Game 5 set for 8:07pm ET start

I tweeted about this late last night, but I figured I’d better get this on the blog too: With Monday’s Red Sox win at Tampa Bay, the Tigers and A’s will now be the only playoff game on TV when they meet for Game 5 here in Oakland. Thus, the start time has been moved back to 8:07pm ET to better accommodate a prime time audience on both coasts. That’s good news for a lot of people in Detroit who spent last weekend staying up late to watch the first two games out here.

It’s probably not good news in the Bay Area, where the game will start right in the middle of rush hour, but it’s nothing new in these parts. The tricky part for fans coming to the Coliseum is that there’s a concert scheduled next door at Oracle Arena, and the two facilities share parking lots. The A’s are encouraging fans to take public transportation such as BART, or arrive early if they to drive. They’ll be taking cars on a first-come, first-served basis at most of the lots until they’re full.


Do you know who the performer is at the concert?

Pink is performing tomorrow in Oakland and I’m sure she will draw a huge crowd. Parking will probably be an issue, If I were there I would take Bart, easy in/out.

Pink. Yep, that will draw. Thanks.

Pink Floyd rocks! They’re still around?

You’re joking, right, Evan?

Omar at leadoff makes all the sense in the world, but I doubt we see it this season. I think we likely are all amazed at how well Jhonny has hit considering how long he was away from the action – very nice surprise that has allowed us to keep playing.

DOK: Career ALDS bat avg for Migyy .235; AJ.176; Avila .150

Last year in the ALDS our three leading hitters were OI, AD, and QB. Let’s hope we see QB next week!!!!!

Thanks, for the link, Dan.

I know the SOC will stick with Austin at leadoff. Makes much better sense to hit Omar there. Omar hits. Rarely strikes out. clutch. All of those things that AJ is not.

Sonny Gray tomorrow

Just read an interesting article in the New York Times about the lost art of choking up on the bat. The link to the article was in another story, but it mentions McClendon helping Curtis Granderson with his swing by choking up a bit. The article mentions Placido Polanco, (I feel like I have more bat control), as being one of the few to do this and have great success. Barry Bonds used to choke up on the bat also all stages of his career. Have our guys even thought of trying this?

dangit i hope Melvin didn’t read my post about Colon getting nailed seeing the tigers 2x in 6 days…i ruined it!

Well if they can lay off that breaking pitch…it hopefully will be ok..if they don’t…well it’s a toss up.

The Tigers will win!

STL has always been a great organization. kudos to them.

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