Rondon, Coke ruled out for Division Series

The Tigers bullpen is going to be short for this AL Division Series. Both Bruce Rondon and Phil Coke appear to be out as they deal with their respective arm ailments.

“It looks like Rondon and Coke will not be available for the first round,” manager Jim Leyland said today.

Rondon said he has not yet started a throwing program. The Tigers are waiting for the soreness to go away before they embark on that plan. He still holds out hope he can get to that point and be ready for a potential role in the ALCS if the Tigers advance.

“Rondon would’ve been a nice piece,” Leyland said, “But hey, that’s the way it is.”

Rondon said his arm feels better now than it did the day after his outing in Minnesota, when he struck out the side on 10 pitches.

“It was difficult for me,” Rondon said through a translator, “because I thought I was going to feel good after [that game]. It was a great outing, but I felt discomfort again. It’s very disappointing.”

Coke was not available to talk with reporters.

Both injuries leave the Tigers with some decisions to make on their postseason rosters. Both, too, could put more responsibility on Al Alburquerque, whose slider makes him both a situational strikeout reliever and a weapon against left-handed hitters.

“The responsibility falls to a good situation if he’s right,” Leyland said of Alburquerque, “because left-handers hit about .195 off him for his career. That’s almost like having another left-hander.”


getting the feeling more and more, that this isn’t the year of the Tiger. Bullpen entirely inept, offense colder than a hooker’s heart and zero running game (offensively or defensively).
What are the chances Oakland doesn’t exploit us in these areas? Will our starters go deep into games (protecting bullpen)? Will our bats hit gaps and seats (the only way we score runs)? HAH – if not, Oakland in 4.

heck oakland in 3


and gosh dang if it isn’t a kick in the groin when they pretend like Coke is just injured.

As I said, Benoit, Smyly, Veras, Alx2,Porcello,Luke,
Plus Alvarez?
That means Verlander will be the starter of the first game of the ALCS vs Boston or TB
I dont see Perez as redundant, with both Miguel and Iglesias below 100% an infielder , a good one, could be needed in the late innings

Sanchez at home 2.70. Away: 2.44

I’m hoping for Detroit in 3, I have tix to Monday’s game🙂

how about they win in 4 – I have game 4 tickets – we both win!

Either way works for me.

BP member, ERA/WHIP in past 30 days
benoit 4.38/1.05
smyly 3.86/1.29
veras 3.38/1.50
alx2 3.60/0.70
porcello 3.72/1.17
luke 3.86/1.43
alvarez 4.82/1.39

Rondon out? Bad
Coke out? I’m ecstatic.

so then they neutralize one another and you are “content” with the group?

“The Red Sox really are simulating a playoff game on Wednesday — they’re even starting the scrimmage at 3:07 p.m.”

Rondon out…..not good other than Benoit I don’t completely trust any of them.

All the regular season is for is to find out who’s in and who and where they play. Everything else is thrown out and it starts anew.


I was foreseeing Rondon getting some big outs. The national media would have gone nuts.
I agree about starting anew. All momentum, good or bad, is dried up by Friday…..night…….at 9:37. I look for 3-2 ballgames that go to whoever gets the big hit.

do yourself a favor, don’t look at our SB:CS ratio for the past 30 days.

Oakland has posted their roster. All of their starters will be RHP and one of them is, Sonny Gray, a 2011 1st round pick, who we have never seen. Our advanced scouts should have seen him on Sunday.

Andy dirks and Alex should get plenty of starts then. JP comes off the bench then no? …if he can do it, best of both worlds….

Got my ALCS ticket for game 4 – so I have 2 game 4’s that I am banking on being able to go to and see a win. However if the boys decide to beat Oakland in 3 then I won’t cry about it, my heart can’t take too much drama with this team!

Leyland quote of the day: “I’m not as concerned as the fans and everything, because I know this is the way it is — we either hit or we don’t,” Leyland said. “That simple. I’m not going to sit around and worry about it.” Tell us something we don’t know about our team!!

