Tigers roster is set for AL Division Series

This time, the Tigers did not wait until game day to set their Division Series roster. When asked about Jhonny Peralta’s status, Jim Leyland pretty much revealed the remaining decisions for the team.

Peralta is on the team. So is Hernan Perez, presumably as a pinch-running specialist to run for Cabrera or Victor Martinez in the late innings. Matt Tuiasosopo is out.

In the bullpen, Jose Alvarez grabs the second left-hander spot over Darin Downs. Luke Putkonen grabs the spot that would’ve gone to Bruce Rondon if he was healthy.

So to recap …


  • Rotation: Max Scherzer, Justin Verlander, Anibal Sanchez, Doug Fister
  • Bullpen: Joaquin Benoit, Jose Veras, Drew Smyly, Al Alburquerque, Jose Alvarez, Luke Putkonen, Rick Porcello


  • Catchers: Alex Avila, Brayan Pena
  • Infielders: Prince Fielder, Omar Infante, Jose Iglesias, Miguel Cabrera, Ramon Santiago, Hernan Perez
  • Outfielders: Austin Jackson, Torii Hunter, Andy Dirks, Jhonny Peralta, Don Kelly
  • DH: Victor Martinez


Hey, El Tigre. Isn’t this how you lined them up three days ago?? Good job!!!!

After the injuries, it was an easy guess

any word on how rondon is feeling? pain gone yet?

My guess is that Rondon is shut down, and I don’t expect him back this year. I hope he is 100% in March.

good point but that is a scary thought with the other guys in that pen

It’s the way I would have picked it. Putkonen gets the nod over Reed. And Bonderman. by default. He has really good stuff. Maybe the playoffs will make it surface. Confidence is the big thing for him. Very glad to see Hernan make it over 2E.

Well the Oakland A’s don’t have to steal this info:
“Leyland said Cabrera is “getting better.” And then he said “he’s nowhere near 100 percent.” In a non-news moment, Leyland acknowledged: “I truly believe, for a while, it was tough for Miguel to use his lower half.” This was followed by the skipper’s firm view that “he is getting better — but he’s nowhere near 100 percent.”
Why does he say things like that? A succinct “he is not 100%” would have been sufficient..
He has now practically told the A’s pitchers what to do and what the A’s hitters should do too..

Maybe it is a trap. Maybe Miggy is ready to turn on pitches. Maybe the Ole coot is tricking the A’s
Um … Maybe not. 😀
Finally, it is game day.
Go Tigers.
— Bob

Leyland didn’t say anything that everybody in baseball doesn’t already know.

Here we go Tigers, Here we go – too worked up to want to wait until so late tonight!

Thought that would be your answer Rich. Everybody knows he’s injured.
what I’m saying is that you don’t announce from the rooftops that he is so bad he shouldn’t be playing. Maybe Leyland should have said something like he is playing 3rd like Haystack’s Calhoun or Andre the Giant.
It was a ridiculous statement to the press.

Andre the Giant?! Dan, you are a vintage wrestling fan. And I agree, unless it’s a ploy (doubtful, since a few days off, though better than nothing, probably weren’t enough for Miguel.), JL should just stay quiet on this issue. Heck he’s actually a base running deficit. Getting him around to score from first could actually require 3 hits. Need to get men on in front of him so he can knock them in. That’s his value. Just gotta play Miguel in as tight as you dare and hope/expect Jose will cover what you give up. What else can you do? Tigers need to pound and mash (like they did in Miami…cough), minimizing that part of the game for Oakland.

are we there yet?

if they don’t pound and mash this series isn’t going to go 5 games. Anyone like to guess what our CS% is the past 30 days? It ain’t good!!

A little better than in August. 2/25 and 5/27 is September. Last 28, 5 /23.Do you mean defensive CS?
2/5 offensive CS rate

After watching some of those other teams, we sure do have our work cut out for us.

Hey Jason, Fox Sports Net is stating Monday’s game time is 12:00pm, do you know if that’s accurate. I was hoping for a little later time as I’m driving over from Kzoo.

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