Peralta to start in left field tomorrow

After the Tigers put Jhonny Peralta on their Division Series roster, then struggled offensively through two games, you had a feeling this was coming. It was more a matter of when.

Jhonny Peralta will start in left field at Comerica Park for Game 3 Monday afternoon. It’s a risky move for multiple reasons, but at this point, it’s one Jim Leyland’s willing to make to try to spark his moribund offense.

Peralta is just 1-for-9 off Oakland starter Jarrod Parker. Andy Dirks is 3-for-11, but his hitting the last few weeks has shown even favorable matchups have betrayed him.


Go jhonny go, go.

They actually need Iglesias in there. He has not had a lot of work thus far but with Sanchez and then Fister—he will.
Plus even though he is not squaring up on the ball he can still get on base.

I agree……although we were winning plenty of games with JP at short? But I think with the no range Miggy you need the extra range that Iglesias can give you there.

great starting pitching with no offense and a **** bullpen will not get a team very far in the postseason.

We can talk about Iggy/Dirks/kelly/Peralta all we want, but Cabrera, Fielder, VMart, Torri and Ajax need to hit or we won’t win.

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