Game 5 lineups: Tigers at Athletics

Jim Leyland is going all-in on offense against Sonny Gray, moving Jhonny Peralta back to shortstop and starting Don Kelly, who had two hits off Gray in Game 2, in left field. Both of Kelly’s hits in Game 2 were infield singles, but Leyland argued that the one that deflected off of Gray was well-struck.

“It’s simple: We’ve gotta try to score,” said Leyland, who admitted considering moving Peralta to shortstop in a game earlier this series.

It finally gives me a chance to put that bizarre Verlander stat to use, the one where he hasn’t had an out recorded at first base in his last three starts. The only ground-ball out in that stretch was a fielder’s choice at third base Sept. 23 at Minnesota (the one where Alex Presley somehow decided to take off from second on a ground ball right to short).

Iglesias could enter the game at shortstop in the late innings if they have a lead.

The A’s have made the switch to Alberto Callaspo at second base. His 4-for-19 history with Verlander isn’t great, but it’s better than Eric Sogard, who’s 0-for-9 with three strikeouts.


  1. Austin Jackson, CF
  2. Torii Hunter, RF
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 3B
  4. Prince Fielder, 1B
  5. Victor Martinez, DH
  6. Jhonny Peralta, SS
  7. Alex Avila, C
  8. Omar Infante, 2B
  9. Don Kelly, LF

P: Justin Verlander

ATHLETICS (numbers off Verlander)

  1. Coco Crisp, CF (9-for-35, HR, walk, 5 K’s)
  2. Josh Donaldson, 3B (5-for-19, 2 walks, 3 K’s)
  3. Jed Lowrie, SS (2-for-11, walk, 4 K’s)
  4. Yoenis Cespedes, LF (5-for-15, walk, K)
  5. Seth Smith, DH (3-for-18, HR, 6 walks, 5 K’s)
  6. Brandon Moss, 1B (2-for-15, HR, 3 walks, 8 K’s)
  7. Alberto Callaspo, 2B (4-for-19, 2 walks, 4 K’s)
  8. Josh Reddick, RF (3-for-21, walk, 8 K’s)
  9. Stephen Vogt, C (0-for-8, 4 K’s)

P: Sonny Gray


That’s a good lineup! EAT’EM UP TIGERS!

Yes – Like this lineup. I’ll be looking for a big hit from Don Kelly. Go Tigers!

Not with AJ leading off.
Gotta be careful with Cespedes. JV can control him with fastballs up around the letters. if he throws him that yello hammer it has to be down (way down) and away (way away). This guy will kill a hanger.

I liked the lineup I posted in a different thread better. 🙂
I have no clue as to why I haven’t been consulted by the Tigers about this.
“If” I was JL in this game 5 make or break game. My lineup would be:
2B – Infante
RF – Hunter
DH – Cabrera
1B – Fielder
C – Martinez
SS – Peralta
CF – Jackson
LF – Dirks
3B – Kelly

Just my opinion……huge mistake!!! Hope I’m wrong!

Go back to the end of July posts and you will find my suggestion that Miguel go on the DL. We coulda been contenders.

I agree whole heartedly with Rosenthal. Miggy’s condition screamed for the 15-day DL.

while i think you stay the course with the leadoff spot….Omar does bat better in the leadoff than the 9th spot. of course he bats better in the 8 spot than as leadoff. :p

Well maybe regarding Miggy but remember we won the division by 2..Miggy was smoking hot in August. ….we probably wouldn’t have won the division without him playing in August. I’m just thinking. I just am not sure its that clear cut.

Donnie Kelly baby! Way to think outside the box Jimmy Smokes! But, why didn’t you bat him lead off?

Eat em up! I can’t handle posting during the game, I will be way too nervous. Here’s to catching you all on the flip side after we win!

