Leyland leaves open possibility of using Scherzer in relief

So yeah, turns out Max Scherzer COULD pitch in this game today. It won’t be as a starter, though.

Leyland said this afternoon that Scherzer could be a reliever in Game 4, depending on how he feels when he gets to the ballpark and throws. Essentially, he could cover setup innings in the seventh and eighth to carry a lead to closer Joaquin Benoit.

“He might be able to pitch a couple innings if necessary,” Leyland said. “I would tend to lean on the cautious side with that.”

If Scherzer pitches in this game, Justin Verlander would start a potential Game 5 in Oakland on his regular four days’ rest. If Scherzer doesn’t pitch today, he’ll start Game 5, and Verlander could potentially pitch in relief, Leyland said.


this bullpen crap is your fault, Dombroski. hope you feel good about that.

Not sure what series you are watching, but the bullpen is not the issue in the Tiger’s / A’s series.

don’t be so sure about that. a bad bullpen can affect hitting by putting pressure on the hitters to get a sizeable lead going into the late innings.
Talks about Max pitching today instead of letting our pen handle it, etc.

So he might use Scherzer like he’s used Porcello so far? What was that, one hitter on Saturday night? Rick looked a little bit frustrated yesterday.

The bullpen this year was an Achilles heel all year.
It is not a problem now simply because the configuration of it has changed.
Starters (dependable ones) are now init. Smyly can now become a long lefty out of the pen if he has to. I don’t think it is too much of a concern to stretch him out either..
He could come in and shut that LHB lineup down.
No mistakes today. JL can’t afford any more than he already has made today. (AJ leading off and Peralta in left.)
Some creativity at the plate and a little personal sacrifice would be nice too.
If Aj has to bunt to get on do it. If he has to dive for a ball—do it.
If Fielder isn’t going to go for the RF foul line and is content to try to flare the ball to left then push a bunt down the 3rd base line. More chance to get on that way against the shift than popping or flying out. He is overswinging when he goes opposite field.
And please Lloyd/toby—talk to Austin Jackson about moving his BACK foot back.. He’s dead in the water when he does that.

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Whoa, Smyly, Benoit , and Rondon. Rondon is now hurt so maybe DD should have picked up one more stud. But. IF the hitters do their job…….
Go Tigers! Hit some home runs. Swing out of your shoes, what have got to lose! -Dave

While I agree the pen has been a problem throughout the year it really hasn’t been in this series. Mostly it’s been about HITTING the damn ball. For good measure yesterday Sanchez decided to have one of his worst outing of the year…..it’s the hitting…I will give Miggy a pass he’s hurt but Jackson, Hunter PRINCE VMart all need to put on their big boy pants and earn their money. They are not paid to be strikeout and singles hitters.

fair enough but then why use max today if the bullpen is not an issue?

Why would you keep your 2 best pitchers on the bench in an elimination game when you may need them to get important outs. He didn’t say he was absolutely going to use them, I am sure he’d like to avoid using them. But, I am also sure, he doesn’t want to answer any questions regarding why his 2 best pitchers were on the bench for the last game of the year.

No I don’t think they will.
Awesome start for Fister lead off triple???? Jeez

I go out for a cup of coffee and there’s a leadoff triple?

fister looks like crap, announcers couldn’t be happier!

Great Eckersley and the idiots to listen to for the next three hours.

It’s on the radio if you can get it.

Not synced up.

i def. don’t mind the delay – waaaaaaaaaaaaay better than TBS broadcast.

cabby didn’t get the foul ball that anyone else would have gotten. he looks hurt now. pull him JL – he’s pretty much worthless right now anyhow.

Well big boys it’s time to put your hitting shoes on…..already in the hole.

Strailly not a strike out pitcher yet struck out two of the first three batters quickly and quietly. Freaking terrific. Again A’s pitcher is not anything close to a strikeout pitcher.

Great Fister walk the Sogard who hasn’t had a hit in the series……,guess those dreaded shadows confounding the tigers hitters in the first not so much a problem for the A’s hitters. JEEZ

50 pitches through 2 innings…..Strailly threw 10 in his first inning.

prince finally helping out

Fister is dead meat if he keeps living up in the zone.
Get Ricky and Drew warmed up.
got away with murder the 1st 2 innings.

Yep…..boy our hitters looking good again? Pitiful

How can these guys win when they have the same stubborn mindset as their skipper.
How much room does Avila have to slap a ball on the left side?
what does he do/ Pulls it into the teeth of the shift.
how selfish is that?

i am assuming he couldn’t hit it over to left or he would have, no?

is it possible that the rondon injury hurt morale so bad the offense was pressing now they can’t hit?

