TBS names broadcast team for A’s-Tigers series

Sorry, Detroit fans, but native Michigander and former Tigers prospect John Smoltz will not be on the TBS broadcast crew for the Tigers-A’s series. He’ll be on the Red Sox Division Series. The Detroit-Oakland broadcast crew, ironically, will have a Boston flavor.

Don Orsillo, TV voice of the Red Sox, will handle the play-by-play alongside analysts Dennis Eckersley (who also does NESN Red Sox broadcasts) and Buck Martinez (a fixture on Blue Jays broadcasts on Sportsnet). Martinez will spend the next couple nights in the studio for TBS pre- and post-game coverage of the Wild Card games.

David Aldridge, a standout for his work on NBA broadcasts, will be the on-field reporter. Sorry, Craig Sager fans.

A lot of people have been asking about game times, but I’ve got nothing official at this point. Rumors have been all over the place. All four Division Series will have a game on Friday, and Tigers-A’s will be the only one on the West Coast, so you can certainly see the potential for a late start.


So we could have an eleven o’clock start and true night game on the left coast???

Craig Sager has fans?
Too bad, I like Smoltsy. I don’t like Buck Martinez.
Hopefully we get 8 PM (or earlier) on Friday. Sure won’t be before 4 PM.

His suits have fans. Or gawkers.

I hope our local media doesn’t contaminate Tiger Talk with endless drivel about Cy Young and MVP. At this point the fans, and hopefully the players, are not wanting the distraction.

Nl games are on the 3rd Al plays the 4th, so the game in Boston will probably start somewhere between 4-6pm and the game in Oakland 7-9pm

what is the least number of runs scored in a best of 5 ALDS in the history of best of 5 ALDS?

I’d say three at a minimum……….

Gardenhire was extended. Good on him. Seems like a pro.

I had a thought on Gardy coming to DC. Oh well, Twins aren’t dummies.

Dennis Eckersley is absolutely BRUTAL!!!!!! Ugh…… And an ex Athletic?? Nice…. Hope he stays sober or drunk, not sure which… Go Tigers!!!!/

I hate listening to those guys. Smoltz was the only one i liked. There all gonna be dogging the tigers probably.

This game tonight is actually a regular season game with both teams having 37 players to use. First, ribby goes to Delmon Young!!!

Andrus just p/o first base by Price with Loney blocking the base. He was out by three feet!!!

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