Later starts set for Games 1 and 2

Get ready to catch up some rest this week, because the Tigers and A’s will keep fans in Detroit up late this weekend.

Major League Baseball announced game times through Saturday, including the first two games of the Tigers’ Division Series in Oakland. With those games being the only West Coast starts for the first few days, they’ll get the late starts. Game 1 will start at 9:37 p.m. ET on Friday, with Game 2 slated for 9:07 p.m. ET on Saturday.

No times have been announced for Game 3 or 4 (if necessary) in Detroit on Monday and Tuesday. Some of that will probably depend on how many other series are going; Monday will be Game 3 for both AL Division Series, but Game 4 for the two NL Division Series.

So to recap the schedule:

  • Game 1: Tigers at A’s, Friday, 9:37 p.m. ET
  • Game 2: Tigers at A’s, Saturday, 9:07 p.m. ET
  • Game 3: A’s at Tigers, Monday, TBD
  • Game 4 (if necessary): A’s at Tigers, Tuesday, TBD
  • Game 5 (if necessary): Tigers at A’s, Thursday, TBD


Delmon Young beginning his usual postseason surge

Regular season in fact. Game 163

They just said the Rangers had 50 comeback wins this season. What was our total??


How did the number of times we were shutout compare with everyone in MLB???

Tigers 12. BoSox: 11 TB 8 ( they shutout opponents 17) Tribe: 8. A´s 10. Texas .11

Houston 14

Thanks, El Tigre.

Your welcome

Surprised Houston wasn’t 140.
Being shut out a dozen times with the offensive calibre ball club we have is atrocious,

We have some problems going in.
running game,
productive hitting.
We also have some things that present a problem
bullpen (if the starters can go 7 innings)
Advantage: Oakland.
Deal with it.

Deal with what?

OK, I’ll bite. The A’s running game is pretty much Coco Crisp. After that, they are mashers. YEs, they have a good bullpen, but adding Porcello to ours, makes it pretty equal. I think we have a big advantage with our Starters. It will be a tough series, Detroit in 4. Close games.

He did not catch it

Not even close, safe by a foot

rays are nasty

If Joe Maddon isn’t the best manager in baseball, who is? I doubt you’ll ever hear him say “I do that everytime.” Saved his entire bullpen. I pick the Rays over Cleveland on Wednesday. This isn’t the Astros, “tribe.”

Braves were shutout 17 times.

off topic: Gov’t shut down. But as tiger fans, we’re used to important pieces shutting down from time-to-time. I hope they fix it our I am not drawing a paycheck in a few weeks.

In the same leaky boat.

I have game 4 tickets, so am on edge wondering if there will be a game 4 and if so when the time will be – I have 2 tickets but hard to get a babysitter for a weeknight that could be very, very late if it is an 8:00 game.

Evan and Rich – sorry to hear you will be affected by a shutdown. My company is putting on a large event on Thursday and our main speaker works for NASA, so as you can imagine we are scrambling right now…

yea, NASA just got laid out at the plate

The good news is my wife will be home with me, all day, every day.
The bad news is my wife will be home with me, all day, every day.
Married people can relate.

yep, Rich ya’ll have family in the area? They tiger fans or Nat fans?

As to starters:
Verlander should go in game #2. Max in game #1 and Anibal in the 1st game at home.
JV has always pitched well against Oakland and very well at the Coliseum. He is supremely confident right now.
Max has actually pitched better on the road than at home this year.
Anibal has pitched better at home.
Fister gets game 4. He is pretty consistent home or way anyway.
Best of luck to you you folks affected by the Gov’t foolishness. I hope our team is able to keep your mind off things somewhat and put a smile in your days.

good points, dan

Yesterday when I mentioned running game. I guess that could mean both ways but I think the key will be controlling the A’s. If they get on and run at will (which they will try to do from the gitgo), we’re sunk.

our pitchers better learn how to get these guys out without using a billion pitches….our pen is poo poo

Out of curiosity, as tiger fans…..would we rather play CLE or TB in a possible ALCS?

Porcello will help out there. JL is responsible for keeping Smyly engaged. If he is brought in and relied upon and shown some confidence in he could be good too.
Unfortunately both he and AlAl are wild pitches waiting to happen.
I have no faith in Veras. Playoffs can sometimes provide you with unexpected heroes
(and goats) of course.. Our relievers can’t forget (and Smyly does) about runners on 2nd. Avila has show he has a canon.

1 more point, good or not:
2E can’t be taken on this roster.
1-no speed
2-no defense (Yes I have seen the dives and the effort but is a Raburn in waiting)
3-not hitting (at all) OH for Sept. 15 Ks in his last 22 at bats
4-Peralta’s RHB will replace his
5-loyalty aside, he doesn’t make this team next year either

I’d rather they take Hernan Perez.

Perez or Santiago? They are too redundant. At least 2E can play 1B and OF, Peralta can too. 2E can run into one while Perez batted .445OPS in 66ABs in the big show this year.

*peralta can play LF, SS or 3B in a pinch.

Official: Scherzer, Verlander, Sanchez, Fister.
Works for me.

Phil Coke and Bruce Rondon are not on the roster due to minor injuries.

rotation is perfect.
Perez or Santiago? redundant? Not hardly. Perez can run. He can stal a base. I know that is a part of the game that JL and Tiger fans do not understand but it IS a part of the game.
2E running into one is a bit of question mark to say the least. At this point with the way he is hitting he might have more chance of putting a ball over the wall if it bounced of his helmet rather than his bat.
Perez can run. Santiago can bunt. They both can field and I’ll bet you dollars to donuts that Santiago can play OF better than 2E. Ramon is as likely to “run into one’ as 2E and for that matter so can Perez.
2E is a lost cause and a wasted roster spot as he is completely one dimensional. The problem is the only dimension you can expect from him is “Strike Three”.
If it came down to 2E and Castellanos, I’d take Nick.
Loyalty? = Ramon and Kelly.
2E was given a lot more opportunities than he earned. Good guy but logic and sensibility must prevail. It’s not like he can come in defensively.

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