Wait on start times for Detroit games might be a while

A lot of people are asking when start times will be released for Games 3 and 4 in the Division Series this weekend. The answer is that it might not be until Friday night at the earliest.

The reason they can’t schedule them far in advance is that Game 3 for the two AL Division Series falls on the same day as Game 4 (if necessary) of the two NL Division Series. There could be anywhere from two to four games going on that day. One of them (barring sweep) will be a West Coast game with the Braves against the Dodgers. Another could end up on MLB Network. The overall goal, however, is to have at least one game on in prime time on TBS.

In other words, there are a lot of moving parts going on. If both NL series are 1-1 after the first two games, it becomes easier to set the slate, knowing there will be four games. If one or both go 2-0, you could end up seeing conditional times released, with day games that could end up night games if another series ends in a sweep.

Game 4 on Tuesday is a lot easier, since no NLDS games are scheduled. One would figure on that either being a late afternoon (4:30 or 5pm-ish) or evening (8-8:30pm or thereabouts) start.


I hope they announce it soon. I have tickets for Monday and I told my boss that I would either need all day Monday or half day Monday and half day Tuesday off.

“Matt Tuiasosopo isn’t on the ALDS roster. Jhonny Peralta is on.”

“Jose Alvarez is the second lefty on the #Tigers’ ALDS roster. Darin Downs appears to have been left off.”

I keep reading about in almost every blog and newspaper about Jl loyalty. It is DD who makes the roster

Perez in. Beck at twitter

i guess i agree with no 2E at least perez can run and bunt….right? he CAN run and bunt i hope

Its not like people have to make plans or anything

Putting networks ahead of ticket buying fans is wrong. Have standard start times, many people have dvr and can watch the missed games whenever its convenient. Im mad i cant make plans because mlb is kissing networks a$*.

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