I think we will see Miggy come alive tonight.
Not sure how we’ve done it but the running game of Oakland has not been a big factor. Let’s keep it that way.
Austin Jackson can’t sit and watch fastballs down the middle.
It’s been a good year at Beck’s BLOG again. We sometimes get on each others’ case (and nerves) but we all want the same thing. I hope we all sleep well tonight. Win or lose.

AJ takes a fastball down the middle. Exactly what I expect from him. Great leadoff man JL. To think he is going to get an extra at bat in this game drives me crazy.

Couldn’t have asked for a better 1st inning for JV. Here’s a guy who can get into difficulty in the 1st and end up throwing 25 pitches or more..
10 Pitches for Justin is remarkable.

There was out a 1B.

Great call of hit and run

Game of inches that fouled ball by Peralta…dang!

And bad positioning of Cespedes

Peralta works a great at bat and then they give it right back by getting caught stealing. geesh

Hit and run

Button up your shirt cespedes….practically open down to his navel. I hate that

He’s got a shirt on underneath.

I know i just can’t stand how it seems to become a thing for these guys to not button their shirts. I think it’s sloppy.

Too bad eh Kathy!!!!
Mistake #2 on JL. Hit & run with a strikeout pitcher and a guy who just missed 2 months?
JL keeps doing the same damn things.

That’s what good teams do to us but we can’t throw them out. Prince wasn’t even half-way to 2nd base.

Go JV! You are an ace!

Jim’s already made one big mistake, surprisingly noted by all three announcers. We can’t afford this stuff tonight.

That strike em out throw em out May of let Gray off the hook…he’s settle in now. Good thing JV looks good tonight.

Boy……. They appear to be making a bit better contact than Saturday against Gray but still no results….

They keep talking about the weather there. We’ve got Indian Summer here in MI. Gorgeous blue skies and sunny and warm. No wind.

Well we won’t get no hit anyway.

Look! HR.


Wooo……you boys predicting a HR from Cabrera today are pretty good!!

Once he has watched a pitcher , it is just a matter of time

Sonny Gray is probably done. Who will they bring in?


Did you hear what that sideline reporter called Dombrowski?

No. What? I’ve got the radio on. Saw Dave with his green tie and he looks exhausted.

Bases loaded.

Sounded like Dumcowski to me…haha

Bob Melvin is gonna take some heat for starting this rookie.

Gray was trying to walk Omar but he wouldn’t take it.

For not going to the mound but still not enough damage

JV needs a shut down inning here!

Well that was a good inning….Omar had a walk but he swung at pitches out of the zone for a strike and a weak groundout.

what is the word on RONDON!?!?!?

No word.

Haven’t heard a word??

his status. Thanks ElTigre (below)

October 4 . Beck:
Bruce Rondon, Phil Coke have been sent to instructional league to work out, hopefully throw. Darin Downs, Evan Reed also there as insurance.

As expected

Prince ….argh! How many balls in this series has he grounded out weakly to the right side….something like 8 billion times!

If JV can shut them down this inning he will takes to the next level.
Oak has serious momentum now after Jackson too he spirit out of another rally.
JL did not bunt with AJ, another mistake with AJ.
After AJ whiffed you could see the boost ( thru body language) that this gave Gray. (Then Gray won the inning).
A leadoff hitter not hitting is one thing but sucking the wind from the team’s sails is quite another.
This is the antithesis of a “spark plug”
Good game.

Man AJ is lost!! Absolutely horrible.

JV getting a lot of calls his way tonight. just saying

Both pitchers are getting nice strike zones….it’s wide but pretty fair in my opinion.

No weak stuff from Ver tonight!

We need to capitalize right now on Gray since Melvin is just now getting someone up in the pen.

Seriously??? Didn’t he just get up and start throwing? Maybe I missed that one.

He was already warming two innings ago

Reputation: JV is SO pitchers, A´s SO a lot. And he is not yelling at the ump

What a blessing to see jhonny squaring up on the ball so well. Could easily be 3 -3 right now.

sinker slider guy vs kelly [grin]

jackson will snap out of it. i’m sure of it. just not at that ab

He always does…..lets hope it’s his next at bat

Come on JV!

