Tigers will activate Peralta Friday, try him out in LF

Jhonny Peralta will be back in a Tiger uniform this weekend when his 50-game suspension ends for his involvement in the Biogenesis scandal. There’s a very real possibility he’ll be on Detroit’s postseason roster as well.

Team president/general manager Dave Dombrowski made the first part official on Wednesday, saying that their displaced shortstop turned left-field candidate will be activated to the 40-man roster on Thursday, the day his suspension ends.

“He’s worked hard, eager to get back. The team has been receptive to him coming back, and we think it’s best for the ballclub to give him the opportunity,” Dombrowski said.

Peralta will return for Friday’s series opener at Miami as an option in left field. He could be an insurance option at shortstop if Jose Iglesias isn’t ready to return from his bruised left hand, but Dombrowski and manager Jim Leyland both think Iglesias will be back at short on Friday.

The postseason question, Dombrowski cautioned, has yet to be decided. When asked how much Peralta has to show in left field over three regular-season games, Dombrowski offered a little bit of clarity on how they see Peralta’s situation as a potential playoff left fielder.

“I think we just have to have a comfort zone that he can perform out there,” Dombrowski said. “And even if he can’t perform out there as much as you’d like, does he still make you better going into the postseason with him on your roster, depending on how everything shapes up? And those are not discussions for today. Those are discussions for another today, because we haven’t even reached that point as of yet.”

Peralta will have to be added to the 40-man roster. To make room, the Tigers will place infielder Danny Worth on the 60-day disabled list. Worth’s season ended earlier this month with a dislocated left shoulder.


Feel bad for Danny. He dislocated his shoulder on a play at 3rd base a few weeks ago, didn’t he, and stayed in to play. Man, what some guys will do to stay in the show. Good luck Danny!

Here are the facts we know. Both Cabrera and Iglesias have been hurt much of September. Jhonny Peralta is a capable player at both of their positions. We will also be giving him an opportunity to become an option in LF. Does the Carlos Guillen experiment come to mind???

LF heck i’d play him at SS/3B

the youngster!

OMG, light a candle

Jeez Max looks very very very wild……..about time Jones goes out there.

Now that was a better inning for Max…..now hitters it’s your turn to work

Here we are in the middle of the fourth and while Scherzer has been good here we are again looking at some very flat hitters. It’s really just shocking to me the approaches aren’t better there have been some pretty quick easy outs.

There goes the no-hitter.

Don’t get me going on this idiot umpire.

Not to mention the idiot tigers hitters……really disappointing so far

5th inning Max falling apart and the Tigers still aren’t up to hitting subpar pitching.

A hit and run with Victor on 1st base?

You know, this Division race might go down to the last game of the season. I wouldn’t be surprised.

Well that was probably our last chance to get runs.. They have a good pen and well we don’t.

8th inning come on guys. I really thought after the first inning these guys might come out on fire I can’t believe 1 run is all they’v manged so far.

Think Santiago should of been able to make that play

Thank you Drew and Veras and Jackson for making the catch.

well friends, it is time. i’ve got my celebratory accessories ready.

We did it!


Aaaaand exhale. We own the Central.

What a relief!

A three-peat of the division championship. Now how do we get these players healthy before 10/4???

No clincher is complete without a teary Jim Leyland.

Now can you finally sit Miggy? Why worry about his timing and staying sharp. he isn’t sharp and I don’t think his timing could get much worse by not playing.
Let’s give Pena some playing time. Perez a bit. Castellanos some. Play Peralta at 3 positions, not necessarily in separate games.
What a great job by Benoit (and Smyly).
Still unimpressed with Veras. He gave up a hit that could easily have resulted in a leadoff triple, double at least. I just don’t trust him out there.
Great to see Max clinch it and get that ERA down at the same time..
Wonder what the heck happened to his command though.
Can’t see the need for 2E on the post seaso roster.
Rather take Perez.if they take Peralta, which is given really.
What a day off these guys are gonna have today.

Hey Jason, unless we fall apart in Miami, our team should finish the season with less than eighty errors. Whatever the final number is it possible we set a franchise record for fewest errors?? That maybe could have slipped on your top ten keys list. The 68 Tigers were a really good fielding team but over the years that has not often been a strong part of our team.

Yes! Tiger hat-trick as Central champs. I agree about resting Miggy, and getting the team healthy heading into the playoffs.

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