I just got a text message on my phone: Hitless Tigers trail A’s 1-0 after three innings

Also Strailly is getting a much much much more generous strike zone. Can’t work counts if he’s getting pitches 5 inches off the plate……

6 runs in 31 innings.

Fister appears to be settling down, but it’s torture watching the bats..

spoke too soon. GAME OVER. Anyone know how i can watch the pistons pre-season scrimmage?

Singles,walks and HBP for Fielder is what Dusty Baker had in mind when he talked about clogging the bases

Well, I’m done. Maybe they’ll come back if I quit watching.

This umpire is a freaking ass those two runs are on the umpire how many dam strikes does fister has to throw that the idiot hasn’t called a strike. He had lowrie struck out while Strailly gets junk 5 or more inches out of the zone called strikes. We may be doomed anyway but this ass isn’t helping anything dude has an agenda. And I’m not going by the worst pitch trax I’ve ever seen I’m going by my eyeball.

What JL thinks about Dirks and Santiago is true of Austin. He is not a daily player

Sorry, but the Tigers cant blame the ump this time. They have been getting the calls so far. JV was aided by the maligned Buckner



Sorry I’m not blaming the ump on our lack of hitting but the umpire is allowing the other guy a very large strike zone that fister I is not getting….and that’s bullshit…..it’s not the freaking playoffs.

It not over yet

I guess it worked! Just looked in on game day to check and I see they tied it up.

As Jim Price would say: “Right in Jhonny’s wheelhouse.”

Miguel must move to DH or first base for the next game.

Next inning would be fine by me.

yea get him out of there. sheesh.

Jhonny resucitates his team but you think the next hitters would have some intensity in their at bats. Avila looked like he couldn’t give a rat’s behind in his lame at bat.
At least Fister came out firing and shut them down. We needed that badly.

Those at bats were shockingly poor weren’t they?

Jackson is first batter because he can hit and is fast? Infante CAN hit and IS fast. Does Leyland worry about hurt feelings? I thought he was going to quit that, well a couple of years ago. Hasn’t happened.

AJ is killing his own team.

Yes but that pitch wasn’t a strike…….,

Austin Jackkkkkkkkson.
— Bob

When you have a reputation, calls will go against you

It shouldn’t matter call the zone whatever you want but be even and as consistent as possible else is bull especially in the playoffs.

He is hurting badly

He just would have whiffed on the next pitch anyway.
They have to get Fister out. He’s more than done.
The weirdness begins. Here comes Max. Leyland wants to have JV pitch the 5th game so bad.

It could work or not. I dont like the move.

I agree I’m not a fan,…hope I’m wrong.

Verlander was better in his game than Scherzer.

Well behind again…

The A´s gave us an out and scored only once

I didn’t like this idea much. To me it should have been smyly or Porcello to take over from Fister, regardless of the inning.
Crisp is player. Shoulda thought about him years ago.
I’m completely disgusted and done with Fielder. Smiling and joking around in the 7th when you just lost the lead (and struck out BTW)
I’d much rather have the intensity and demeanor of a guy like Balfour than prima donna like Fielder.
JL has made two mistakes so far. Leading off AJ and relieving with Max. One more and that’s strike three.

He wants to win

fan Interference

He wouldn’t have made it, but those dumb fans

That cant be overturned. The ball would have landed over the yellow line. The fan has a right to the ball.
— Bob

What a stupid fan. It’s hard to believe how dense people can be. This is not a spring training game

He couldn’t have caught it, even it there was interference. It was above his glove and he couldn’t jump any higher.

He was at the highest point of jumping and wouldn’t have caught it in his glove.



We caught a break. It could have bad for us there.

It was above the yellow line and going into the stands. He couldn’t have caught it. HR.

That could be the series changer

Avila—look like you care enough to do things right

Avila doesn’t have to bunt. He just needs to hit one of roll over grounders to 2nd.
— Bob

JL would have been better off to PH for him or let him swing away and hit it to where he always does. To the 2nd baseman.

The hottest hitter is out

Benoit is warming up. Now?

JL has been reading sabermetric blogs

He reacted, finally

Avila bunting!

Pena should have put in there. No question about it.

Iggy—you have to swing. You can’t let AJ hit here

PH for AJ

I was wrong and Im glad I was

Bring in Right Melvin………..please

Come on AJ….please…..

Thanks….I thought Reddick was going to catch that?

Unbelievable! Baseball gods are trying to force a smile here. AJ was dead in the water and EVERY Tiger fan in the world knew he was going to strike out.

May as well leave Max in now.

How comes? Scherzer enters, they score

I don’t really want Benoit going 2 innings.

