Fielder father, son together in Miami

While Cecil Fielder wasn’t talking with reporters Saturday at Marlins Park, Prince Fielder wasn’t in a position for an extended conversation about family. That said, the signs were all over the park that the two were reconnecting after a years-long separation that came out of divorce.

First, there was the FOX Sports Detroit footage of Prince and Cecil shaking hands around the Tigers dugout Friday night.

Then, there was the sight of Cecil’s young son, Prince’s half-brother, Grant, in the Tigers clubhouse before batting practice Saturday.

After the game, then, there was the sight of Prince and Cecil walking out of the park together.

Peter Gammons reported around Labor Day that Prince had started the process to mend fences with his father in hopes of having him back in Detroit during the playoffs. No one knows where it’ll go, and what this means for Prince, but one naturally hopes things work out for the best. Considering where things stood when Prince Fielder surprisingly signed with Detroit, and the awkward feeling that Cecil Fielder was on the outside looking in on the team, the signs by themselves are a big difference.


Don Kelly CF, Andy Dirks RF, Prince Fielder 1B, Jhonny Peralta LF, Omar Infante 2B, Brayan Pena C, Jose Iglesias SS, Ramon Santiago 3B, (Justin Verlander P)

The Tigers are two games above the Tribe. It was close to catastrophe.

I’d like to say like they’ve been playing like spring training we don’t give a crap this weekend but this is pretty much how it’s looked most of the time the last several weeks. It’s troublesome….which is half the reason I chose not to invest in playoff tickets this year. Sorry but I’m not going to shell out several grand (like I did last year ) on what I’ve seen recently. I will hope they have some sort of switch they can flip and I will cheer and watch them from the comfort of my living room.

That’s not only a b lineup it’s a d lineup.

The offense is a d lineups
The defense is an A- lineup but for LF and 1b

ElTigre, you sure don’t think much of Prince defensively do you? I don’t either. But I will say that he has dug a few more balls out of the dirt for his infielders that he didn’t last year. His lack of range, decision making, throwing etc still are sub par though.
I would rather see Miggy there.
Maybe Prince can play LF!!!??? (totally joking)

Yes, he has looked good in a couple of plays. Still he ranks last in DRS and UZR.

Max vs. Anibal:
Thankfully Tiger fans don’t have to see this matchup!
They both are terrific and pretty darn dependable.
They are interchangeably #1 & #2. the bigger question is whether the SOC that runs the show treats them in that fashion when it comes time to play Oakland.

Glad to see Pena playing today. No point ins aying what does make me unhappy about that lineup today though.
JV is going to throw a No-No today and Verlander is going yard.

Verlander will start game 1…….his ginormous ego won’t allow for anything else. Remember he is the guy when asked about Billy Butler and his .450 batting average against him denounced that idea.

JL has made mistakes with JV before. He can’t afford to make another. He needs to go with Max and Anibal as his aces. It is pretty clear.
Remember Mickey Lolich? 1 Major League home-run and it just happened to be in his 1st World Series game!!!

Well, that sure wouldn’t be my lineup order.

I will say that JV has pitched very well at the Oakland coliseum over the years. JL may well decide to go with him on his normal rest which would be Friday.

I understand the spring training lineup but you will forgive me for switching to the wild card games today.

I will be watching the lions….no reason to watch this.

As I said before , since Boston will be harder to overcome,the most important decision is who pitches the second game. He would be the starter in the CS

I personally think he deserves to be game 3 starter. I think he will be number 1 starter for reasons stated above. I could get behind him being number 2 because he is better on the road and Anibal is better at home.

The test today will be for our (for lack of a better word) hitters.
Alvarez is not a strikeout guy. LHB have pretty much had their way with him this year.
If Dirks can’t hit this guy then we better be concerned with Dirks.
I am not worried about Kelly or Ramon or Pena as much as they are unlikely to see much playing time anyway.
We really need for Prince Fielder to become a clutch player this October. .173 and
1 HR just won’t cut it again.
Not sure what to expect from Miggy, other than a re-injury. The hits lately have been nice but in order to make things work he is going to need to jack a few in order to produce some runs.