VMart is a heck of a hitter!

There you go.

Never fastball vs Cespedes

Dan & Jim say Iggy would not have gotten that ball. I don’t believe you, Jim & Dan.

Could Iggy have gotten to that with a dive?

No Just moved over and got It in his glove. Let’s just hope 3 runs is enough.

Holy cow. JV lost the P and the NO but so what. And the best thing is that JV feels the same way. Put the EGO aside and did his job. Impressive.

I don’t know if you read JV’s lips when that ball hit to center was coming back into the infield…he said, “Come on…Come on…Let’s go”…pretty much give me the ball. The dude is in a groove and feeling it…hit or not. Good stuff! Jeff

The “W” is what we’re after.

That ball was hit pretty hard. I don’t think Iggy would have got it. It matters not. Just focus on 6 more outs, JV.
More runs, please.
— Bob

I really wish we would have signed Cespedes a couple of years ago.

That ball was hit too hard by Cespedes unless you are positioned differently no way you get to that. Jim and Dan are right.

Keep it up Justin!

10 K . Call the bullpen

I don’t think I would.

Hand shake

Verlander = BIG TIME CLUTCH PITCHER…Nice job!

I am confident that Benoit will close it out, but I would be letting JV finish this thing. The A’s may feel rejuvenated seeing anybody other than JV. We will see.
More runs please.
— Bob

There’s that extra at bat for AJ, Dan.😉 Another K.
— Bob

Puking…I’m soooooo nervous!

Ps…I think I’d leave JV in…..

I would at least give Smyly a shot at getting Crisp out…then go to Benoit.

Sisters and Brother.
This is it. Benoit has been fighting it. Falling behind in counts. we need to help him throw strikes and am it up.

I’d leave JV in as well. Imagine how happy the A’s are to see JV out of the game.

Ok Benoit time!

We’d be going berserk if that was a ball called on one of our Tigers.

That’s prertty much been the zone all night though….it’s been very large strike zone.

It’s over. We are going to Boston!! Can you believe it? Justin was just lights out!

Jim will have to play Jhonny at SS in Boston. No way he can play the Green Monster. God help us in Boston.

Never call a win before it’s a win…I learned that the hard way last season.

Shit hit battee

Now, Boston

Oh my Benoit has made it exciting lately hasn’t he!


Way to go Tigs! Now on to Fenway. JV and Miggy the difference, and that’s why they are who they are!

For the 3rd straight year, we celebrate in Oakland. 2011 (Division), 2012 and 2013 (LDS). If I was an A’s fan, I would be getting pretty darn sick of us.🙂.
Tonight was why JV is the best; why he received the extension; and why we should thank our stars that he is on our team.
Boston bound.
— Bob

They did it!!!!!!!!!!!! What an amazing game by Verlander – pitching like the guy we expected but one of his most mature performances, attacking and being efficient. What a huge game for us – time to watch the party!!!

JV….nuff said!!! YAY Tigers!!!!

Where was this JV during a lot of the season? A few more games like this and the Tigers wouldn’t have had the struggle to outlast the Indians. Glad it came now.

Doggone it. Sure wish the Tigers had won home field for ALCS Have to be in Detroit on Saturday and wanted to attend that first game.

The big guys came through. That homer by Miggy meant a hell of a lot.
This one felt real good.

Benoit told us a lot about the mentality of the rookie closer!!!

I repeat. JL simply has to realize that reality is more important than routine.
AJ has to be taken out of the leadoff spot. Anything else is stubborn mediocrity as far as managing is concerned. AJ is too prominent a position when it comes to affecting the ebb and flow of a ball game. he almost sucked the wind out of our sails..
You can’t waste at bats in front of Miggy.

True. A manager can stick with his guys but still change a batting order. Nobody is saying to bench Austin. It would probably help him to hit lower in the order for a minute or two.

