Anatomy of a bullpen blow-up

Four different Tigers relievers pitched in the bottom of the eighth inning. All of them gave up a baserunner.

Three of them gave up base hits, two of them with two outs.

One of them, closer Joaquin Benoit, gave up the game-tying grand slam to David Ortiz, 6-for-22 off of him previously with a half-dozen singles and one RBI.

Make no mistake, though: The Tigers bullpen collapse in Game 2 of the ALCS was a group effort.

“That’s baseball. It happens quick,” Smyly said on his way out of a quiet clubhouse at a still-rowdy Fenway Park. “I mean, Ortiz should’ve never come to the plate that inning, but he did and he made it count. Baseball can turn on you in a hurry.”

This series sure did.

“We came away with the split,” Max Scherzer insisted. “You have to see the glass half full. This one stinks tonight, but guess what, the sun comes up tomorrow and we’re going to be playing these guys at home in front of our fans.

“It’s up to us to choose if we’re going to come out and compete. I think we will. I don’t think this is going to deter our effort. I believe in this clubhouse. I believe in everybody in here, all 25 guys here. I still believe in us.”

The question, however, now has to come up what this game does to the bullpen. Whether or not there was a lack of belief in the clubhouse, there was an abundance of frustration.

“I’m [ticked] off,” Torii Hunter said. “The one guy you don’t want to beat you, he beat us. One of the best hitters in postseason history. And this guy, he hit the ball out of the park and ties the game up and they end up coming back and winning the game.

“I’m [ticked]. That’s the way it goes. We’re all [ticked]. Everybody on this team is [ticked] off that that happened.”

Tigers pitching held the mighty Red Sox offense to scoreless on one hit for the first 14 innings of this series, and one run on three hits over the first 16 innings when manager Jim Leyland handed a 5-1 lead to his bullpen.

What followed was a series of relievers giving up punches in small doses that added up to a game-tying whallop. For Jose Veras, it was ninth hitter Will Middlebrooks, who took advantage of a 1-0 sinker and lined it into the left-field corner for a one-out double.

Thus, instead of Boston’s dangerous leadoff man, Jacoby Ellsbury, coming up with two out and nobody on, he entered with a runner in scoring position. Left-hander Drew Smyly, the other reliever who had been warming up in the top of the inning, put him in a 1-2 count, missed with three consecutive pitches and walked his only hitter.

“I just let it slip,” Smyly said. “Once I had 1-2, I didn’t want to give him a good pitch to hit, and then 3-2 I just missed low. That’s all there was to it.”

Out goes Smyly, in goes Al Alburquerque, who put a stop to the damage for a batter by getting Shane Victorino to chase a slider for a strikeout.

With two outs and two on, Dustin Pedroia stepped to the plate and saw two fastballs, the pitches Red Sox hitters had taken from Alburquerque for strikes in Game 1 Saturday night. Pedroia took the first for a strike. He swung at the second and sent it through the right side for a single to load the bases.

“The way Pedroia took [the first pitch], it looked like he might have been sitting slider,” catcher Alex Avila said. “At least, that’s what I thought. We threw a fastball that ran back towards him, jammed him a little bit actually, and he just hit it right in the perfect spot.”

Not only was the potential tying run suddenly at the plate in a game the Tigers seemingly controlled six batters ago, it was David Ortiz. From there, Leyland had a decision to make: Give just-reinstated Phil Coke a chance against a hitter he owned for most of his career (2-for-18) except for a go-ahead hit earlier this year, or turn to Joaquin Benoit for a four-out save.

Leyland would’ve preferred a lower-leverage situation for Coke, who hadn’t pitched in a game since Sept. 18. He went with Benoit.

“Coke hadn’t pitched a big game for quite a while,” Leyland said. “Benoit is our guy against the lefties, and we felt he gave us the best chance to get the out.”

You know the rest. You also know that he shouldn’t have been in that bind anyway if one of the three relievers before him got one more out. Benoit would’ve been able to face Ortiz leading off the ninth that way, in a 5-1 game.

Still, the veteran whose rash of home runs last year raised concerns gave up a huge one here.

“I wanted it down,” Benoit said of his first-pitch changeup. “Left it middle out, he took a good swing and hit a ball.”


