Leyland on Alburquerque/Veras decisions

Jose Veras was last spotted warming up during Max Scherzer’s 7th inning in Game 1. When the Tigers went to Drew Smyly in the 8th, Veras wasn’t seen again, shelved in favor or Al Alburquerque and Joaquin Benoit. He didn’t warm up at all in Game 2, and he was spotted before the game with his shoulder wrapped.

Is this the case of a role change, or something else?

“Alburquerque has had kind of a hot hand,” Jim Leyland said Sunday, “so he’s been getting some strike outs. He kind of had a hot hand and that’s why we went with him.  But we’ll be using Veras in the series.  Absolutely nothing wrong with him.”

Sunday’s off-day should mean everybody available in Detroit’s bullpen, though Alburquerque’s 22 pitches in Game 2 might warrant checking on his status Monday morning.

Alburquerque had been rolling into this postseason with the best month of his season, and he continued it with back-to-back strikeouts on sliders to keep the game tied after eight innings. He came back out in the ninth, though, and saw the A’s hit back-to-back singles on sliders after he fell behind in the count.

Veras last pitched in the opener at Miami with a 25-pitch eighth inning. He’s apparently healthy, but Leyland opted against his setup man in the eighth inning of Friday’s ALDS opener.


AA cannot throw 17 sliders in a row, he has to mix in his 96 m.p.h fastball especially with the strike zone being wide. He could have taken the risk and threw a fastball 2 or 3 inches outside and there a possibility of the pitch being called a strike. Both Smyly and AA should be sharing 7th innings duties only and let Veras handle the 8th.

The hot hand? is he going by committee ?It is the JL´way : the newcomer is not well seen. Huff, Betemit, Baker, all over again

And Im aware that Valveras had a couple of very bad outings. But Alx2 was worse

The hottest hand in the bullpen is …. Porcello. Let him start the 9th and pitch up to 6 innings as needed. This was the perfect situation to use Porcello.
That said, no game has ever been won with 0 runs.

I am so tired hearing about the decisions JL makes regarding the bullpen. It is all DD’s fault. No, it is Bud Selig’s fault.

Getting ready to head down to the park…..let’s hope these guys can score some runs today like Portwinelad said can win games with no runs doesn’t matter who pitches and how well.

BE loud GK! Go Tigers.

Oh ya go tigers

Baby, it’s cold outside. It’s a shame because we’ve had great weather up until yesterday. Supposed to go into the 70’s later in the week.
Go Tigers!!!!!!!!!!

A´s:Coco Crisp, CF Josh Donaldson, 3B ,Jed Lowrie, SS
Brandon Moss, 1B,Yoenis Cespedes, LF,Seth Smith, DH
Josh Reddick, RF,Stephen Vogt, C Eric Sogard, 2B.
Donaldson and Lowrie switched, why? Lowrie vs Aníbal:100/.350 . Donaldson:455/.955

well known fact: Tigers offense is better at home.
I will be taping the game and watching it at 7eastern. So i’ll post celebratory comments bout 11.

Well they better begin hitting, because it is now or never. The window is closing faster that this article says:

Benoit and Infante are FA in November. Max, VMart and Hunter next year.

Lineup : Jackson CF, Hunter RF, Cabrera 3B, Fielder 1B, Martinez DH, Peralta LF, Avila C, Infante 2B, Iglesias SS.

Hope to catch it by the third inning 2PM US time, 1:30 here

Giving AJ an additional at bat is not as smart as giving it to Omar.

you will ride the horse that got you here. you will not like it, per usual.

Today I won’t mind if they do all their hitting in one game.

I had a dream 2 nights ago the Tigers won the World Series.

It has been raining in GR since 9 am. The rain will hit the D around 3 pm. Whadda ya think Evan? Nice, Kathy. I dream all the time that the Tigers win the series! Go Tigers!

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