Phil Coke is only change to Tigers ALCS roster

The Tigers made their 25-man roster official Saturday morning for the American League Championship Series, with only one change, returning left-hander Phil Coke to the bullpen for right-hander Luke Putkonen.

Everybody else remains the same, including former shortstop Jhonny Peralta as the right-handed hitting option in left field and rookie Hernan Perez as a pinch-running specialist.

The Tigers announced on Friday that Coke would be on the roster after missing more than three weeks with soreness in his left forearm. He spent the Division Series working out with the Tigers’ Florida Instructional League squad in Lakeland, trying to get his arm back in pitching shape.

Before Coke left, he said he had been pitching through the forearm issue for most of the summer. That might have played some part in his uncharacteristic numbers, especially against left-handed hitters, who batted .299 (23-for-77) against him compared to a .241 average for his career.

With no regular-season prep time, the Tigers are taking a chance that a healthy arm will help Coke fare better against the left-handed hitters Boston features. Coke’s career numbers against David Ortiz (2-for-18, four strikeouts) and Jacoby Ellsbury (1-for-11, four strikeouts) make it worth the risk, allowing manager Jim Leyland to play matchups earlier in the game if he needs to against a Red Sox lineup that runs up starters’ pitch counts.

Putkonen was the only Tigers pitcher that didn’t appear in their AL Division Series against Oakland. With regular-season starters Rick Porcello and Alvarez working out of the bullpen, Putkonen was essentially a third long reliever for depth purposes. Porcello can pitch in shorter situations, as he did in a bases-loaded jam in the ninth inning of Game 2 in the Division Series.

Left-hander Darin Downs and right-hander Evan Reed remain in Florida working out in case the Tigers need to make an injury replacement. Hard-throwing rookie right-hander Bruce Rondon is down there, too, but hasn’t yet progressed with his sore elbow enough to reach pitching shape.

The positional roster was fairly set. Though Matt Tuiasosopo continues to travel with the team and work out on the field during batting practice, Peralta’s success has allowed him to pretty well fill Tuiasosopo’s old role.

The Tigers can carry Perez on the roster as an extra positional player thanks to a four-man starting rotation. His primary role is to run for designated hitter Victor Martinez in the late innings, as he did in Game 4. He scored what turned out to be a critical insurance run on an eighth-inning wild pitch.

Perez, widely regarded as Detroit’s second baseman of the future but also a potential emergency option at shortstop, stole 28 bases in 35 attempts between Double-A Erie and Triple-A Toledo this season. He does not have the blistering speed of his Boston pinch-running counterpart, former Tiger Quintin Berry, but the Tigers aren’t expecting him to steal bases so much as they’re using him to take an extra base on hits.


I think this is a good move if Coke is used in situation purposes only.

Two concerns: 1) Coke’s health. My confidence in Detroit’s training/medical staff is eroding. 2) Jim will use him too much, with possibly disastrous results.
Long range concern: Rondon’s arm can’t handle the way he throws.

it’s an internal issue of which i have no knowledge, but wonder if Dombrowski knew that Coke was hurting all summer. if known, it could change a GM’s priorities at the trade deadline. if not known, a breakdown in communication could have occurred.

It is not the first time a player try to play thru injury and is able to hide it .

Jason:”With Avisail Garcia gone, it’s worth considering if #Tigers would entertain a contract extension for Hunter, who turns 40 in 2015.”
40 . His DRS was -10 and his UZR: -5.1. And he failed the eye test. Many times he airmailed the cut-off even if he ended with 9 OF assists , he was not sharp
His bating average remains fueled by a high Babip.He had a better september by the numbers than it looked but still he showed less power
For sure, he adds like Martinez , the intangible factor of leadership.

“Peralta ready for challenge of Green Monster” that could be ugly

the question, however, is this: is it more ugly to have peralta, dirks or kelly? How many games have they played LF at Fenway. My guess is Dirks has played 5 games there, Kelly 1 inning.

Difference being Dirks and Kelly are experienced outfielders. It’s not easy for anyone, even the Red Sox sometimes. I’m just going to hope for the best. I understand playing Jhonny, but everyone knows there’s a big risk involved.

No extension for aging stars. Recipe for fiscal disaster.

agreed. Nick will be here anyways.

Chances 2E is given a contract offer this winter by the tigers?


No and No

Agree , If it were my call. But probably they would resign Kelly.
I have never seen a team with that weird need for a third catcher. Catchers around MLB , play 1B or DH. The Tigers do not even PH for Avila out of fear of ending without a catcher.
The Tigers need a real bench, between BoSox bench and Tigers´ there is no competition


Lineup: Jackson 8, Hunter 9, Cabrera 5, Fielder 3, Martinez DH, Peralta 7, Infante 4, Avila 2, Iglesias 6. Sanchez 1

Jackson will continue his road to the K record in postseason

goddamit jim Pena needs to be in there today that’s a friggin fact! ALEX DOESN’T HIT LEFTIES JIM

40 roster players can not play in the Caribbean Winter League until the agreement between MLB and the Caribbean Confederation gains the approval of MLPA.
But Danny Dorn is not part of it so he came to play, and this time begins well:6 for 8 with 2 HR and 5 RBI in just two games.He batted 250( Magglio´s team) and 171( Caracas, long time ago had an agreement with Tigers) in his two previous seasons here

JL is such boring old stodger. (BOS).
Not leading off with Omar when Jackson is without a clue is just so damned narrow minded.
At least we can hope for AJ to hit at Fenway as he has done well in the past and dream that we see him leading off 1st and not walking back to the dugout.

Peña is a FA. He will find a team where the manager respects him.
ERA ( whole staff) with Avila 3.38. Peña: 3.76 . :SO/BB :3.17/3.14
But more important against Boston and especially with Anibal and his slow movement , high reliance in breaking balls( in his last game , TBS showed a stat: , Anibal is the pitchers with the lower % of fastballs). 73 /15 (17%) 42/13 (24%) SB/CS
With Peña the ERA was 3.18 and with Avila 2.42 but the stat that shows dominance and framing:SO/BB was 4.75/3.43

AA was 3 for 6 against Lester in 2012. Brayan hits him well, too. He also has much better history against two of the other starters than Alex so maybe he gets a start or two later in the series.

OK I’ll go ahead and actually say it; Leyland is stupid for not taking the opportunity to play Pena. Give the guy a chance. Waht are we supposed to do as fans/ Watch Avila and Jackson strike out 6 times today?

Hopefully we can keep the energy off the bases. They will run circles around Sanchez (and the bases) if they get on. Ellsbury and Victorino are doing what Jackson and Hunter are not.
Sanchez will need to get a head of hitters. These guys are notorious for their patience. If he can get ahead of hitters he at least can afford to pitch out once in a while in order to give Avila half a chance. Avila can help by throwing behind the runner and getting aggressive. He is Mr. Nonchalance at and behind the plate. He has to assert himself. I still think it is very submissive of JL to play him against Lester.
We have a team that has a tough time scoring. And you still think you can afford another dead spot in the lineup?
Iggy is a dead spot . AJ is a Fielder is slumbering. Hunter is napping.
Pena injects the offense with a little something that Avila doesn’t. not saying Avila can’t hit the odd bomb but he sure won’t against today’s pitcher.
Bosox will be throwing Miggy outside. Flick it around the Pesky Pole Big Guy.

The amazing thing about this team is that it wins in spite of poor managing.
JL has already made 2 mistakes and the game hasn’t started.
AJ leading off and Avila instead of Pena.


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