At 108 pitches , it was the right call to go to the bullpen.

yeah, but 4 times? In one inning? over-managing

is what it is. thought managing was ok. pen’s crap – dave dombrowski didn’t build us a real one – they stood up saturday got stood up sunday. simple.

Ugh, I hate to be dramatic, but that felt devastating. The way the guys come out and play on Tuesday will be very telling of how well we can move forward. I’ll be there at the game again on Tuesday – looking for a win. If you asked me a week ago if I’d take a split in Boston I would tell you hell yes, but got greedy after watching Max manhandle them. A huge positive is that Miggy is looking better and better at the bat, his fly out to right center was very telling that his power away is coming back. VMart and Jhonny just continue to get it done – JP has really been amazing, the man is fighting for his career right now and it is showing.

I’m still so angry this morning……….but this is what Dombrowski gave Leyland to work with. I just keep going back to that walk by Smyly . You strike out a team 15 times have a 4 run lead and two outs in the 8th and to cough it up like that is just to me a possible series changer. I’m mean our pitching staff had them looking more pathetic than the Yankees looked last year. Not that I though the red Soxs were going to lay down and dye but you really get them on the defensive and exploiting their big swings. I don’t know it’s bad I think though.

Manny Acta made the point last night and I think its a good one, why is Phil Coke on this roster if he’s not ready to pitch to a big left hander in a big situation?

The walk was the kiler, I would have rather seen Elssbury hit a HR than walk. Don’t understand why he yanked Veras so quick, thought he looked good in game 1. WIth a 4 run lead I thought he would have had a longer leash. Well, focus on Game 3.
Positives after a crummy night of sleep:
1) Miggy looks lots better. Getting that pop up, he looked fluid in his stride. His HR was great, but the 420 fy out to CF was even more encouraging.
2) Fielder hit better.
3) Peralta and VMart on fire. Peralta needs to start at SS. I get that Iggy is fun to watch, but Peralta is a SS and his bat is just too valuable.
4) MAX
5) While the Ortiz HR may have been the sadest thing I have seen all year, you have to admire Torii’s effort. With Torii and VMart leadership, the Tigers may lose but they will not quit.

Baloney, Gk about Dombroski. There is plenty out there to work with. I believe it is Rich who has said repeatedly that our fearless manager will continuously bring in relievers until they blow it. The strategy came through again. Porcello should have started the eighth. If you can’t trust Veras to pitch an inning, don’t bring him in. I sure hope whoever posted on the last thread about the final nail in the coffin for Mr. Leylant they are correct.


I did say that, but in the context that most managers do it, not just Leyland. Just to be clear.

Baloney ……..tigers have one of the worst pens in the majors that is a fact. And I will will respectfully disagree about Porcello he might very well turn into a very good starting pitcher he has never proven he can come out if the pen. The only thing that this pen has proven all year is that they are consistently inconsistent. He didn’t bring out the wrong people last night the people didn’t do their jobs.

Once again Leyland proved to be a terrible end of game manager.
We were up 4 in the 8th not 1 run 4! There’s a difference in how you manage being up 4 and up 1.
His mistakes.
1. Pulling Veras he’s your setup man roll with him until he gets into trouble. 1 runner is not touble.
2. Bringing in Benoit. Benoit has a tendency to give up HR’s even if AlAl walks Ortiz it’s only 1 run. AlAl has been very good lately and Benoit has been off. Terrible move.
3. You’re up 4! Iglesias should have come into 3B for Cabrera in the 8th. Being up 4 Cabrera’s potential 9th inning at bat means nothing. Then you have a solid Peralta at short and Iglesias would of easily had Gomes week ground ball in the 9th.
4. If Benoit can come into the 8th to face Ortiz why didn’t he start the 9th? Porcello could have come in for the 10th.
5. Leyland should have argued for fan interference on Fielder. His elbow was bumped prior to making contact with the ball.

Leyland meltdown!

Oh well we got the split.

Go Tigers

I agree with all except #3. We need Peralta in the game. Remember we are advocating a rookie (a very skilled one) to come to play for a guy that has played SS in the ALDS the last 3 years. Keep Peralta in the game.
Question: where is Dirks?

you missed #3. I wanted Peralta left in at SS and Iglesias at 3B

Nope, I don’t want Iggy in the game.