Totally agree Kathy….

Why is Tori trying to pull everything? We needed classic “shoot it right” Tori there?
— Bob

He got himself in the whole the first two pitches were in the dirt…one of which for some reason he tried to bunt which I totally don’t get. He had a horrible AB…regardless of the outcome.

No walks please

Yep. He didn’t listen to you Dan.?

Against a change up….

Better bring Benoit in. Can’t stand this.. Bases loaded.

I can’t watch. Going to wash my hair.

Torii……what an ass…seriously getting cute and instead of running full speed you worry about deeking……guess he wants to go home. Would of liked to see Smyly come in this inning… But.

I don’t understand this. I don’t want Benoit going 2 either. But right now, he is the best option. Max is struggling with his command.
— Bob

Torii’s is certainly not leaving his best to the last.
Too casual.
We need some help now.

Well that was exciting for about 2 minutes.

Callaspo seemd to have good success against us. Bear down even more now.
Whew! Let’s do this.


Wow!!!! So that is what it feels like for you heart to miss a beat. When that ball was first hit, I thought it was done.
Wow !!!!!!!
— Bob

Sorry for my language …..but he’ll ya

Well we got the luck we needed. A lot of it. Reddick swinging at ball 4. Callaspo down the line. callaspo teeing off an the 3-2 pitch and the ball getting smoked right to the waiting glove of the greatest hitter on the planet, Austin Jackson.

As soon as they are not elevated only to make the fall harder

PRing for VMart is only sensible if Leyland also PHs for Avila. Avila will not hit this guy and that will mean you have wasted a runner and another big bat (VMart,JP and Miggy) if you let Avila bat. Makes no sense to me. Bring in Pena to keep the strategy valid.

Hell ya!

Ok I’m back to watch the 9th. Your welcome everyone!

go away again.

If the A’s score 4 in the 9th, we will know who to blame.😉
— Bob

Benoit? For allowing it and not throwing strikes?

Yes and maybe Mayo Smith.
— Bob

🙂. I get it I missed that exchange!

And Max is officially a member of the Tigers bullpen. Never easy

Torture, pure torture.

Those add on runs by Infante are worth gold

He better get him out.

wow without the add on runs we’re going into the 9th with no lead

Is Benoit trying to kill me?

One more

Yes !!!!!!!! Still alive !!!! It’s your turn, JV !!!!!
— Bob

thank you Omar Infante. The quiet tiger

Tigergirl, were you there? OMG, am so proud of this TEAM tonight!!!

Whew….scoring runs cures a lot of sins doesn’t it?

Did anyone actually enjoy the game? That sucker was an instant classic. Excellent postseason game.
I should have started this series by keeping score of how many times Eckersley and Buck Martinez are wrong. They were cracking me up with that “bring in Smyly” stuff. To replace Cy Young, sure. And they’ve obviously never watched Jim Leyland manage a game.
Anyway, I was on top of my game tonight. I called Jackson’s bloop single to right. I still can’t believe that one.

Here’s another good one: in between the singles from Prince & Victor but before the Peralta homer, my wife got a call that her furlough was over. That was a pretty cool two minutes there.

good news

after this pistons games imma relisten to the radio broadcast

my game 5 lineup:
Jackson – Center
Hunter – Right
Cabrera – DH
Fielder – 1st
V-Mart – Catcher
Peralta – Short
Infante – 2nd
Inglesias – 3rd
Don Kelly – Left

Not bad Evan. Just put #12 in the eight hole followed by #1. With Iglesias at third, he would maybe run down some foul pop ups.

fair enough – dirks it is. now make it happen DOK!

GK, you are an ass!

Have they announced A’s starter yet…hopefully anybody but Sonny Gray.

i’m hoping for colon

Why do even comment on this blog? You are sooooooooo negative!

If you don’t like his comments DON”T READ THEM!!!!

Gives the baseball world something to think about anyway. And Oakland.
we have to get on Colon. The fastball is coming. Bat Omar 1st.
I would have played Dirks that game so chalk at least one up to Leyland for playing Peralta.
I also would have PH for Avila in the 8th. No hesitation whatsoever, He did a very nice job of blocking balls today. But I really like the way Pena sets up a target for his pitchers. Looks like Benoit could benefit from that.
I am a little worried (I am a bit of a Worry Wart, after all) about an off day from JV.
Certainly need a reinvigorated offense to help him in his quest.Thank You Josh Riddick.

Isn’t it normal rest for JV or are you just referring to the extra time to think about it with a day off Dan?

