harold Reynolds said 2 years ago Jackson needed to be moved down in the lineup.. Duh! We’ve always known that. Everyone but the manager.

I was just thinking about you Greg. Will keep you in our thoughts and prayers. You have a gracious soul. While it doesn’t look good for the Tigers we have to keep hoping. I feel good about tonight’s game. Not predicting anything, but it isn’t over yet. Tigers need to get rid of the anxiousness and have some fun. They’re not as gritty as the Red Sox but they’re just as talented.

First prediction for tonights Game 4:
Doug Fister will hit Shane Victorino with a pitch. I cannot see this not happening.


Leyland has never had a leadoff hitter here, opting instead for centerfielders with high K rates. I’d think the key ingredient for leadoff is consistency, not streakiness.
Probable proof that Sunday’s crusher had a devasting effect on the team was Cabrera swinging and missing nine(!) times yesterday, the most in his entire career.

Garcia in the lineup instead of in Chicago might have made a difference in this series. The Tigers would have won the division without trading for Iglesias. I think this trade may haunt the Tigers.

It is painful to watch. Even Omar looks bad. The one good thing we have going for us is that our 4 starters don’t believe they are going to lose. Everyone else does, but not those guys. We are fortunate to have them but I do believe the complexion of the rest of the team is ready for an overhaul. I’m dead serious. We may be in for a much detested “rebuilding” period. If they don’t start changing things soon then time will start making changes on its own.
We have a catcher who can’t throw anyone out and hit under the Mendoza line for over half the year.
We have a 1st baseman who is paid a lot of dough to hit home-runs, who can’t pull, can’t drive in runs at critical times and is a defensive liability with a pretty blasé attitude:“I struck out, Nothing too scientific.”
We have a 2nd baseman who, though very reliable, is ready to test the free agent waters.
We have a shortstop. We do. Oddly enough he is the 2nd string shortstop right now but he will be a cornerstone of the “new” Tigers.
We have a 3rd baseman who should be playing 1st base. It’s too excruciatingly painful to watch him re-injure himself there and plays as a ghost of his real self.
We have a rotating band of inconsistent gypsies playing in left field.
We have a centre-fielder who can’t leadoff, won’t dive for a ball, won’t steal a base.
We have a right fielder with diminishing skills defensively, seemingly by the minute at times, who, at 39 next year, should not be expected to be a productive offensive force either.
3 of the above have the ability to go from 1st to 3rd.
We have a bullpen that is loaded with bulls…. We all know what collects at the bottom of a bull pen.
We have a bench. So does my local park. I see 3 or 4 old guys sitting there commiserating daily (Heck, I think I’m one of them). We think we could do better than the regulars too.
We have a manager that somehow came up with umpteen variations of a lineup during the season but can’t find a way to change it much when it shows sign of, for lack of a better “sounding” word, incompetence.
We have a general manager who is prone to overspending, creating logjams on the roster, and appointing rookies to regular duty jobs without any MLB experience.
We have an owner who dearly wants to win and a fan base that respects his efforts.
We have a team that hasn’t figured out a way to win when things don’t go according to Jim (I mean Hoyle or do I mean Garp?)
“It is what it is; there is no such thing as chemistry.”

I’m writing this just to be the 200th comment on this blog entry.

Okay, 201st. DAN beat me to it.

“Inconsistent Gypsies” would be a great band name.
And I agree that the club, although it wins, is put together rather strangely for this day and age.

I mentioned many times this year that the Tigers spent most of their season playing .500 ball. Their postseason record so far is 4-4.

Amazing that we traded away a future all-star outfielder for a shortstop that is not starting.

Garcia would not have been starting either. Don’t kid yourself. We traded from a position of strength (OF) for a postition of organizational weakness (Middle IF). That trade was a very good one, both short term and long term. Iggy will start tonight.

Greg, good to hear from you. Get Well Soon! How many good lead off hitters are out there? A contact hitter who knows the strike zone and will take a walk, does not strike out and then steal a base. C’mon DD, find us that guy! Oh yeah, one more thing, where is the fire on this team. I used to like AJ but it is time for him to go. Maybe he should be playing basketball.

Some good comments on M-live, 1874 of them. The funniest one I read was “I hate those beards, the Tigers should wear dresses tomorrow”.

And what the hell is tori doing out there in rf. How many times just this postseason did he fumble and kick around a routine hit and the baserunners take an extra base. For someone whos won all those gold gloves you would expect a lil more. I know hes aging but cmon.

Watching too much football, it seems I love Torri, though. Without him, we probably aren’t playing in the ALCS Without peds & steroids in the game (if that ever really happens) teams will be built with good pitching and athletic players who can run, throw and hit. Chicks might dig the long ball, but chicks like excitement, too.
Good to hear from you, Greg. Let’s go, Tigers. Make my day!

I know like i said earlier on this post im not trying to dog him and i have nothing but respect for him. Hes done alot for the team this year. He just seems like his eyes are quicker than his hands lately

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