Game times set (sort of) for rest of series

For those who have been clamoring for start times for the two games in Detroit, they’re finally out. In the case of Game 4, however, you’re going to have to be flexible.

Game 3 on Monday is set. That’ll be at 1:07pm ET, about 40 hours after the first pitch for Game 2 in Oakland. Since Game 3 is the early game, it’ll also be on MLB Network, much like Game 2 of last year’s series was.

Game 4 on Tuesday is tentatively set for a 5:07pm ET unless the Red Sox-Rays series is over by then. If that’s the case, the game would move to a 7:07pm start. So you might not know for sure what time the game starts until Game 3 of the Red Sox-Rays series is over Monday night.

If Tigers-A’s goes to Game 5, it’s again a conditional start, though not as big of a difference. If the Red Sox-Rays series goes five games, Tigers-A’s will be the late game, a 9:07pm ET start on Thursday. If the Tigers and A’s are the only game that night, it moves back to an 8:07pm ET start.

So to recap …


  • A’s-Tigers, Game 3, 1:07pm, MLB Network
  • Cards-Pirates, Game 4, 3:07 (or 3:37 if Braves-Dodgers is over), TBS
  • Red Sox-Rays, Game 3, 6:07 (or 7:07 if Braves-Dodgers is over), TBS
  • Braves-Dodgers, Game 4, 9:37, TBS


  • A’s-Tigers, Game 4, 5:07pm (or 7:07 if Rays-Red Sox is over), TBS
  • Red Sox-Rays, Game 4, 8:37, TBS


  • Pirates-Cardinals, Game 5, 5:07pm (or 8:07), TBS
  • Dodgers-Braves, Game 5, 8:37, TBS


  • Rays-Red Sox, Game 5, 5:37 (or 8:07 if Tigers-A’s is over), TBS
  • Tigers-A’s, Game 5, 9:07 (or 8:07 if Rays-Red Sox is over), TBS


Nice summation, Jason, thanks.
I’d thought the last weekday (workday) game had been played in September, but not the case. However, complaining about gametimes for your team in the postseason is akin to complaining that the one million dollars just given a person aren’t crisp enough.
A lot of one sided games so far. Maybe the Tigers can provide some late night entertainment for the country tonight.

vs. OAK: Jackson 8, Hunter 9. Cabrera 5, Fielder 3, Martinez DH, Avila 2, Infante 4, Dirks 7, Iglesias 6. Scherzer 1.

Well, Boston better win on 3 or I wont be able to watch most of the game on Thursday. And since I will miss around a couple of innings of the 3rd game…

The games have been less than entertaining so far….lopsided for sure.

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