Yes Rich, I would have brought in Smyly, not Max. He is the relief pitcher, isn’t he?

not me, smyly is on my don’t trust list right now. i would have brought in pochello….or so they call him at TBS

I was speaking of the innning when Max loaded the bases with none out. The TBS crew had Smyly pitching to Norris coming off the bench or something. I said you’ve got the Cy Young award winner on the mound and those guys are talking about replacing him with Smyly? No way. Then my wife chipped in with “Max made the mess, let him pitch his way out of it.” She’s a sharp one.

OH i was talking instead of max going out there tonight at all. In regards to that jam, the only guy i would have replaced him with was Al^2 …. strikeout guy ya know.

but i would have left him in there

I think in game 5 the boys find the seats and gaps. JV pitches well and the tigers pull off a 6-3 game in OAK

I don’t want to play Boston but I’d like to have our game Thursday at 8 PM. Can’t have it both ways. 2-1 Sox in the 8th.

I think JV is best on his normal rest for sure. And Thursday would be that day. I do worry he just may not “have it”. Kinda like Anibal was off on his start..
I know one thing, it would be darn near impossible for him to pitch better than he did in that 2nd game.

dan, i feel like JV has been on an uphill rise in his overall pitching…..for well over a month now. And since we know his ceiling is mars…
Since JV is pitching does that mean Alex Avila has to catch? Can Victor catch? What about Pena?
better question: does bartolo colon have the arsenal to face a team like the tigers twice in a series? The guy throws fastballs for christ sake, and effectively nothing else (Ok a changeup sometimes). At least JV can go back and make a slightly different gameplan with the catcher since his arsenal is robust.

With Colon it is all about movement. I think he has several fastball movements.
JV is pretty much straight on. He needs at least 2 secondary pitches working right in order to get away with the straight heater.

Boy that damn little Pedroia is one of the best players in the game.

Let’s just get normal. We’re tied and we have done it without any serious contribution from our top 4 hitters. Yes, Miggy is getting closer to the fence. And he has had a few hits. But he has not found a way to compensate completely………………yet.
He’s close. Nothing much from the Bro’s yet. I don’t even want to talk about Fielder. Austin needed to break his bat. that is a good sign, just getting wood on the ball.
but, he should not be leading off. Torii seems to be losing concentration. Defensively and at the dish. He is a very big part of energizing the lineup. he needs to get it going.
VMart may not be inspiring to fans but I bet that guy sure inspires his team-mates.
Peralta, I don’t know how he has done as well as he has.
Let the A’s throw Gray. Big deal. If the offense is working right they should be able to put the touch to this rookie.
Great at bat by Omar. Great job by Peralta. Max struggled but persevered. he may not have the best ERA, he may get run support but say what you may, he wins games.
Honourable mention to JL for PRing Perez for VMart and the same to Perez for taking home on the WP.
Benoit? Let the bad air out. He is due for a sub par performance every now and then. Maybe tonight was it.

good points there dan

I would add that Hunter doesnt have anymore the physical conditions but he is doing his best to energize the team. The four veterans, the four player over the hill, Victor, Hunter, Infante and Peralta are there to win and want it badly

I am 3 for 3 on playoff games the last 2 years – so I am taking a collection for my plane ticket to California! The excitement level at that game last night was amazing. I have no voice and my legs hurt from jumping up and down so much. That HR by Jhonny had the place in a frenzy, and we got to celebrate Victor’s HR twice. I did call the Jackson hit – I said he would hit a bloop single and then laughed when I saw his broken bat hit – I thought for sure Reddick would dive for that ball. I like Torii but he is making me mad in the field – he has been very, very sloppy out there, not fielding cleanly, kicking it around out there. As a veteran he has to do better than that. There was a lot of booing of Jackson, lots of frustration out there with him right now, so was happy to see him get that hit. Am wondering what Ricky is thinking that he wasn’t used last night instead of Max, but I like to see that the coaching staff realized there is no need to save a pitcher if there is no more postseason. We can 2nd guess all we want but that is a tough call to make. Benoit had me scared there, thought maybe we would see someone else with a 4-run lead but again, we needed that win desperately. There is such a difference in the stands for playoffs – every seat taken, the beer lines are short and the bathroom lines are ridiculously long. Be ready for a late Thursday night to watch the (non alcoholic) champagne celebration!

Porchello , is the proper pronunciation in italian:c in italian has the same sounds as ch in spanish, ch as k in english

agreed on that eltigre. but baseball reference says he’s from new jersey and his last name is pronounced \por-SELL-oh\ and since Ricky the paternal grandson of Sam Dente, who played for the Cleveland Indians in the 1954 World Series….i’d say his family isn’t recently from Italy anyhow.