I don’t want Iggy in the game until the 9th

Leyland did protest the fan interference. It’s doubtful the umpires make a call like that in that kind of situation.

THe bigger problem was not getting in front of Iggy’s bad throw. Block that ball, you have to! For crying out loud, Torii almost ran through a fence the inning before. Prince, block that ball.

Yup Prince should have tried to take it in the gut/nuts for the team!

Perhaps the starters and Jim will need to re-define “I’m done” for the remainder of the postseason. Between that bullpen and Jim’s handling of it, you’re walking through a mine field.

The night before….Al this praise for Leyland and how he used the pen……well guess what the night before last they did their job. Last night he brings in Veras to get Drew and Middlebrooks out he got the left out gave up a double to the right. He made the logical move of bringing in Smyly to get the lefty out…….Smyly had him 1-2 and threw 3 straight pitches well out of the zone..,back breaker. So he made the next move of bringing out your best strikeout pitcher to face a couple of righties AA I did half his job. Bases loaded. He brings his most consistent pen piece all year and he throws a cookie.
Not sure exactly how this is Leylands fault but he seems to always be the scapegoat. The pen had a 4.01 era regular season 24th worst in league….4.6 era in the post season 9th worst out of the 10 in the post season. Leyland is not perfect and makes decisions I wouldn’t……but last night he brought in his most reliable pieces to save a four run leave and they sucked.

Problem is Leyland flinched. You’r up 4. You can allow a baserunner or 2. What you cant do is blow through 4 pitchers and bring in your closer in the 8th. He needed a longer leash but he blew it. Remember that 1 out of 4 batters reaching base is not terrible. Did the pitchers do their job? If that means getting a 123 inning then no. If it means not allowing a run to score I’d argue that Leyland did not give them a full opportunity to do their job. The hook was too quick on Veras and AlAl.

How in the hell could they do their jobs when they weren’t given a chance? There are no specialty pitchers out there (maybe Al, I guess).

Fully Agree

Why did he have to take Veras out? Why did he have to take Smyly out?

Take heart today…The same thing happened in the Oakland series. Tigers win game one in Oakland…Verlander pitches lights out in game 2 but Oakland wins with a walk off hit off our bullpen…series tied 1-1. This one definitely stung though. Everyone watching that game last night probably called the Ortiz home run. It was weird…you could just feel it coming. And I don’t think it mattered who was pitching. Ortiz CANNOT come to the plate as the tying run and us have nowhere to put him.

And if Veras would of been allowed to stay in and blew it all himself than you’d be complaining because he didn’t take him out soon enough. Just because a decision doesn’t work out doesn’t make it the wrong decision….people still have to do their freaking jobs and they didn’t.


You don’t leave someone in long enough to blow a 4 run lead. But you also don’t pull somone because they alowed a basrunner. ther were only 12 relievers with 30+ IP with a WHIP under 1. We can’t expect perfection.

The difference between game 1 and game 2 was the inning. Sanchez went 6 in game 1 and Al pitched the entire 7th inning. It was the 8th when Jim successfully matched Veras and Smyly. That being the case, why not do the same thing in last night’s 8th inning, and put Al in there to start? He’s usually good for a complete inning lately.
I think what some of you are saying is that Jim managed the 8th inning last night like it was a 1 run lead instead of a 4 run lead?

And that’s the definition of managing scared?

No, Veras is a closer. He pitches one inning, not two frickin’ batters. Good point, Rich. Leyland may not have known what the score was (Sarcasm).

I’m not scapegoating Leyland. I’m outright saying he made 3 mistakes in the 8th. He took out Veras, Smyly and AlAl. He panicked. he brought in guys to pitch under extreme pressure instead of letting them setling in.
I agree the walk was a killer and on that one blame has to be shared with JL and Avila. they have to remind Smyly that he can’t be too fine. that they have a big lead and that they can’t give any free passes. “Let Ellsbury hit the ball, we’re behind you to cacth it”
To think that Leyland is blameless in that inning is illogical.

Jim set the wheels of disaster in motion? Something like that? Felt that way.