More bonus baseball and it ain’t winter yet. That’s the best part right now. These guys remain a resilient bunch.
I couldn’t make a call on whether Verlander should pitch the 9th. I wanted to ask him how he felt. 🙂 Turns out he was pretty much gassed and said as much. I’m fine with Benoit, always have been. Just don’t expect 1-2-3 innings. No closer does that all the time.
Those A’s sure take their hacks, don’t they?
Looking forward to more baseball.

Dan, I see Jackson moving his back foot too. Have you looked at any video of him earlier in the year to see if he was doing it then? I’ll try to take a look if I have time.

Gotta love it. More bonus baseball. We start with two games in Boston. If we can get a split in Beantown, let’s rock and roll in Motown!!!! Go Tigers!!!!

I can’t say that I noticed it before. I have noticed it on the swinging Ks lately and i do know that you sacrifice all your power IF ( BIG IF) you are able to make contact.
they need to address the problem but more importantly, they need to find a new leadoff hitter to deal with Boston. Auto outs are bad enough at the bottom of the order. you can’t give away outs at the top.

Quick analysis of AJ this series. He was 2 for 4 going to RF and 0 for whatever with mostly Ks when he tries to pull it out of the park. He was over swinging on every K. What about putting the cagey veterean in the leadoff and let AJ bat second??? Then if Torii gets on base, AJ would see the light and hit to right more.

Can’t bat him ahead of Miggy. Needs to be Omar

Verlander explained during spring training that he was adjusting his routine to last into October. it worked

curious as to how many innings the bullpen actually pitched. How much rust is on some of those boys!? Is rondon ready? And don’t tell me Coke is fixed! Seriously, don’t. Is Miggy feeling better? Can Mac sit down with AJ today and fix him, please?

I think Fenway park is just what the doctor ordered for this offense! Short porch in LF should help AJ and Torii, as well as Miggy. LF is so darn small that I don’t mind running Jhonny out there.

Just remember if you are striking out most of the time it does not matter where the fence is. Check out Coke vs. Big Papi. A healthy Coke could help us. Only place it makes sense to play JP in LF is Boston. And will we be facing JLester there?

that’s true I’m hoping they start striking out less tho

So we complete the 2013 ALDS between the As and Tigers with our running Tigers attempting three steals and those men from Oakland ONE!! We waited a loooonnnnng time for the first bomb by Jhonny but in the end we had one more homer this year than last year in our two victories over the Oakland As. Patience. Very important in baseball. Miguel waited nearly twenty ABs before getting that one mistake up and in. He hammered it about 375 feet. Just enough. TBS management must be dumber than a box of rocks. We traded John Smoltz in 87 to get Doyle to win one division championship. Why didn’t they have Smoltzie working this series?? We have John Smoltz back with the Tigers and he is called Justin Verlander!!!! Power pitching in the playoffs. Do you see anyone better?? Can we let the Red Sox be the favorites?? One thing is for certain we are the defending champions and there will be ALCS games played in Detroit. Go Tigers!!!!!!!!

Fenway is a nightmare…….it is the Tigers worst nightmare…we never play well there, I think the park psyches them out. Scared!

I am a greedy Tiger fan and dream of two more clebrations but I must admit I am pretty happy with this one. The team showed itself to be just that. The offense came alive in Game 4. JV somehow pitched a better game than the one before. How could that even be possible?
JL makes some mistakes and they are overcome. The hit & run with Peralta was not a wise move. Nor was not ordering Jackson to lay one down after the Don Kelly gift walk in the 5th.. You get guys out of slumps by making them contribute in other ways. AJ’s job from pitch #1 should have been to lay one down and advance Kelly. The half-hearted attempts on subsequent pitches were absurd.
Now I will give JL a tonne of credit for making a good decision in taking out JV. He did not get stupidly stubborn or mired in reverie. He did the right thing in having Benoit start that 9th fresh.
Things I’d like to see next in the ALCS:
AJ batting 9th
Avila giving Benoit a better target. He needs it.
Give Pena a chance.
Play Iggy at short.