As I say, you will likely see him (JV) in Oakland. His numbers there are excellent.

Related to the Fielder. I watched Cecil playing in Venezuela. He was a Jay back then. Before going to Japan. He hit 19 HR and was walked after that to prevent him from breaking the HR ( owned by Bo Diaz , who died a couple of years before the attempt to break the record). I was rooting for him, one of the few players for an opposing team and probably the only Jay ever that I wanted to see succeeding ( Not even Morris)
Six degrees of separation and karma:Alex Cabrera, father of the Mud Hens Ramon Cabrera was walked once and again when he attempted to break the HR record held until last month by Sadaharu Oh
I read a different version of the quarrel between father and son. The money was just the equivalent of an agent ´s fee and he acted like one. And a very good one

Energy conservation mode? he has reached 95 only once .


Can we please get a hit before MLBNetwork starts focusing on the potential no-hitter. C’mon, Tigers!!!

No hit through 7…… It’s just wonderful just when I thought things couldn’t get any worse.

The suspended lineup so far

One of the best games I have ever seen JV throw. He pounded the strike zone and was rewarded for it. Beautiful job and opening in Oakland or the 2nd game does not seem like a bad idea after what we have seen him do his last two outings.

Well if the Miami pitcher is getting pitches like that called strikes no wonder he has a no hitter going.

They’re just sooooo bad right now. Dont give a crap if its d lineup Fielder, infante, dirks Peralta still in there.

Well that is no excuse for not hitting as far as I am concerned. An American Legion pitcher might possibly look good against us today but you gotta give Alvarez a lot of credit for not being afraid.

Well, we know how this will end.

Henderson Alvarez is still building stamina. He had two short season with a decent ERA. And was part of the Reyes trade. It is not that they were no hit by Randy Johnson but neither by Dempsey

Absolutely ridiculous. Please go away Jim Leyland.

Good for him. Shame on our hitters. Lucky for us we have 4 games off to get rusty. that might actually make us better.
Please don’t take Putkonen or 2E west for Oakland.
Putkonen has good stuff but no confidence and doesn’t know how to use it.

This exactly why I won’t spend 1 more dollar on this team this year……they don’t give a crap why the hell should I? No other team already in the playoffs playing in games that don’t matter played spring training games all weekend. They actually cared how they finished out the season.

We have Cle-Min on TV. We had the last inning of the Tigers game. It looks like Cleveland will be the first WC.

What is the one thing Miguel, Leland, and Mr. D have in common? A World Series ring during their stint with the Florida Marlins.

It is very frustrating, even painful, to watch our whole damn lineup right now. They are not clicking, there is no cohesiveness offensively, they seem downright inept.
Verlander came closest to getting a hit today. That says a lot.
Hank Aguirre can hit better than JV.

So far, I see a team of individuals but not yet a team.

I did not see the game today – nor listen to it but for an inning – and i am d*mn glad i didn’t. I look foward to the days off. no further comment.

After the club hit progressively worse as the season wound down, it somehow makes sense that they were no-hit in the final game.
Question for discussion: taking the entire situation into account, do you PH any of the missing starters in that 9th inning? Keep in mind there was a game to be won, no-hit bid notwithstanding.

Victor, yes. Miguel, no.

Cleveland clinched

Not trying to win even so called meaningless games is an arrogant philosophy/attitude. JL can say he played for the wins but he really didn’t. (Not taking Reed out last night was proof of that.) Miami deserved to win. They came to play (for their fans) and out played the Tigers. Bit of a condescending attitude by Tiger players too. Better not make any excuses at this point regarding Alvarez’s no hitter. He earned it. Wonderful feeling of confidence for the Tigers to take into Oakland. (sarcasm of course meant) At least we can pitch…..Yeah….. Wasn’t going to say anything negative but in this case couldn’t help myself.