And don’t start with the remember ten years ago crap (because that is coming from someone). This is the fifth highest payroll in MLB. Those players from ’03 couldn’t have beaten themselves out of a wet paper bag. No scapegoating here either. Pure facts.

Myself, I was surprised to see Veras come in, as he’s been shaky lately. I expected Alburquerque. It would be the height of hindsight to claim that would have worked, but it’s what I thought at the time.

I was ok with Veras, but let him give up the two run bomb if you are going to start the inning with him. That double hurt no one.

The strange thing is, probably none of those relievers would have given up four runs by themselves.



The lesson to be learned here is not for us. It’s for Jim Leyland. You can’t make the same mistakes in the playoffs and get away with them.
Just the other day he knew better to say he wanted Benoit to pitch in a fresh inning. That he pitches better like that. Yet he went to the 4 out save anyway.
He just celebrated that AlAl was his guy to pitch to LHB the day before. Yet he took him out immediately against Ortiz..
Jim Leyland can’t keep making mistakes. If he does the team will have difficulty picking him up. Austin Jackson is hittin .100 this post season and is striking out at a record pace. Yes, he started getting a piece of the ball yesterday. Did he get on ahead of Miggy? Did he steal a base? Did he score a run?
Yet JL is determined to see his formula work. He is very fond of using a long season as an excuse for not changing the status quo. He is not very good at realizing when the end of a long season is nigh.

Ok I’m convinced……it’s not Veras fault for giving up a double, it’s not Smyly’s for walking Ellsbury it’s not AA allowing Pedroia to get a single and it’s not Benoits for giving up a cookie to Ortiz. It’s the managers fault. I give up………..
So here is how I guess from listening to the comments on here….AA a guy who throws a slider (who is known to have arm problems and who’s main pitch is a slider which is known to cause problems who while did not throw a ton of pitches the night before) should of started the 8th see how it went. Then possibly bring in Veras and Smyly to mix and match because that is the order that worked the night before? Or was the right right thing to have Veras start and try to get out of his own mess? No wait it’s Avilas and Leylands fault for not telling Smyly a well paid professional pitcher not to be too fine and that it’s not a good idea to walk a guy especially when you already had two strikes on him. (I kinda think Smyly should know that). So is it the order, the length of the outing or not telling a pitcher that it’s not a good idea to walk somebody?
Not every decision works out ….but to always just jump straight to the manager is rather easy and has become too predictable in every sport.
We are all just really really disappointed and or mad about last night……….

The reason the manager (coach, what have you) gets the flak is because most people can’t play the sport at such a high level but everybody can make a decision. It’s only human nature. No use railing against human nature.


You said “every sport” so I threw in the term coach. 🙂

I repeat >>> walk Ortiz. 5-2 score. Make other Red Sox players hit. Put the pressure on them. Don’t you think if the situation was reversed, that Farrell would have walked Miggy and put the pressure on Prince? I believe it.

GK, what do you think mound visits are for anyway? Of course pitchers know what the have been taught but they need to be ‘”reminded and reinforced” in fluid situations.
Molina goes out to talk to his young pitcher. Guaranteed.
We can dissect this corpse ad infinitum. What is important is recognizing problems and then solving them. An area where stubborness is not an attribute.

I wouldn’t have minded if there was a mound visit by Avila but the walk is on Smyly and nobody else is my only point. By the way I’d like to see AJ moved out of lead off . But they will never do it. Not now.

i guess i would have walked Papi too, but then the go-ahead run is at the plate….
Porcello hasn’t looked too good either of late. [sigh]

I don’t think Porcello has shown he can come out of the pen….it’s just not his strong suit.

i AM STILL IN SHOCK.. I can understand that the bases could get loaded, after all the bullpen has been a bite your tongue group all year, but they had a four run lead. There is no way they should have pitched to Ortiz anything close that he could hit. I’m sitting there as he approached the plate saying out loud “PLEASE!!! do not give him anything he can hit, a walk is just ONE run!!!” but no!! What were Leyland, Avila and Benoit thinking? Are they pro caliber, post season worthy ballplayers or not? Turn off your TVs and maybe tune in next year. EEEKKK!!!

