Torii Hunter gives Leyland a lift

Somebody asked me on Twitter earlier Wednesday if Jim Leyland would get emotional about clinching the division. I was skeptical, because he has gotten through past division-clinching celebrations without losing it. But I’ve never been good at predicting when Leyland is going to tear up.

I certainly never imagined he would end up doing the moonwalk in the middle of the visiting clubhouse at Target Field. I never imagined him being in the middle of it in the first place. He always has wanted the players to enjoy their celebration in their area, while he sits in his office and enjoys it with his coaches and front-office members. When they clinched last year in Kansas City, he never left the office. Miguel Cabrera walked in there and enjoyed a quiet celebration with Leyland, Dave Dombrowski and the coaches.

“This is their team. This is their clubhouse,” Leyland said Wednesday night. “I’ve got my office, and I let them be Major Leaguers. I let them be professional Major Leaguers, but that’s something that you treasure.”

He wasn’t counting on Torii Hunter.

“That’s our head. That’s our authority. He should be a part of that,” Hunter said. “He’s one of the reasons why we’re out there. He has a great environment in the clubhouse. He comes in, he’s got a great, uplifting spirit and he’s always on your side. he’s always with you, lifting you up and pumping you up. So, yeah, he’s a big part of this. He needed to be a part of it. He’s the man. I took him in there so he could get a champagne shower. He got a shower and moonwalked out.”

As you can see in the video clip, Hunter literally carried Leyland into the middle of the clubhouse. I asked him if he ever did that with Ron Gardenhire during all the Twins’ division celebrations he enjoyed. He said he couldn’t lift him.


the youngster!

It was a very nice moment…..

Great time last night watching the guys let loose and enjoy the moment. Leyland is such a contradiction at times – comes off as such a grouch at momehts, next minute he is crying, then he is doing some type of dance but never wants to be the one getting the attention. I can’t help but love the old coot – it helps he hails from my hometown. Thanks boys for giving us another postseason – I don’t care how up and down it has been, they did what they needed to do along with the help of being in a weak division. Hoping our offense can find its mojo again, our pitching has it even when we don’t pitch great. GO TIGERS!!

Rich Man, Poor Man
Tigers- A´s.
Moneyball or Pitching, 3 run HR and who cares about fundamentals:
Tigers 3.64 7th in MLB
A´s 3.57 9th
Tigers: 28 3 Run HR
A´s :20
Tigers:176 HR/ 6th
A´s 182/ 4th
Tigers 348 first
A´s 326 9th
Take your pitch:
Tigers 16.8% SO best in MLB
A´s 11.9% 11
DRS: Tigers -64 third worst and worst among postseason teams and one of the worst in years to make the playoff. They are worse than the 2012 Tiger who had Delmon Young and did not have Iglesias and Infante for half season
A´s : -56 5th.
Like Beane, DD thinks defense is overrated
The Tigers are the rich man´s A´s or moneyball with money.

Tigers in 5

11 pitchers. JV, MS, DF, AS. 7 relievers: Benoit, Veras, Smyly, Al2,Luke,Downs, Porcello.
14 position players:the regulars AJ, TH, MC, PF, VM, OI, AD, AA, JI plus Peralta, Kelly, Santiago, Peña, Perez( he could play SS in an pinch)

no rondon!?

If healthy yes, but he is day to day as now

Same for Coke

Scherzer in the second game of the DS would put him in line him for the first game of the CS. And the BoSox are a a higher threat to the Tigers.

Tigers can conceivably tie Oakland in W-L but the A’s hold the tiebrearker thanks to beating Detroit in extras in April. Who says one game doesn’t count for something? Getting home field looks unlikely.
Meanwhile, the AL WC race rolls on with Cleveland, Texas, and Tampa. All of them are in action tonight if you’re looking for some baseball to watch. Myself, I’m going to watch my DVR’d season premiere of “Modern Family.” Possibly my favorite show of all time. After watching that……..yeah, baseball.

You will not be disappointed with “Modern Family” … as always, the funniest show on TV.
— Bob

looking forward to watching it myself!

Well, we do own the Central! Nice info ElTigre!

First, focus on beating Miami. Then later Friday night we have King Felix against Oakland. Just play the schedule one game at a time.

King Felix has been battling an oblique, so he is not a lock. I am not too worried about starting on the road. Oakland is a tough place to play (when there are people there), but we should be able to take a game there.
I say rest Miggy and VMart. Start Peralta and Castellanos at 3B, get Iggy some hacks at SS, put Peralta in LF. Rest up.
Rondon’s health is a huge question, he is a difference maker.

any BETS how many ABs Miggy gets in Miami? Does he play the field at all? DH?

oops nevermind that – no DH vs nL team

rest him

They HAVE to sit Miggy, for his sake and for the good of the team.
Playing him means more of the same we have seen. Remember last year’s Series? Do we want a slumping, powerless Miguel Cabrera in the lineup?
They have tried to get away with playing him in doses. It hasn’t worked, try something else. It’s called “rest”..

Agreed on sitting Miggy the rest of the regular season – we need him next week, not this weekend

For Miggy, I prescribe 8 days of no baseball related activities, strict bed rest, and a drug induced coma.
I’m serious, at least about the first part.

I would say, yea, he’s got to rest. Timing will be straight F*cked but timing is secondary to being able to swing the bat without pain at this point I think. I might have him participate as a DH in any live scrimmages however.

great that Hunter included Leyland in the clubhouse celebration. fun story in the recent book ‘The Bird: The Life and Legacy of Mark Fidrych,’ about how Leyland got the nickname ‘Humpty’ while managing in the minors. evidently, he enjoyed singing a tune from time to time back then, in the style of Englebert Humperdinck.
Leyland was also credited by Fidrych for helping him make his final major league comeback. Encouraged him at a time when Fidrych was on verge of retirement from baseball.

All the worry by some about “home field”, in their history the Tigers have won only 2 post season series with home field: the ’35 world series and the ’84 ALCS. Every series they have won under Leyland has been a road series, why change things now.

We’re not going to get home field, so no need to worry about it. Besides, one win on the road changes the advantage entirely.

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