Torii and Austin were also available. But really, I saw absolutely no point in not PHing VMart.
I see Cleveland fans staying away in droves and yet their team goes out and plays well every day. I see Tiger fans who support their team with their $$$ who have to watch each game with trepidation. Will these guys hit? Will they run the bases? Will they need to go to the bullpen before the 8th?
It ain’t right.

I just don’t know of any other contending team who would do that. Oakland? No! Boston? Absolutely, No. Dodgers? No, I could go on. I can’t think of another manager who would manage like that. At least, not for a contending team or a team who has an ounce of self-respect. I just don’t get it.

anyone want mcclenden next year as the hitting coach?

They have 2 hitting coaches: McClendon and Toby Harrah (sp)

suuuuuuure they do! I remember when Harrah came here, we hit well for like 2 games in a row! we need to hire a new one every series at that rate.

anyone know the team run support variance/standard deviation? I would be willing to be we have the largest variability in how many runs we score. AKA lack of consistency.

I think this stuff goes way beyond a hitting coach. It’s a team culture or attitude. They’ve won three divisions titles in a row, so I can’t say it’s all bad, but it’s not on the hitting coach, IMO.

People must think we’re crazy to have any complaints with our third postseason in a row. There is this to consider:
The Tigers had a good first month at 19-11, then they had a 12 game winning streak in August. That’s six weeks, which means they played close to .500 ball for 4.5 months of a six month season. That’s what we experienced on a daily basis for 75% of the season, .500 ball. I don’t know, maybe that’s what all winning teams do?

No problem Rich. Your memory is just way off. April was 15-10. We then played one over .500 for the next two months and even let the Indians catch us and pass us up for a couple days. July and August we were on fire with 18-8 and the 19-11 you mentioned above. The long winning streak started in July and ended in August. We just finished September 13-13 and hit poorly while doing it. We had three solid months at 52-29 and three months at 41-40. And we had six months at .500 or above. You know that is very, very difficult to do in baseball. One losing month for us and the Indians would have won this thing. Kudos to you on one prediction you made in early September. Right after your prediction Torii called a players only meeting and we needed it. Cleveland almost ran us down. We held them off by one game. They get rewarded with homefield advantage in the Wild Card game??? Or is there a coin flip after Texas and TB play?? Every MLB team with 90 wins gets bonus baseball this season. Both Central divisions have teams in the Wild Card games. Isn’t baseball great??? Go Tigers!!!!

So under the rules in place there is no tie breaker between Tampa Bay and Texas? One game playoff to proceed to a one game wildcard playoff. MLB getting more than it bargained for.

I think we do have a legitimate complaint Rich….as I think you are implying. And I think that the Miami fans who showed up for their last game of the season would have appreciated watching the Tiger’s starters……in light of the no hitter?…..hmmm……naaa.

At least we didn’t lose anyone to a freak injury. And by the end of the week, playoff teams will be focused on opponents and not on what happened the last weekend of the regular season. Still, I’m disappointed.

said this a while ago, but it’s when you are hot. i thought JV and Cabby would get hot by now. JV did, cabby no. Pitching and Hitting followed suit. Bullpen aside.
Hows Rondon feeling?

Oakland’s running game has to be mitigated. It is not good enough to have a complacent acceptance that our pitchers “aren’t good” at holding runners. that our catchers are absolved of responsibility because of the above. This is a TEAM issue and as such has to be addressed as one that can be resolved as one.
Where are the pitch outs? What about throwing behind a runner? Psychologically what does it do to a runner when the catcher shows he has confidence in his arm and is fearless? Is Avila working out these 4 days? Is he trying to improve his accuracy and release? It’s been awful. He is throwing to the left field side of the bag consistently rather than on the bag. Two years ago it was difficult to run on Avila. We still had Fister, JV, Max and Porcello then, so it is not just the pitchers.
This will be a key to the series with Oakland. So the pitchers can help by throwing strikes. No 6 walks by Max. No HBP by Fister. No predictable fastballs by JV. Keep them off base and hold them at 1st. get your ground balls.

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