Del,Your exactly right

GK, why are you so in love with Leyland? It is a different game being up 5-1 or 1-0. So Smyly walked Jacoby. He laid off good pitches. Give credit to the hitter. People on here that know baseball ( or have played the game) saw that the soc mis handled the bullpen again. The walk did not lose the game. Go Tigers! We will win in 6.

Really the walk didn’t help lose the game? Your hilarious! I will give Ellsbury credit for laying off pitches 5 inches off the plate and low but I will also blame Smyly for not making them close enough to make them appetizing to swing at. But that’s Leylands fault.

That Boston crowd called us steroids, alcoholics, bankrupt and told us we’d be better off to blow up Detroit. Jim threw the dice and came up with snake eyes.

There are a couple of Sox players we just have to stay away from – Ortiz obviously and Pedroia when there is a dangerous situation. That said, am almost sure that Benoit did not mean to give Ortiz that pitch. Should it have been an intentional walk, or just a pitch around to see if he would chase? Most likely yes, although it is tough to walk in a run on purpose. We all have right to be bummed out about last night, that is for sure. And we all have our points on who is to blame, but the fact of it is that we can’t reverse it but the team can learn from it. I am still amazed at Torii running into that wall – it was almost like he tried to run through the wall he hit it so hard – like to see the effort – that man wants this to end up with a world series win he is putting his all into it – unfortunately it isn’t coming through in his play lately but you do know his heart is there.

Agree Dan. Agree again Illiofan.There was a spirit of meltdown in that 8th and JL set the tone. Granted it’s not totally fair to question decisions made with the obvious advantage of hindsight. But that’s what we do here. It’s OK. Every pitcher in that inning got the hook too soon. Smiley’s been a starter. He’s a big boy. He can pitch to righties as well. Veras made one mistake. Doesn’t get another chance? If Max doesn’t come out in the 8th (I wanted him to) that would have been the perfect time to bring in Porcello. Kind of almost a no brainer. 4 run lead and time for him to settle in a bit. Not tied in the 9th. He’s not a closer.

I woulda left Veras in for one more batter but I don’t think it’s a completely ridiculous idea to bring a left in to face a lefty either. Pretty much what most managers would do.

The more I think about Porcello the more it becomes clear to me that 2,3, and 4 run leads late in a game is the perfect time to bring him in. Not for early game mop up work, not for 9th inning saves or holds, but for late inning (multiple run leads and to pitch multiple innings.) Where else does a quality 5th starter fit in the post season?

To reinforce what Dan has been pleading for some time now. How on earth can JL keep leading off with Austin? I like Austin and I hope (if JL stubbornly continues to lead him off) that he comes through and proves us wrong. Please try someone else there. Maybe Prince………..I’m kidding…….maybe.

Here’s my lineup. It’s based on who is performing and is right for the slot: Infante, V-Mart, Miggy, Prince (no place else to put him), Jhonny P., Alex (finding his stroke), Torii, Dirks, Ajax (only because we need his glove). Righty-lefty all the way thru.

Agreed Marty – now is not the time to worry about changing the norm – we need wins and right now Ajax is not getting on base like he needs to.

I like Leyland a lot. I really do. Just not as the manager next year.

WHy do you care about next year right now? Are you a Cubs fan? This is the ALCS, enjoy it!

Leyland is worry-wart and he doesn’t have the composure to handle the pressure of a critical situation. So it is ridiculous for him to handle his pitchers the way he does, yanking them before they have a chance to get a feel for the game. First, I’m skeptical that Max wanted to come out of the game. Max told reporters he was done but I believe he was just covering for Leyland. You could tell that he wanted to stay in by the way he was pacing the dugout because he was beside himself. Why a stud like Max can’t go nine innings in a playoff game on the road is beyond me. He was still fanning guys in the seventh inning! Why would you want to turn to a shaky bullpen if you don’t have to? Second, Leyland wants to believe he has a closer but he does not. There is no reason to set the table for Benoit to pitch the ninth. He doesn’t have the stuff or the mentality. Leyland should be trying to get outs from whomever has it going, even if its the starter.

He’s never pitched a complete game in his career. Ever.

I turned off the game as soon as the run crossed the plate, because even I get tired of four hour ballgames. Did anyone ask Jim, in any way shape or form, why he felt a 4-run lead was a time to play matchups with the bullpen?
This entire thing seems to come down to strategic philosophy.