Melvin bunting against an struggling Max helped the Tigers giving away one out.. Oddly, the long inning also helped Scherzer to focus

Food for thought. The Oakland stadium will once more be loud and boisterous, but I wonder if this October influx of “fans” bothers the A’s players more than a team like Detroit who is used to big loud crowds. The A’s appeared pretty comfortable in Comerica until it got loud.
If such a thing has any effect at all, that is.

On a well deserved day off I have a dumb question to ask fans who have been t Comerica (I haven’t….yet);
Why do they call the CF area the Chevrolet (or GM) Fountain? Is there an actual fountain there somewhere?

Hey, Dan. My last Tiger game was against the Cubs in 98. When was yours??

yea there is a fountain atop that area behind the ivy in CF. is on the top…dunno if it still shoots water up – if when it does.

We have survived. We live to play game five!!! Never saw Jhonny’s HR! Still haven’t. Did it go to left??? That was the only half inning I missed. Funny how Leyland announces what he will do in an elimination game. And then does it, Why wouldn’t TBS replay that Peralta homer a few times in the later innings??? Now for game 5, do we get a rematch of game 2???

right field VMART, left for peralta

Thanks for the link.

Hey DOK, yes it was to left. Kind of a high fly ball that went into the bullpen. I thought they showed the replay over and over. We will win on Thursday night 3-2. Go Tigers!

Dan – good point on the Perez pinch runner – I thought he would go in sooner but him being at third made him taking the plate much easier than VMart attempting it and possibly getting hurt.

Cespedes almost came up with that catch. As did Hunter on on Lowrie’s and Reddick on Victor’s.

My last Tiger game was a 3 game series the last season in the old Yankee Stadium. They swept them. Polanco hit 2 HRs in one game. that was right around the time that Carlos and Miggy were switching positions.

AND out at the plate!!!

And Callaspo barely miss the line.It is called a game of inches for a reason

With Miguel Cabrera playing hurt, why aren’t we debating moving him to DH, V-Mart to catcher, and then plugging in Jhonny at third. If we made those moves and put AD back in left, we would have the best possible defense we could have. This is a winner advances and the loser goes home game and you play your best nine. Didn’t V-Mart catch Verlander?? Not really sure. How did we do when he caught??

2 things regarding Cabby/Vmart/etc……… a) Vmart is probably your worst defender at C position so don’t forget that, and b) are you going to remove Prince from the starting lineup then? – that doesn’t sound good for the offense…. Heck I’d rather remove Miggy. almost.

No, Avila is out.

Not since 2011 and was only one game. I checked that this morning. 4.50 ERA

Fielder 4 for 15 2 SO/BB. Cabrera. 4 for 16 1 SO 1 RBI. Fielder numbers are just above those of an injured Cabrera
The lineup is etched in stone, specially after a W.
Yes, I would play Cabrera at DH and Martinez at 1B. He is the hottest hitter in the team and a better glove

Not going to change Vmart/Miggy now, they got us this far. I hope they put Peralta at SS, Dirks in LF for game 5. You can bring Iggy in as a PR and defensive replacement. Not sure if Iggy has hit it out of the infield since he got plunked on the wrist. And we need Peralta’s bat. My suggested linep
Torii RF
Miggy 3B
Prince 1B
VMart DH
Peralta SS
Dirks LF
Avila C
Infante 2B

This is our best lineup in my opinion,and as I have said probably too often on this blog, having Omar 9th turns the lineup well and increases baserunners for the meat of the lineup. We all know Miggy is hurt, and his power is way down, but a bigger issue is that he has been up with no one on A LOT. Get guys on base and he will drive them in.

yep AJ and The Youngster have struggled…….in fact, they’re due!

That’s not a bad lineup with those nine guys if you split up AD & AA.

I think you might see something very close to that lineup tomorrow. JV does not get a lot of ground balls and we all know that JP is dependable there.. Iggy is not getting it done at the plate. Bringing him in for rdefense seems logical. Dirks in the OF is a good idea..
I’d swap Omar and Ajax though. Without any hesitation whatsoever.

Omar is a supreme fastball hitter and pitchers often start the game throwing their fastball. Has Jim used Infante to lead off at all this season?
Funny thing is, when Jim is asked about Austin, he usually says “he’s the guy that makes us go.” Well, isn’t that true of any guy hitting leadoff, whoever it is?
So yeah, Dan, I certainly agree with you. I wouldn’t be surprised if Jackson hit better lower in the order, too.

Yes , after the AJax injury.

When AJ was out for thirty games, Omar batted first against the lefties. What’s the data on AJ and AA in ALDS baseball??? We have three years now.

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