September 29th, 2013

Fielder father, son together in Miami

While Cecil Fielder wasn’t talking with reporters Saturday at Marlins Park, Prince Fielder wasn’t in a position for an extended conversation about family. That said, the signs were all over the park that the two were reconnecting after a years-long separation that came out of divorce.

First, there was the FOX Sports Detroit footage of Prince and Cecil shaking hands around the Tigers dugout Friday night.

Then, there was the sight of Cecil’s young son, Prince’s half-brother, Grant, in the Tigers clubhouse before batting practice Saturday.

After the game, then, there was the sight of Prince and Cecil walking out of the park together.

Peter Gammons reported around Labor Day that Prince had started the process to mend fences with his father in hopes of having him back in Detroit during the playoffs. No one knows where it’ll go, and what this means for Prince, but one naturally hopes things work out for the best. Considering where things stood when Prince Fielder surprisingly signed with Detroit, and the awkward feeling that Cecil Fielder was on the outside looking in on the team, the signs by themselves are a big difference.