What cracks me up he’s usually getting slammed on here for not playing match ups.

But not by me.

Were they trying to throw the the game intentionally?

Smiley should have started the inning. I have more confidence him than the others.

Darn auto correction. Smyly.

I don’t understand why then pitchers aren’t getting more blame. Someone said earlier hindsight is 20/20 but the fact is not one of those pitchers in the eighth did their job.. And it’s not exactly like any of those hits were bleeders, they were hard hit balls. All of these pitchers at times have shown they can get people out last night they just didn’t get it done.

How can they get their job done when they are sitting in the dugout? Does Benoit ever have a clean inning?
We didn’t get shut down relief but we did get a procession of new guys having to deal with their 1st batter.
Leyland screwed up. Pure and simple.

Answer since August 21 times clean inning 4 times 1+ innings.

Just because you say pure and simple doesn’t make it true.

One more positive from last night, is Alex finding his sweet stroke again – hope that can continue for him

Yes, agreed. And not just the HR, the single was a nice swing.

[yawn] SOC blame getting old. Doesn’t matter what he does (be it playing the matchups, changing the lineup around too often, or not enough, leaving guys in too long, pulling them too quick, etc.) if the team isn’t successful, it is always a JL screwup.


Im not really worried about the bullpen,we knew the deal. I dont understand why he pulled Veras and why Smyly is singled out,the game was 5-1 and the tying run was still on deck after the walk.
BTW: the saber-metrics crow should be ecstatics about the game, bringing Benoit in that situation fits their formulas
But the abandonment of the 9th inning was unforgivable. But for Iglesias catching a ball almost at the line, that was the most pitiful “defensive” game in a while
And Dirks, how long kelly will be SO in the 9th?

I’m good with that (Smily startig the 8th) Owen.

“Pitiful defensive” 9th absolutely correct El Tigre. Now there is something that we can/should all agree can’t be blamed on JL……….unless, dare I mention, a possible defensive substitution at first base? I mean, 4 run lead, you want the best defensive alignment your bench can give you right? I’d rather take Prince out than Miguel. I know…… it’s hindsight.

Yeah, and if we are going to the throw the baby out with the bath water, let’s start Alvarez instead of Verlander.
Come on folks, it was a tough loss, maybe the toughest since 1987 when Darrell Evans was picked off 3rd base. But wholesale changes are not needed. We just need to let the players play. And our offense started hitting better yesterday for sure. So yes, question the quick hooks in the 8th, and why Kelly over Dirks. But sitting Prince? Batting AJax 9th? That reeks of desperation. Keep the nose to the grindstone and let’s win a championship!

After reading what I wrote above I must apologize for the suggested Prince substitution in the 9th. It was no longer a 4 run lead by then. My stupid. But you get the gist of what I was saying. How bout 8th inning sub. That makes more sense.

We’re all upset. Doesn’t matter who’s to blame for yesterday. But what about tomorrow?

That was my main point, it was the 9th inning a glimpse of the effects of the 8th?

Buster Olney‏@Buster_ESPN54m
Leyland says he blames himself for not reminding Benoit that the Tigers didn’t want to give Ortiz a chance to beat them, in pitching to him.
He also said Jackson and Hunter will bat 1-2 tomorrow and that Dirks will start in left. I suppose that puts Peralta at SS, although I didn’t read that.

At least someone had the guts to ask JL about AJ/Hunter. Instead of all the softball questions about Dirks/Kelly.

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Leyland is such a schmooze.
“”I made a mistake that I take full responsibility for,” Leyland said. “I should’ve reminded [Benoit] that we didn’t want to Ortiz to beat us.”
Mr. Full Accountability. As if that was his only mistake that inning.
Great way of diffusing it though.

He’s a master of diversion, that one. Noted here on several occasions.

I think he was being sarcastic………..and yes he does try to take the heat off his players when they fail…..he’s such a jerk. In my opinion that’s what a good manager does.

“No,” he said. “I was done. You can write that. I was done. Everybody, they wanted me done. I was done. I was not going out there for the eighth inning.” Max

“Everybody, they wanted me done”????

The Boston hitters, grinding the AB.
Pedro, it is you?

