Umpiring crew set for Tigers-A’s Division Series

Neither of the two umpires who ejected Miguel Cabrera in the middle of an at-bat this season will be on the crew umpiring the Tigers-A’s Division Series. Nor are any the umpires who assigned Jim Leyland his four ejections this year. CB Bucknor, whose missed call on a tag at first base during last week’s Phillies-Marlins series drew headlines, will be, and he’ll be at first for the series opener.

Major League Baseball announced its umpiring crews for the Wild Card games and Division Series, and they’re veteran-heavy. Gary Darling will serve as the crew chief. Tom Hallion, who was the crew chief for the just-finished Tigers series in Miami, will also be on the crew. Bucknor, Mike DiMuro, Jim Reynolds and Mark Wegner round out the roster.

Wegner, who has had postseason work the past three years, will be behind home plate for Game 1 on Friday in Oakland. Bucknor will be at first base for that game, Darling at second, Reynolds at third, Hallion in left field and DiMuro in right.


It’s an embarrassment to the game that Buckner gets to work in the playoffs…

From what I remember, Bucknor and Verlander seldom agree on strike zone. I would definitely start Verlander game 1 to keep him away from CB.

This may surprise you (it did me), but Verlander has an OK history with Bucknor behind the plate. His no-hit bid against the Pirates last year came with Bucknor as the plate ump, and it included just two walks. It’s the only Verlander start Bucknor has called the last few years.

CB Bucknor gets to ump the playoff? Are you kidding me. This is why people hate MLB and their Umps.

The umps will make a mistake here and there but it won’t matter as much if the Tigers will just start hitting. 3 runs against the NL worst team and no hits the last day of the season. Simply disgraceful for a team that leads in several hitting categories.

Some housekeeping questions: 1) when do team need to finalize their post season roster? (I think they have until Game 1, so Friday). 2) Are the Tigers doing any workouts. I think Iggy and Peralta need to face some MLB pitchers. Do they do any simulated games?

Tigers will work out Tuesday at Comerica Park and Thursday in Oakland. At this point, it doesn’t sound like they’ll have any simulated games. If they do, it would be more for Rondon and Phil Coke than it would be for their hitters.

Did Jose get the ball out of the infield this weekend?? This year against OAK he hit 2/23 (.095). Jhonny absolutely crushed at least four balls and was hitting to all fields.

Just think without Jhonny we may have scored only one run!!!!!!!!

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