He’s not exactly a quote machine, is he?

i like his statements like this. To be fair, the questions generally asked of him are crude bordering on ignorant. He’s here to win us ALCentral titles and take us to the WS – i could care less about his treatment of the media.

Can’t speak for others, but this fan is not concerned or worried about any of it. It’s a spectator sport, for gosh sakes. It’s entertainment.

It’s true tho!! What makes a team hit in October? And in the end if they do – we win, if they don’t we lose. And by They — I almost mean He. Miggy.

I made the mistake of reading some comments on a story from another site. I was surprised (but shouldn’t have been) at how many people think Peralta can just run out there and play leftfield. I saw enough in Miami to tell me he can’t.

with that in mind……i’m surprised at how some people think Nick C’s defense is somehow better then 2E’s when Nick just learned how to play minor league caliber LF.

I wouldn’t read too much about what happened in Miami. Peralta will be used as a PH against Oakland, or if Iggy’s hand is an issue, he will be at SS.

I agree.

good point. However offense is a bigger need than LF defense – so take it or leave it.

At least with Coke out, Leyland can’t decide to use him in an important situatiion!!

Too bad about Rondon though. Pen is extremely thin. We’ll need our starters to go deep.

Delmon Young in the postseason roster. Luke Scott out

Coke is not off that roster until it is posted without his name on it. We are stalling so what did his MRI show?? He last pitched on 9/18. Has he tried to throw since then?.

he hasn’t “pitched” since last years ALDS in my opinion. just been awful!

This is torture waiting for Friday night!

They might need ear plugs in Oakland. It was just insane last year.

TBS “Raburn is in RF for his bat, not his glove’ Really!

ole cement gloves rayborn


So, he is Mr October?


Delmon young the king of the post season.

thin looking, too.

check that. He’s put on weight.

you folks rooting one way or the other? I hate CLE but would rather play them in the ALCS if that is possible.

I like Tampa, the Yankee killers

I like Tampa and the Indians. Playing out of town for the Rays is just about like playing at home. What a fan base.

i guess i figure the sawk will squash whomever wins tonight. so go rays, i have family there and i don’t like CLE fans one bit.

Observations here in the 6th inning:
It’s laughable to see the ballpark packed with fans wearing a sea of red and waving their towels. Worst front runners in sports. I have personal experience with that place.
I’d like to take those guys painted up as “Indians” and smack ’em around for awhile.
The TBS broadcast is atrocious. Bad announcers. Horrible sound. Not only do they mike up the bases and such to an irritating level, the sound is out of whack. You hear the ball hit the mitt before the guy catches it. I may have to turn the sound off, or turn the game off. I never thought I’d prefer Fox.
As you can see, I’m really enjoying it.
Go Rays!

listening to redwings, watching the game on mute. is that rachael nichols? what a hack.
Anyone see the JL quotes on the espn article regarding how much pain cabby is in? Maybe that trainer should be fired for misleading JL about whether cabby would continue to get better! What do you think cabby will be at on friday? 80%? 90%?

I’ll reverse that comment on the announcers. I was thinking of the previous two nights.
If Rays don’t tack on runs, you’ve got the comeback Cleveland club facing Fernando Rodney in the 9th. That would be………interesting.

Tampa will give BOS a better battle

Injuns showed their true colors tonight. They had the best record in baseball against teams below .500 at 56-18 .757 and 36-52 .409 against teams at .500 or above.

Yep, that’s the story on them. I would have bet against them tonight if I could have found a taker.
Classy exit too, with a fan throwing a cup of beverage at the Rays LFer as he made a catch in the corner.
And with all due respect to Ian Hunter, Detroit rocks, not Cleveland. Heck, even Kiss knew that.

I would not want to play Tampa Bay in a 5 game series, especially if Price could go twice. gonna be some great baseball! Kershaw today vs ATL and my Bucs and Cards should be fun too.
Tigers in 4 with low scoring games. Starters make the difference and Porcello in the bullpen gets us to Benoit. for a change, the time off may have helped the Tigers with Iggy and Miggy getting some rest.

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