Jon Lester on the mound should get us Peralta in left, Pena at catcher, an Iglesias at short for one game. How did JI do against Lester in Boston in September?? Bat him leadoff??

Before we start annointing Peralta as the LFer in Fenway, let’s take a look at the Green Monster. I’ve been out there on the warning track at Fenway and have seen it and touched it. The thing is made of different kinds of metals and supporting structure. It’s entirely pockholed with dents from years of hard liners smacking into it. A ball never bounces off it in the same direction. On a high fly to left, the outfielder has to judge whether it’s coming down in front of the wall or up against it. It’s the difference between an out, a single, or a double. In addition, if the centerfielder has one carom away in that triangle by the garage doors, the LFer has to cover that. And this is just some of the challenges. Hopefully the other outfielders can provide some direction to Jhonny, but they have little experience with it too. Iggy can actually be of some help here, because the SS and LFer have to work together.
Peralta in left is not a no-brainer.

And to be fair, if the bats at the top of the lineup get back going, we don’t NEED jhonny’s bat in the lineup against pitchers who pitch to contact.

If it’s not, then it must be a near no-brainer. Phil Coke joins the posse.

So what is the projected starters for the first 4 games then? Sanchez, Fister, Max, and then JV?

No. Sanchez, max, jv and then fister. Max and JV have to start twice. That is the no brainer of the day.
— Bob

agreed I just wasn’t sure on the no. of days Max and JV would require/have if they pitched on those games/dates

BTW I fully expect Sanchez and Fister to pitch better the next time they go out.

has anyone said whether they expect Rondon and/or Coke to be available for this series?

I think it is almost a foregone conclusion that Jhonny will be in LF tomorrow.
JL will not want to putting a LHB out there to face Lester.
I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t do it but JL could leave Putkonen off and add 2E.
Putkonen is only likely to be used in the event of a blow out anyway.
Another “over-the-fence” RHB at Fenway may be appealing to JL

I was thinking that 2E might find a place on the ALCS roster due to the LF fence. He’d likely be more use than a bullpen piece not usable in tight games…

They have already stated that Rondon won’t be added. I don’t think he’s even throwing yet.

OH word I missed that then. That’s a shame tho….

Pena has hit pretty well at Fenway. He has hit very well in his career against Lester
It is time for him to get a game. No doubt about it.

heeeeeeere’s Phillip! (coke replaces cool hand luke)

I saw this hilarious post from someone over at Mlive: “Seems like mLive has a little bit of the Leylands. They like to tinker with things that aren’t broken. But, they don’t seem to have the ability to fix the things that are.” – i know ya’ll can appreciate such a quote

Phil Coke vs Big Papi. How much of that goes back to when Phil was a Yankee??

he can’t hit Pepsi’s change up

Thanks, Evan . Any Boston weather issues?? And how many miles from Fenway to you??

First game as a Tiger Jhonny Peralta hit two bombs against J Lester over the Green Monster.

eh not really – there is a chance of rain tomorrow until about 8pm or so. But that’s about it. I’m about 3 hours from Boston up in Burlington VT. Seen a tigers hat or two on UofVT campus today – many more SOX gear – I wore my JV jersey nobody gave me crap for it

Playing Peralta in LF would be a huge mistake, the Green Monster has eaten better fielders than him.

for whatever reason, this morning I really miss Eat’em Up Tigers guy.

umpires for the series are Dale Scott, Rob Drake, Dan Iassogna, Ron Kulpa and Alfonso Marquez and Country Joe West

Rosenthal, class act:”The Sox should bunt as often as possible on the physically compromised Cabrera.”
Melvin did not bunt. He said because Miguel was well positioned… but for Yost no one has tried to bunt against him in “abnormal” situations.
He had a couple of good plays with short hits and also missed another couple

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