Everybody on Fielder for the 9th, but a 3rd baseman that can move should have easily cut that ball off and threw the runner out.

First of all GK, you did not answer my question, why are you so in love with Leyland? What does your husband think of Leyland? It’s you are hilarious not your hilarious. Smyly did not lose the game, Benoit did. Evan, JL is not a good bullpen manager.

I’ve suggested in the past that they hire a bullpen manager. That doesn’t mean I agree everytime the pen craps on us it’s Leyland’s fault. Yesterday was simple to me: same 4 pitchers killed the sox on saturday, killed the game sunday.

Really Port? I am not a cubs fan, I am just not a Leyland fan!

It hard to accept the fact we had beaten Boston 2 out of two in their yard and we were going home for 3 chances to take 2.

Evan, 5-1 vs 1-0. The manager needs to adjust!

thats true. or at least “uncrust”

How many times have you seen 6 pitchers used in a game and each one gave up 1 run? I don’t recall ever seeing that.

An equal opportunity loss?

In answer, again, to the difference between game and game 2. Game 1 was 1-0 after six, game 2 was 5-1 after 7. Two completely different scenarios calling for two completely different strategies.
And if the Tigers had just lost game 2 like everyone expected, there wouldn’t be many complaints. These guys, though, have to rip your heart out. Sorry for the graphic image.

i’m dumb, so for the game 2 you don’t mind to give up a few runs as long as you don’t lose the game, yes? Game 1 you can’t give up any runs.

i guess the confusion is that if you successful at doing the game 1 – bullpen managing style – you should win. I guess the chance you are successful influences the decision. [light bulb clicks on]

To go to the bullpen that many times is just plain nuts!

I finally watched the 9th inning. Hurts just as much as imagining it. A gut punch that almost kills ‘ya. What else is new?

i was alone, drunk and stoned. Someone should have taken a picture. I had nightmares all night from what I saw.

now that is a vision!

After the 8th and top of the 9th we all knew it was over Kathy. Almost better ending it quickly than to prolong the agony. The Boston fans were rabid after that. It was lovely however, watching the complete disbelief and anxiety written over all their faces for a full 7 innings. Priceless. Evan, you could have used a tripod. But seriously, that’s maybe not the best combination for watching a Tiger game is it? But that’s just the bottled water talking…………

Honestly, with the UM game going into 4OTs and then watching Max deal and then the fiasco in the 8th — my mind probably didn’t need any help being blown.

The throw that allowed the advance to third was scored wild pitch. The ball hit the mitt and the catcher did not make any effort to catch it. It was a passed ball

Bullpen meltdowns happen. It’s part of watching baseball. It could have happened in Game 1. It did happen in Game 2 in the worst way. Tough time falling asleep after that one. If Boston gets just one big hit in Game 1, we’re down 0-2. Good chance if we lose another game in this series, the bullpen is going to play a big role. I would really hate to see it in a Game 7. Feeling well rested and ready for Game 3 today. Go Tigers! Enjoy the game.

He took the blame for possibly his third or fourth mistake of the inning. What a stand up guy. Go Tigers!!!!!!!!! Pick up Mr. Leyland.

Puig last night looked like a Quintin Berry who could hit.

Puig comes with mustard, relish and onions though. Yesterday he has a stand-up triple and actually celebrated a miscalculated home run at the plate for a while BEFORE he started to run.
Wouldn’t he look good in our OF?

3 games in Detroit at Comerica Park in October.
Enjoy it Motowners.
If anybody finds “Rodriguez” (not Aurelio or Ivan), take him to the game.
Best musician never heard!

“Searching for Sugarman” Love that guy and his music!

Nice catch Kathy!
Good luck today.

Has he ever been invited to sing or throw out a ball. If not, it’s a damn shame! Lives right in the heart of Detroit, too.

I wouldn’t guess that he has. I doubt he even performs there. In many ways he seems to embody the blue collar ethic of Detroit. At least surmising from the movie and internet.

puig seems to have issues of attitude. not my kind of player.

Getting ready to leave work so I can head out to Comerica. Here’s hoping we are all a much happier group on this blog at 8:00 tonight and my voice is once again lost from the celebration. Sitting in outfield right center so expecting a Miggy blast to catch! GO TIGERS!

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